The Taming of the Horse

Yikes, I'm kinda scared because this is my first non-Hwangbo fic, and I do not love Jungmin as much as I love Kyujong, but because I lurpe my evil sole sister very much, I did it anyway.

For Jobibee whose love for Mal is ocean sized.

How much he regrets what he did earlier was so much more than words can describe. Now, he sits beside the bed, fervently praying that his playful antics and jokes did not damage anything.

He finds it funny though. He always thought there wasn't anything she cannot do. He always thought she acted tough because she was tough. But there was something about her playing with Kyujong and Hyungjun that pushed him over the edge. She always paid all attention to him and always made an effort to be patient with his diva-ish rants. And when she stopped minding him at all, he got all worked up and furious. So when he saw her happily screaming and playfully chasing around Kyujong and Hyungjun at the poolside, blood came rushing to his head, clouding his ability to think. When she came running towards his direction, he grabbed her hand forcefully and pushed her to the 12 feet deep end of the pool.

She yelped and thrashed her arms around splashing water everywhere. She begged for help. She said she could not swim, and he did not buy that. He laughed, “Serves you right for being too noisy!!”

“I cannot swim”, she screamed, water entering her nose and mouth. After a minute or two, she sank, that's when it finally dawned upon him that she was not kidding around. She could not swim and she definitely was not joking.

Kyujong jumped into the pool, pushing him aside. He fell quiet when he realized what he just did, suddenly feeling scared.

“Are you crazy?”, Hyungjun's voice rang in his ears, “Have you gone mad?”

Kyujong was finally able to pull her out of the water and carried her to the gutter where she choked and spat out all the water she drank. She shivered uncontrollably. It was a cold winter's day, and she was drenched. The group's maknae quickly took off this jacket and wrapped it around around their English teacher's arms. Kyujong and Hyungjun quickly took her inside to warm her up.

He was left there, feeling guilty beyond words could explain.

He quietly sat on the chair beside the bed. Kyu and Hyungjun went out of the bedroom to dry off. The coast was finally clear and he was safe to go near her again.

He watched as the frail body shivered under the thickest comforter. Some locks of her jet black hair fell on her face. He had not noticed it before, but she had big expressive eyes and sharp pointy nose. Her lips were dry and chapped. All in all, she was very pretty, but she hid it by sporting caps and beanies.

From the first day she came to the Double S house to teach them English, he made her feel unwelcome by always teasing her and making nasty comments about the way she looks. He said she was not capable of teaching them the language no matter what school she went to. But she always treated him nicely and as civil as she could.

Although his jokes hurt her sometimes, she faced him head on and made he sure he did not win.

He did not actually hate her, he just loved seeing her reaction when he joked around. He admired her for never losing her patience. But it also scared him silly when she stopped paying attention to him. It irked him even more to see her so happily goofing around with Kyujong and Hyungjun.

'Wait, is this..', he asked himself, 'is this jealousy??'

He touched her trembling fingers, they were small compared to his.

“Mian..”, he choked, “Mian-heyo...”, he whispered softly, sincerely, like he has never said those words before.

She heard it, and it thrilled her. She was finally able to tame this wild horse.
Can this pass as a Birthday gift??

Untitled (A Hwangbo-Brian FanFic)

A Hwangbo-Brian fic because my ship is being rocked and oh well, I just like watching them together...

You listen to her sigh as she looks at herself in the mirror. You steal a glance as the hair dresser tucks a stray lock of hair away from her gorgeous face. Her beauty was ethereal. She was beautiful beyond words.

She pouts and slumps her shoulders causing some lock of hairs to fall on her face.

“Unnie!!”, the hair dresser complained, “Arrasso, I'll just pin those down..”, she says as she stomps away from the dressing room.

You looked at her again and saw the misery in her eyes. You know you should not ask, but seeing her unhappy kills you deep inside.

“Stop being mean to Eunsoo..”, you whispered when you were left alone with her.

“Mianheyo..”, she pouts again as she stares at her gloved hands, tears ready to spill.

“Waeyo??”, you asked her “What's wrong?”, you asked sensing her anxiety.

You hate this side of you. You hate that you could read her like a book. You hate that you feel her pain. You hate that her pain becomes your pain, too, but there is nothing you could do about it.

“It's nothing”, she said.

You watch her intently though the mirror as she smoothed the bodice of her white dress. You wait until she's ready to tell you.

“You know, I've worn so many wedding dresses in my life..”, she started, her eyes ever so sad.

“Last time, after the reality show, I told myself and pinky swear-ed with Inyoungssi that that will be the last time we'll wear one for a show..”, she continued.

“You know what I feel every time I wear one?”, she asked him. Her eyes were glinting with so much pain, you thought it'd kill you.

“I feel like this is all I am ever meant to do. Nothing more than a model. Nothing more than a celebrity who wears a white dress for the sake of the audience. “

“You know, I want to get married someday, I mean really get married”, she choked, trying her best to hold back the tears.

“But I want to marry the man I love and loves me in return. I know it's crazy, but I want my happy ever after...”

“But that man I love is just a kid, and he's not ready. I don't know if he'll ever be..”

“Oh God, I should be mature about this.. I'm 30 already for heavenssake..”, she said, wiping the tears at the corner of her eyes, “I'm pathetic and petty, aren't I?”

“I just can't help but ask sometimes what is it that I am doing wrong or if there is something wrong with me.. Or what is lacking..”

She lets out a heavy sigh, then laughed it off.

You stared at her. You wanted to hug her and hold her tightly in your arms. You wanted so badly to be the one to protect her. You wanted so badly to be the one to give her everything she wants. You wanted to be the one to give her her happy ever after, but you were just a friend, and that's all you have ever been, that's all you will ever be.

You took your hand out of your pocket and reached out to her. You squeezed her left hand then interlaced your fingers with hers.

“No, you're not, Hyejung..”, you assure her. “You're a beautiful, intelligent, grown, strong woman.. There is nothing wrong with you, and you definitely do not lack anything.. You are perfect..”

She smiled at you, “You mean it, right Brian-ssi?”

“Of course”, you said with a reassuring wink.

“Ahhck!! Why can't just fall in love with you instead?”, she said, and your heart was sent crashing to the floor, shattering it to a million tiny pieces.

'Yeah, why can't you just love me instead? Because I am pretty sure that I love you more than I love myself...', you thought as you faked a smile.

'You'll never know, the one who loves you so because you don't know me...'

Inside Your Universe

Oh wow, it's been a long time, huh??!

I tried my very bestest to write a fic with sense, but the past few days have been a whirlwind and a battle to keep my sanity.

I started writing this last week for the love of Te Sue and Pam. (Nyahahaha, kse nagpaparinig eh...) But unfortunately, I had to skip. When I tried to finish, it actually made no sense. Then VIOLA!! Rico Blanco sang, and the ideas went KASHING! KASHING! in my half dead brain.. I noticed I've been writing fics based on songs lately. It seems like all the songs I hear are related to Joongbo..Nyahahah.. Addicted much??!

I hope this one makes sense though. Please leave me some comments, suggestions, opinions, violent reactions...

And also, the time skips may be confusing, so here's the general sequence HJ's room before going to the Philippines, after the concert and then at his hotel room..

You walked limply from the bed towards the bathroom door. It was a wonderful day outside, but waking up has always been an issue for you all your life. Waking up at six in the morning sort of ticks you out.

And, since you did not budge, well, you were literally kicked out of your own bed.

Shower. Change. Grabbed your bags. Work. – your routine.

You realize you will never be a morning person no matter how exciting the day ahead of you will be. Grouch is what you are in the morning.

