Doodles: Attack by Stratagem

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You stood there gloating, smiling like a champion! You felt victorious! You took pride in your quickness to device a plan! Yes, you were good!

But that feeling only lasted for a good quarter of a minute. Because when you opened the door that led to the garage, you found the empty plastic containers with purple flowers and mint green vines and leaves that you chose yourself, and Mr. Goo, the driver, slurping down the very last drop of the beef soup you cooked at the break of dawn. The ahjussi smiled in satisfaction, "Hyejungssi, I didn't know you were here. I would've left you some beef soup and kimbap", he told you, "It was the best. Too bad, Hyunjoongssi just gave it to me without even tasting it!"

Your heart sank to your feet. Obviously, he was angry at you. On top of that, he must be hurt, devastated, offended. After what you did, who wouldn't be? You regret it and you're sorry. But what's done is done, and you can't take it back. Now, you need to make sure he forgives you. You have to let him know that you're sorry. You have to let him know that you love him, and you have to know if he loves you enough to forgive you.

It must have been awful for him, standing on that stage, waiting for the PD to say that you were there, so he could make that big confession about you, about him, about your love, your plans. Both of you have planned it for years now. He said he would finish military service and on his comeback, he would announce to the rest of the world that he has been smitten and crazy in love with his Noona, that he was in love with you, that you have been in love with each other for years now. You were ecstatic, excited. Your happiness could not be described by mere words yesterday. You even went to the hotel five hours early, sat on one of the chairs at the audience to try and breathe it all in. You can picture it all out--he would be called on stage, talk about his new album (inspired by you of course), then he would call you up, hold your hand and confess to the whole South Korean Showbiz Industry that you and him are in love. That would have been that official announcement, but as you sat there, the lovely pictures in your head have gone wrong. Suddenly, you smelled fear. Suddenly, you could not breathe. Suddenly, it felt like you could not go through with it. Suddenly, you found yourself revving up the engine of your car and driving to your Parent's house, locking yourself up in the kitchen and cooking. Your mother was angry. She made you watch the television. You saw him, he had been waiting, waiting for you.

"You left him hanging there, Hyejung", she said, "And I thought that kid was immature, it turns out my daughter is.."

Your father found you in your old room, "You know what you did was wrong. Are you just going to sit there?", he asked you, "Are you ready to watch your love slip from your hands just because you had cold feet?"

NO, that was the answer. As you head back to the apartment you shared with Hyunjoong, you were determined to win him back, let him know you are sorry and make sure he forgives you. Thus the beef soup and all the wonderful foods you prepared in those lovely little containers. When he was mad or angry or when you dressed a little too sexily, you always said sorry through your food.

But this was too big of a deal this time. seeing the driver consume the food, you had to think of something more creative than that.

Although most of your common friends who knew had taken sides--team BUIN and team SHILLANG, and most of them had joined team SHILLANG, refusing to help you out, you knew you could tweak a few things to make them agree to help you out. Of course, mother-in-law, JUngmin and SS501's maknae, Hyungjun are forever on your side and perhaps your greatest allies.

"Surprise him" "catch him off guard" "do something he leasts expect from you" "make sure he would never say no"--they both advised.

"Attack by stratagem", the maknae said, where that came from, nobody knew.

And just when your heads were about to explode, Kyujong joins the army with his brilliant attack plan.

It was 6PM, Friday. You stood in your trench coat and hoodie in a busy shopping mall in Busan where a large crowd gathered for Hyunjoong's come back album. It seemed like Kyujong's plan would not work, but you had to take your chances.

A good 25 minutes had passed--Hyunjoong had been introduced keeping a fake smile on his face, the album was introduced, a game was played and the title track was sung. It was about to end. He was in the midst of thanking everyone when the lights on stage were dimmed. The spotlight searched through the crowd and stopped at the very spot you stood on. The screaming fans around you backed off a bit, so you could be seen. The cameras, the lights, the thousands of eyes were all focused on you.

You were nervous, but you had to do it. You held up a big neon sign.

"I AM SSORY..", the first one said.

"I LOVE YOU", was printed on the second one.

"I AM HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH YOU. I CAN NEVER IMAGINE A DAY IN MY LIFE WITHOUT YOU!", the 3rd one said as the crowd gushed and cheered you on.


You braved through the crowds by yourself until your three musketeers caught up with you (acting like your body guards). You climbed up the stage and stood in front of the wide eyed Hyunjoong. You gave him a guilty smile, took off the trench coat and the hoodie, revealing the wedding gown he chose for you in your WGM days.

