Playing House -- 3

3: "The only thing that should surprise us is that there are still some things that can surprise us." - Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Hwangbo heard a child screaming for his Omma, and thought perhaps, a child was lost somewhere in the studio. Normally, she would stop to comfort and/or help the child, but she was not up to doing any good will today. She has been cranky since the sun rose, and very uneasy, like something was going to happen. The day did not start right for her, she ran out of cereals for breakfast, Jins pooped on her expensive Persian carpet, and she had to try a dress she did not like again for a certain event making her come all the way and walk through the studios at this very hour. She walked on until she heard the scream just a few inches away, then her leg suddenly felt heavy.

She looked down, and saw a boy hanging on to her leg, like his life depended on it.

“Omma!”, he said and hugged her leg even tighter then started to sob.

“Shhh.. Don't cry...”, she said in a gentle voice, patting the child's head. She smiled at him, and at the fact that she's never been called Omma before. The truth is, she liked how that sounded.

“I'm not your Omma, but we'll look for her. I'm sure she's around here somewhere”, she whispered, wiping the tears that ran down his red chubby cheeks.

“Omma, omma”, he continued calling her.

Hwangbo stood up straight trying to look for someone who could help her and the child, a security guard perhaps.

“Munhee!!!”, a woman's voice came from behind her, she turned to see who it was.

The other woman was shocked to see Hwangbo.

“Omo, Hwangbossi. I'm sorry. I am so sorry”, Haneul said. “I am so sorry for bothering you”, she continued trying to whisk away Munhee who was holding on tightly to Hwangbo's leg, but the child would not budge.

“Omma! Omma!”, Munhee continued to call Hwangbo, which really amused her. As they struggled, she recognized Haneul, SS501's stylist.

“She's not your Omma, Munhee...”, she grunted and tried to pull him away from Hwangbo's leg, but the boy started squirming, catching everyone else's attention.

Upon noticing the watchful eyes of passersby, Haneul stood up straight and smoothed her hair and shirt. She gave Hwangbo a bow and said almost in a whisper, “I'm sorry Hwangbossi, but I think it would be best to settle this inside”

Hwangbo nodded and followed Haneul to the nearest dressing room after untangling Munhee from her leg and letting him hold her hand instead.

“I think I should call my manager first”, Hwangbo announced then took her phone.

“Oppa”, she started, “I have some issues to settle, can I go to the studio later instead?”

“Alright, thank you”, Hwangbo hang up the phone and looked at the nervous Haneul waiting for an explanation.

“Hwangbossi, I'm so sorry about what happened earlier.”, Haneul looked at her feet, embarrassed to have bothered the celebrity.

“That's alright, it's not like a big scandal or something” Hwangbo smiled hugging Munhee who was now seated on her lap. “I am just curious as to why he know...I'm his..”

“I really do not know how to explain this, I am still confused myself ---”, Haneul was about to say something else when her phone rang.

“You have to come here this instant Kim Hyunjoong. Munhee thinks Hwangbo unnie is his Omma”, she gritted her teeth.

“Munhee.. The little boy. Aish, you don't even know your son's name. Pali, you better be here in one minute!”, she almost shouted.

Hwangbo looked confused, “Kim Hyunjoong? Is he? He has a----”

“I am as confused as you Hwangbossi........ All I know is that I went up to Hyunjoong's apartment this morning because he was late for his photo shoot again, and Munhee was already there hugging his leg like he did with you earlier.”, Haneul explained after setting her phone on the table.

Hwangbo's eyebrows crossed, “Really? Was there anyone else with him then?”

“Jaejoong, just Jaejoong.”

“No woman?”, Hwangbo asked then took it back after realizing how badly and extremely nosy that question sounded, “I mean, you know how in the movies, women drop their illegitimate children by the man's apartment....”she explained feeling more absurd, then went on to stare at Munhee who was already playing in front of the full length mirror.

“I was thinking the same thing, but he got all worked up when I suggested that to him, and forgive me for saying this Hwangbossi, the first thought that came to my mind was that you were Munhee's Omma”, the other woman confessed.

“Me? Why me?”, Hwangbo questioned her.

“You dated him back then, didn't you? And I knew he was you know, he sorta, kinda you know---” but before Haneul could finish what she was saying the door flung open.

Hyunjoong came in with his hand on his chest, heaving and sweating in his black dress shirt and tailored pants.

“I came as quickly as I could”, he heaved even more as he spoke oblivious to the fact that it was not only Haneul and Munhee in the room.

Haneul was startled and Hwangbo became very self conscious. It has been three long years since they stayed in such small space together, and the last time was not a very good encounter because all they did was bicker and argue.

Munhee jumped for joy and smiled to this heart's content when he saw Hyunjoong. “APPA!!”, he shouted in glee. “Omma is here, too.”

Hyunjoong looked around and saw Hwangbo sitting on the couch with Haneul. He smoothed his hair and wiped the bead of sweat that trickled down his forehead then moved his head sideways to acknowledge Hwangbo , which she did not respond to.

“Why does he think Bui—Noona is his Omma?”, he whispered to Haneul, but it was loud enough for Hwangbo to hear.

“I honestly don't know...”, Haneul answered. “Oh wait, I know. I was watching WGM clips, the 100th day wedding photo shoot, Unnie was in a wedding dress and you were in your tux... Munhee must have concluded things.”

Hyunjoong unconsciously gazed at Hwangbo only to catch her staring at him, too. They immediately turned away.

“Can we go home now, Appa? Omma?” Munhee asked after sitting close to Hwangbo then circling his arms around her waist.

A spark of anger caught Hyunjoong off guard. It felt weird watching someone hugging her like that, but he shook it off right away. 'He's a child for chrissake!', he told himself.

“Munhee, come here. There is something I have to tell you.” Hyunjoong said as gently as he could.

Munhee obeyed after much hesitation. He sat beside Hyunjoong.

“Hwangbo Noona is not your Omma.”, he told the child, but Munhee wailed and managed to wiggle his way out of Hyunjoong's embrace.

Munhee ran back to Hwangbo like a helpless confused little boy. “Is it true? Omma?”, his voice started to break and his nose was red. Hwangbo stared at the child, her eyes filling up with tears. Her lips started to quiver. She bit her lips not knowing what to say. She was heart broken for the boy.

“Omma?”, Munhee asked again. Tears started to flow down Hwangbo's cheeks. She hugged him as a mother would hug her hurt little boy.

