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070710 nadene_bruha says:
감사합니다! *Bows* kam-sa-ham-ni-da! *Bows*

nvrsayalvida: in my fic, she did go to cebu... in reality, i really hope she did... it would have been epic!!!

susanla: walang anuman po!! ;-)

nitimoni: hahaha.. i do listen to music a lot, but it has not inspired me lately... thanks for reading. i hope you continue reading my fics..

annery, lovekathy21, bebelab, muneta: thank you for always reading!!

vaughnbloom: you are very welcome. hope you continue to read my fics!!


gaga: i was thinking of writing that, too.. but the words seem to evade when i am in front of the PC..

ssangchudream: thanks for reading!

oaewma: i really appreciate your comments. don't worry much about having poor english, my english is not good either. so you're thai!! have you heard of the hwangbo fan meet in your country?? i really hope that will push through, so i can meet her, at least it's nearer than Korea!!

riz: the happy (pinkish purply) fanfics are only temporary, but i also hope it would last longer... salamat sa pagbasa!!

070510 nadene_bruha says:
it makes me happy to think that writing fics brings two things to people.

one: feeds their Joongbo/Ssangchu addiction

two: helps other people from other countries learn English


070210 nadene_bruha says:

thanks guys for reading&commenting on my fics..mwah mwah mwah!!