The Joongbo Love (You Make Me Feel...-Hwangbo)

I sit here watching the busy people walking past the busy streets going about their busy lives. It is a busy world I live in, but here I am, sitting, pretending that I do not have a busy week ahead of me.

I am 30 years old. My life never really went as planned. I was happy doing taekwondo and horsing around with friends as a teenager, but one day, someone came up to me and offered me a tempting job. It was difficult to let it pass. So, there I was dancing and singing, a passion I never really thought I would end up loving, a passion that lead me to life's events one after another.

Although I never really rose to the top as an entertainer, I am satisfied. I mean, what more can I want and ask for? This industry has given me more than just money and fame. Here, I found friends. Here, I found happiness. Here, I found treasures in life that I never really noticed before.

I've been kicked to the curb and was stuck in a rut, but I managed to rise up, I managed to rise beyond. And so, I am contented with me, with life, with the world. Someone said, you can only be as a happy as you make up your mind to be*. After the downfalls and the pain and the heart aches and the mistakes, I made up my mind to be happy and give back.

With the things I went through and the pain I have endured, I learned to feel with my heart. And so now, I can laugh and smile sincerely, honestly.

I learned to reach out to others knowing that there are more people in this world who are suffering more than I ever did or more than I ever will.

I may not be as popular as I once was when I sang and danced with my former bandmates, I may not be as popular as that time when I joined that reality show, but looking back now while I sit and wait, I realized I did not really lose as much as I gained. Because at the end of a long day at work, of photo shoots, of filmings, of outreach programs, of radio guestings, of band practices, I come home and become the me I always want to be.

As I sit here waiting for you to knock on that door, I try to pacify my wildly thumping heart.

I never really doubted you and I never really thought that one day you might not come home to me, but it makes me nervous when days like these come. It just happens every time. That moment when I hear the door bell and it's familiar tune, I go wild in anticipation. Maybe because I missed you too much, maybe because I get too excited to see you. All I know is that I am happy that I cannot hide it and it shows on my face. I am happy because I get to see you. I am happy because I get to hold you, kiss you, make love to you. I am happy because you are coming home to me. I am happy because I love you and the rest of the world just shrinks and leaves us alone. I am happy because soon everything becomes alright.

Why, they ask me, why Kim Hyunjoong?

They say, you are young and popular and only testing the waters. Some say, it's only puppy love and will soon vanish in thin air. Others say, I will only get hurt. Many say, you will only break my poor heart.

I do not answer them nor do I try to reply for they always have more reasons. I just smile, and wonder, isn't that answer enough already-my smile?

I have had men in my life. They have broken my heart and distorted it in so many ways. I, too, for a time was happy with them, but none, not one could make me smile and actually feel it in my heart, the way you do.

Models, actors, singers, drunken Oppas, idols, businessmen, CEOs have come and gone in my life. Blind dates, group dates-I've done them all.

My Omma and Appa once sat me down and talked to me. They questioned me, grilled me, warned me then they stopped. Not because they know that I am big girl who knows taekwondo and can protect myself, but because they saw how happy only you can make me, my Shillang.

They do not understand and I won't even try to make them because they will never really understand that only you make me feel like a natural woman.

When you kiss me in the morning, when you hold my hand, when you possessively snake your arms around my waist, when you eat whatever I put on the table because I woke up late, when you hug me after an argument, when you listen to my woes, when you rub my feet after an afternoon of passing out porridge to hungry kids in the winter, when you allow me to wear your favorite big shirts to sleep, when you glare at me because of my stage clothes and short skirts, when you envelope me in your sweet embrace after making love to me, when your eyes dance when I open the door for you-as I am doing now, when you do the things you do, my heart goes wild and my thoughts are scattered then I feel the happiness bubbling inside. Only you can make me feel like a natural woman. Only you can make me feel this way.

But if they ask me again, why Kim Hyunjoong?

I just have to tell them, 'Because he makes me, me. I do not know if people will ever understand what I feel for him and how he makes me feel. Joongie, my Shillang- I do not know what it is he has done to me. But, he makes me feel good inside. All I want is to stay close to him. Kim Hyunjoong is the key to my peace of mind. More importantly, he makes me feel like a natural woman.

"I can't believe it's been two years, Shillang", she whispers into his ear, as they get lost in their embrace, forgetting that they are standing on their doorstep exposed to the harsh night winds.

He pulls away and stares intently at her. He plants the softest kiss on her lips.

"You better believe it, Hwangbo Hyejung." he takes her hands and blows some hot air on them. Hyunjoong then places both her hands on his cheek, "After everything, it's just me and you. Together. After all."

Her cheeks turn redder than its usual shade of pink. She becomes a woman. She becomes his woman.

The Joongbo Love (Nothing On You – Hyunjoong)

The past week has proven me wrong. I always thought of myself as just an artist who wants to be in a rock band, but I ended up being in a boy band singing pop songs and busting dance moves. And then, I became an actor, which was far from what I planned, too. And then, a commercial model, hamming it up for the camera.

Apparently and based on my most recent trip to Europe, I am an icon, but what does that mean—to be an icon? I guess there are just some things I will never understand.

Apparently and again, based on my trip to Spain, I have taken my idea of popularity to a different level. And when I and the rest of my group or band mates traveled to different parts of Asia, I had to breathe it all in—the fans, the lights, the shrills, the glee, the glamor, the hype.

They said we were popular.

They said I was popular.

And because I was popular, I landed many deals and conquered different areas of the Show Business Industry in Korea. I received many awards and tagged with so many recognitions I did not even know existed.

I earned money, so much more money to have my own football team and stadium, so much more to start a band of my own, so much more that I can enlist in the military and serve without really having to care about what awaits when I come out.

But because I am popular, there are many setbacks and many things I had to forego. Because I was popular and in demand, I landed in the hospital quite a number of times. And one time, because of a life threatening ailment.

When I sit quietly in one corner or when I drive the latest car given to me as a gift and the wind starts to blow on my face, I realize I had lost more than what I gained—my privacy, my time, and my heart at some point.

But somehow, everything seems to be alright. Somehow, when I come back home after a long day at work or an even longer trip, I go back to who I really am, I go back to the place where I truly belong.

I go back to you, and then nothing else matters because the rest of the world and the rest of my wearies all dissipate when I am in your arms or even when you open the door with your cat like eyes and perfect smiling lips.

Today, I'm glad to be driving in the highways of Seoul. In a matter of minutes, I'll be coming home. In a few more minutes, I'll be coming back to you.

It was a long week. Although I was scheduled to do something everyday in Spain, it felt like each day stretched longer and wider than the unending and boundless sea before me. Each day in Spain, I woke up hoping to see you smile at me in your fresh face. It's mushy to put it this way and I am not the kind to want to frolic in the sun, but your smile, to me, is like the sunshine that's supposed to warm my cold lonely heart. I hate how mushy I have become, but I never came close to hating the thought that I am in love with the woman who never fails to make my heart skip a beat.

People ask me why you. They say you're too old, they say you have had too much experience, they say there are cuter girls who act prim and proper and more refined than you. They ask me why I fell in love with you.

Indeed there are many beautiful girls all over the world. In fact with the way they are throwing themselves at me, I could just choose and assign one girl for each day of the week. As Jae would say, they are there at my disposal.

Beauty queens, singers, actresses, models, fan girls, ahjummas.. I could be wasting my time with each one of them, but hey, they have nothing on you.

They could create rumors about me and some other woman. Television Program Directors could ask me to choose Honey Lee or Hyori Noona or Sunny or Jessica or Hye Sun Noona over you in shows, but you and I know the role you are playing in my life is irreplaceable. I've told you many times before and I'll tell you again, there's no need to worry about what they say because they have nothing on you, Buin.

You are perfect in your own way. You make each day perfect even when we are just lying like vegetables in bed staring at the ceiling or when you concoct something from my fridge and we eat together with gusto. And, what could be more perfect than just holding your hand while taking a stroll in our posh stylish neighborhood or stealing a kiss from you while you sit in your dressing room being made up for a performance. Or dreaming of a life somewhere in the South Pacific where we are not celebrities, just two ordinary people living a life together with our two sons and two daughters.

So they ask me, why you? My answer is simple. I tell them, when I come home from another guesting, another tiring rehearsal, another concert, another trip abroad—like I am doing now, there is only one I long to kiss, I long to hold, I long to make love to all night long, and that is you, my beloved Buin, my one and only Hwangbo Hyejung. There are many beautiful girls in the world who are fairer, prettier, more prim and proper, more refined, better cooks, better singers, better dancers, but in my eyes they are nothing compared to you, they simply just become nothing.

And when you open the door for me even in the middle of the night—like you are doing now, I get lost in your sleepy eyes and the warmth of your smile that makes me feel like you are the happiest girl in the world, that I make you the happiest girl in the world when you see me at the door.

So they ask me, why you? I tell them, 'Because I love her and she loves me back without much fuzz, without much demands, but to be loved back. Then the prettiest girls all over the world are put to shame because they have nothing on her.'

Hwangbo rubs the sleep from her pretty cat-like eyes with the back of her hand after she releases her grip on the cold steel door knob. Her lips twitch upwards to a smile so innocent and sweet.

“Hi there, beautiful!”, Hyunjoong whispers.

“Hi..”, she twists her body a bit, pulling the giant sleep shirt past her knees with her cheeks turning pink and her exposed ears becoming red.

'She does that every time', he smiles admiring how cute she can be without even trying.

“Happy Second Year Anniversary, Love”, he pulls her into an embrace, smelling her hair, it still had that scent he missed terribly.