"Will you marry me?", you asked him.

The crowd began to chant--some encouraging him, some cheering you on, some hooting and whistling.

Jungmin leaned on his two brothers, "Yah, only a fool would not accept that proposal", he grinned.

Doodles: As You Know..

Are there still people who visit the blog?? If you leave me, I'll be saddest.. But anyway, whose fault is it anyway?? Ha!

Here's a little something I pulled from the magician's hat.. Hope y'all still read this.. Nothing special.. Nothing big..

I would like to think that this was inspired by this pic.. Hehe.. But then again, this was pulled out from the baol--just one of those unfinished fics in my secret stash..

Credits to the lovely WFP JBers...


The silence was growing louder in the room. It was making you nervous, but you've made up your mind and there was really no turning back this time.

You smoothed the pleats of your skirt and rested your head on the broad shoulders of the man beside you. You're a woman surrounded and protected by so many men--two of them were in this room right now(because you have forced the others to wait in their respective homes).

The man beside you gently squeezed your fingers that were entwined to his as if saying, 'you're gonna be fine', the way he always does when you're feeling apprehensive. And even if you don't say it, you believe in him. He has afterall covered up your ass so many times. You lifted your head, looked at him and smiled. Taeyoon winked back at you.

The other man in the room was pacing back and forth, perhaps he has covered ever square inch of that dressing room. He was nervous and scared for you, and you know that. He kept pacing, stealing glances at you.

"Oppa..", you said, "Sit.."

Hongwon stopped pacing, "Ani, ani.. I'll grow more nervous if I sit down.."

Taeyoon laughed, "Manager Choi, uri Hyejungie's gonna be fine.."

"Good morning everyone." Taeyoon said over the microphone after clearing his throat. "Thank you very much for accepting our invitation on such a short notice.". He paused and looked at the crowd--there was a sea of reporters (who took all the seats of the mini ballroom) and fans crammed up at the back. "We hope everyone is feeling comfortable and we apologize, we didn't expect so many people to come prior to choosing this venue.."

He checked on you before speaking again, "Let's start. Hwangbo is here to make a brief announcement and might answer some questions."

You walked slowly towards the table escorted by your manager. You took the microphone and smiled, "Good morning everyone. Thank you for coming.."

The crowd went perfectly still, waiting patiently for your announcement.

"I'm here because I would like to confirm and officially announce that the rumors are true..", you paused and pressed your left palm on your belly, "Yes, I am pregnant but I would like to clarify that it is not true that I am 6 weeks pregnant. I just found out from my Gyne yesterday, I am 8 weeks pregnant."

There was a loud buzz, and camera flashes started to blind you.

Choi Hongwon braced himself. As if ready to dive and save you must a delirious fan throw something your way--that was his greatest fear and biggest worry.

You glanced at him and smiled.

Reporters started waving their hands, hoping to catch your attention so that they'll be given a chance to ask you their question.

"Yeee, Reporter Lim, please ask your question.", you said.

"So, we're dying to know who the father of your baby is..", she asked.

You giggled. It was exactly like what he said it would.

"As you know..", you said imitating the man who coached you earlier if that question would be asked, "three years ago..", you mimicked his hand gestures, you knew he would be watching. "As you know.. Three years ago..", you giggled, "as you all know, last 2008, I got married.."

Doodles: One Kiss Away

Hmmm, it's Ssangchu's Anniversary, right?? (First aired on May 11, 2008) Can't believe it's been 3 years and they still have super loyal followers.. ^_______^

Another Doodle that I stumbled upon. Tried to finish it with a bang--FAIL!


"I'm gonna kiss you now..", she said nervously, as she rubbed her palms on the side for her pink mini dress.

He took a glance at her, a wry smile forming on his lips.

The room grew silent as three pairs of eyes (cameraman, lights man and another assistant) anxiously waited for his next move, but as always he was his mischievous, competitive self again. Besides, it was a test, he was testing her. He knew well enough that she was as competitive as he was and that she was going do it anyway, what he wanted to see was her reaction, how nervous she was going to get, how fast her heart will beat, how loud the thumping would be. But at that very moment, he did not know if it was her heart pounding ever so loudly, or was it his.

She moved forward.. ‘She’s gonna do it..’, he thought, swallowing the lump on his throat.

She carefully lifted her hands and tucked the loose strands of his hair behind his ear. ‘She is really going to do it’, he said to himself.