You walk half asleep to grab the neatly prepared Louis Vuitton luggage beside the huge tacky green one, and pulled it still with eyes half closed. Your knees bumped on the stool that you quickly knocked down. It fell to the floor with a sharp noise.

There was silence as you finally woke up from your sleepy reverie.

Then, there were Giggles. Small giggles. You hear small giggles.

You tried to ignore that as you rubbed your knees then walked towards the door.

“Yaaaaah!!”, a gruff voice complained, “Where's my kiss?”

She gets off the bed in one of those white shirts with your faces printed on them (from Fans), her hair was a mess, her legs exposed, her face make-up less. She looks like a child in an oversized shirt. She runs towards you, flails her arms and hooks them on your neck, pulls you closer for a morning kiss that woke all the sleepy parts of your body and sends tingly sensations on every nerve ending.

Tell me something, when the rain falls on my face, how do you quickly replace it with a golden summer smile?

“You're gonna be fine..”, she whispered reassuringly after breaking the long, passionate smooch. “The Filipinos will love you, so stop being a grouch and stop worrying and frowning, it does not suit you my handsome, Shillang”

You held on to her a little while longer, trapping her in your sweet, tender embrace.

'She's right!', you thought as you kissed the top of her head, 'It'll be alright.. I'm gonna be fine..'

Tell me something, when I'm feeling tired and afraid, how do you know just what to say to make everything alright?

She holds you tighter. And you feel safer, somehow more relaxed. Somehow, you managed to breathe, and your heart was at ease now. Telling her about how nervous you were to go to another non-Korean speaking country to perform was the best thing you did in the past 24 hours.

She breaks the embrace and tiptoes until her lips touched your left cheek, “This kiss is for luck..”. She moves to the other cheek, “This is kiss is for assurance that everything will be fine.”

She plants her lips on top of yours, “And this is to remind you always that your Buin loves you, no matter what.”

Your face beams, and your heart beats wildly. Happiness.
You closed your eyes and breathed it all in. The crowd seemed to have enjoyed your song numbers and the media seemed to be satisfied with your interviews.

You gleefully walked towards your dressing room. Elated.

There was a big crowd of staff members and media personnel backstage, people slipped in and out of the doors quickly, but there was one particular person in black heavy hoodie that caught your attention. The person came from your dressing room along with two of the body guards assigned to you.

'Only a crazy person would ever even think of wearing something like that in a tropical country, unless that person was hiding from something or someone', you thought.

“Aigoo...”, Hyejin, the coordinator, greeted you. “I envy you kid. Everyone loves you..”

You looked at her, confused, “Huh?”

“Oh, I was just saying. Anyway, Congratulations! Now, go back to the hotel and rest.. or not!!.”, she smiled.
You opened the door of your hotel room. A gust of cool air from the air conditioner greeted you, it was just as you liked your room to be. The lights were dimmed, and there was a faint scent of wild flowers hanging in the air. It was like home.

You looked around sensing someone else's presence, then there it was, the black hoodie. It sat peacefully, it's dark color made a deep contrast against the cream leather sofa. You immediately notice the rustling of the water in the bathroom. It stopped, then the door opened slowly.

In a white robe, the intruder came out. Her hair dripping wet. She stopped, startled when she saw you standing in front of her.

“Hi...”, she smiled shyly. “I used your shower, it was hot inside that thing..”, she pointed at the hoodie.

She chuckled, amused at how she actually looked in that gawdy outfit. Her laugh was making echoic sounds and making the enclosed, poorly lit room burst with a sudden surge of energy.

“Were you trying to hide from someone?”, you asked, leaning against the column that separated the sleeping area from the living room.

“Nope”, she quickly answered, “I was trying to surprise someone..”

She took a few steps, closing the space between the two of you. You took a deep breath, but it seemed like breathing was such a difficult thing to do. She wrapped her arms around your upper body, and held you tight inside her embrace.

She tiptoed as she did before you left for Manila until her lips brushed yours. You lowered your head to meet her lips and kissed her.

You kissed her so passionately like it was your first time to feel her lips on yours.

You kissed her with fervor as if it was the only thing you were meant to do all your life.

You kissed her and got lost in the moment again.

She abruptly broke the intense kiss to breathe. She looked up at you, her eyes dancing.

“Surprise, Kim Hyunjoongssi!!”, she winked, then giggled.

You pulled her closer again, and kissed her. Surprised you were, indeed!

Tell me something, when you sing and when you laugh, why do I always photograph my heart flying way above the clouds?
You sat on the couch struggling to untangle a lock of her wet hair from the comb.

You smiled to yourself, thanking the Gods for these quiet moments, alone with her. These were moments you enjoyed so much.

“Aren't you tired?”, she asked, looking at his face.

“Nope.. I'm never tired..”, you smiled at her, your hands still working on smoothing her wet hair.

“Oh puh-lease!!”, she retorted.

“Really. I'm never tired...”, you smiled,”...when you're here..” Your cheeks burning from the cheesiness of the words that came out from your own mouth.

“Aigoo...”, she got up, “When did my Joongie become so cheesy??”

She patted your head, like a good puppy, trying to suppress the laughter.

You smiled at her.

I don't think that you even realize the joy you make me feel when I'm inside your universe.

You suddenly held her hand in a tight grip, and swung her around, easily lifting her on top of your lap. She tried to wiggle her way out, but you were much too strong for her playful protests.

You pulled her closer and gave her a big, wet, smack right on her lips.

She wrinkled her nose and pouted her full lips, “Gross!!”, she joked, “Cheesy and gross..”

You laughed, then kissed her again. This time, the kiss was gentler, softer, more passionate.

You stopped when you were finally out of breath and rested your head on her cheek. You looked at her.

Hyejung's eyes were closed. You watched as her lips twitched upwards, forming a tender smile.

“Hmmmm”, she sighed then opened her eyes, “That was beautiful..”

“I must have caught lots of lucky stars in my past life”, she snuggled closer to him.

You smiled and thought, 'What is she thanking those stars for?'

You hold me like I'm the one who's precious, I hate to break it to you but it's just the other way around.

“Hwangbo Hyejung...”, you whispered as she flickered her eyes open, “You can thank your stars all you want, but I'll always be the lucky one..

Open Letter to Mr. Kim Hyunjoong

Before reading this Open Letter, please take note that I am very Hwangbo/Joongbo biased. To me, everything Hyunjoong and/or Hwangbo does is related to each other or to Joongbo.

If you disagree, then please DO NOT READ THIS! This is my blog, so I can do or write or post whatever I d.amn please! *with a gentle smile on my face*


But if you're really curious, go on. I gave out a warning already anyway.

Mr. Kim Hyunjoong,

I kind of got tired of waiting (with 2PM dance moves) for details about you coming to my city, so I gave up since dealing with frustration and anxiety is something that will make me go crazy. I just wanted to ask you a few questions you see. Because there are things that I do not understand.

I saw the fancams and am happy you had a successful concert with Beast and other Filipino performers. Some of my online friends are still very happy and giddy when they share their experience up to now. The smile I saw from you on TV was sincere, thus it makes me proud of the fans who were there to welcome you because you seemed to have felt just how happy and willing to spend a fortune they were to get a glimpse of you.

I'm pretty sure now you feel just how welcomed you are in the Philippines.

So moving on, there are certain things about your visit I just cannot seem to wrap my head around.

Firstly, why CEBU? Why come for a vacation in Cebu? When you want to have a vacation in the Philippines, there are a lot of tourist destinations, sure, and Cebu is one of them. And although, I'm a proud Bisaya/Cebuana, I must admit Boracay, Palawan, Dakak and Bohol are vacation spots I and other people are sure to recommend.