Hyunjoong and Haneul stared at them. They were in awe at how gentle she was to Munhee and how much she cared for people she did not even know.

“Is she an angel or something?”, Haneul whispered to Hyunjoong, almost crying to see the mother-and-son-like scene before her.

Hyunjoong kept mum. His heart was also breaking that he had to do that to a poor little boy.

“Can I talk to you in private, Hyunjoong?”

“Can we speak privately, Hwangbo Noona?”

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo both said at the same time.

“Munhee, let's get some ice cream first while they talk” Haneul immediately understood and took the boy outside.

“I'm sorry to have dragged you into this, Noona”, he spoke first.

Hwangbo scoffed after wiping her tears with a tissue Hyunjoong pushed across the table.

“I didn't know you had a son...” her voice was low, but Hyunjoong heard her perfectly.

“He's not my... he's not my son,” he answered sternly “I have not dated anyone else after you”, he confessed.

Hwangbo's cheeks turned red and hot after his sudden confession. She wanted to say something, but words left her and she was tongue tied.

“He just came this morning. Jaejoong and I were shocked when he just barged inside my apartment. Jaejoong thought he was a fan who wanted my signature, but he called me Appa. He thinks I am his Appa.”

Hwangbo still kept quiet, not wanting to believe what he was saying, but deep inside her, she knew she believed him.

“Ahhh, what's the point of explaining to you, you won't believe me anyway...” Hyunjoong gave up.

“It's just too hard to believe, Joongie”, she answered, cursing herself when she called him Joongie.

The way she called him lingered in his ears, it felt nice to hear that again.

“I know...”, he whispered.

The silence was awkward after that. Both of them did not know what to say to each other much less solve or iron out the situation.

The sudden shrill of Hyunjoong's phone startled both of them.

“What?”, he answered, a trace of irritation in his voice.

“Yes, she's here. “

“Suggestion? What suggestion?”

“Speaker phone? Why?”

“Yahhh! Fine!”

Hyunjoong looked at Hwangbo, “It's Jaejoong, Noona. He said he has a suggestion.”

“Noona, can you hear me now?” Jaejoong asked.

“Annyeong, yes, I can hear you now”, Hwangbo said after clearing her throat, a smile spread across her face.

“How are you? I have not heard from you in three years, and Yunho and Micky are not giving me details about you, and I really cannot ask Hyunjoong about you since you know, you're falling out”, he said trying to sound jealous.

Hwangbo laughed and clapped her hands which made Hyunjoong smirk, “I am fine. And you?”

“Same old, same old.. I'm a big hit in Japan, haven't you heard?”, he quickly answered.

Hyunjoong was irritated now, “Yah, stop the small talk and give us your suggestion”

Hyunjoong's reaction amused both Jaejoong and Hwangbo.

“Whatever! Don't worry Kim Hyunjoong, I am not a threat. But Yunho, Micky, Eunhyuk, Kibum, Heechul, Chansung, Nichkhun, Seung Hyun and Seungho and practically the whole idol community are the people you should worry about.” Jaejoong teased.

“Yaahhh!”, Hyunjoong was angry now.

Jaejoong gave him a hearty laugh, “So, my suggestion. I know this is weird and taboo, but this is the best I can come up with and I bet neither of you and that including Haneul has come up with any idea.”

Jaejoong paused as if trying to collect his thought, “You have to report this to authorities or the Social Welfare, you know that right? But in the mean time and while his parents have not been found, what if you play parents to the child. I mean both of you can't just leave him on the streets, right? Besides, Haneul told me he thinks you're married for real and that he is your son. It would not hurt to play house, right? You did it before and with cameras, at that. So, why can't you guys do it again?”

“For an innocent child who thinks you are his Appa, Hyunjoong?”, he said pleading to his friend.

“a lost, parentless, homeless little boy, Noona?” attempting to convince Hwangbo.

Jaejoong knew he convinced both of them after the long silence and series of heavy sighs from the ex-pretend couple.

“I gotta go now. Yunho just arrived. If you don't agree with this Hyunjoong. I'll ask Yunho to take care of the child with Noona” he teased him before hanging up.

Jaejoong laughed like a mad scientist after hanging up. His plan to bring them back together just might work with the help of the unintentional angel. He himself was curious to know the possible outcome of the unfinished love affair if DSP did not intervene and take Hyunjoong out too suddenly from the show. His thinking was four dimensional and alien-like, he knew that, but he could not help but gloat over his latest brilliant idea.

Meanwhile, Hwangbo and Hyunjoong stayed quiet.

“What do you think?”, Hyunjoong asked hoping she would agree to the set up.

“I am not sure..”, she answered, her reasons for hesitating piling up in her brain.

“Do you have any other ideas? Because I do not want to break the child's heart anymore.”, he said staring aimlessly at the carpeted floors.

“Me too. Oh, what the h.ell. Let's do this, just until he finds his real parents, right?”, she asked him just to clear things out and ease her very worried mind.

“Yes, until Munhee finds his parents”, he answered, suddenly thinking maybe he can win her back in that span of time they will be together.

Playing House -- 2

author's note: This one's short and done on a whim hoping to clarify confusions. I tried my best to explain and make things as less disorienting or misleading as I could, but I'm still in a daze after seeing my dear JASON CASTRO shopping in Speedo and Nike last weekend and looking all shy and cute as fans screamed his name.

Now, I cannot seem to write another part. I might have lost all ideas when all those highschool fan girls and boys started screaming like mad when the dreadlock hottie took the stage. So, the next one might not be posted until after the Holy Week. I hope I get more inspiration to continue this while walking the streets of Bacolod. (Athena5914 and Chyme-isuroy sad ko ninyo sa Bacolod oi!!!)


2: "A man surprised is half beaten." - Thomas Fuller

Munhee was now staring at the flat screen television with Haneul.

"What do you think?" she asked the boy who has been unexpectedly helping her with her work.

"I like blue for Appa. It's my favorite color", he said in a very matter-of-factly tone.

"Yeah, I think so, too.", she agreed then took notes on her notebook.

The boy had been helping her by giving his opinions on SS501's outfits. The boy was no fashion guru, but he made sense, a lot of sense. It even made Haneul forget that he was the boy who suddenly popped up in her friend's apartment claiming Hyunjoong as his father.

She popped another CD labeled as 'formal suits for Hyunjoong' into the player. Soon, We Got Married scenes started to play on screen. It was during their 100th day photo shoot where Hyunjoong had to wear tuxedos.