He has become a champion, and now, he is ready to claim his reward, his muse, his angel, his Buin.

Tik Tok

At first, I thought I'd write this to satisfy my Yunbo fan fic hunger, but never really formulated a thought or some idea to glue the story together.

This has been sitting in my PC (at work) for about three months, and (since I am on my Joongbo hiatus)I only got around to finishing this today after staring blankly at Yunho's sexy, HTTG pic for the nth time since I saw it. It basically revolves around a secret love affair between my favorite DBSK and my favorite Unnie ever!!!

The title is a 2PM song. Although I want a seven member 2PM, I still love this song, especially since it featured Yoon Eunhye. And, the song is really nice and speaks of a sad reality for secret celebrity couples. The song seems appropriate, no?!

I'm sorry the ending seems weak. I wanted to finish it with a bang and fireworks, but I just ran out of ideas and words. Maybe, I should try Mar's drink and write suggestion.

The orange and purple haze brought about by twilight were casting heavy shadows down the corridor that led to the heavy glass doors of the stadium. As a thick crowd gathered by the entrance, he stops to adjust his coat and beanie, trying to become invisible, hoping to conceal his identity. An idol needs his privacy sometimes, too. Besides, he was not up to another long session of autograph signing and smiling for the camera. He was tired beyond comprehension, and his limbs and muscles were aching from the long hours of dance practice that ended just a few minutes ago. He started walking, bowing his head to avoid the eyes of the fans rattling about and bringing out their camera to take pictures of the other celebrity.

Yunho wonders who that other person could be to receive such fuzz and attention. He could not help it, he looked up and caught a teeny tiny glimpse of her, the celebrity the people have been busy taking pictures of.

She had tired weary cat like eyes that still managed to smile in the most sincere and innocent way. Her slim figure had always been enticing and despite the simpleness of her navy blue denim jeans and white racer back shirt under an old sweater and minimal make-up, she shone and was more beautiful than anyone else in that hallway. Her face lit up as a fan whispered something in her ear, and that alone took Yunho's breath away. Because aside from her charm and physical beauty, she had an enigmatic personality that could draw thousands of people.

Jung Yunho stopped on his tracks to appreciate the beauty.

The celebrity looks around as more fans gathered around her, asking her questions, taking pictures and making her sign whatever paper it was that they were waving all at the same time. Her gaze stopped at the young man staring at her intently. Of course, she recognizes him. He was after all the man she loved and kept her heart beating.

She crinkled her nose at his awestruck reaction. She wished she could call out his name and kiss him in front of the crowd, but there were limitations to this relationship that might end up being so controversial and talked about. Aside from that, it was a secret that nobody knew.

Yunho's eyes lit up when he realized his Goddess, Hwangbo Hyejung was staring right back at him.

'What are you doing?', her eyes seemed to ask.

Yunho gave her an embarrassed smile, 'Right, what am I doing?', he asked himself

They have tried their best to hide this relationship and keep it for almost a year already, it would be stupid to let the snoopy public catch them.

He touched his face using his left palm, a code they made up for when they wanted to greet each other in public.

"When you see me on TV or at the studios touching my face using my left palm, it means I'm saying hi and that I miss you.", he once said on an idle snowy day spent in a far away lodge cabin.

She laughed at how mushy he was, but replied anyway, "And when you see me touching my nose, like this", she tapped her nose using her index finger, "It means, I wish I could spend an entire day with you again and that I am missing you more.."

Hyejung rolled her eyes, mocking his attempt to send out a message. She crinkled her high bridge nose, then shyly tapped it once, then twice, then thrice.

He was shocked to see her reply trying to hold the laughter bubbling up his throat. He looked up at her again, but she was busy tending to her fans again.

"I'm sorry everyone", a man's voice boomed from the sidelines, "But Hwangbo has to go up for filming".

It was her manager trying to control the crowd. The fans grumbled, but slowly made their way towards the exit door.

Soon only several media men were left, and Yunho knew he had to leave, too.

He tried to catch her eyes, but make-up artists and stylists were fussing over her.

Hyejung wished he did not leave so hurriedly when the crowd began to dissipate, but she knew he had too, he had to protect her, to protect their relationship.

She now sat limply on her chair inside her dressing room, when her phone rattled inside her pocket.

"Did you mean it? Were you really trying to say that you missed me very very very much?", the text message said.

Hyejung laughed. Although the number was unlisted, she knew who it was.

"Of course. I wish you did not leave so hurriedly though. I would have loved to see you before I went inside for my filming.. You know, for goodluck..", she texted back.

She waited in anticipation for the phone to vibrate again, and when it did she almost fell off her seat in surprise.

"Aigoo.. Women in their 30s should not be doing this..", she frowned. It was not the reply she had been hoping for.

Yunho smirked knowing his last text message would send her pouting all the way to the studio. He sat patiently at a dark corner, only the back light of his cellphone illuminating his proud, happy face.

The object of his affection trudged quietly as she waited for her cue. Her dancers were already positioned in various areas on stage, thus she was left alone in the backstage.

Yunho stepped into the light, and covered the floor area between them in three long strides. He pulled her towards him and trapped her in his warm embrace.

Hwangbo was too shocked to speak, but she was glad he was young, bold and courageous because sometimes, she needs that kind of thrill.

His touch was sending her electric shocks. It felt oozingly good to have him there, even if they were only stealing chances to hold each other.

Hyejung quickly disentangled herself from him when she thought she heard footsteps, and Yunho quickly stole a kiss on her cheeks when he thought someone was coming then walked away.

Hyejung faced the stage, ready and hyped up to perform, not even bothering to hide her smile and sheer pleasure.

She had finished her five minute performance and impromptu interview, and went to the backstage area, hoping to see him there, but he wasn't. Instead a child stood there, seemingly waiting for someone.

The toddler approached Hyejung and handed her an envelope. She opened them and saw a V.I.P. This Is It concert ticket.

At the back of the silky paper was an inscription, 'I would love to see you in the crowd..'

She smiled and emptied the envelope. "Excuse me, PD-nim!", she called out at the man bringing a clipboard with him,"Can I borrow your pen for awhile?"

The older man smiled and immediately gave her his pen.

She scribbled something casually and gave back the envelope to the boy who ran out from the backstage upon receiving the paper.

Yunho carefully opened the envelope, expecting the ticket, but to his surprise it was not there anymore. Instead, he found something written on the paper.

'I will be there. I'll be cheering you on.'

He sighed and smiled.

Nobody knows

That you and I love like this every day

There's no room in my heart for anyone to come in besides you

Joongbo MV - Spend My Life With You

Awwwww.... this just made me miss them even more!!

credits: yooboo710

Playing House -- Epilogue

Epilogue: "At this moment there are 6, 502, 867, 120 people in the world, give or take a few, and sometimes all you need is ONE. For better or for worse." - One Tree Hill

One Year Later.

"Kahnsamnida!", Hwangbo said and bowed for maybe the fourth time already. She could not hide her delight.

"Aniya, Hwangbossi. You and Hyunjoongssi took very good care of Munhee while I was still searching for him. I owe you this much. Besides, he is always looking for both of you when we were in Taiwan." Munhee's Appa smiled, deeply grateful for everything this lovely couple has done for his son one year ago.

"We'll bring him back tomorrow. We just wanted to take him to the beach", Hyunjoong told the other man.

"Sure. He really seems to love the beach, so I think it'll be good for him..", Munhee's Appa answered.

They left Munhee's house right after and started on their little trip.

Munhee started giggling at the back seat.

"Wei? Munhee, what's so funny", Hwangbo asked.

"Nothing, Auntie. I'm just happy.", the child answered trying to suppress his giggles.

Hyunjoong looked at Munhee's reflection through the rear view mirror. He was more than elated that despite all those that happened to him. Hyunjoong admired how fast he was able to recover from the shock of learning the truth about who Hwangbo and Hyunjoong were and the truth about his real Appa. Munhee did not seem to have a single hatred in his pure heart. Sure he had questions, but he always seemed logical even at the age of four.

"Uncle, this is Anmyundo!", he announced gleefully.

"You still remember?", Hyunjoong asked, pulling into the driveway of the same old beach house.

"Of Course! Are we going parasailing today?", Munhee asked, his face hopeful for a positive response as they walked on the sandy pathway.

"Ane!", Hwangbo responded stiffly, then walked ahead of the boys.

Munhee was obviously disappointed, and Hyunjoong was shocked to see Hwangbo's sudden mood swing.

"We'll just go swimming then...", Hyunjoong tried to lighten up Munhee.
It had been scorching hot in the afternoon, so Hwangbo took refuge under the big beach umbrella. Hyunjoong followed her right away, leaving Munhee to play in the sand by himself.

"Are you okay?" he touched her shoulder blades then started rubbing them.

She had been slightly irritable the past few days, not to mention her mood swings. She had been impossible to bear with, but Hyunjoong was ever so patient. She cried watching Pretty Woman, hell, she never cries watching movies, and it took a kilo of yellow ripe mangoes and those spicy tamarind from Thailand to get her to stop. Although they have talked about giving Munhee and his Appa more time since both just arrived from Taiwan, she suddenly changed her mind forcing Hyunjoong to beg Munhee's Appa to allow his son to accompany them. Now, she was being a bit difficult to Munhee.

Hyunjoong sat beside her waiting for her response.

She snorted, "It's too hot.."

Hyunjoong stared at her, 'Wasn't it your idea to come back to Anmyundo?', he wanted to tell her.