And he waited, it seemed like an eternity before she leaned closer to him.

He could feel her warmth breath now—tickling his nape, caressing his jaw.

Her balmy hands now touching his cheek.

She leaned closer, a little closer now.

‘She is going to kiss me..’, he thought, “She is really going to kiss me…’

But she seemed to jerk away, like she was not going to do it, like she was going to back out.

He panicked, thoughts ran through his head. He wanted her to kiss him. He wanted it so badly like it was the one thing that would save him from the fires of hell.

He panicked and thought, if she isn’t going to do it, he will.

And before she realized what he was doing, he pressed his cheek towards her, towards her puckered lips.

The kiss—weird, unromantic, awkward, because that was how they are--awkward.

She kissed him, she kissed his cheek—their first kiss..

He smiled, he gloated, he was full of pride.

He never really expected it, he never really thought that heaven was just one kiss away…

Doodles: Swept Away

It's been a really long time.. So long that I have forgotten how to do this (post an entry).. I am growing old and weary.. LOL..

Anyway, it's just one of those days when I dig through stuff and find unfinished fics. This is one of my doodles from a long time ago.. It's a part of a longer fic that I could no longer finish because oh well, I don't know how to do this anymore..

Hope people still come here to read..


He drummed his fingers on the coffee table. Impatience consuming his very being. But then there’s nervousness and excitement, too. It was making him crazy and eager. He wondered if his EQ was being affected by this thing he put himself in (because he did feel like a child put under a marshmallow test).

And it wasn't helping that he was confined in the waiting room and forced to wait with a bunch of crew and a cameraman (who has his handy camera focusing solely on his awfully nervous and jittery face).

"Buin!", he called out so unexpectedly one of the staff almost tripped.

"Buin, come out!!", he said again, perhaps forgetting where he was and that he was being filmed. Because all he needed was for her to come out, all he needed was to see her. And this that he is doing right now is torture.

He was pretty lived a pretty busy and hectic life, but Tuesdays was something different to him. There's a different rush, a different sort of feeling that washes all over him.

"Shillang, I'm coming out now!", a voice from the other room announced—this was his answer, the one he has been waiting for for 18 minutes and 42 seconds (which to him felt like three Tuesdays of not seeing each other).

And just like in the movies, the white sliding doors opened in the most dramatic kind of way.

And, there she stood, like a Goddess that she is.. The Divinity that she has always been..

And just like in the movies, he sat there, barely breathing, in a wonderful daze.

And just like in the movies, when the Prince sees his Princess, the Prince was swept away without a warning.

The beauty before him, wearing the wedding dress that he handpicked, was no Princess, but a Queen.

He looked at her without blinking. Like night when the morning begins the day, he was swept away.

Wake Up..


Blame it on the weather and Coheed and Cambria and my lack in writing skills and creativity, and the depressing atmosphere in this house..


The bright lights of the grand ballroom were suddenly dimmed. The crowd’s buzzing slowly died down as they anxiously wait. What was going to happen next, they too had no clue.

Loud music blared from the giant speakers—a beat every guest was familiar with. Disco lights started to fill the huge place.

And before she knew it, the spotlight was aimed at her and the man sitting next to her.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s welcome the lovely Kim a.k.a. Ssangchu couple for their first dance as husband and wife. Techtonic music started to play—of course it had to be Get Hot. It was afterall the first music they danced to together.

Hwangbo’s cheeks turned bright red as she faced her husband in surprise. It was delightfully embarrassing. She should not have handed him the task of choosing the song for their first dance, she should have known he was planning on something when he gave her that wry smile a few days ago.

Hyunjoong stood up and did some of her infamous dance moves as the crowd of celebrities and relatives hooted. She was cracking up again, this time trying to cover her face with her bouquet of white calla lilies.

He momentarily stopped as he extended his arm to her.

‘YAH..’, she mouthed becoming increasingly self conscious. She was in her Greek inspired all white gown—it would be a disaster if they started doing the techtonic now.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Ssangchu couple!”, DJ Koo announced again.

The double S boys started to sing along, “Dun dududun.. Dun dududun..”

Jungmin was doing the arm action, same dance moves he teased his Hyung with in that famous Taiwan interview. Baby and Kyu started to do the same as the crowd started to sing with them encouraging Hwangbo.

The pretty Buin, still giggling, took her Shillang’s arm. They walked towards the center of the dancefloor and started to dance like crazy.

The ballroom was filled with laughter and happiness as the guests joined the couple.