Haneul started to focus again, and so did Munhee. He was watching the woman with his Appa. His eyes danced and giggled as the woman laughed and clapped her hands in delight.

"Pretty...", he whispered

"Yes, she is, isn't she?", Haneul had to agree as the TV showed scenes of Hwangbo in her wedding dress.

There were a few minutes of silence which prompted Haneul to concentrate on her work again.

"Is she my Omma?", Munhee pointed his finger towards the woman on screen.

Haneul was not paying attention and was lost in choosing between several fabrics. "Hmmm??", she asked without looking up.

"Her? In the dress? Is she my Omma?", Munhee asked again.

Haneul's mouth dropped as she saw who the boy was referring to. It was of course Hyunjoong's ex fake wife.

She pretended to be busy then looked at the fabrics again.

"Noona, is she my Omma?" the boy was persistent.

"Nooo...", she answered under her breath, suddenly confused what to do.

"Then, why is she married to Appa?", Munhee asked innocently.

Haneul looked around hoping to find answers somewhere, but nothing popped up inside her brain.

The shrilly sound of her cell phone ring tone broke the intense silence.

"Yes?", she answered the call.

"Ahhh.... Right now?"

"Yes, I'm coming Oppa!!", she stressed every word as she spoke on the phone.

She stared at the little boy who was still waiting for her answer and took a deep breath.

"Okay, we're going out. Let's hurry up" she told the boy, at the same time, praying Hyunjoong would not kill her for bringing Munhee there.


Munhee sat in one corner as Haneul worked on some of the zippers of the suits the double S boys were supposed to wear for their photo shoot.

"Noona, can I play outside?" the bored little boy asked. Haneul bobbed her head without listening to the child as she concentrated on the stuck zipper.

He stared at the busy people walking around carrying various things from cameras, to lights, to dresses when he saw someone who looked familiar.

"Omma..." he called out, but the woman did not hear him. "OMMMAAAA!!!", he shouted this time.

Haneul heard the boy's scream and rushed outside as Hwangbo passed them by.

Munhee's gaze followed the woman who walked in front of them.

Playing House -- 1

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1: In the company of friends....

Three years later.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes as he finished the glass of orange juice at the kitchen counter. His friend seemed to have developed a major nagging skill. “Ye, ye, Harabounim!!”, he answered Hyunjoong after slightly bowing his head. The other man smirked and threw Jaejoong his backpack which landed on the floor after the latter ducked behind the black leather couch.

“Thanks again for letting me stay, Dude. I'll go ahead”, he smiled at his friend. The two had been close since their debut as idols. After Hyunjoong was able to purchase his own apartment, Jaejoong has been a constant visitor and during their free time, they stayed indoors and played computer games until their eyes popped out.

“Just wait for me, will you? I'm almost done here”, Hyunjoong said as he dragged his bag to the living room and put on his sweatshirt.

Jaejoong opened the front door and was about to step out when he found a child, about 3 or 4 years old waiting outside the door. He was chubby and struggling to balance the backpack he was carrying.

“Annyeong Ahjussi, is this Kim Hyunjoong's house?”, the child asked Jaejoong as he waved around Hyunjoong's picture. He smiled at the adorable little boy.

“Hyunjoongah, someone is looking for you!”, he called out his friend thinking the little boy wanted Hyunjoong's signature.

When Hyunjoong emerged from the living room, the child stared at him then at the picture in his hand, as if looking for comparison. He looked at Hyunjoong again and smiled ever so cutely, “Appa!”, the boy called out.

It took seconds before Hyunjoong realized what was happening. He stood immobile as the child hung on to his leg as Jaejoong held his breath, obviously dumbstruck.

Hyunjoong looked at Jaejoong. Panic written all over his face. 'Ottoke?', his eyes asked Jaejoong, but Jaejoong just stood there unable to say anything.

The neighbors started getting out of their apartments as it was time to go to work or go about some chores. Jaejoong noticed the questioning looks of the passersby. It did look like an episode from the old show, Three Men and a Baby. He hurriedly stepped inside and closed the door.

Hyunjoong noticed the tag on the bag's pack then stared blankly at his friend. Jaejoong came closer and saw what was written on the tag: IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE CONTACT Kim Hyunjoong (Father).

“Ottoke?”, he asked Hyunjoong.

Hyunjoong sat on the couch, his expression still blank, probably trying to recall who among his past girlfriends he knocked up, trying to convince himself that he had been careful with all of them.

A loud banging on the door woke both boys from their trance. Jaejoong opened the door to see a very angry Park Haneul. She stomped her feet as she walked inside the apartment, dumping two heavy bags and filers on the floor. SS501's stylist and long time friend was about ready to yell at Hyunjoong when she realized another pair of eyes staring at her. She paused and saw a little boy still clinging to Hyunjoong like a leech.

She gave Hyunjoong a questioning look, but before he could open his mouth to answer, Jaejoong spoke, “His son”

“Omo!!” was all Haneul could say then looked Hyunjoong in the eye.

“What do I do, Haneul?”, he asked her.

“I don't know...YAHHH! You clearly decided to f*** and play around, why ask me what to do??”, she said pointing an accusing finger at Hyunjoong. Jaejoong ran and covered the child's ears.

“Yah, there's a minor here. Stop saying bad words”, Jaejoong told Haneul, trying to keep his cool and still looking calm.

It disgusted Haneul that Jaejoong was still calm in that awkward situation. She smirked. His presence always seemed to irk her even way back their teenage days.

“Appa, who are they?”, the child asked Hyunjoong.

“Appa?”, she stared at Hyunjoong in disbelief “Seriously? Hyunjoong is an Appa. Should I start to look for another job now?”

“Jaejoong, can you stay here while I talk to Haneul?”, Hyunjoong stood up and pushed Haneul towards the kitchen.

“Who is the boy's mother?” she asked when they were alone

“You have to believe me Haneul, I do not know who the child is. I am pretty sure I never knocked up anyone.” he answered brushing his hair with his fingers.

“I am not that na├»ve Hyunjoong. I know how you idols are, every female is likely to throw themselves at you and you grab every opportunity to ---”

“Yah! I am not like that!!!”, he cut her off.

“Oh yeah, I forgot. There's just one person for you. And you blew all your chances with her”, she laughed, “Wait, is... Maybe, is she-----”

Hyunjoong cut her off again, “Of course not! She freakin' stopped talking to me three years ago, remember?”

“I'm just saying Joongie... But seriously though and don't you dare lie to me, is he your....??”, she asked, her tone serious.