"Do you want to go back inside the house then? I can turn on the air conditioner for you.", he offered, adjusting the piece of cloth and covering her exposed leg.

She immediately swatted his hand away, "Do you want me to sleep while you and Munhee are having fun? I'm staying here."

She crinkled her nose then looked away.

Hyunjoong could sense that something was really wrong, and there was no other way to find out, "No, I just don't want you to feel uncomfortable. Of course, I want you to have fun with me and Munhee. That's why we came to the beach.", he explained as lovingly and sweetly as he could, then pulled her closer after snaking her arm around her waist. "What's wrong my Buin?"

She exhaled then rested her head on his shoulders, "Hyunjoongah, when are you going to marry me?", she asked.

The Idol was shocked at her question, "Aren't we married already?"

"But that was a secret marriage, and no one was invited.", she pouted.

Hyunjoong could not believe what he was hearing. She accepted her proposal without second thoughts, but in the midst of the wedding plans, she suddenly changed her mind. The dress had been chosen, the guest list was put in place, a list of names of wedding coordinators was pinned down on her fridge door, they have visited a couple of churches, but she suddenly realized she wanted to keep their wedding a secret. She just wanted it to be him and her for the reasons she boldly pointed out.

He snickered remembering his shock then. He tried to insist, besides, he was tired of hiding their relationship, but Hwangbo as always was persistent. For about 10 months now they have been married and living happily together secretly. Not a soul knows, so he was shocked to hear her say that.

"Are you ashamed of me?", she pouted even more.

"Of course not, I'm just a little shocked that you want this now."

She sat up straight and faced him then rolled her cat like eyes. "Whatever. Anyway, you have no choice but to marry me in that big church we visited once in front of our parents and my friends and your friends."

Hyunjoong laughed out loud. It did not seem like her to be demanding things like that. "What's with the sudden urge to get married in a big church in front of everyone?"

"Are you going to change your mind before the big day again?", he joked. "Are you pulling a prank on me now?"

But Hwangbo's face was stern and serious. "Do you want our baby to be born into this world thinking his parents are ashamed of him that's why they secretly married? Besides, I cannot go around with a bulging stomach and have people think I have a child out of wedlock. And you know those nosy netizens and fangirls of yours thinking they are your----"

"Wait, what did you say?", he cut her off.

Hwangbo bit her lip, her cheeks turning hot red. Her eyes were smiling.

"Are you?? Are we??", Hyunjoong wanted to jump, but he had to confirm it with his Buin first.

She nodded.

"You are pregnant!! I'm gonna be a father soon? I'M GONNA BE A FATHER SOON!!!", he could not help it, he was happy and excited.

Munhee ran towards the couple, wondering what the commotion was all about.

"I'm gonna be a father. We are going to be parents!", he stood up in front of Hwangbo flailing his arms like a happy mad man.

"Uncle, I'm going to have a cousin soon??", Munhee heaved.

Hwangbo smiled at Munhee then nodded in response.

Hyunjoong went down on his knees and pulled Hwangbo and Munhee in a big hug.

"I will marry you tomorrow. Call your parents this instant...", he said excitedly.

Hwangbo pulled away from his embrace. She crossed her brows and protested, "Aniya!! I heard it takes a month to order a Vera Wang wedding gown, and our wedding has to be announced in the primetime news in all the TV stations...", she smiled wryly at him.

Yunho in Goodbye My Love MV

i do not know why, but i was so heart broken after watching this video by because it's my yunho...maybe because the story is depressing...

Playing House 9

9: "At this moment, there are 6, 471, 818, 671 people in the world. Some are running scared.. Some are coming home.. Some tell lies to make it through the day.. Others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men at war with good, and some are good struggling with evil. Six billion people in the world, Six billion souls... And sometimes all you need is ONE." - One Tree Hill

The realization hit him pretty bad. Hyunjoong sat alone in the patio of his apartment where they, as a family, once had barbecue. He hugged the stuff toy Munhee gave him for the fifth time since he came home. Her scent was still there no matter how many times he had sniffed the huggable little creature.

He was lonely today. He was lonelier without Munhee. He was loneliest without Hwangbo Hyejung.
Hwangbo gripped the steering wheel tighter. She was going crazy already, and it did not really help that she always found herself thinking of what Munhee said about Hyunjoong.

She knew she had to make efforts, too. That's why she was parking her car across Hyunjoong's apartment building. She gathered the courage to get out of her car, ride the elevator and walk through the halls, and ring the door bell.

No one answered on her first try. 'Another try would not hurt', she argued with herself.

She closed her eyes and pushed the button again, but there was no answer. She waited, then pressed the button again and again and again, but still, no one answered.

She stood and waited until her feet started to protest. 30 minutes went by. 30 minutes of waiting in the cold empty hallway.

Then, she still waited some more.

Four hours went by and she gave up. She stomped out of the building.

Hwangbo let out a huge sigh of frustration once she got inside her car. Her tears were ready to spill, but she held it in and managed to rev up the engine.

Hyunjoong rubbed his palms together in the hopes of generating more heat in this cold night a few meters outside his apartment building.

He caught a glimpse of a woman whom he thought was Hwangbo stomping furiously until she reached a car. He stood in the cold pavement trying his best to read the plate number of the car parked beside a tree.

H--B--H--J, he slowly read then panicked when he realized the woman was in fact Hwangbo. He had been outside hoping to clear his head, reorganize his thoughts and found himself outside Hwangbo's apartment door for she was the only one who could give him answers. He waited for her, but no one answered the door.

From where he stood, he could hear her revving up the car's engine. Hwangbo then turned the headlights to a high beam, and the car started to run.

He knew he had to do something to stop her from leaving. His reflexes were faster than his thoughts, and so he sprinted towards the moving car attempting to catch her attention.

Hwangbo thought she saw someone trying to stop her. She quickly stepped on the brakes with both feet when she saw a man flailing his arms up and down. It was a close call as the bumper was just a few inches from Hyunjoong's shins. She was shocked to see who the man was. Kim Hyunjoong.

She stepped out from the driver's seat. Her heart thumping like a mad man's, and her breathing heavy. Her hands were still shaking as she approached Hyunjoong ready to smack his head for doing something so stupid and dangerous. Her brain was processing the words she wanted to yell at him.

But as soon as they were face to face, Hyunjoong grabbed her by the hand then circled his free hand around her teeny tiny waist. He held her in a tight embrace then kissed her straight in the mouth. Without words, without hesitation, without remorse, he kissed the woman in front of him.

She stood there frozen and unable to move.

All her attention was then focused on the lips that started to kiss her so passionately as if telling her things he needed to say. She was angry at his decision (of lack thereof) to jump in front of her car, but she was melting under his soft yet fierce kisses, and she succumbed to the wonderful sensation and kissed him back.

Hwangbo managed to breakaway and pushed him back with all her might.

“Yah! Are you crazy?”, she yelled but her voice trailed off as the aftershock of the thought that she could have killed him shook her insides.

She started to sob, her knees were unable to keep her from standing upright. They turned to jelly just thinking about what happened.

Hyunjoong caught her right before she hit the cemented driveway. He pulled her into a hug again, “I'm sorry”, he whispered in her ear.

“I was just desperate to see you after waiting for hours in your apartment.”, he continued to explain.

Hwangbo pushed him gently and looked at his face, “Hmm? My apartment?”, she asked.

Hyunjoong pulled her back and hugged her. “I went to find you after talking to President Kang and Manager Lee.”

Hwangbo rested her head on his broad shoulders, “Why did you find me? And why did you talk to them?”

Hyunjoong smirked. “I told them I love you more than I love my career or even more than I love myself, and I was going to look for you and no one can stop me”, he said proudly.

“Yeah right..”, she slapped his arm.

“It's true.”, he heaved.

He then broke free from their embrace and cupped her chin. He smiled at her, “I have been thinking a lot lately about why Munhee came, why you came into my life again, why these happened, and I figured out why.. I need only one person in this lifetime, I need only you because I love you. I love you too much I thought I would die without you. I need you too much I thought about going to hell and back just to be with you.”

Hwangbo's cheeks turned pink. “Thank you”, she mouthed.

She reached over and planted a kiss on his cheeks and pressed on to give him a hug, “And I only need and love you, too Kim Hyunjoong”, she said softly.

Playing House 8

8: “Lucas: Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true. You never know when the next miracle can come from, the next smile, the next wish can come true.

Peyton: "But if you believe that it right around the corner. And you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it, to the serenity of it.

Brooke: You just may get the thing your are wishing for." - One Tree Hill

As if she did not have enough rest time already, Hwangbo pleaded for more days away from work. Those are the luxuries of having the owner of you management company as your friend.

She trudged down the grocery store pushing her cart in front of her. She was choosing between two lettuce heads when a child tugged the hem of her skirt.

“Omma!!!”, the toddler called out.

Hwangbo swiftly turned around, moisture starting to form in her eyes. She did not really think about Munhee much these days because it made her angrier at Hyunjoong's sudden change of heart, but she did not know being called Omma would bring back memories of the child. Her mind went blank as her lips began to quiver, she missed the boy too much.

“Donghyun!”, another voice called out which caught the toddler's attention. He ran towards the owner of the voice and disappeared along the trolleys and shelves.

Hwangbo stood there, dazed. She smiled thinking she should not have let herself get too emotionally attached then proceeded to wonder how Munhee was doing right now.
Later that morning, Hwangbo found herself at the parking lot of Seoul's Social Welfare Center.