The sly DJ Koo played some more techtonic music, R2Song.

This time the crowd chanted, “Hwangbo! Hwangbo!”

All lights were focused on her as she started to play along with the crowd and do that hip thrusting motion.

Hyunjoong stepped aside, marveling at his pretty wife. ‘HIS WIFE’, oh what sweet music that made to his ear, ‘HIS WIFE, HIS BUIN’

Now, he can proudly claim her and announce to all those idols and all those ahjussis and all those businessmen that Hwangbo Hyejung is HIS WIFE.

He smiled as she gamely danced while the crowd cheered her on. He stood there realizing this was the reason why he worked so hard—that woman in white gown with long flowing hair holding a bouquet of calla lilies was his reason for waking up each day and braving life’s unendless battles. Hwangbo Hyejung was his reason and that alone was enough.

A lone tear escaped Hyunjoong’s eye as he sat by her bedside. He paused the tape, then gently squeezed his wife’s small, soft hand.

“That was our first dance during our wedding. Look at you, doing your Techtonic dance moves..”, he told her, his voice croaking, trying his best to stop the tears from flowing.

“Don’t you miss it, Buin? Don’t you miss your TV shows? Don’t you miss your mom, your dad? Don’t you miss Yejin? Don’t you miss Jins? Your adopted sons and daughters? Don’t you miss the beach? The snow? Don’t you miss Euni or Boram or Jeewon? Don’t you miss your Shinhwa boys? Don’t you miss our little house by the beach? Don’t you miss me?”, Hyunjoong asked her, holding her hand tightly, “Don’t you miss me at all?"

“Buin, you have to wake up. Please wake up..”, he begged his wife, who seemed to be sleeping soundly for six months now after a vehicular accident she was involved in.

“I have been waiting for you to show me a little sign, Hyejung. Please give us a sign. Please give me a sign..”, Hyunjoong continued to beg.

“I will continue to stay by your side and annoy you everyday..”, Hyunjoong whispered to her ears, “Until you decide to wake up…”

Love Or Something Like It…

Were you expecting green leafy lettucy fics? Mian, I think I’m having a Lettuce road block right now, especially those wondering what happened to 3/3. It’s—well, let’s just say it’s on comatose and I cannot promise you that it can still wake up.

I’ve been wanting to write about this couple so much, but I do not know them well enough to whip up anything although I have been a loyal follower. I have to admit, I started watching because of Khun and I did not know who Victoria was back then (yikes, I did not even know what f(x) was). But pretty much like my Lettuce addiction, I got hooked. Perhaps Vic is the only cutesy type I can swallow, plus she has a quirky personality that’s very easy to love. And another thing I like about her is that she seems genuine. There’s something about Vic that draws you in.

This is for one of my fave Unnis in twitter, @ellehcar817! She’s the one feeding me stuff about Khuntoria (from unsubbed to subbed epis to fanfics or fanvids to blogs and sites). Thank you!!!! I know I can be pesky with my anti-HJ comments sometimes, but you’re (and Ash and cjv501) still very patient with me!!! Daghang Salamat… And, I’m sorry it isn’t any good—I just wrote it while I was trying to get some sleep—so basically, it’s sleepy and weird and I did not put much thought nor invest so much time on it. I will try to do better next time (that is if there is a next time). Lam ko Unni, pasan natin ang mundo, pero sana napangiti kita.. Hehe.. OA ba?

And oh, this is also for Chelsie because I did mention to her that I was gonna write a Khuntoria fic one of these days.

Hope Khuntorians and JBers alike will enjoy this.


The sudden gust of cold wind blew into the quiet room, making Chansung, the maknae of the famous boy group, 2PM, jump up from his seat.

A frightened, guilty look registered on his face as he watched Nichkhun enter the apartment. His Hyung looked tired and sleepy. Chansung’s eyes roamed around the living room then back to his hyung, unable to speak like a terrified little cub—the room was a mess, boxes of pizza lay on the floor, ramen cups and tissues spread on the table and some on the sofa, shirts and other clothing items scattered everywhere.

But it seemed that Nichkhun was too tired to even notice what a big mess he and Wooyoung created.

Chansung then stared back at the PC’s monitor, this time he seemed to have been panic stricken, almost guilty. This got Khun wondering. The older man raised his fuzzy brows at Chansung. The younger man forced a smiled, it was like he was caught doing something he should not be doing.

“Khun’s here..”, he said to the person he was chatting with online, “And, I have to go now..”, he announced nervously.