“No, for the hundredth time. NO, I have no son...yet...”

“Okay, okay. I believe you, but why does the child think you are his father?”

“I have no clue, he just came...”

“Where did that boy come from? He's just adorable and cute”, Haneul said catching a glimpse of the boy now playing with Jaejoong, her eyes suddenly wandered to the wall clock, “Omo... The time!! You have to go!!”

It was already 8:30AM, and he was 30 minutes late for his photo shoot.

“Ottoke??”, he panicked.

After a few more seconds of silence, “I know. You have to go now then come back as soon as possible. I can do my work here and stay with the child. We can figure out what to do by then.”, she quickly said. “Go!!”

After Hyunjoong said his goodbyes to the child and thanked Haneul, he left with Jaejoong in a hurry.
“So, what do you want to do?” Haneul asked the child who was still sitting on the couch with his backpack in his arms.

The little boy just stared blankly at her.

“Okay, I'm Park Haneul. What's your name?”, she tried again

“Kim Munhee”, he answered, “Are you Appa's friend?”

“Yes. That makes me your Auntie, but you can call me Noona.”, she sat beside him turning on the television after feeding the DVD player with one of her CDs. “Is it alright if I work here? Can you play by yourself?”

Munhee nodded then unzipped his bag taking an Astroboy stuffed toy and played with it.

Playing House

author's note:(i'm lazy, even my note is copied from PB)i'm trying my luck with long fics again..

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i've written a couple of chapters, but i thought i'd scrap the idea just like some fics because yeah, i'm fickle minded like that! hahaha!!

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Prologue: “Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.” – James Baldwin

Hwangbo threw herself unto the bed of their make believe house. She was done crying and loathing Hyunjoong. Her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks stained with the mascara that ran down until her jaws. She still could not believe though that he did not tell her anything about his and his management's decision beforehand.

She was called to a meeting that morning with the writers and producers. She had expected Hyunjoong to be there, but he was not, his manager was there instead. Her head felt heavy and the veins throbbed when the sudden announcement was made.

“Hyunjoong and DSP decided to end his appearances in this show to give way to more projects and prepare for SS501's upcoming Asian concert. In line with this, we are very grateful to We Got Married's staff, producers, directors and writers for this chance, most especially you, Hwangbo. All the fame and attention he has been getting was partly because of you”

Hwangbo massaged her temples and closed her eyes. She gave out a gruff laugh at her ability to remember bad experiences to the most minute details. 'Fame and attention—so, that's what it's all about. Whatever happened to 'I am falling in love with you'?', she thought.

“Buin, I have something to tell you. You have to understand though... I am not... I cannot say... I am not... Words... It's not easy... Express... It's hard... Aissshhhhh! What I'm trying to say is, I think, no, I am certain that I like you, no, I am falling in love with you”

A sudden knock on the door interrupted her journey to memory lane. “Hwangbo-ssi, Hyunjoong-ssi will be late for about two hours today.”

Her quick temper got the best of her. “Yeah, whatever”, she grunted under her breathe. Hwangbo walked out of the room taking her car keys with her, “I'll be back in three hours!”, she announced and left the apartment. The staff members were left in awe at her blunt and sudden statement.

She drove through the busy streets passing each car easily as if boasting her ability to drive like a pro. She did not even care if a highway police would stop her for speeding. All she cared about at that time was finding a diversion for the mixture of frustration and anger inside her.

The next days that came were harder for her. Acting and pretending not to care in front of someone she loved was hardest for Hwangbo. She refused to talk to him outside We Got Married, making it difficult for Hyunjoong to explain nor understand her sudden behavior. She always left early and stayed quiet on the set. Her smiles were all fake, and he could sense the hatred when she looks at him. She only did what was asked of her, nothing more, nothing less.

Their farewell at Mt. Halla was something Hwangbo did not prepare for. She was exhausted and getting too emotional. She never cried on national television, but she could not help it and bawled her eyes out. The tears were endless.

Hyunjoong did not expect her sudden outburst either. He wanted to talk to her or comfort her at least, but she was always in a hurry to leave.

He tried, God knows, he tried to communicate with her, but there is not much one can do when she was not willing to let him in. It almost felt to Hyunjoong like she has severed all ties with him.

Opportunity for Hyunjoong came in the presence of the Awards Night, but he got the same cold treatment. He was not too happy either, especially not with the dress she wore. When they were alone backstage, he started ranting about how her dress was too short, too open at the back, too low cut in the front which annoyed the already angry Hwangbo.

She snapped at him, “Well at least my dress did not leave me hanging in midair because it's getting more fame and attention”. With that, she left.

Hyunjoong's mouth dropped, 'Fame and attention, are those the reasons why she thinks I am leaving the show?', he asked himself. That night, it felt like all of Hyunjoong's energy was drained and gone to waste. He gave up, something he has never done in his life.

Hwangbo clenched her jaw as she walked out, any sudden change in her facial expression and she would cry out all the liquid left in her body. It was time to move on, she told herself.

Lips of an Angel

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Having a quiet time like this makes the infamous Uknow Yunho of TVXQ contemplate on the things he has done so far and the things he is about to do in his life. Being the idol that he is does not really give him much time to think about the plans and actions he will take, instead a manager and his talent company do all that for him. He is quite satisfied with his life now. It was quiet and still. He and his TVXQ brothers were fed to the lions a few months ago with the issues and controversies about unfair contracts and legal actions taken by the other three guys. Although, Micky, Jaejoong and Junsu made a move he disagreed with, they were still friends, and he respected their decision and vice versa.

He held the stout glass of whiskey he had been drinking bitter liquid from. It was not the proper time of day to be drinking such hard liquor, and he was never the type to get drunk, but he could not help it. Sparks of jealousy always seem to fly when people talk about her, especially when idols say Hwangbo Hyejung is their ideal girl.

This is the very reason why he'd rather not keep this relationship a secret.

His blood starts to boil every time they so openly say on public radio or national television that she is the girl for them.

Yunho drowns another big gulp of the bitter liquid slightly shuddering as it leaves burning marks from his throat down to the very pit of his stomach remembering how openly the newbie Seungho of MBLAQ first admitted on public radio his admiration for Hwangbo, even making him shy and fanboyish when asked to talk to her. He hated how bold idols are nowadays, not that he was not as bold as they were before when he asked the Production Director of Loveletter to pair him up with Hwangbo.

He cringed a bit as he remembered what he overheard from Seungho in a bar a few nights ago.