Hmm, I'm curious to know, is it because a certain someone actually came to Cebu to do charity works before? Is it because that someone is rumored to have a foster daughter here in Cebu? Wait, have you also 'adopted' that child and considered her your own? Were you spending Father's Day with that child? Are you with that someone?

Then there's I******* P*****. I was wondering, why a WATER PARK? Didn't you go to a Water Park before with someone, where you said it was your first time to actually visit such place?

And S********. Hmmm, you went to the Beach, why? Are you no longer afraid of sharks? Well, did you write/draw stuff on the sand again?

I know I do very little backtracking of your life, so I do not know you that well, but I have observed, you seemed to have become very active in doing charity works after the reality show you participated in, why? Did someone coerce you? Someone's influence? Or maybe you just woke up one day and realized, it's time to give back, or something like that?

Oh, I wish you could answer these questions for me. That's why I have been stressing myself out, and have been wanting to meet you so badly.

I guess that request is just too much, right? Okay, fine. I don't need to meet you, I just want to see you even from a distance, so that I can shout out someone's name, loud enough for you to hear and then study your reaction. I'm not good at reading people's reactions, so I might have to trust my instincts once I see your face.

Well, Mr. Kim, since I have given up all hopes in seeing you in my island, and since I am not like other fans who are willing to spend a fortune on meeting you (yes, I am stingy. I am actually saving up to meet someone else in Thailand), I just have to wish that you had a pleasant stay here. I do hope you enjoyed the humidity and heat, and perhaps the watermelons.

By the way, I know you have so many guitars already, but there are a lot of guitar shops in Mactan, in case you want to buy another one for your collection.

Good luck on your future endeavors, Mr. Kim!! And, I do hope you marry my most favorite Unnie in the whole wide universe because I must admit she is the PERFECT ONE for you!

From another crazed Joongbo fan.

Watermelons (Chatting with Dabel S 401)

heart watermelon Pictures, Images and Photos

If you follow Hwangbo on Twitter, you surely got intrigued by the watermelon picture she posted on Twitpic (but I do not think she took it though because I've seen that in Photobucket already). A JbPh friend also mentioned that Kyu (my fave Dabel S) also talked about watermelons somewhere.

I wanted to get a translation of Hwangbo's tweet (I mean someone 100x more reliable than Google and Babelfish) and read Kyu's comments about watermelons, unfortunately, I could not find anyone to translate the Tweet at that time and I was such a lazy to read anything. (what? I got my own personal demons to face, too!! and I think I had a mild fit.. nyahahaha!)

So this is my own interpretation of stuffs going on. I also think this was created out of boredom and frustration because of the lack of news/details about Shillang in Cebu.

I realized after reading the whole piece again that this 'style' of writing is not original. So, to the original author who created this 'style', mianhe, I had no intention to copy anything and believe me, your piece/s are a million miles better than mine. An idea just went POOF! in my head and wrote it before it goes POOF! again.

Anyway, hope you guys like it. Please do leave comments, suggestions and tell me if you spot errors!!



Estella816: Hi Kyu!!

Kyujong: Hi Noona!! I'm terribly missing you already.

Estella816: Really? Me too!!

Estella816: I wish you and Maknae are here.

Estella816: I wish Mal and Saengie are here, too.

Estella816: I'm bored and alone in this beautiful resort.

Kyujong: Hmm? Wae?

Kyujong: Aren't you enjoying your vacation?

Kyujong: Is Hyung giving you a hard time?

Kyujong: Lemme guess, he does not wake up in the morning and becomes grumpy the whole day? I told you to tickle him..

Estella816: No, that's not it, Kyu...

Kyujong: Is he being mean to you? Is he being difficult to you again?

Kyujong: C'mon. You can tell me Noona.

Kyujong: Lemme call him.. Wait..

Estella816:!! Don't!!



Estella816: KYU!!!

Kyujong: Pwahahaha!!

Kyujong: I'm back Noona.

Kyujong: He's G-R-O-S-S!!

Estella816: I know, right?!

Kyujong: It's a good thing we did not go with you.

Kyujong: If we were there, Mal would start puking and then Baby!

Estella816: Yeah, I can imagine Mal's reaction.. Stinky!!

Kyujong: But Noona, why is Hyung suffering from diarrhea?

Estella816: You will laugh once you read this.

Kyujong: Promise Noona, I won't.

Estella816: Pinky swear?

Kyujong: Swear!!

Estella816: WATERMELONS.

Kyujong: What about them?

Estella816: He ate them.

Kyujong: But we eat watermelons here all the time!

Estella816: He ordered one whole fruit, had it sliced and ate them all.

Kyujong: Omo! He's that greedy?

Estella816: Not only that. He ordered Watermelon juice and shake.

Estella816: Not once, not twice, but thrice!

Estella816: God, he's addicted!!

Kyujong: Hyung, can be so weird sometimes. I only said those I've tasted from the Philippines were great.

Estella816: OMO!! It's your fault!!

Jungmin has signed on.

Jungmin: What is Kyu's fault?

Hyungjun has signed on.

Hyungjun: Hello everyone!!

Hyungjun: What's the topic?

Hyungjun: Hi Noona. How's your vacation with Hyung?

Estella816: Hi Maknae and Jungmin. It's nothing. Kyu and I were just talking.

Jungmin: Oh stop! I have read everything.

Jungmin: This is so funny. I can imagine Hyung running towards the bathroom.. Pwahahahaha

Hyungjun: Read what? Why will Hyung run to the bathroom?

Jungmin: He has diarrhea from eating watermelons Hyungjun.

Jungmin: Omo!! Hyungjun fell off his seat.

Kyujong: Pwahahaha. I saw that.

Estella816: C'mon you guys. Stop it. My Shillang is suffering already.

Hyungjun: Serves him right for leaving all of us behind.

Jungmin: Nyahahaha.. Stink-o might be dropping bombs everywhere Noona, better get a room of your own!

Kyujong: Kekekeke! Jungmin is right Noona.

Estella816: How could you guys still laugh like that?

Estella816: But I have to admit, the bathroom stinks so much already!

Kyujong: Remember when he mocked Baby the other month because Baby was suffering from diarrhea?

Hyungjun: It's pay back time.

Youngsaeng has signed on.

Younsaeng: Hyung will make an awful stinky mess Noona! I'm warning you!

Estella816: *sad face* He kind of already did, Saengie.

Youngsaeng: Kekekekeke..

Jungmin: Pwahahaha.. Hyunjoong the stink-o!!

Kyujong: Hyung, we'll make sure to leave you some more watermelons.

Hyungjun: Nyahahah.. My stomach and cheeks are aching already.. Nyahahaha...

Estella816: But we should stop before he catches us...

Estella816: Omo, he just got out of the bathroom.

Jungmin has logged out.

Youngsaeng has logged out.

Kyujong has logged out.

Hyungjun has logged out.

Hyunjoong has signed on.

Estella816: I'm going out for a swim, Shillang. I'll see you later.

Estella816 has logged out.

Hyunjoong: Yaaaah..

Hyunjoong: Where did everybody go?

Hyungjun has signed on.

Hyungjun: Hyung, please make sure to wash your hands properly before using your laptop.

Hyungjun has logged out.

Hyunjoong: Yaaaah!!




Hyunjoong: Yah!! Where are you?



Hyunjoong: I can read your chats you know!!

Hyunjoong: You are all so dead when I come home!!

the result of my shillang-in-cebu frustration...

the oh so perfect diversion.. Choi Seunghyun aka T.O.P of Bigbang

credits to: YGEntertainment

are your boobs bigger than your brain?