She smiled as she saw Munhee playing in the yard. She brought the stuff toy they once bought while shopping for curtains and gave it to the child who flashed her a bright smile.

“Omma, Hyunjoong Appa-- you should take care of him”, he randomly said as he took a bite of his chocopie.

Hwangbo nodded and forced a smile.

“He loves you.”, he added in between munches. “And, he is lonely if we are not with him.”

Hwangbo forced another smile, then patted the boy's head.

'I wish you are right, but it seems hopeless, Munhee', she wanted to say to the child.
“Hyung, what are you doing?!” Baby nearly screamed as Hyunjoong maneuvered his way through cars and trucks, swerving between them.

“Do you have a death wish or something?!” Kyujong held on tight as Hyunjoong swiftly turned towards the wrong exit. “This is a new car, Hyung!”, he protested.

But Hyunjoong was determined to lose the car tailing them. It was the chaperone DSP assigned to keep track of his every move. “Are they still there?”, he asked the other two guys.

“Who?” Baby asked him.

“His chaperones...” Kyujong answered for Hyunjoong.

“Ow, the black car? Not anymore...” the group's maknae looked behind them.

Hyunjoong stepped on the brakes, and stepped out of Kyujong's car.

“Hyung, where----”

But before Baby could finish his question, Hyunjoong popped his head back. “If they ask, tell them I went to hell, but I'm coming back...”, then hailed a cab.

Kyujong and Hyungjun stared at each other, too shocked to say anything.
Hyunjoong checked on his watch as he waited in the lobby. He was growing impatient already since he didn't have much time until his chaperones find him.

“Appa!!!”, Munhee shouted as he saw Hyunjoong waiting in the lobby. He dropped the stuffed toy Hwangbo brought for him earlier, then picked it up again and ran towards Hyunjoong.

Hyunjoong was feeling dramatic and emotional, but managed to hold back his tears. “I missed you!”, he whispered in Munhee's ear.

“Me, too Appa.”, he responded.

They talked and played happily inside the dining hall. Munhee stopped what he was doing, then looked at Hyunjoong.

“You look sad, Appa.”, he announced “and lonely...”

Hyunjoong forced a smile as he watched Munhee, who picked up his stuffed toy and smelled it.

“Here.”, Munhee put the toy on Hyunjoong's lap. “This is from Omma. Just hug this when you get lonely”

Munhee flashed him a sincere yet oh so innocent smile. He was at a loss for words and held the toy near him. Its smell was intoxicating. It had Hwangbo's perfume scent everywhere. Hyunjoong choked realizing just how much pain he was going through without her beside him and how he will not be able endure all these if she continued to stay away from him.

Munhee started fiddling with his toy cars, “Appa, when I grow up...”, he started. “I want to be like you and marry someone like Omma.”

Hyunjoong looked at Munhee.

“And I would never ever ever let anyone get in the way.”, Munhee continued.

Hyunjoong was stunned. Was this his wake up call?

“Also Appa”, he faced Hyunjoong and looked him in the eye. “You should never let go of Omma. You are perfect for each other.”

Hyunjoong was shocked. Munhee spoke like he understood what was going on. The idol let out a throaty laugh. He was laughing at Munhee's wisecracks, and at the truth only Munhee was able to point out.

Hwangbo was the perfect woman for him, not because he loved her, but because she is who she will always be and she had the ability to bring out the best in him. He should never let her go, or at least not again.

Playing House 7

7: “If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” - Kahlil Gibran

Hwangbo wiped the bead of sweat that trickled down her forehead. She blinked her eyes once, but her vision was hindered by the sunlight that freely swam in through the open windows. She realized it was already way past her usual waking hours. She blinked again when she saw a figure pacing nervously around the room. He stopped just a few inches away from the bed and rubbed his temples. She could sense his frustration.

“Are you sure about this information, Sir?”, he asked, not a trace of happiness on his face.

“Okay. Once you get all the information, please contact me again.”, he said then sat at the foot of the bed.

Hwangbo lifted herself from up from the crumpled sheets, trying not to wake the child sleeping soundly beside her.

“Hyunjoongah, what's wrong?”, she whispered.

He looked at her. “That was the head of the Social Welfare. They have the information about Munhee's parents”, he answered sadly.

“Ow..”, was all Hwangbo could muster. She was speechless. Her thoughts were running wild and headed to every direction. She was happy that there was news of Munhee's parents, but that would also mean that their days as a family was almost up. The smile that lit up her face last night has already faded. In that very moment, she no longer felt like getting out of bed like she did every morning for the past three weeks. She was already too emotionally attached.

“Are they taking him already?”, she put on a brave face and asked.

Hyunjoong looked at her affectionately. “Not yet. They only have his father's number, and the details are not yet clear. They will call back later.”, he gave a loud sigh.

Hwangbo opened her mouth, but no sound nor words came out. She held her breath for a second and tried to figure out if this was all just a bad dream, but the sudden desperation for air made everything as clear as day light. It was in fact real.

They looked at the child lying in bed. They looked at their 'son', and wondered how much time they have left with him. And how painful it would be when they tell him the truth.
The Director of the Seoul's Social Welfare called Hyunjoong again.

It was learned later that day that Munhee's real mother died in a horrific car accident on their way to Seoul a few months ago. The car had been so badly damaged it was a miracle Munhee was alive and unhurt. His real father, also named Kim Hyunjoong, was working in Taiwan that day and was scheduled to come home. Jinhee, Munhee's real mother, and Munhee wanted to surprise him at the airport, but the tragedy happened.

Munhee's dad did not know about the accident until he came home to an empty apartment after his trip home had been postponed due to bad weather. He tried to search for Munhee, but no one could give him any information. Police investigation says that the car was burned down almost into ashes that no traces or identity of the woman driving it could be recovered, and the child inside the car disappeared as the fire ate up the vehicle.

The police was later informed about a child who survived, but those who kept him left the area without notice. The kind couple left the child in Seoul's Social Welfare. Unfortunately, the child, Munhee, lost his memory. Although, he remembered fragments of his past, it was not enough for the psychologists at the Social Welfare to figure things out. The only thing Munhee remembered was that his father was named Kim Hyunjoong, and there were about thousands of Kim Hyunjoongs in Seoul alone.

One day, while Munhee was out playing with his friends at the Welfare, he found out about the idol, Hyunjoong and assumed him to be his father. He asked the Noonas who volunteered at the Social Welfare for Hyunjoong's picture. The Social Welfare was a few blocks away from the idol's apartment. There were rumors and speculations around the neighborhood that the SS501 leader lived in that building which Munhee overheard.

The innocent child was convinced that the Kim Hyunjoong, the neighbors unendlessly talked about, was his father. He then packed his bag, the only thing he had since the accident that killed his mother, and took his chances. The day he appeared on Kim Hyunjoong's door was the same day he ran away from the Social Welfare.

The Social Welfare's Director also said that his real father has been looking for Munhee and was already informed of his son's whereabouts.
Hwangbo felt like she was in another world. Although she was a celebrity, she still did not believe such tragedies could happen to such a sweet, beautiful, innocent boy.

Hyunjoong spent most of the day beside Munhee, just staring at him blankly, speechless, wondering, thinking. He was deeply saddened about the pain this boy has suffered and is about to suffer, but he was even sadder that he will soon be leaving him, leaving Hwangbo, leaving his so-called parents. It makes him think about the affections that he and Hwangbo have started to find for each other. 'Will things continue? Will they still be the same once the boy goes? Will they their story just stop like it did three years ago?'

Hwangbo interrupted his deep thoughts, “Aren't you going to answer your phone?”

He immediately picked it up, “Hello?”

It was Jaejoong on the other line.

“Yah! What's happening? Why are there so many people in your apartment building?”, the other man asked.

“What do you mean?”, Hyunjoong was confused. He went to the kitchen, so that Munhee could not hear the conversation.

Hwangbo watched him walking in front of her. He was tense, and she was starting to feel even more worried.

“What do you mean there are many people in my apartment building?”, he asked Jaejoong again.

“I went by your apartment to pick up some of the clothes I left there before, but there was a large crowd, press people I think. They were asking your neighbors about Munhee and Noona. How could this break out? I told you guys to be extra careful.”, Jaejoong was exasperated.

“But other than Haneul, you and the Director at the Social Welfare, no one else knows.”, Hyunjoong reasoned.

“Oh man. This is bad. Everyone in Seoul knows already.”, Jaejoong took a deep breath.

Hyunjoong stayed quiet then let out a deep breath. He was thinking.

The silence worried Jaejoong, “There's more right? There's something else other than this being revealed to the public.”

“Munhee's parents. The Director found them already.”

“Uh-oh... How is Noona taking it? What about Munhee?”

“Munhee does not know yet, but the Director said they have to fetch him soon. They said it might take time for him to adjust to things. And Hyejung, I am not sure. She has not said much after I told her this morning.”

“Wait, I have to go, there's another call”, Hyunjoong immediately took the other call after seeing that it was his Manager on the other line.

“Hyung?”, he spoke into the receiver.
The events of that fateful day happened too fast. There was no time to breathe.

News that Hyunjoong and Hwangbo were living together and having a love child spread like wild fire. Apparently, nosy neighbors have spread rumors which reached the media's ears. DSP was caught off guard and went through extreme measures to keep things down.

Without consent from Hyunjoong and Hwangbo, the DSP President decided for the Social Welfare to take Munhee away. Vans and representatives from both Hwangbo and Hyunjoong's managements arrived at the beach house and forced them to leave. It was an intense scene, but no one could do anything from their end.