"What's with the sudden change of mind, Hyung?", Thunder asked his leader as soon as they settled down and gathered around an empty table.

"Yeah, I thought Hwangbo Noona was your ideal girl..."G.O added.

Seungho gave them a smirk. "You should know how this industry works by now, boys!"

Mir gave him a blank expression.

"It should have made a significant impact already that I have announced and made known to South Korea's Show Business and Entertainment Industry who my crush, well, ideal girl is. What I did today was just a safety measure to make sure she's safe from anti fans and a safety measure for me not to get a beating from Jihoon Hyungnim.", Seungho explained.

Joon gave him a doubtful look, "But Leaderssi, wouldn't Hwangbo Noona be offended since you took it back? How you said it at the show seemed like you were just toying with her."

"Joon, I am not that dumb. I told her even before the show. I knew they were going to ask me that" Seungho proudly smiled at himself. "Probably even in my next life, Noona would still be my ideal girl. Maybe next year, when I earn more money, I could pursue her, what do you think?"

Thunder laughed.

"I think you're delusional", G.O chimed in before laughing at his fearless leader.

"You do not stand a chance, Hyung. There are a million and one other fanboys better looking and with more money than you, but if you do get a chance, you have to stand in line that is as long as the Great Wall of China!", Mir quipped trying to hide behind G.O to avoid the stare Seungho is about to give him.

Yunho shook his head hoping his thoughts and weird jealous ideas would go away. But the Gods were not done teasing him just yet. Names just kept on popping up one by one in his head.

Hyunjoong, her ex-pretend husband in We Got Married.

Eunhyuk, who would forget that Infinity Girls-SuJu Episode?

T.O.P, the idol she likes and shyly mentioning his name in Chocolate.

Chansung, the 2pm she chose in Infinity Girls-2PM episode, which screamed skinship.

Micky, again, who would forget their triangle in LoveLetter?

Nichkhun, the Thai prince who would not mind dating an older girl, fearlessly referring to Hwangbo in an Idol Army episode with FT Island and 2PM.

The most recent one, Seungho of MBLAQ.

And, who could forget Bi during his idol days.

And, the list goes on and on.

As he drowned in his jealousy, his girlfriend quietly arrives trying to cause as little noise as possible.

Hwangbo gently taps on Yunho's shoulder.

"Why didn't you go up?", she asked as her lips tweaked into a smile.

He realized he almost forgot where he was and where he was supposed to be at that very moment.

"I thought you stood me up", Hwangbo pouted her full lips in an insanely cute way. She hated acting cute and was hardly ever cute at all, but she unintentionally does cute acts naturally. She was older and wiser, and definitely knew how to work her way to a man's heart.

"Sorry..", he mumbled pretending that he was not affected by her actions. It was one of those times where he got himself a rare and well deserved vacation. So, upon learning where his girlfriend was, he immediately phoned to inform her that he was following her to the ski lodge she frequented. It was a shock for Hwangbo because he was not the type to enjoy ski boarding that much, but having some time on their own would not be too bad wherever that place might be.

"That's alright. I found you now", she moved one step closer. A bold, dangerous move because now she was too close. Yunho could smell her fruity scent, feel the warmth of her minty breath, the heat that radiated from her body, and it would be stupid if he did not respond. He wrapped his arms around her petite waist and pull her even closer into a hug.

"Yes, you found me now", he mumbled then buried his nose in her soft locks, snuggling even closer.

"I did, didn't I?", she whispered then carefully planted a trail of butterfly kisses from his cheekbones until her lips found its way to his waiting mouth. It was brief, but it definitely felt special to Yunho, like a surrender. Hwangbo's sweet surrender to that thing called love. Hwangbo's surrender to Yunho-the man who loves her, the man she loves.

When the brief kiss ended, Yunho sighed. He was only beginning to realize that no matter how many times those idols profess their love or admiration or whatever it is they have for Hwangbo, no matter how many shows they appear in with her, no matter how many issues pop up on tabloids, there is one thing they could never taste because he knows now that those lips of an angel were only meant to kiss him and him alone from today until forever.

Mailbox -- Hwangbo

author's note: installment number promised...her reply ...


From: Hwangbo Hye Jung
Sent: Sunday 02/14/2010 11:56 PM
To: Kim Hyun Joong
Subject: Re: Happy Valentines....and Ssory


Happy Valentines to you, too! I tried to call your cell phone, but it was out of coverage area. Are you in Japan already? I guess you are.

I was out with Shin Aera Unni for a charity event in the province, so I got home late and had no access to the internet while I was there. I was wondering why the ahjumma next door was looking at me with hateful eyes. I found the huge box sitting on my doorstep, blocking the corridor.

Please thank the boys for me and thank Manager Song, too. The elephant was huge and really cute, even Jins loves the elephant. Oh, Jungmin was really sweet. Those were my favorite chocolates. Yah, Saengie was so handsome and sexy in white tee! He has muscles!!! Is he still single? Do you want me to set him up with my Dongsaeng? Kekekeke.. ^^

I was sulking when I did not find a gift from you. I won't lie, I was frustrated. But I figured that you would be tired after the concert. I have a popular and handsome boyfriend, this is the price I have to pay -->pinching my nose bridge to stop the tears.

By the way, I am not like most girls. When I read your email, I was very happy. That completed my day. I want you to know that I had a happy valentines mostly because of you, and the simple fact that you love me, that we are in love. I am very satisfied with emails, paper cranes, a song under the peach tree, peanut necklaces, but a pair of UGG boots or a diamond Cartier ring would also do. Hahahaha. I am just playing with you Shillang! Of course, I am happy with the email. The truth is you make me so happy. Maybe even if we were poor and just ordinary people, I would still be happy just by being with you.

It just feels so right when you hold me tight. Each and every night, I lie awake thinking how I ended up in your arms and you in mine. We are flawed in many ways, but I think He sent you to me.

I also had my doubts when you first said you loved me. I thought you were too young then and what you felt was just dictated by your hormones. I was uneasy and asked myself questions.

Questions, like: Can you say you love me and mean forever? Are you just playing a role, like all the other guys? If you meet someone better, someone finer and she'll take you away from me, would you leave?

It was hard for me to admit that I was falling for you. Life, as it is, is not smooth sailing. I asked myself if I was just living a fantasy because you seem too good for me. It has been a rough ride for us, but with each tear that fell from my eyes and each pain that crushed my heart, I realize one thing, that I love you more and more..