“Oh good!”, the sweet female voice resonated inside the room. “It was nice talking to you, Oppa. Annyeong!”, she said, Korean was obviously not her native language, as she faltered and mispronounced some words.

Khun was curious, but at the same time, amused, thinking—which foreign girl fell for the maknae’s charm this time.

Chansung looked up at Khun, “Hyung, Sherleenwantstotalktoyou…”, he said then disappeared from his hyung’s sight. He knew very well that Nichkhun was very, overly protective of his youngest sister, and all of them were not allowed to contact, not even look at her.

Khun’s brows furrowed as he stepped in front of the computer. He was disappointed at Chansung for not following his orders, he was frustrated at Sherleen for not heeding his warning that all his members (even if he loved and respected them all) were dangerous.

But all anger dissipated the moment he heard her voice, “Oppa!!!”

She wiggled and blew him a kiss.

“Oppa?? You watch way too much Korean shows, Sherleen..”, he told her little sister.

“Don’t worry Oppa, I only watch shows that you guest in..”, the young lady reassured him, “But I’m angry and I feel hurt..”

The smile on Sherleen’s face quickly went away replaced by a frown that got Nichkhun worried, “What? Why? You’re angry at me?”

Sherleen nodded, then rolled her eyes.

It took a few minutes before she spoke. “They said you’re coming home next week.”
“And you’re bringing Victoria with you..”, she pouted even more, “Why?”

Khun panicked. He did not know what to say. All the while he thought, Sherleen was okay with his virtual marriage to f(x)’s leader. All the while he thought, Sherleen liked Victoria.

“But Nichkhun Horjvekul, it’s a school day!”, she said becoming really flustered.

“And, don’t tell me you’d wait for me at Grandma’s house, because I already checked your schedule earlier with Chansung Oppa, and your manager said you’d be going to the hotel right away. You are so unfair! This is my chance to meet my sister-in-law! My chance to meet Victoria! No fair!”

Khun laughed at his sister’s childish display. He felt relieved at the same time. The worry and tension growing inside his heart was quickly replaced by overwhelming happiness.

“Don’t worry Sherleen, I already asked Mom to tell your teacher that you’ll be coming home early on that day.”, he told her in between laughs.

“Oh good..”, she finally calmed down upon hearing his plan. Her face was beginning to light up again.

“Oppa, can I ask you something?”, she asked, a wry smile on her lips.
Khun nodded.

“Victoria—do you like her already? I mean, not only as your virtual wife? Do you like her?”, Sherleen questioned. “You’ve introduced me to some of your girlfriends, but you’ve never brought any of them to Grandma’s house. I heard it was your suggestion that you bring her to Thailand. I heard you were supposed to go to Beijing, but you insisted. Khun, do you like her already?”

Khun was dumbstruck. He did not know what to tell her.

“Khun, do you love her?”, Sherleen asked the question he never dared to ask himself.
Khun knew it was not an ordinary crush, like the crush he has on Krystal. He knew he cared for her and he felt the urge to call her to check if she has eaten or if she was well. He wanted to get to know her more—what she likes, what makes her happy, what makes her smile. He wanted to protect her and keep her safe. There was a loud thudding in his chest when she comes near him. Butterflies—the size of flying dinosaurs, soared inside his stomach when she smiles at him.

“Khun? Are you in love with Victoria?”, Sherleen asked that question again.
Sherleen’s voice echoed inside his head.

Khun smiled, his cheeks burned and his ears turned red, “I don’t know if it’s love yet”, he answered honestly, “But it’s something like that…”

Sherleen smiled—gloating. It was like a dream come true—her most beloved brother is in love or something like that with her idol.


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It’s quite embarrassing really, trying to call on my brother to fix my blog aka my secret life(yes, no one in the family knows that I keep a blog and a write fics).

So just in case there are still an interested few out there, the blog is back on. I did not try to block people as some of you might be thinking.

On a happier note (really, I'm just trying to switch topics because I was sooo embarrassed.. I am an epic failure...)

I know people have been talking about DBSK’s come back as a duo, and I know I’m late in posting this, and if you guys know me at all, you’ll know I am pretty much addicted to Yunho, so here it is.. Their latest song. I am mighty proud of these two. I mean 3/5 of the group left, but they were still able to stand up and make a comeback.

So Changmin and Yeobo—I mean Yunho, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!!

credits to sment @ youtube

I am mighty proud of these two!

credits to NLmsNL @ youtube