101 angry Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay, so I get it. We all have different opinions, different views.. I respect that..

What I did not like is that one particular comment, branding us.

It was not KEWL yo!!!

Thumper Pictures, Images and Photos











OKAY OKAY OKAY...I'm calm and pink now!!

baby Pictures, Images and Photos

Not worth it!!!

Taking Risks

My first ever collaboration with my evil sole sister, Bee, for our perviest evil little sister, Pam.

Hope you like this, Pammy.



The quiet stillness of the dawn woke her from her dreamy reverie. Still with closed eyes, she marveled at the contrast between the cool satin sheet and the soft warm bare skin behind her. Two things she like most, two things that made her happy. But when she opened her eyes, the happy bubble just flew away, and in a few seconds it was gone.

She hated this time of the day.

She hated that she had to wake up before the sun rises and leave.

She hates it when she has to dress up in the darkness and pretend that it did not hurt every time she left.

She slowly untangled herself from the arms of the man behind her and gently pushed herself off the bed then walked naked towards the bathroom picking up pieces of her clothing along the way.

She leaned on the sink for support after splashing her face with cold water to wake her up somehow. She stared at the woman's who looked back at her.

This was the woman who broke her own heart and tried to reassemble it. This was the woman who swore that she would never let herself forget, and promised she'd never sing of love if it does not exist.

This was the woman who thought she'd stop believing in love because somewhere deep in her soul she knows that love never lasts and find other ways to make it alone. She always kept a straight face and lived like this, keeping a comfortable distance.

Up until now, she had sworn to herself that she was content with loneliness because none of it was ever worth the risk.

She breathed it all in. She was back to where she originally started. Sleep was finally washed off along with the water that once touched her face. Harsh reality started knocking on her brains.

D.ammi.t!”, she cursed silently when she realized she was not able to pick up all her clothing items.

She makes her way back to the still dark bedroom. Her eyes scanned the vicinity to look of her white camisole, but her eyes would not leave the man still sprawled on the bed. His face gentle now as he sleeps. There were things in life that could never be, one of them was him and her, a them.

She wanted to hold him again, but she had to restrain herself.

She had a tight grip on reality, but she can't let go of what's in front of her here. She knows she should be leaving. But still she prays that every time she wakes up, he would leave some kind of proof that it's not a dream.

She took one step closer to the bed, then another one, and another one, until she was right there in front of him. She sat down, only a thin piece of the discarded dress shirt protecting her bottom from the cold marble floor.

She watched him breathe in and out, his chest rising and falling, following certain rhythm making a resonating sound each time.

She has stopped believing that a love between a man and woman existed, but why does she feel like reassembling her broken heart now, why does she sing love songs, most of all, why does it hurt her so much every time she turns to leave.

Perhaps because he was the only exception to all those things about love she believed in.

She reached over to him, her fingertips brushing his soft cheeks, tracing the contour of his unshaven face, touching his eyebrows, his uneven nose, even the dark circles under his eyes.

In that instant, she realizes, he was the only exception to all those things about love she believed in, and she was on her way to believing in love again.

Hyejung lifts herself up from the floor and settles herself on the bed. She lied on her side to face him and put his arm over your waist.

Hyunjoong stirred a little, then opened his eyes. He smiled like an innocent child loving the morning.

You did not leave me today...”, he whispered happily.

No, I didn't..”, she answered settling her cheeks on his bare muscular chest, listening to his heart beat.

He pulled her closer and embraced her tighter, “I wish you'd never have to leave me again. Please Jungie, never leave me again..”


It shall not end here my friends: Taking Risks II by Jobibee

*lyrics from Paramore


I know, I know this is their photoshopped son in WGM, but I could not find a baby girl who looks like Hyunjoong. But the kid could pass as a cute three year old girl, right?

For My Perviest, Evil Little Sis On Her 22nd Birthday, Pammy..

Happy Birthday, dear Pammy.. Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Mwah! We, at JbPh, love you. Hope you continue being the perky, bubbly, PERVY lady that you are.. More blessings... :-D

Mine was done on a whim and not edited at all, so bear with the many really obvious grammatical and spelling flaws.


She rubbed her palms together and wet her lips with the tips of her little pink tongue. She took a deep breath then walked to the center of the stage. She got the microphone and bowed.

Annyeonghaseyo, my name is Pamela Kim. I just turned three years old.”, she beamed in front of the audience.

Today was her talent show at the Montessori. Kids together with their parents were supposed to go up on stage and show their talent as a family. Little Pammy was a little apprehensive about doing this. In all her three years, she has never seen her family together in such events. Yes, she knew who her father was and she was living with her mother, but they were not living in one roof. Her mother said, they were not a typical family, not an average one.


He walked as fast as he could, not minding the people outside the gates screaming his name. He was late and in a hurry. He took off his sunglasses when he approached the small table near the entrance of the audio-visual room.

Kim Hyunjoong-mnida..”, he said his name in a low voice. The lady went through the list, and nodded when she found his name.

Today, Hyunjoong was meeting her. He was a nervous wreck, and his hands trembled as he reached for the steel knobs. It’s harsh coolness sent shivers to his spine. The last time he saw her was five months ago. You see, he was not an average father. He was unprepared to commit when he knew of her. Sure, he gave her support financially, but he was not there beside her at all times.


She put her hands together as if praying to God. Her heart beat was abnormal and very rapid. She smiled nervously as she looked at the crowd, and eased up a bit when they listened eagerly.

Hwangbo Unnie, she is a very cute kid.”, someone from the crowd patted her back. She was finally able to exhale upon hearing the compliment.

Today, Hwangbo was finally going to see her do what she loved doing the most. Hwangbo swallowed the big lump on her throat. She was proud of her, but for three years now, she was forced to hide her from the harsh critic's watchful eagle eyes. Now is the first time she will show her off. She was not an average mother, she was more than just that.


Three Years, Nine Months.

Hyunjoongah, I'm sorry for asking you to come on such short notice.”, Hwangbo started as soon as Hyunjoong sat on the chair across her. It's been three months and five days since they last saw each other. That last time was unplanned, just like all the other nights they found themselves waking up on the same bed.

Hyunjoong kept quiet sensing the seriousness of the tone of her voice.

I want to keep this as curt and as straight to the point as possible”, she said after swallowing the big lump on her throat as she always did when she was nervous.

I—I...”, she started then licked her parched lips, “I..uh.. I am pregnant.”

His jaw dropped, wondering if the words he just heard were real or just stuff that his mind made up.

Is it.. Am I...Are you sure I am the..?”, he stuttered.

Hwangbo sighed, trying to curse herself for even thinking of letting him know, but she was rational as always.

'Of course.. What was I expecting? How can he possibly accept it just like that?', she thought.

Would I be telling you if you weren't? Besides, do you really think I am the type who goes around sleeping with different men?”, she said haughtily.

I'm sorry. I just thought that maybe you were not ready to have a relationship with me because you had another relationship, thus the one night stands. I'm sorry for even saying that.”, he sputtered.

Hwangbo laughed, amused by what he said. “You're crazy.. Unfortunately Hyunjoong, I do not cheat.”

He nodded. “Are you going to ke--?”

How can you even think of that Hyunjoong?”, she cut him off, her blood starting to boil.

Hyunjoong was finally able to exhale, “Oh good, I thought you were not..oh never mind. I'm just glad you were not thinking about you know, doing that..killing OUR child..”

It was Hwangbo's turn to be shocked. She did not expect this from him.

For a few weeks now, she had been preparing her speech. She was even planning on not telling him, but suddenly the words that came out from his mouth really touched her. Now, she's just glad she did.