It's making me crazy because I never longed for anyone else, not this much at least.

I keep asking if this will end or if this will grow, but I think we are in this together, right Shillang? If we are, then let me assure you that I will and can love you endlessly.

And oh, ottoke? I sent Shiwon Oppa a box of chocolates, but there's no need to be jealous. He's just an oppa and a friend who has helped me a lot in the industry. And you my dear are not just a friend to me.

I will see you soon, right?

Mailbox -- Hyunjoong

author's note: my most recent post in PB...

my PB note: oh wow, it's been a long time huh...

i've been trying my best to cook up something, but i could not seem to finish the fics that i started. thank God for Charlie Wilson and his brilliant songs, i was finally inspired enough to finish one, just ONE---->sulking again....

i just finished this a few minutes ago, i haven't even posted this in my blog..hehehehe

hope this one makes sense and y'all will like it.

it's gonna be a series of letters or exchanges between our lovely couple

as always, comments, suggestions, violent reactions, and grammar and spelling corrections are very much welcome


From: Kim Hyun Joong
Sent: Sunday 02/14/2010 06:45 AM
To: Hwangbo Hye Jung
Subject: Happy Valentines....and Ssory


I just wanted to greet you a Happy Valentines Day!

Okay, I won't lie and you must have figured it out (especially since I never send you emails). I completely forgot Valentines. I wanted to call you as soon as I remembered, but I had no cell phone signal anywhere in the hotel and Manager Hyung was using the phone since last night.

I also won't lie that it was Mal who reminded me after blatantly shoving a box of chocolates on my face when I refused to wake up at 3AM. I mean, who would want to wake up at dawn?

I also will not lie....that I did not want to get out of bed today. My body is aching and I am dog tired from the concert, which was a success by the way. I was really happy and grateful to the wonderful fans. I bet they did not understand a thing we were saying, but they cheered for us and were very receptive. I would have been happier if you were there to see us, to see me, to see the fans who still continue to support you and me, or Joongbo as they call our tandem.

Our coordinator is going to send you some gifts before we fly off to Japan today, so do not be shocked to see a huge box on your door step later. I am ashamed to say this, but the gifts are not from me, Jungie. They are from the fans, the rest of double S and Manager Hyung. Yes, even Manager Hyung got one for you. It's the blue silk Pashmina. He bought the same gift for his wife. Kyu and Hyungjun bought the giant elephant stuffed toy at the souvenir shop last night. That's the reason why they disappeared during dinner. Of course, the box of chocolates are from Mal. And Younsaeng took a Polaroid photo of himself wearing the white shirt with our family picture printed on it. He also wrote a dedication saying, he was our biggest fan and supporter.

Noona (the coordinator) asked me what I was going to send to you, I told her sheepishly that I had nothing. She gave me a disdainful look, like I was being accused of murder or homicide. I wanted to buy one, but she said it was too late and that I better get ready before the plane takes off.

I am really sorry, Jungie. It's our first Valentines as a couple, and I got you nothing but a measly electronic mail using Kyu's netbook because I forgot to re-charge my laptop last night.

I wish I had prepared something for you. You deserve better than an email greeting.

When I go back to Korea, I will do my best to make it up to you and make each day Valentines for us, but for now, you'll just have to settle with this...a cheesy confession and an even cheesier declaration....

I've stopped counting the days I have been away from you because it feels like the hole or emptiness in my heart is getting bigger and darker, and on some days, I just feel like I'll sink in to the pitch black darkness. And that scares me. I get gloomy and broody when I am not with you or when you are not around me. It's only been days since I last saw you, held you in my arms and kissed you, but now, it feels like a lifetime. I realized how much I need you, Hwangbo Hye Jung. It's as if my life totally depends on you. It's like my happiness and satisfaction is in your delicate hands.

I know you've said time and again that you'll ALWAYS love me, that you'll ONLY love me. I hope and pray that in your heart I will always stay.

I've been missing you a lot lately. Being away from you is a bad experience for me. The sun does not seem to shine when you are not around. I never noticed until now what it feels like not to have you around. It's like taking one last step in life, taking one last breath.

Hyejung, I want you to know that there will never be any substitute for what we have. That's how much you mean to me, that's how much I love you.

Be prepared though, because I am never letting you slip away like I did the last time, so please stay with me...forever...for always.

I love you, Jungie—deeply, maybe even too much...

This will never make up for missing and forgetting about our first Valentines, I know. And I am deeply sorry. Seeing Coordinator Noona's face earlier, I realized this means a whole lot to girls.

Still, I do hope you enjoy Valentines Day, but please do not send Ryu Shiwon Hyung-nim chocolates because you hate me for forgetting. It would make me insanely jealous. --->pouting and sad face...


author's note: this is not new. i'm still in between contemplating on taking a loooooooooooooooooooong hiatus or completely evicting myself from the writing bandwagon as I said before...having a writer's block is tough, tougher than the long fic i tried writing...

my PB note: while listening to my mp3 player on my mini road trip to the south, one song was stuck on my mind, breathless by shayne ward. when i returned home, there were some things stuck in my brain. since i do not want to be tossing and turning when i go to bed, i just had to write it down as fast as i could.

i'm really sorry if the story does not seem clear. i'm really sleepy, but i need to empty my head first. i'll try my best to modify this tom.

this has been modified a bit, but it seemed like nothing’s changed….maybe the word ‘breathless’ was not mentioned as much as in the original one....hheheehhee

comments, opinions, suggestions, violent reactions and corrections (to grammar and spelling) are highly appreciated.

also, thanks to all those who commented on the other fic/s.

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Hyunjoong rested his back comfortably on the black leather couch inside SS501’s dressing room at MBC. He was scheduled for yet another interview after the group’s performance. He was feeling especially good today. He has been feeling the overwhelming sense of happiness these days, and he knew exactly why. He beamed at the reporter when she sat in front of him, showing off his perfect sparkling white teeth. The reporter smiled back, knowing she will get a good interview today since Kim Hyunjoong was in a good mood.

“How are you, Hyunjoongssi?”, she asked as the camera started rolling.

“Never better. How about you, Miss Park?”, Hyunjoong felt like being polite today.

“I’m fine. So, let’s start, shall we?!”, the lady reporter wasted no time in getting down to business, “Please talk about your new solo album. I heard it has 10 new songs.”

Hyunjoong happily talked about his songs and even cited a few of his favorite lines.

SS201 were impatiently waiting for someone at the corner just right beside the door.