Munhee's tears and remorse kept reappearing before Hwangbo, and she ended up sobbing all the way to Seoul.

Both managements held press conferences time and again to deny the rumor. The press people hoped to hear what Hwangbo and Hyunjoong had to say, but neither of them appeared in those press conferences. It's not that they did not want to go, it's just that they have been held captive by their managements. Someone had to chaperone them wherever they went, and most of all, they were not allowed to see each other ever again.

“This is crass!”, Hyunjoong hissed as his Manager was reading the new conditions set by the DSP president.

“But you crossed the line, Hyunjoong, and you did not even give us a forewarning.”, the manager was as pissed as Hyunjoong was.

“It's funny that you mentioned crossing lines here. I did not say anything when you crossed the line and took me out of We Got Married because you knew something was going on between me and Hyejung.”, Hyunjoong raised his voice. Baby, who was in the other room, was startled when he heard Hyunjoong's angry voice.

“May I remind you Hyunjoong that it was you who chose to be an Idol? And may I remind you again, that being an idol, you are your fans property? Didn't I tell you when your career jumped started that falling in love or even the thinking of love was something an idol could never do?” Manager Lee tried his best to keep himself calm. Sure, he pitied Hyunjoong, but he never stopped reminding his talents about these things. “Wasn't this clear enough when you signed a contract with DSP? Do you really think the President would allow his biggest asset to slip away?”

'He was right', Hyunjoong admitted quietly. Years ago, all he wanted was to make it big in the industry and he was going to do anything to make that happen. He set aside love or any sort of feeling and worked hard to be someone, but Hwangbo Hyejung came, and she laughed her laugh, and she smiled her sincere smile and she swept him away.

“I understand what you are feeling. I've handled many talents, idols like you, it was hard for them, too. But think hard about it Hyunjoong. Think about Hwangbossi and her career, and the danger she'll be in—with the antifans, then the relentless netizens. Think about Munhee, and the trauma he'll get from all this”, his manager patted his back gently.

For the second time that day, Hyunjoong had to admit that Manager Lee was right. Hoping to make matters and issues die down quickly, he did not make public appearances and followed the rules set by the DSP President himself. The worst thing he had to endure was cutting all connections with Hwangbo, but he had to keep her safe.
Hwangbo sat in her dressing room looking straight in the mirror, but not really seeing anything. She was hurt when they took Munhee away, but now, it felt like everything evaded her, even Kim Hyunjoong.

“I am willing to do everything to regain what we lost before.”

His words that night at the beach house still lingered in her ears, but where he was now, she did not know. It's been three long and painful days since she last saw him. They were not given a chance to talk when the brigade suddenly showed up at Anmyundo. There was no goodbye from him, not even a phone call. She was left in the cold again, a place she was familiar with, a place she said she will never go back to. Although, she was forbidden not to, she tried to call him, but he did not answer, he never answered.

“Hwangbossi, you're up in five minutes”, the staff called out, cutting in her thoughts.

She nodded and headed towards the door. It was her first public appearance after the so-called scandal. Hwangbo was about to perform on stage again. She walked through the halls quietly, surrounded by her dancers and her stylist when she saw Hyunjoong approaching. He was alone, but he just passed by her. He obviously saw her, one of her dancers shook hands with him, but he just walked on, not a wink, not a slight bow of acknowledgement, not a single word, nothing.

She was taken aback. Her thoughts swam. There were questions and ideas she did not dare ask nor think about before, but now, they are popping up like mushrooms in her head.

As Hyunjoong walked the busy halls of MBC, he swallowed the lump in his throat. Hwangbo was approaching him, and the wings of his heart flapped making it hard for him to breathe. For days now, there was only one person he needed to see and to comfort him after Munhee was taken by the Social Welfare, but he did not want to risk anything. It was too dangerous for her, it was too difficult for him, and with anything he might do, he will put her at risk.

His manager caught a glimpse of Hwangbo and looked at Hyunjoong to send a warning message. There were too many people down the hall and the gossip folks were on the lookout. Any sudden movement, a greeting, a glimpse could send her to danger zone, something he could not bear. So, there was not really much of a choice, but to ignore her.

Hwangbo was distracted all the way through her performance. It was a good thing she was performing alongside DJ Koo, so the people's attention was split. She could not keep her mind off the earlier incident. She was hurt, and she did not mind concealing that.

As she wiped off her lipstick, she felt a sudden outburst of emotions. Tears spilled on her cheeks, as her anger and pain overflowed from her heart. She was angry at her management for the sudden restrictions, she loathed the antifans, she despised the media, she hated the paparazzi, most of all, she was angry at Hyunjoong. She thought he was being a coward again.

'Was he thinking this would destroy his career? That Munhee and I would destroy his idol status?', she silently thought in between sobs.

Playing House 6

6: "The bad things in life open your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before." - from the movie "Good Will Hunting"

“I know it's just four days, but I have never had random rest days as long as that one”, Hyunjoong happily announced to Jaejoong when the latter called to check on him and his 'family'.

“Nice to hear you aren't so grumpy these days, Kim Hyunjoong. Does someone by the name of Hwangbo Hyejung have anything to do with your sheer happiness?”, Jaejoong teased his friend.

“Yah!!”, Hyunjoong, who was not too keen about his jokes, yelled.

Jaejoong laughed. But Jaejoong was right, it did have something to do with a gorgeous woman named Hwangbo Hyejung.

“So, where are you planning to take them?”, the other man asked.

“Huh? Take who? Where?”, Hyunjoong was confused.

“Where are you planning to take Noona and Munhee on your vacation, you i.diot?!!!”, Jaejoong's voice raised a decibel higher

“Oh, I have no plans yet...”

“No plans? Dude, seriously? You're really frustrating me!” Jaejoong never had a problem letting his friend know how he felt, and right now, he was just too frustrated with him.

Hyunjoong stayed quiet, seriously contemplating and coming up with a plan.

“How about going to the beach in Busan or Seunghyun's parent's beach house in Anmyundo?”, he suggested knowing Hyunjoong's brain might be hurting right now thinking of some getaway with Hwangbo and Munhee.

“Right, that beach house in Anmyundo!” Hyunjoong finally smiled.

“Do you want me to call Seunghyun and arrange it for you, young master?” Jaejoong continued teasing him.

“Yah!! I can do that myself.” he scowled and then hang up.
“Let's go to the beach this weekend! In A! Town..” Hyunjoong suggested as they ate dinner together.

Munhee nodded his head and clapped his hands in excitement.

Hwangbo stared at him and gave him a questioning look, “Beach? This weekend?”. She knew he was not really a beach person, and in the three weeks they have been together, he rarely had weekends off much less any rest days.

“Unless you have work, of course..”, he said, almost frustrated at Hwangbo's initial reaction.

“No, I don't have work for the next few weeks, but you on the other hand are always busy on weekends. Do you have time to go to the beach?”, she asked

“We were given four days to rest by Manager-nim since we'll be starting promotions for our album soon. They always give us some time to breath before and after the storm, and I thought it'd be good to take a vacation away from the city like I always do”, he explained.

Hwangbo scoffed, “Oh yeah, like the vacation you took in Hong Kong with those women a few years back?”, she muttered under her breath.

“You knew about that? Anyway, those Noonas are our friends”, he reassured her after sensing some jealousy in her words.

She just scoffed again, “Yeah right.. So, where are you taking us?”


“You're not making us pay for that like Crown J did, are you?”, she giggled remembering good ole We Got Married days.

“Just leave it all to me. I've everything planned out already”, he made a hand gesture and stooped low in a bow.
“Omo! This is beautiful! Are you sure T.O.Pssi's parents wouldn't mind?” Hwangbo asked when she entered the beach house. Her eyes wandered through beautiful structure. Everything was white including the furniture and linens which contrasted the perfect blue ocean outside. “Please thank T.O.P for me. You can also ask him if I can come back here alone..”, she added.

For a moment there was silence. Hwangbo walked around some more, oblivious that the two other people in the room were hurt by her words.

“You're planning to come back here without us?”, Hyunjoong broke the silence.

“Omma, are you coming back here without me and Appa?” Munhee asked, his eyes a bit sad and tears ready to spill.

“No, no. That's not what I meant. We'll come back here together, as a family of course”, she tried to convince the innocent child.

“Just make sure of that”, Hyunjoong smirked.
Munhee started to frolic under the sun with Hyunjoong. Hwangbo sat peacefully on a beach chair watching the two boys.

She never really imagined that she'd go to the beach with Hyunjoong again. Her heart started to beat wildly when he waved at her. Although she had lots of inhibitions and she was trying to avoid getting hurt again, she could not stop the feeling that was starting to re-grow. The day she saw him panting heavily from all the running at the studio, she was showered with confusion and felt like she was given a big puzzle she had to solve all by herself, but now seeing her so-called family enjoying some time together, seeing how good he was to her the past few days, seeing how much he has matured, seeing how good he was at fatherhood, it felt like the pieces of the big puzzle were just falling into their rightful places.

The little boy ran to her and gave her a big hug.

“You're wet!”, she complained as he snuggled in her arms. He continued to hug and giving her kisses wiping off the salty water on her skin. “Kim Munhee, that tickles!!”, she yelped failing mercilessly as she tried to tickle the boy, too.

Hyunjoong approached the two of them trying to walk slowly, fighting the urge to jump in and join them. He smiled at them, his heart was at ease just seeing Hwangbo laughing without a care in the world. That's how he always wanted her to be. That's how he always wanted to see her. That's why he fell in love with her from the very start—her happy aura has always been and will always be contagious.