Can I be honest?”, he asked her, “I'm not ready to be a father yet, so I do not know what to do now..”

I know that. So if it's okay with you, I'll raise her on my own..”, she understood what he meant, this must be shocking news for the most wanted idol in South Korea. She sighed, ruling him out of this was a decision she made from the very start.

I do not expect anything from you, Hyunjoong. I just did not want to be unfair. And, I did not want you to learn about this from someone else then hate me in the process.”

But I won't deprive you of your rights as a father.”, she looked at him intently this time. “You can visit the child when you want to. And when the baby asks who his or her father is, I will tell her honestly.”

His admiration for her grew even more.

At that time, he wondered, which man would not fall in love with such woman.

If you don't mind, I want to be part of OUR child's life, too..”, he said in almost a whisper.

She understood what he wanted and nodded.

She was a great woman, she was going to be a great mother and wife.

At that time, he was falling for her already, but he just was not ready. Maybe it's true after all, that to really love someone fully, you have to learn to love yourself first.

At that time, he knew he was still immature and only testing the waters. He needed to find out more about who he was, apart from being Kim Hyunjoong, the idol.

They went on their separate ways. He was determined to work hard and figure things out not only for himself now, but for his future child, too. She was determined to have a healthy child and become a good mother.

Hwangbo never failed to inform him of how their child was developing. She sent him ultra sound photos and updates. He always found time to call her and see how she was doing.

When she found out she was giving birth to a baby girl, she told him.

When he found out he was going to have a daughter, he sent her pink stuff that he handpicked himself.

He wanted to be there when she gave birth, but he couldn't. He had to be somewhere else. Besides, who was he to her anyway?

The day she gave birth, June 15th, days after Hyunjoong's birthday, she sent him a text message. She's out. 7.8 lbs. I will name her Pamela Kim.

He did not know why, but there were tears in his eyes and they would not stop flowing. Perhaps it was Hwangbo's effort to not alienate him from something that he was involved with. Perhaps, it was the fact that he has a daughter and that he is a father, and that she will be carrying his last name.

Hyunjoong knew he had to work hard. He now has a very valid reason to work hard.

Hwangbo knew she had to work harder. She now has a reason to fight and be more independent.

When Hyunjoong held little Pammy in his arms, his knees turned to jelly. She was a pretty version of him. No one can deny that she was indeed his daughter.

They met on several important occasions where Hwangbo gave Hyunjoong time with Pammy.

But they have not seen each other for five months. Although, he felt guilty for not showing up due to his erratic schedules for a long time and not playing an active father role in his daughter's life, Hwangbo reassured him that little Pammy did not hate him nor love him less.

A few days before the event Pammy and Hwangbo were shopping for a costume for the Talent Show.

Mama, is Appa going to the Talent Show?”, Pammy asked Hwangbo.

Do you want him to?”, Hwangbo asked her, feeling pity towards her daughter, 'She must be wondering about him and missing him'

She kept silent, as if contemplating on her answer, then nodded, “But it's okay if he cannot come. We'll just video tape our dance and we can send it to him.”

That night, Hwangbo thought she'd crush her hand phone. She was holding on to it so tightly, she thought it'd break anytime soon.

She closed her eyes then pressed on the call button. It rang once, then twice, then thrice.

Yoboseyo?”, a sleepy and husky male voice answered.

Omo, did I wake you? I'm so sorry. I'll call back tomorrow..”, Hwangbo panicked, thinking she was disturbing him.

No, no. It's alright, Buin..I mean Hwangbo.. Do you need anything?”, he answered, forcing himself to wake up from his sleepy state.

So, uhm, remember when I said I won't deprive you of your rights as Pam's father?”, she asked

Uh-huh..”, he nodded.

She wanted you to be at her Talent Show at the Montessori on Friday. Do you—Can you possibly come?”, her voice trembling a bit, brazing herself for his reply.

There was silence on the other line.

'Was he asleep?', she asked herself, then heard some papers rustling on the background. “Yoboseyo??”

I'm sorry, Hwangbo, I was just checking my schedule.”, he answered, “What time is the show? I have something in the morning..”

Hwangbo was frustrated for her daughter, but she should not have kept her own hopes up, “Morning, around 10am, but it's really okay if you cannot come. I'll just explain to her.”

And, the line went dead.


Still out of breath, he scanned the crowd for Hwangbo. She was near the stage looking more nervous than those times she had to perform on stage in front of the relentless public. She has not changed one bit, not even a little.

Hyunjoong slowly swam through the crowd, and stayed just a few steps behind Hwangbo. Pammy was on stage for their introduction.

Hwangbo rubbed her palms on the side of her jeans when suddenly someone from the crowd grabbed her hand and squeezed it lightly.

She immediately turned around. Just like before, he took her breath away. “I thought you could not come..”, she whispered as they stood side by side still holding hands.

You hung up on me, Bu—Hwangbossi..”, he quickly retorted.

She could not hide her smile. So far, he had kept all his promises to her and Pammy.

I'm glad you came..”, she squeezed his hand lightly.

Thank you for including me in our daughter's affairs”, he answered.

They watched their daughter speak on stage as they smiled happily, hand in hand.

Pammy came down slowly from the stage to wait for her turn. She blinked her chinky little eyes when she spotted her parents. Once. Twice. Then her lips twitched upwards. A perfect smile from a very happy little girl.

She ran towards them and settled inside Hyunjoong's sweet embrace. “You came!!”, she gleefully shouted.

Of course. I wouldn't miss seeing my princess show off her talent.”, he said before kissing her pink cheeks.

All three of them just stood there--Hyunjoong holding Hwangbo's hand and carrying Pammy in his arms, quietly, enjoying the moment.

Excuse me, Pamela-ssi”, a teacher called out behind them.

They all turned towards the teacher after Hyunjoong put Pammy down.

You're next, are you ready? Are you going to dance with your Omma or your Appa?”, she asked.

Hmmmm...”, Pammy wrinkled her eyebrows. As if in deep thought, she pointed her index finger toward her temples, “My Omma.. and Appa..”

Alright..”, the teacher left them.

Hyunjoong protested as soon as the teacher left, “But I dunno the dance steps, Princess..”

I'm sure you know this one by heart, Appa..” Pammy reassured him, as Hwangbo giggled in delight.

Please welcome the Kim family..”, the teacher announced, then the music started playing..

Dun-duh-duh-duhn.. Dun-duh-duh-duhn.. Duuuuuhn...

Hwangbo smiled at Hyunjoong, “You still remember your techtonic dance moves, right Shillang?”

생일 축하


it was nice talking to you.. kakahiya naman, ikaw pa tumawag sa'kin, eh birthday mo!! and pasensya na ha, shy type ako and hinde talaga ma-kwento... hehehe ....

because i keep my promises...sometimes...


this is me girl crushing...

After car racing and taekwondo, now, she's target shooting (is that correct?)...

Is there anything this woman can't do?


And, the results?


How can she be so great? When I reach her age, I doubt if I can be at least 1% as good as her. I wish I could meet her someday!! *looking up and putting hands together* Please, God??

Mailbox: The Green-Eyed Monster Strikes

So, what's the deal between Brian and Hwangbo's new pic, ei? I know they're very good friends and all, but with that picture and that tight grip, my Joongbo heart could not help, but ask, CAN THAT SOMEONE BE EXTREMELY JEALOUS? Here's the product of my boring afternoon without anyone to chat with.




this caused an uproar in the joongbo world..

need i say more??!!!

Fairytale As Told by Hyungjun

Bebelab, I know your birthday was a few days ago. I hope I'm not that late yet. This is for you. I know you have a thing for Baby and his cuteness, so here goes.