“Argh! What’s taking her so long???!!!”, Baby squirmed in his seat.

Jungmin was staring blankly at his new Lime Green Corby until it vibrated in his hands.

“They’re here!!”, the horse announced a little too loudly. His face turned red when he realized he just disrupted the interview. “Please continue”, he smiled sweetly at the reporter and made a hand gesture.

There was a soft rapping at the wooden door, then it swung open.

Everyone’s attention turned to the lady who entered the room. Pushing a dark blue stroller, she entered, smiled and greeted the people inside the room. Even in her ‘pooped on’ gray pants, hot pink tank top, a pair of Ipanema, messy bun on top of her head and big, dark sunglasses carrying a heavy looking baby bag, she still caught everyone’s eyes. Hyunjoong and the reporter turned towards the door to see who came in.

“Ahhh, it’s Hwangbo.”, Miss Park sighed and gave Hyunjoong a smile.

Hyunjoong continued to stare at the graceful woman who entered the door. His lips tweaked into a small smile, and his eyes twinkled at the sight of her.

“So, how is it being married to a Goddess?”, Miss Park teased the mesmerized Hyunjoong.

“It’s like eating ambrosia everyday”, he wittingly answered and smiled wryly at the reporter. “It’s like never ending bliss…”

At this time, Hwangbo waved at Hyunjoong and then bowed to the reporter from where she was standing. She was always gracious and refined in public places. And, she never meddled when he was at work.

As Baby and Jungmin were fuzzing over the stroller, Baby panicked when he found out it was empty.

“Where is the baby, Hyungsonim?”, Jungmin asked Hwangbo with panic stricken eyes.

“What do you mean? Heejin isn’t there?”, Hwangbo decided to play with them.

“Heejin is being kidnapped”, Hyori haughtily announced as soon as she entered the door then smiled at the two young masters. She was carrying the baby in her arms, then handed her over to Kyujong who was right behind her.

She and Hwangbo let out a hearty laughter when they saw SS201’s enraged eyes.

“I have to go. Thanks for letting me carry your cute little princess”, Hyori told Hwangbo.

“My pleasure”, she winked at her.

“Bye boys..”, Hyori walked out of the dressing room with a mischievous smile then gave Heejin a peck on the cheeks.

“You!”, Baby said pointing at Hwangbo.

“Yah!!!”, Jungmin cried putting down the stroller’s screen cover.

There were a few seconds of intense silence as Hwangbo tried to control her laughter. It was only broken by a gurgling sound that Heejin made.

The baby girl was flailing her arms and making happy gurgling sounds as Youngsaeng plays peek-a-boo with her.

The mood suddenly became happy again.

“Come to Uncle Hyungjun, Heejin.”, Baby tried to coax the six month old child.

“Here Princess, I have a gift for you”, Jungmin bribed the youngster. “Hand her over, Kyu”

Youngsaeng and Kyujong held on to Heejin,

“No way!”, Youngsaeng blurted out then signaled Kyujong to run out with Heejin.

The room was filled with laughter as Baby and Jungmin ran after the other two like a bunch of 12 year olds.

“Hey, be careful”, the amused yet worried father called after his members.

He looked warily at his wife who was arranging some baby things. His heart started to beat in a normal pace again when she gave him a reassuring smile.

“So, I can see the reason why this album is full of happiness and love”, the reporter teased him again. “You know, it’s so amusing to watch the two of you. There’s just so much love”

Hyunjoong smiled at Miss Park’s comments.

“I just wanted to ask, Hyunjoong, why Hwangbo? People have different reasons for loving the people they love, so can you share your reasons for choosing Hwangbo over the rest of the female population?”, she asked

Hyunjoong was speechless. He peeked at his wife who sat at the corner of the room waiting patiently for him.

She still had the same small waist, the same round bottom, the same caramel skin, the same long bridge nose, the same full, luscious lips and the same sexy charm and beauty that always made her stand out in a group of good looking celebrities.

He keenly recalled the reasons why he decided it was her for life.

Scenes kept flooding his mind.

The very first time he saw her band’s unique music video…

The smile that broke out on her lips when she heard him confess his true feelings for her and
the expression in her eyes that made him feel all fluffy inside….

That day when she said, she loved him, too….

When she closed her eyes and let him kiss her for the first time..

When they fought for the first time and she held back her tears although she was hurt by the things he said and did… When she looked at him that day, his heart melted…

When he realized he could not go on without her and asked for forgiveness, she gladly took him back. And when he held her in his tight embrace, tears ran down his cheeks…

When she smiled and tried to hold back the tears as he left for another concert in Japan knowing knew she will miss him..

When they fought nail and tooth for their relationship, despite the many adversaries, she held on and bravely fought every storm with him…

When he realized that she was the one for her, he wasted no time and asked her to marry him. He fondly recalled the moment she said, yes.

When she walked down the aisle even in the simplest wedding gown, she was like a Goddess. Her beauty always seemed to shine through.

When they make love and she looks at him with those seductive eyes….

When she announced that she was pregnant with Heejin, the happiness was overwhelming.

When she gave birth to their precious princess, gave the tiny writhing body for Hyunjoong to hold and whispered ever so softly to Heejin’s ear, “This is your daddy, Heejin”, she gave him another valuable gift.

All those moments in their lives and all those memories of him, of her, of Heejin, one thing was for sure other than the love they had for each other, she always left him in awe and breathless.

And even now when he looks at her and she flashes him that awesome smile, he is breathless.

He looked at the floor as if contemplating on an answer to Miss Park’s question.

He let out a faint laugh, “I chose Hwangbo Hyejung over the rest because she always leaves me in awe and leaves me breathless. My love for her and her love for me keeps me breathless. And without her in my life, I might not be able to breathe again”

Hyunjoong jeered, “It’s really complicated if I try to explain it, but when I look at her, it seems like everything is quite simple. It’s just that there are no words to describe it.”

Miss Park smiled at him, “I’m happy to see you happy and very much in love, young man.”, she said and patted his back.

After concluding the interview, Hyunjoong walked over to Hwangbo who fell asleep.

He stared at her for a moment.

“Yeobo..”, he gently woke her. “We can go now. Let’s get Heejin from the boys”

Hwangbo opened her eyes, like Sleeping Beauty after the Prince’s kiss. He stared intently at her. She smiled at him. Right then and there, he was breathless.

Hyunjoong wrapped his lovely wife in a tight embrace and whispered, “Hwangbo Hyejung, why do you always leave me breathless..”