When the two's laughter died down, Hyunjoong sat beside Munhee. The little boy leaned towards him staring at some parasailers. His eyes lit up with awe.

“Can I ride that Appa?”, he asked Hyunjoong.

“You want to parasail? Hmm, maybe when you grow up.” Hyunjoong told him.

“Will you take me, Appa?”, the little boy asked, anticipating Hyunjoong's reply.

“Of course!”, he promised.

“Omma should come with us...”, he flashed Hwangbo a huge grin.

“Of course! Are you boys thinking of leaving me here while you go parasailing?” she responded.

Munhee was excited, he started giggling then quipped, “Oh boy, I cannot wait to grow up!!”

For a moment, reality was forgotten. For a moment, they were a real family making future plans together. Just like the reality show they were in as a couple, Hwangbo and Hyunjoong forgot about the thin line that separated pretense and reality. Again, it was blurry and hardly ever noticeable.
They sat still on the beach, just staring at the wide blue ocean, enjoying each others' company, enjoying the feeling of being a family.

Munhee flailed his hands and circled it around Hwangbo's right arm. He smiled adoringly at her then took a deep sigh.

“Omma, I love you”, he said flashing her a heart warming smile.

Hwangbo stared lovingly at the child, “I love you, too Kim Munhee”

Munhee giggled then reached over and gave his Omma a peck on the cheek.

“Appa..”, he called Hyunjoong's attention after letting go of Hwangbo's arm. He settled himself on Hyunjoong's lap. “I love you”

Hyunjoong laughed, “Me, too. I love you, too!”

He wrapped Munhee in an embrace, smiling at himself and thought how this child could make him mellow. Again, Munhee gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Your turn”, he said, waiting for something.

“Hmm?”, Hyunjoong asked him

“Your turn to say you love Omma”

Hyunjoong was dumbstruck.

He hesitated, but the child was persistent, “Go on, Appa!”

He glanced over at Hwangbo, his heart was pounding. She on the other hand was pretending she did not hear anything, and was looking at her feet buried under the white sand.

“I love you, Buin”, Hyunjoong blurted out then swallowed the lump forming in his throat. It did not come out as sincerely as he wanted to say it, but that was the truth.

“Omma?” Munhee called Hwangbo's attention.

She just looked at the child, her eyebrows did all the talking.

“Your turn!” he was giddy to hear his Omma say it.

Hwangbo could see Hyunjoong's waiting expression. She wanted to say it, but her insides were melting and she was suddenly feeling shy and fluttery inside.

“Ooomma?”, Munhee called her again.

“Srng-e”, she muttered under her breath, not even daring to look at Hyunjoong.

“Say it properly Omma”, Munhee's tone was commanding.

She looked at him in surprise. “Alright, alright!”

Hwangbo turned slightly to face Hyunjoong and Munhee, “Kim Hyunjoong, Saranghae.”

There, she said it. It was as clear as daylight. Hwangbo turned away immediately even if she wanted to see Hyunjoong's reaction.

Munhee was not done yet, “Bobo, where's the bobo?”

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo were surprised with their son's demands.

“Bobo!”, he insisted.

Hyunjoong caught Hwangbo's eyes. She gave him a shy nod.

“Alright, you little brat”, Hyunjoong joked then bent a little to meet Hwangbo's cheek.

“Lips”, Munhee demanded. Hwangbo made a sudden movement, shocked to hear his next demand. Hyunjoong jerked a little. His lips landed on hers. Both were shocked and unable to move. Their lips stayed glued on that spot.

It was the most unromantic kiss ever, but they could not understand why their hearts were beating rapidly. Hwangbo closed her eyes, and Hyunjoong moved his head forward, pressing his lips hard on hers. Soon enough, they were lost in their awkward kiss until they heard giggles and a pair of little hands clapping to the owner's delight.

Hyunjoong backed away a bit. Hwangbo touched her lips, trying to recover from the embarrassment.

Munhee continued giggling and clapping. He was happy.

“I'll go get some lemonade”, she announced then made her way to the house.
Hyunjoong found Munhee sleeping on Hwangbo's lap that evening.

“I'm sorry about the...the bobo earlier”, he told Hwangbo.

“That was a bit awkward, wasn't it?”, she smiled trying to hide her embarrassment.

“Yeah, you have a naughty son”, he teased her.

“Well, I am not the one with a four dimensional personality”, she retorted, then they both laughed.

“I really did not expect to feel this way, but Munhee gives me so much joy.” Hwangbo confessed.

“Me too. These days, I have two reasons to go home and never overwork myself.” Hyunjoong cleared his throat, then continued, “My apartment used to be just an empty space for me or a place to crash. Before, I used to wonder why I bought it, but I am glad I did. When Munhee and you came, I unexpectedly found a reason to go home after work everyday.”

He smiled at her. “You know I'm not very religious and all, but I am convinced He sent Munhee to us. That little brat may be an unexpected angel”

Hwangbo nodded, “I think so, too. One day, I hope I will be given a son like him”, she said brushing her fingers through Munhee's thick mane.

He smiled, hoping one day the father of the son she had been praying for would be him. “If we couldn't find his parents, do you think it'd be possible for me to adopt him?”, he asked her, ideas playing around in his head.

She gave him a sincere smile, “Why not? Based on the way you treat this little angel, you'd make a good Appa..”

His face brightened up even more. Hearing that from Hwangbo was more than a compliment, it made him even more determined to strive harder and have his own family.

“Maybe because you've been behind me on this and helping me out.”, he thought maybe it was time for a confession. “Everybody knows you're going to be a good mother, but more so, you'll be a better wife”

She flashed him a smile, “You really think so?”

“I don't think so, I know so...”, Hyunjoong took her hand that was brushing Munhee's hair. His grip was firm, but it was not in anyway hurting her.

Hwangbo was supposed to take her hand away from him, but she did not want to.

“Hyejungah, there are so many things I want to tell you.”, he looked at her in the eye not even bothering to blink. Hwangbo stared right back at him with waiting eyes.

“Remember what I said about the way I feel for you during We Got Married?”, he asked her.

Hwangbo nodded, she could clearly remember that day he confessed like it happened yesterday.

“The way I feel has not changed, not one bit, even after three long years.”, he swallowed the lump in his throat, “But things did not quite happen the way I wanted them to happen in the past. Things happened one after another, and things between us went from bad to worse”

“And I am sorry that I did not know how deep I have fallen for you until you walked away during the Award's Night. I should have gone after you or tried to do something to save what we had left, but I was stupid and immature and a coward.”

“When Munhee came and you agreed to Jaejoong's suggestion, I felt like I was given another chance to make things right again. It would be really dumb of me to let it go again, to let you go again. So, Hyejungah, will you give me another chance?”

Hwangbo took her hands from Hyunjoong, “But there are so many things we have to consider, Hyunjoong. And it won't be easy”

“But nothing is ever easy in this world, Buin. Only one thing is sure, I'm not letting you go so easily this time”, Hyunjoong took her hand again

The silence that followed was deafening. No one spoke. There was only the loud thumping of two hearts and the winds that howled loudly.

“If I agree to do this, whatever this is, let's just take it slow this time, okay? One step at a time, Hyunjoong?”, she finally broke the silence.

He pulled Hwangbo for a hug forgetting that Munhee was sleeping on her lap. Hwangbo held Munhee tighter using her free hand as she was being wrapped in Hyunjoong's sweet embrace. They stayed like that for a moment.

“We'll take this slow, Buin! Even if that means I'll have to court and woo you all over again. I am willing to do everything to regain what we lost before.”, he whispered in her ear.

Fan Vid: Joongbo

Last night, I challenged myself. I must admit though that I am least knowledgeable about computers and its functions, but I got really interested with the Windows Movie Maker and started to tinker and play with it. Viola! This is the product of my hard work and super efforts..Bwahahaha...

Anyway, do check it out and leave me comments or suggestions and tips on how to improve my 'new' skill(???!!!):

Playing House -- 5

5: "The family is a haven in a heartless world." - Attributed to Christopher Lasch

Hyunjoong's hours were mostly spent in the practice room and studio, rehearsing, singing, recording. The smell of sweat was already making Hyunjoong heady and nauseous. There were other places he longed to be, other places he would rather spend an entire day in. His day usually started with a smile, but when afternoon comes to a close, he becomes impatient and sensitive to every mistake Hyungjun makes, every complaint Jungmin quips, every break Youngsaeng asks for, every change in dance sequence Kyujung suggests. He was like an Ahjumma suffering from dysmenorrhea, as Hyungjun said when Hyunjoong hurriedly left one day after practice. The rest of the members knew something was up, but they knew better than to meddle.

The ride home was long. Traffic was building up. Hyunjoong kept staring at his white Tag Hauer, mumbling to himself at times, eventually catching the driver's attention.

"Should we take another route, Hyunjoongsshi? It's rush hour and you seem to be in a hurry to get home.", he politely suggested. Hyunjoong was taken aback, he had not realized that he was too loud.

"Oh, yes please. I need to go home before dinner", he smiled at the balding man.

It took another 30 minutes before they arrived at the building. He jogged towards the elevator not bothering to thank the driver. He was not usually rude, he was just in a hurry.

His heart raced when he reached for the knob of his apartment door and took one more deep breath before finally sliding it open.

The house was quiet, but the lights were turned on. The curtains danced as the soft evening winds blew. He did not remember putting up curtains, but the apartment looked like a real home now. The patio's glass door was open. A light fading tune was playing then a spark of childish laughter filled the area. He stepped out not knowing what to expect. His heart started to race at the sight of two of the most precious people he had been dying to see each and everyday.