I do not really like Baby that much (because Kyu will always be the hottest Dabel S for me), but I have to say, he was outstanding in their LOBYA performance. Yey, Baby!!

This was done and thought of on a whim, so expect dozens and dozens of spelling errors, grammar mistakes and a really flawed storyline.

Happy Birthday, Bebe!! I LOBYA, LOBYA, LOBYA!!

It was half past three in the afternoon when a grumpy Hyunjoong arrived at the center. He overslept after the wild and rowdy Music Bank after party. Thus totally forgetting that he promised Hwangbo and his Idol posse that he will help out in Hwangbo's first outreach program that she organized herself.

Jaejoong shot him a distasteful glare. If his sharp and fierce eyes could burn, Hyunjoong swore he would have burn marks every where on his face by now. Jaejoong turned away and went back to cleaning the dinner table.

He d.amn well knew he was at fault and he deserved all the smirks and glares the group gave him.

"Hyung have you no heart?", Jungmin quipped after staring at him from head to foot. "Or maybe no brain at all?"

"Yah!! Watch your mouth!", he protested, "Besides, I'll help you clean in a minute.."

"It's not that, Hyung..", Youngsaeng butted in, "She was looking forward to you being here more than us or TOP or the DBSK boys.."

"Think about it, Hyung. She needed your support on this more than ours, but you came in late and grumpy.", Kyujong said, tapping his stubborn Hyung's back.

"Yah!! You should not be nice to him. He's an inconsiderate b.astard...", Jungmin's voice rose, his face turning fiery red as Kyujong and Youngsaeng ushered him away from Hyunjoong.

Hyunjoong was shocked at Jungmin's display. He knew when he started dating Hwangbo that his members also fell for her because she was after all the perfect sister-in-law for them, but he never expected something like that from Jungmin. Jungmin always teased and joked about Hwangbo's age or her skin color. Hell, he even criticized her cooking and dishes every now and then.

He entered the room where he knew there'd be neutral ground. Changmin and Hyungjun were chasing the orphans around trying to get them to take their afternoon nap. Both maknaes shot him a hateful look, but there was really nothing they could do because he was still their Hyung.

"Ahjussi, tell us a story, so that we can sleep...", a little girl tugged on Hyungjun's shirt.

"Yeah Ahjussi, Hwangbo Noona always tells us a story before we take a nap..", another boy said.

"Yes AHJUSSI.. Hwangbo NOONA tells them a story before they take a nap", Changmin teased Hyungjun by emphasizing on the words.

"Arrasso.. But what story does Noona usually tell you?", he was feeling uneasy.

'What am I supposed to tell these kids? My Starcraft stories?', he asked himself.

"Fairytales.. She always tells us stories about a Princess and a Prince", the little girl replied.

This time Hyunjoong slumped on the big sofa inside the room scaring some of the kids who were still playing and running around. Hyungjun glared at him again. He hated it when his Hyung turned into an inconsiderate b.astard when he's sleepy and grumpy.

"I know a story..", he said his gaze still fixed on Hyunjoong. "It's about a beautiful fairy princess named Estella and a heartless prince turned statue named Raphael."

Hyunjoong looked at Hyungjun in the eye, but the maknae refused to back down.

"Gather round kids... Hyungjun Ahjussi has a story...", Changmin said, a playful smile pasted on his face.

When all the kids were sitting on the floor surrounding Hyungjun, he started his fairytale.

"Once upon a time in a far away land called Ssangchu..", imitating the way his Hyung mispronounced Lettuce, "There was a handsome prince who was adored by every woman in his kingdom"

"How handsome?", a little girl asked.

"He was tall, his face was very angelic, he had the most handsome smile in all of Lettuce land. Not only that, he can sing and dance and he had a 4D brain that cracked people up..", clearly describing his Hyung. Hyunjoong smiled at the description, feeling mighty proud of himself.

The smile on his face faded when Hyungjun continued: "But the Prince Raphael was grumpy and he disregarded the people around him who loved him dearly."

"One day he woke up grumpy and rude from his 16 hour sleep, he thrashed at the old sick gardener for not trimming his lawn, he turned his breakfast table upside down and wasted his breakfast because his egg was not boiled longer, he sent his handmaiden to prison for not ironing his shirt well. He was mean to everyone in the kingdom. He kicked his horses and beat them with a whip."

"Mal fairy Godmother heard about him, so she came down from heaven to see Prince Raphael. She disguised herself as an old sick horse that got lost in Lettuce land."

"She knocked on Raphael's Palace Gates to beg for food and medicine.."

"Raphael's kinsman opened the gate and took in the sick horse, but when Raphael saw what was happening, he kicked out the horse and sent his kinsman to prison.."

"Mal fairy Godmother was enraged, so she transformed back to a beautiful unicorn."

"Raphael was surprised, he tried to beg for mercy, but Mal fairy Godmother already made up her mind. She transformed him to a walking statue and kicked him out of his palace.. She said he can only return when he learns to love and be kind and be compassionate to others."

"He wandered for days and days in the dark forest. He had no food, no water, and every creature laughed at him for being a walking statue."

"He was ashamed of his form and appearance. He could not speak, and he was white all over. He had only one expression and he could not feel anything other than pain and shame. "

"He tried to cry, but there were no tears that came out from his cement eyes. He was being punished and he realized that now." Hyungjun glanced sideways to check if his Hyung was still looking at him. Hyunjoong was listening intently to the story, like all the children there.

"A beautiful fairy princess came to the forest one day to visit her friends. Her name was Estella, she was kind hearted and loved by many not only because of her outer beauty but also because of her heart. She made others laugh when they were sad. She cooked the most delicious foods for those who are hungry. She made friends with everyone even those who were rude to her.", Hyungjun and Changmin smiled, probably picturing their Noona.

"Many Gods and Princes have come to ask for her hand in marriage, but she refused them all because she has not found her true love. Instead, she befriended all of them."

"Gods? Which Gods?", a toddler asked.

"Like the God of dance, Yunnie, the Handsome prince Micky, the strong God named Marco", Changmin added after sneaking a glance at Yunho, Micky and Hwangbo laughing boisterously inside the kitchen while they were washing the dishes.

Hyunjoong followed Changmin's gaze. His blood boiled seeing her with the two DBSK boys-even if Micky was his close friend. He wanted to get up, but he could not pick a fight with those two, not with the children around.

Hyungjun continued his story: "While Estella walked through the bushes, selecting wild berries for her pie, she found the statue slumped on the corner looking grim and sad. Although he was made of cement and mud, Estella could feel his sadness and loneliness. She picked him up and wiped the smudges on his expressionless face. She cooked him delicious food and gave him water to drink. She was so different from him when he was a prince. She never ordered anyone around and never shouted. She had a kind smile and an even kinder heart."

"Days passed by, and Raphael grew more fond of her. One day while he accompanied her to the forest where she visited her cute rabbit friends, named Hyungjun and Changmin, he felt a thump in his chest as he watched her talking with them. It was like his heart grew back."

"The more he grew close to her, the more his heart thumped. 'Was he falling in love with her?', Raphael asked himself."

The little girls giggled and gushed.

"He was indeed falling in love with the beautiful Estella, but he could do nothing nor tell her anything because he could not speak and severely punished by Mal fairy Godmother"

"One night, while Raphael sat under the pale moonlight, Mal fairy Godmother appeared before him. 'Have you learned your lesson yet?', she asked when she noticed his pain and suffering. 'I have..', he replied sadly, 'I should be kind and compassionate to others. I should treat them with respect and honor my promises and words.'"

"I thought Raphael could not speak..", a little boy asked.