I found a joongbo video of breathless in youtube. It’s really nice. I recommend y’all watch.


Of Leaving and Love

author's note:this was an old one from PB....i just wanted all my fics in one place, if ever i decide to delete accounts at certain forums...but this one i'll definitely keep because i created this all for the love of Hwangbo...

my little PB note:this was done on a whim. i just saw that fancam of hyunjoong leaving for japan, and thought of this...

i hope it's not that bad...


It has been a cruel ritual of yours when you leave her early in the morning to go somewhere in Asia. While the rest of your members are happy and excited, as your manager gets terribly busy, and as the fans get unruly and overjoyed to see SS501 in concert or in their country for a guesting, you feel your heart breaking as you watch her sleep in your bed. Leaving her is a burden you have to endure every now and then. Sometimes, well most of the time, you wish you could put her in your bag, safe and sound, and take her with you wherever you go. You've attached yourself to her too much that work becomes a burden, but no one can blame you. The time you spend with each other is always precious and few and the greatest secret the industry has kept. You were busy and so was she. You are a celebrity and so is she. You always wish you could just come forward and announce to the public that you are in love with the only woman you'll marry in this lifetime, but of course, her safety comes first and you have to fulfill her wish which is to not ruin your career by making your relationship public.

You watch her breathing, slow and steady. It gives you so much joy to watch her and know that she is there with you, for real. You sit beside her in bed, you let your fingers walk down her sexy caramel back. She stirs at the sensation without opening her eyes. Watching her sleep has been part of your ritual, then kissing her ever so softly as to not wake her up. You head for the door as quickly and quietly as you can knowing that if you stay a second longer, you would be stuck to where you are seated and never leave her again.

Although you know you are coming back and she'll be there waiting patiently for you, you always hesitate leaving her. Apart from the fact that you'll feel empty and will be missing her terribly, there are things you just cannot help but imagine in your silly brain. She was and is the only most naturally beautiful woman you've met in your life and she has the most pleasing and friendly personality of all humans in this planet. And those facts alone make your heart wince in pain. There are a lot of men out there who are more capable and better looking than you, and they could easily fall in love with her. The thought of those men make you fearful that she'll eventually slip away from you because sometimes, distance does not make the heart grow fonder. It's not that you do not trust her, it is just that there is a limit to a person's patience. And there are things you should be doing for her and with her, but there are a million and one barriers. And you could only hope and pray for a someday.

You know you will hate yourself for this, but you take one last look at the sleeping Hyejung, you just had to see her before you leave.

“I'll come back soon Hyejung, please wait for me”, you whisper to yourself like you always do before you leave, then slowly disappear into the dusky corridor.


You slowly turned around in bed crumpling the silk sheet and let out a sigh. You have been awake all night dreading for this very hour to come. It's 5AM, just in time for him to leave again. You ponder in silence how you have been able to endure this ordeal. It's not like he is leaving for good, it's just that your heart aches every time he goes out of the country for days or months to work. Missing him was a terrible thing you have to suffer. Somehow, you tell yourself it's so much worth it when he comes home.

You watch as his retreating back slowly disappears from your view, you bite your lips trying to stop yourself from calling him. You just know that if he looks back at you, you will run to him and never let him go.

It is enough that you know he is coming back and it gives so much happiness to think that he is coming back to you. But when you are alone doing your thing, you could not help but feel the emptiness he has left, and you just start shrinking back to your own world and wallow in pain. He has always made you happy and made you feel loved more than anyone in the world. He was always a man around you. Apart from his boyish looks and enigmatic charm, he was intelligent and capable of being someone great or even greater. And there were a million women on the planet who wants him, and half of them were his age or even younger. Plus the fact, that most of them were equally gorgeous and with prettier S-lines than you. There were even Noonas who might want him for themselves. You shrink back in bed and close your eyes for a second. You could not blame yourself for being insecure because there were things that happened before, but your relationship has been tried and tested, and you know better than to not trust him.

You grab your phone from the bedside table. You know you are going to hate yourself for this, but you send the text message anyway. “Come back soon. Come back to me safe and sound, Mr. Kim”, it simply said.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Hyejung's hand phone vibrated from under the pillow where she tried to hide it.

Mr. Kim calling, the screen kept flashing.

“Hello,” she answered shyly.

“I'm missing you already”, Hyunjoong told her.

“Me, too...”Hyejung whispered

“I'm coming home to you as soon as possible”, he promised.

“I know that....”, she sweetly replied

“Please wait for me.... You know that I love only you, right?”

“I know that, Mr. Kim” she breathed.

They ended the call when the flight attendants announced that they were about to take off.

Hyejung smiled to herself. It was hard being left alone like that, but knowing that Hyunjoong was coming back and thinking of her made her feel alright.

Hyunjoong rested his head on the soft headrest. He let out a big sigh, “She's not going anywhere, she'll be there when I come back”

This was what love has done to them.

2PM is 1:59PM


so, I guess the six members of 2pm plus JYP himself got too tired of waiting for Leaderssi, or should I say ex-Leaderssi?


so much for 1:59PM...perhaps, they should change their name. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to introduce to you, 1:59P eh eh eh, that does not sound right...

I guess it would really be different when it's the leader (of the group) who leaves. It's like the Lead Vocalist of a rock band leaving his group.

Awwww, Jaebom...

nadene/bruha/nadene_bruha is..............

contemplating whether to take a loooooooooooooooooong hiatus or to completely evict herself from the writing bandwagon.....hmmmmmm...

me and writing----it's a love-hate thing...

thank you!!!

So, usually I thank people who have been very supportive of me and my fanfics, and I usually leave thank you notes before or after my stories, but this time, I was being stupid and dumb and ignorant (about blogspot stuff) that I did not notice there were comments. PAK!<--hitting myself with a badminton racket....

Sorry, you guys. Please do not leave me for being an ungrateful b.iatch!!

I'll just sum it all up and say my piece here:

Thank you ladies for reading all those I have written so far. It was hardest to write the long fan fiction and it didn't end up as good as I wanted it to be. In fact, the long fic for me was an epic failure! For me, it lacked coherence and seemed vague in most parts. But still, you guys stuck with me right through the end. -->touched and about to cry!

I was gonna write an epilogue for that, just to make sure the ending did not seem hanging, but the words I have written so far seem inane, flat, senseless. Oh my, having a writer's block is rather hard.

But again, thank you for the comments. They mean a lot to me and keep me inspired to write more!!!