A smile was strewn across the child's face as he watched Hyunjoong coming out from the open glass door.

"Annyeong, Appa!", Munhee ran across the small patch of green to meet the older man with a hug. By then, Hwangbo, who was diligently working on the barbecue grill, turned around.

Watching her full lips twitch upwards to a beautiful radiant smile was like watching the sun rise from the east. It was brilliant and amazingly infectious. And boy, was he happy to see her smile at him just like that again.

"Are you hungry?", she asked him.

"Hyunjoong, are you hungry?", still no answer. He was just staring at her.

"Appa, Omma is asking if you are hungry..", Munhee tugged at his jeans.

"Hmmm, what?", he asked feeling self conscious.

"Are you hungry already?", she asked again.

"A little.."he answered feeling a bit shy after realizing he had been staring at her and a bit excited to taste her home cooked meal.

Hwangbo immediately turned to face the hot grill. Her cheeks were burning and she felt like melting under Hyunjoong's stare.

"Why don't you wash up? This will be done in a few minutes", she muttered turning the meat on one side.

Hyunjoong nodded and headed towards the glass door.

"Can I come with you Appa?" Munhee asked.

Again, Hyunjoong just nodded.
He suddenly felt self conscious when he realized he was not the only one moving up and about his room.

"So, what did you and Bui--Omma do today?", he asked the little boy.

"Hmmm, we watched movies today.", Munhee answered, "Then we went out to buy fabrics to make curtains wearing hats and sunglasses"

'So that explains why I suddenly have curtains', he smiled at the thought that he found himself a good pretend wife.

"We were supposed to go grocery shopping, but Jaejoong Hyung came by and brought us some food. Omma thought you would like to have some barbecue." Munhee continued to explain.

"Jaejoong?" he asked, his friend had the time to see Munhee and Hwangbo, but he had no time to see Hyunjoong when he called him.

"Yes, we played in the afternoon. I think Omma and Hyung talked when I fell asleep.", he answered.

"Omma and Jaejoong talked? About what?", Hyunjoong asked him a little too loudly. He was suddenly nervous at the thought of Hwangbo and Jaejoong talking. Who knows what he could have mentioned to Hwangbo. He was even more 4D than Hyunjoong was or will ever be.

"Appa, like I said, I fell asleep, so I do not know", the child was quirky.

Hyunjoong smiled, Munhee kind of reminded him of himself.

"Food's ready guys!", Hwangbo called out from the glass doors.

"Let's go!!", Munhee jumped from the bed then ran out holding his Appa's hand.
"So Jaejoong came? Why?", he asked in a very possessive tone. Hwangbo was surprised to hear this. Hyunjoong stared at his feet, embarrassed at how he asked his question.

"He just wanted to see Munhee, and we talked a bit", Hwangbo explained.

'Talked?', that suddenly sparked his interest, "What did you talk about?", he now asked her in a very conspicuous manner.

"About Munhee. He was just thanking me, Hyunjoong", she muttered, focusing on washing the dishes. The truth was, other than thanking her for agreeing to do this for Munhee and bringing the food, he talked about his dearest best friend and that she misunderstood Hyunjoong. Jaejoong even asked her to think about it and sort her feelings out.

"It was nothing, he just randomly dropped by", she explained further, hoping to end the topic.

"Oh...", Hyunjoong answered, he knew better than that because Jaejoong does not just randomly pass by his house or any of his friends' houses, but seeing Hwangbo so uneasy, he just let the topic slide.
After they finished clearing up the patio, they joined Munhee inside who was watching TV.

"Omma, who is Junjin?", the little boy asked.

"Park Junjin?", Hwangbo asked.

Munhee nodded.

"He's a singer and an actor", she explained

"Just like Appa?", Munhee looked at Hwangbo

"Yes, just like your Appa", she answered after stealing a glance at Hyunjoong who like Munhee was waiting for an explanation. Rumors about a budding romantic relationship with Junjin was widespread just before he entered the military, and Hyunjoong has been wanting a confirmation.

"He and I were schoolmates. We have been very good friends since then, just like Appa is with Jaejoong.", she continued hoping to send a message to Hyunjoong who was able to sit comfortably on his side of the couch after hearing her explanation and let out a sigh of relief.

"I'd like to meet him, Omma", Munhee said.

Hwangbo laughed, "Not this time Kim Munhee, he's still in the military. Once he comes out, I'm sure he'd like to meet you and is dying for an explanation about all these"

"Are you friends with Uncle Junjin?", he turned to face Hyunjoong who was pretending not to listen to the Mother and Son conversation.

"Err, we're sort of friends", he answered. Hwangbo burst out laughing. She knew about a little stare down match at the Award Ceremony's After Party three years ago. Junjin concluded the reason for her absence and for walking out after the show. His friend could read her like a Paolo Coehlo novel. He called her afterwards, and told her he did not like how she looked when he saw her heading out the door and that there was no other reason for her to look so devastated. He also mentioned about the look he gave Hyunjoong. When she said Junjin was a bully, her best friend reacted and said it was only a warning message to the pretty boy.

"It's late Munhee, you should get some sleep already!" Hyunjoong announced suddenly, a bit afraid of the questions the child might ask next.

"Yes Munhee, you should go to bed already", Hwangbo told the child after finally controlling her laughter.

The child obliged despite the frown pasted on his face.
The following morning had been stressful for Hwangbo. She could not find anything good to cook for breakfast and she could not go down to buy something. All there was left in the cupboard were 2 eggs, ramen and coffee.

"We seriously need to go grocery shopping Hyunjoong. We have no more food", she told him as he sipped his coffee.

"Okay.", he answered, his expression was blank.

Hwangbo started to wonder if her idol husband was really awake already. She turned around and pretended to wash the pots. She rolled her eyes thinking how immature Hyunjoong could be sometimes.

"I'll call you later" he just said and left.

'Call me later? What for?', she wanted to ask him, but he was, as always, hurrying for his rehearsals and his work.
The doorbell rang just as Hwangbo and Munhee were preparing to get out of the house.

"Hwangbossi, it's me Haneul, you still remember, right?" Haneul spoke into the receiver. It's been days since she visited the apartment.

The door swung open and Hwangbo with Munhee stood by the doorway.

"Oh good! You're both ready..." Haneul said, "Let's go?"

Hwangbo stared blankly at the younger woman.

"Go where?", she asked.

"The store. You're grocery shopping with Hyunjoong, right? He's meeting you there.", she explained, "Oh, that's right. Maybe he did not have the time to call you. I'm sorry Hwangbossi, he's extremely busy today, so he asked me to fetch you and Munhee."

Hwangbo was too shocked to say anything. All the while she thought Hyunjoong did not hear what she said this morning. Sometimes, she forgets just how detailed he is.
"Omo, but this store has too many customers, they might recognize us.", she panicked when the driver parked the van in front of the store, "Has he gone out of his mind?"

Haneul smiled at the fretting Hwangbo,"Don't worry Hwangbossi. The store owner is a friend of ours, Hyunjoong asked him to shut the store for a few hours so that no one else will see you, and the employees are sworn to secrecy. Other stars with families do this all the time"

Hwangbo's jaw dropped. She was impressed, but she tried to hide her smile, "But you said he was busy today?"

"The boys usually take a break from 11 to 2 in the afternoon. Hyunjoong asked our friend to shut the store at those times, so that he could go shopping with you guys.", Haneul continued to explain.

"He'll be waiting by the store's entrance", she added as Hwangbo and Munhee stepped out of the van.

True indeed, Hyunjoong stood there with a wide smile pasted on his pretty face.

"Let's go?", he asked the stunned Hwangbo. He flashed her a very delighted smile. It was something he thought he'd love to do with her, something he thought he would do if he had a family already. In fact, when she told him about buying groceries this morning, he was excited and could not keep his mind off from planning how to do it safely with his 'son' and 'wife'.

"Impressed?", he asked Hwangbo as he walked beside her pushing a cart with Munhee inside.

Hwangbo nodded.

"Happy??", he knew he was pushing his luck, but he just had to ask.

She tried to hold back her smile, but when she was truly happy, it just shows on her face. Finally, a smile broke out on her face.

Again, she nodded with a smile on her face and cheeks burning. Because she truly was happy to be doing this with him and their 'son', and she was happy that despite all that happened between them, he still listens and remembers the things she says.
"Don't wait up for me tonight. Rehearsals will end later than usual.", he told Hwangbo after loading their groceries in the same van that picked them up. Haneul was not there this time.

"Dinner? What about your dinner?" Hwangbo just blurted out, then regretted asking later on.

"Don't worry, the manager usually orders food for us." he answered not even bothering to hide his smile. It amused him how surprisingly random Hwangbo can be.

"Okay", she said before he closed the van's door.
The idol tried to go home at the earliest time possible, but knowing their tight schedule, the earliest time meant 11PM. He assumed Hwangbo and Munhee were both asleep by then. The lights at living room and kitchen were turned off. He walked through the hallways as quietly as possible, and decided to check on the guest room where Hwangbo slept, but to his surprise she was not there. He checked on the patio, but the lights were off. He headed to his room and found out Munhee was not in there either, but a faint light came from the bathroom where the door was half closed. Hyunjoong walked quietly and went in.

"Appa!!!" Munhee shouted from the tub, splashing water and bubbles everywhere. Hwangbo sat beside the child, stunned.