"Well, Mal fairy Godmother can hear his thoughts", Hyungjun answered in the most childish way.

"Mal fairy Godmother smiled at him. 'Can you give me one more chance?', he asked, 'I promise I will change. I need to go to Estella and tell her I love her..'"

"Mal fairy Godmother agreed, but she had a warning..", Hyungjun paused as he saw someone breezing in from the door with some other tall, strong looking men.

"'What is it?', Raphael asked."

"'The Rains will come and take her away, so you better be fast before she falls in love with the Rain God...', Horse fairy Godmother said"

Hyunjoong was confused, 'Why will the rains take her away? And who is the Rain God?'

Just then a smiling face peeked inside the room. "Annyeong...", Jihun suddenly burst in.

"The Rain God...", a little girl shrieked happily as some girls gushed while others blushed.

'The Rains will come and take her away', Hyungjun's words resonated inside Hyunjoong's head.

"So, you better be fast before she falls in love with the Rain God...", Changmin said again as he sat beside Hyunjoong.

"Andwe!!", Hyunjoong shouted. He stood up and left the room leaving, shocking everyone except Changmin and Hyungjun who started to snicker.

He went straight to the kitchen where Hwangbo was alone drying off the plates and pots.

He hugged her from behind, "I'm sorry, Buin. I should have come earlier. I should have helped you. I should have showed you that I support you all the way..."

Hwangbo faced Hyunjoong and returned his hug. "Yeah, you should do all those next time. So, what's wrong? Why the sudden realization?"

Hyunjoong sighed, "The Rain God might take Estella away from Raphael..."

Hwangbo loosened her embrace, then stared at Hyunjoong's face, "Are you still drunk from last night, Shillang?"

Hyungjun and Changmin together with the children peeked through the screen doors, "And so, Estella and Raphael lived happily ever after...."

Because Diamonds Aren’t Always A Girl’s Bestfriend

It’s my Joongbo-nniversary Week!!! Weeeeeee!!!

Around this week a year ago, I and a friend discovered WGM and fell in deep love with Hwangbo, and the rest as they say is history..

And since I am celebrating, I’m sharing a one shot.. It isn’t anything good as it was not well thought of, it just came to me while reading chats and tweets..


He was looking fine today.

No, fine is an understatement.

He was looking very sleek in his simple black ensemble and messy, tousled hair. He smiled and smoothed his jacket using his palms, appreciating the person who personally took some time off to choose what he should wear today. And no, it was not his Coordi Noona. If she was the one choosing his stuff today, he would have gone bonkers. He was sure enough that she would make him wear the costume she had been making for their Love Ya MV.

The car stopped, and he finally stepped out of the car, feeling the fresh air blowing on his face. Oh, yes! He felt good today.

"Kim Hyunjoongssi!", a tabloid reporter shouted.

Hyunjoong smiled brightly as camera flashes begin to look like sparkling diamonds under the invigorating sunshine.

"Hyunjoongssi!!", another man shouted, and he politely faced him, waved and smiled, as more camera flashes glittered before his very eyes.

Almost everyone-every fan, every photographer in the crowd chanted his name. He smiled widely as his name sounded like a solo base guitar playing a delightful melody in his ear.

But soon, the crowd's attention was diverted they no longer chanted his name as another young man stepped out of another car. Even under those dark, expensive sunglasses, one could tell just how sincere his eyes were as his lips twitched into a wide smile. He started walking on the red carpet just like a model-confident and classy.

When a fan shrieked his name, he looked at her then shook her hand, then moved on to another fan. His charisma and friendliness was exuding.

'Aiiiissh..', Hyunjoong thought, almost hitting his head with his own fist,'Why didn't I think of that?'

The other man smiled for the camera and obviously, the press people and the fans loved him.

Hyunjoong was about to greet him, but a photographer called the other man's attention.

"Over here, Yunhossi!", so he turned completely oblivious of Hyunjoong's presence amidst the deafening screams.

Hyunjoong walked on, smirking.

There was something about DBSK's leader that he never really liked. Sure Jung Yunho was superb at dancing—better than he will ever be or learn, he was charming, he had the charisma every woman would fall for, he donated and perhaps participated in all sorts of charity events in and out of Seoul, he was great with kids, the elderly and with people in general, but those were not the reasons why deep inside him there was deep loathing. The reason was that Yunho met Hwangbo earlier than him. They had been very close. And, Junjin, her overly protective best friend, adored Yunho so much, he would spend all his fortunes to have her married to his most precious Dongsaeng.

From the early days, Yunho had been tailing Hwangbo. And it cuts deep for Hyunjoong to know that Yunho had a deep admiration and respect for her. In fact, he had made this known even on national TV during the height of DBSK's success here and all over Asia.

"I already told you that you're my ideal woman, right?!", Yunho once said in an Xman episode where all three of them had been participating in. Hyunjoong could still remember the blush on Hwangbo's cheeks and the smile that lit up her serious expression and made her eyes dance.

Hyunjoong looked back at Yunho, who was still hounded by the reporters and fans outside, then gave out a loud sigh.

'If you weren't a good friend of my Buin and Jaejoong, I would have beaten you up into a pulp', he thought, although he was never really that violent.

The rest of the event flew by smoothly, no bloodshed whatsoever. The silver, glittery lighting was fascinating to watch, and the models that graced the catwalk looked gorgeous and extremely expensive as they dawned different Cartier jewelry and designs.

After the show, all distinguished guests were asked to proceed to another room. They were asked to choose one piece of jewelry as giveaway.

This got Hyunjoong excited. There was one person he knew loved Cartier jewelry and only one he would give such expensive gifts to. But he was not sure which one she would like.

Before entering the hall, Hyunjoong got his phone and called someone. He was irritated now as he only got the busy tone. It would have been okay if the phone rang and no one answered, but it was busy.

'Who could be so important that she has not hung up yet?', he thought to himself, finally giving up.

'Fine, I'll go with my instincts then.', he walked furiously inside.

Hyunjoong saw Yunho walking around looking at the glass displays, he was about to greet him when he noticed that Yunho was on the phone.

He thought it would be rude to disturb Yunho since he seemed to be enjoying the conversation.

Yunho's eyes danced and twinkled as he let out a laugh.

"I'm sure anything would look good on you..", Yunho told the other person on the line, obviously, a lady.

Hyunjoong smirked when he overheard this, 'What a cheesy man...'

"Seriously Noona, that one, I'm sure you'll like", Yunho said again. "I've known you long enough to know.."

Now, that got Hyunjoong's heart beating. 'Noona? Known her long enough?'

"Hyunjoongssi..", a voice interrupted his jealous, panic stricken thought.

Hyunjoong turned, it was the President of Cartier Inc. Korea. He gave the old man a deep bow.

"Have you chosen a giveaway yet?", the old man asked, his eyes almost sinking in to his chubby cheeks as he smiled.

"Not yet, Sir..", he answered.

"Here, lemme call someone to help you.", the old man took him by the arm and led him to a glass display case. "Jinhee will help you.", he winked at the pretty attendant.

"There are lots of gifts you could give to your girlfriend here", he smiled, then left Hyunjoong and Jinhee.

"Are you looking for anything in particular, Sir?", Jinhee asked.

"Not really", he answered, a colorful glimmer caught his eyes. Hyunjoong studied it further, the intricate details, the lovely studs, the perfect shape. That shimmery thing shouted elegance and simplicity-everything that Hwangbo is, everything that Hwangbo will always be.

"Pretty, isn't it?", Jinhee asked him, when she saw what he was looking at-a pair of simple heart shaped earrings laden with intricate carvings and small precious stones inside a pearl white box with a silver gray ribbon

"Can I see that one?", he asked.

"Sure", Jinhee said handing the pretty little thing to him.

He studied it carefully again, "I'll take this."

"I'm sorry, Sir", Jinhee frowned. "That has been reserved by someone else already."

"I'll just buy it then..", his smile turned into a serious expression.

"Nothing in here is for sale, Mr. Kim. I'm terribly sorry. I thought you saw the 'Reserved' sign.", Jinhee apologized.

"Is Yunhossi's giveaway ready?", another assistant asked Jinhee

Jinhee took the pearl white box with silver gray ribbon from the top of the display case and placed it inside a paper bag.

"Here..", she then handed the bag to the other assistant.

Hyunjoong was frustrated, but there was nothing he could do. Yunho reserved it first.

"Isn't there another one? Another pair?", he asked Jinhee.

She shook her head, "Can I offer you another piece then Sir? How about this one?"

She took out a simple white gold necklace with a pendant almost the same as the earring, but there was something about that piece of jewelry that screamed Hwangbo, that's why Hyunjoong wanted to give that to her so badly.

The necklace was not so bad. It was in fact gorgeous. The stones were bigger and shinier.

He studied it for awhile, but he still could not get his mind off the earrings. "I'll take it.", he said glumly.

Hyunjoong left the event and sulked unendlessly inside the car, even on his way home.

Hwangbo went out of her way to choose his suit today—despite her busy schedule and charity works. She came home that night looking dreary and tired, but she still stayed with him as he looked through piles and piles of his clothes. He wanted to get her something in return, something that says ‘I appreciate all your efforts, something that says ‘Thank you’, something that screams, ‘I love you’.

He looked at the pendant as he got on the elevator and frowned. It was not really bad looking, in fact it was gorgeous, elegant and expensive—so much more expensive than the earrings, but there was something about it that did not seem right.

He quickly punched on the apartment door’s security code.

He hesitated, then took off his shoes.

The room was cold and dark, but there was light coming from the living room. It was from the television.

Hyunjoong saw a sleeping figure sprawled comfortably on the big white love seat. She wore one of his old shirts today and a really skimpy satin shorts. She looked like a really exhausted angel with her hair tied in a messy bun on top of her head and her face free from make-up. Her parched lips parted slightly as she exhaled.

He could not resist running his finger from her jawline to her perfect lips. She twitched a bit, then opened her sleepy eyes.

She smiled when she saw him.

Hwangbo smiled that angelic yet alluring smile that Hyunjoong fell for.

“You’re back..”, she whispered as she stretched her limbs.

Hyunjoong sat on the small space near her feet as Hwangbo sat down beside him.

“Did you have fun?”, she asked, snugly closer feeling his radiating warmth.

Hyunjoong just nodded.

Hwangbo snuggled closer, almost sitting on his lap, as she tried to cover herself with Hyunjoong’s jacket, “It was cold without you here, Shillang”

Hyunjoong smiled. ‘I must have done something really good in my past life to deserve something like this..someone like her…’

But for a moment, Hyunjoong thought he saw something sparkling on her ear. A familiar sight that he thought he saw earlier.

He tucked a loose lock of her hair behind her ear, and to his astonishment, it was the Cartier earring.

“New earrings?” he asked clenching his jaw as the words and jealousy came out.

Hwangbo eagerly nodded. Her eyes seemed rather amused and totally oblivious of the spite and jealousy growing inside Hyunjoong.

“Yunho came by and gave it to me..”, she eagerly volunteered the information, “He said when he saw it he thought of me.”

She touched the earring affectionately, “He said he begged a man to have it reserved at the Cartier event, so he could give it to me to make up for the years of not giving me birthday presents..”

“He’s quite a darling, isn’t he?”, Hwangbo turned to face him and was shocked to be greeted by a grim expression.

“I don’t know.”, he said sternly.

“Omo..”, she smiled in delight, “Are you…? By any chance, are you jealous?”

There was silence in the living room. It was long and agonizing.

“Yes!”, Hyunjoong finally said, “I am jealous, okay?!”

Hwangbo’s laughter filled the room.

Hyunjoong looked at her with a hurt expression. She tried to contain her laughter, but she just could not stop it.

“Waeyo?”, she asked him, her cheeks already red and painful.

“Because..”, he started, “Because it’s like, I’m forever living in DBSK’s brave leader’s shadow. Because he met you first. Because he was always close to you. Because he can bravely say on national television that he likes you…”

Hyunjoong paused.

“Because he was able to give you those earrings when I wanted to be the one to give it to you. Because he always seems to be the first one to do things and give things to you…”, his voice trailed off.

Hwangbo was amazed when she heard this. Her proud, aloof Shillang did have many insecurities despite his status.

He was looking away, refusing to meet her eyes. Hwangbo quickly adjusted her position. This time, she sat on his lap facing him.

She gently stroke his cheek, “You’re very cute when you’re jealous, but being jealous of Yunho is completely pointless and utterly stupid. I already made a choice and I choose you, Kim Hyunjoong.”

Hwangbo smiled at him, “Besides, Yunho is just a friend.”

“A friend who gives very expensive gifts?!”, he retorted.

“But friends give gifts to each other all the time…”, Hwangbo explained.

“Oh yeah?”

“Shimty Oppa gave me this apartment, well, it’s literally for us..”, she wanted to prove him wrong.

“Yeah, so that we can hide from the viewing public and keep our management companies from paying so much money when scandals arise..”, he quickly countered.

“Well, Boram gave me a very expensive Jimmy Choo pumps last week..”

“She’s female friend, Buin..”

“Urggghhh..Micky gave me a Balenciaga.. And we’re just friends. You are his friend…”

“He did what?”, Hyunjoong was surprised.

“Micky gave me a bag from Macau..”, she repeated.

“That jerk!! And corrections, he’s no longer my friend..”, he looked pissed and betrayed by his own so-called friend.

“Well, what about Junjin giving me Jins? And the kitchen set from Andy? Or Eric and Dongwan oppas’ racing gear gifts?”, she was on a roll and determined to shut him up.

“Ahhh moolah!!”, he gave up.

“Besides those earrings or jewelry or diamonds aren’t always a girl’s bestfriend, well not this girl at least”, she smiled.

“Really?”, he asked, totally distracted as Hwangbo’s hands ran across his chest.

“Of course. There are more important and better things that this girl wants..”, she said this time playing with the button of his dress shirt.

“Like what?”, he asked under his breath when she finally unbuttoned one.

“Like sitting on her boyfriend’s lap like this..”, Hwangbo settled herself more comfortably on his lap.

“Snuggling so close to him”, she rested her cheek on his chest, “And, listening to his jealous heart beating..”

A spark of electricity ran through Hyunjoong’s spine as her hand touched his bare chest for a second.

She lifted herself up a bit, “And kissing his cheek..”, she trailed butterfly kisses from his cheekbone down to his jaw line., “And his manly jaws..”

Hwangbo flickered her tongue when she reached his still pouting lips, “And kissing him on the lips…”, she whispered and continued until he responded to her light kisses, letting Hyunjoong to finally take over.

His arms pulled her closer leaving no space between them and ran his hands through her back.

They finally stopped when they ran out of air, but they continued to hold each other tightly.

Hwangbo suddenly wiggled out from Hyunjoong’s embrace.

“There’s more..”, she smiled naughtily as her eyes twinkled under the dimmed lights.

Hyunjoong’s eyebrows crossed, “Hmmm, there’s more?”

Hwangbo nodded then leaned closer to whisper in his ear, “Like making mad love with her boyfriend, named Kim Hyunjoong. You know, hot living room s.ex….”