"Omo!", he blurted out when he saw Hwangbo inside the tub with the child. Although not a single part of her body was revealed except her shoulders, he still turned around. "I'm sorry, I'm soo sorry. I did not know you're in here"

"It's alright", Munhee answered for his speechless Omma.

Hwangbo realized she was covered in bubbles, and she was not completely naked under those bubbles either. "It's alright. We spilled some juice earlier when we ate dinner, and thought we should wash off. I thought you'd come home later, so we kind of went ahead and used the tub. I'm sorry"

"No, that's alright", he answered with his back still facing Hwangbo and Munhee, only stealing glances at Hwangbo through the mirror. 'She was still the same', he thought, 'she looked gorgeous even under those bubbles'

"Appa, why don't you join us?" Munhee happily suggested and started splashing water on him.

"Erm, I don't think so", he quickly replied fighting temptation to hop inside the tub with them and went outside as fast as he could.
Hwangbo was tucking in Munhee to sleep, when Hyunjoong came out of the bathroom in his Pajamas.

"Good night, Munhee", she kissed him on the forehead and started leaving.

"Omma, did you and Appa fight?", he asked her.

"No...", Hwangbo and Hyunjoong answered in unison.

"Then, why are you not sleeping here tonight?", he asked not knowing that it has been their set up since the beginning. He always slept earlier than Hwangbo and Hyunjoong.

Hwangbo was not prepared to answer that. Besides, what was she supposed to say? That they were just pretending to be married until Munhee finds his real parents? She looked at Hyunjoong to save her.

"Omma was just getting water for Appa.", was Hyunjoong's response.

"Right, water...a glass of water...", she muttered.

When she returned from the kitchen, Hyunjoong was already lying in bed beside the still awake Munhee.

"Thank you", he said curtly when she placed the glass on the bedside table.

"Let's sleep now Omma", Munhee said opening the duvet cover for her.

Hwangbo was caught off guard. She looked at Hyunjoong, who just nodded, "Let's sleep now, Buin"

She carefully slipped inside the covers and lay beside Munhee, who was giggling happily between her and Hyunjoong. The clever little boy then took his Appa's left hand and her Omma's right hand, and made them hold each other's hands on top of his belly.

Hyunjoong lay still just feeling the softness of Hwangbo's hand. Munhee started to fall asleep, but when Hwangbo tried to wiggle her hands free from Hyunjoong's grasp, Munhee stirred a bit. Hwangbo sighed, closed her eyes and gave up on trying to free her hand from Hyunjoong's.

"Buin? Are you asleep?", Hyunjoong whispered, but there was no response.

"Buin?", he asked again.

"Not yet" she answered blinking her eyes.

"I need to tell you something", he said.

Hwangbo stared at him, something she was not able to do for a long time now.

"I'm sorry", he started

"Sorry? For what?", she asked taking her eyes off him.

"For what I said at the Awards night, for not telling you about the management's decision, for not trying to understand how you felt and being a jerk three years ago..." he held her hand tighter.

Somehow, she could feel the sincerity in his voice.

She forced a faint smile, "It's alright now. Besides, that was three years ago. That was a long time ago. It's all in the past"

"But still, I could have been man enough, or at least a better man for you." he choked a bit

Hwangbo closed her eyes, and interlaced her fingers with Hyunjoong's. She opened her eyes again and found Hyunjoong staring at her. Her heart thumped as if letting her know that it was still there, that it could still beat, that he could still make it beat ever so wildly.

"I know", she reassured him and gave him a smile. She was not feeling very comfortable with what she was experiencing, but like before, it made her happy.

They fell asleep soon enough after stealing glances at each other.

Playing House -- 4

I declare that this long fic is officially going nowhere..bwahahahaha...and yes, I try to laugh instead of getting all worked up and frustrated at myself. But seriously though, I do not know where this one is heading to. Ideas and words are leaving me, and to think I promised 'marathon posting' on my days away from work..

I just hope this won't be one of those I put aside and leave to rot..

Anyway, hope this makes sense because it just seems dull and glum to me... And definitely not exciting at all...I guess I just wanted portray them being awkward in a house together---ahhh, i don't know....I'm really trying my best...


4: Playing house...Again...

Hwangbo checked on her watch again as she stood still waiting for the elevator's doors to open. It was 3:26AM, and she was trudging through the empty hallways with a heavy suitcase.

'I look like a stowaway..', she thought adjusting the shawl she used to cover her face to avoid any curious onlookers. She scrambled for her phone when she reached Apartment 325. It was Hyunjoong's apartment number alright.

She paused and took a deep breath before pushing the door bell. She was still a bit in awe and disgusted at herself for agreeing to do Jaejoong's plan. But, it was too late to go back.

“You should have called me, so that I could help you with your luggage”, Hyunjoong said once he opened the door.

Hwangbo stepped inside observing his apartment then removed the shawl from her head, “And what? Announce to the entire building and your neighbors that I am headed to your apartment?”

“You have a point”, Hyunjoong had to agree.

Hwangbo was left alone in the living area while Hyunjoong took her luggage to the guest room. She observed quietly, letting her eyes roam from the black leather coach to the flashy entertainment system to the guitars. Small pattering feet interrupted her busy thoughts.

“Omma?”, came Munhee's sleepy voice.

“Come here”, Hwangbo motioned for the boy to sit on her lap. She did not quite understand it, but it excited her and made her blissful to hold Munhee in her arms just like a true mother.

Munhee obliged and climbed up to her lap where he sat hugging her. He fell back to sleep as Hwangbo circled her arms to embrace the little boy.

“Noona, you can use the guest room!”, Hyunjoong announced as soon as he came out from one of the rooms then hushed his tone when he saw Munhee sleeping in her arms.

Seeing Hwangbo struggling with Munhee's weight, he carried him back to his room where the child peacefully slept.

“So, how do we do this?”, Hwangbo asked Hyunjoong putting down her tea cup.

“I don't know, uhm, let's just start with taking care of him”, he answered

“Alright, I know you're busy, so I'll try my best to be here for him.”, she continued playing with the cup.

“I'll do that, too.”

“I won't be busy for the next few weeks, so I can stay with Munhee here and take care of him” her voice trailed off. 'Like a true mother and wife', she though, but did not dare say it.

Hyunjoong nodded, taking a mental note to come home as early as possible or take more breaks, excited at the thought that she'll be around when he gets home. Finally, he won't be coming home to an empty apartment.

There was a long pause before Hwangbo spoke again, “It must feel weird, huh?, having someone, no two people, just barge in to your apartment and have an instant family, be an instant Appa”

“Not at all”, Hyunjoong answered trying to hide his smile.
Hwangbo could not sleep that night. She was tossing and turning. The bed did not feel right, and there were so many inhibitions popping up in her perplexed head.

She got up early that morning, wondering if Hyunjoong had already woken up. She crept quietly to his room after washing up, and found both boys sprawled in bed still asleep. She smiled how cute the father and son looked.

She busied herself in the kitchen and prepared some breakfast. It annoyed her that the only food in Hyunjoong's fridge were some eggs, leftovers and some orange juice. It was a good thing she found some rice and ramen in one of the storage cabinets. Buy groceries, she made a mental note.

When she was finished cooking her simple breakfast, she decided to wake the boys up. It shocked Hwangbo to find Hyunjoong already awake at that hour horsing around with Munhee.

“Omma!!” Munhee shouted with glee. “Good Morning!!”

He was now a happy child.

“Good Morning!”she smiled right back at the boy after peeling her eyes away from the smiling Hyunjoong.

“I made some breakfast. Let's eat?”, Hwangbo motioned for the two to join her in the kitchen.

Hyunjoong could not help but smile at the breakfast table. There was ramen, egg rolls and some sausages. It may not be ambrosia, but it did feel good to have someone take care of him like that.
The smell of Chinese food filled the entire apartment when Hyunjoong opened the door. It was already 7:45PM when he came home. He had been rushing the rest of SS501 to memorize the dance steps so that he can leave early. He wanted to be home for dinner.

“Ow...” was all Hwangbo could say when she saw Hyunjoong coming inside the main door. “I thought you had practice”

“We finished early”, he said his chest heaving from all the running he had to do and climbing of the stairs.

“I ordered Chinese, is that alright?”, she asked him when they were all settled on the dinner table.

“I bought Chinese, too.”, he smiled shyly knowing there was not any food to cook in his fridge. “Lunch?”, he mumbled.

“Hmm, what about it?”, Hwangbo asked

“What did you have for Lunch?”, he said after shoving a dumpling into his mouth.

“Fried Chicken”, Munhee answered for Hwangbo

“Hmmm?” Hyunjoong was confused as to where Hwangbo got the chicken from.

“Haneul. She sent us some lunch just when we were about to go out.” she explained.

Hyunjoong nodded ashamed that his friend remembered to send his family some food, but not him. He would thank Haneul later.

“Appa, Omma and me cleaned the house today. I helped you, didn't I, Omma?” Munhee announced proudly.

“Yes, you did”, she smiled at the child. “I hope you don't mind, I didn't really move anything in your room though”

“It's okay”, he answered. “But you did not have to do it.”

Hyunjoong started to worry that all the cleaning drained Hwangbo out.

“We enjoyed it. We really did!”, she answered in a cheerful voice, a glint of happiness in her eyes.

He let out a sigh of relief when he saw her smile.
It took forever for Munhee to eat. The child had a big appetite.

“Omo, I think I overworked my little man here” Hwangbo laughed as Munhee picked up another dumpling from the platter.

“I'm still hungry Omma!”, the boy said with his mouth still full.

His Omma and Appa burst out laughing at how cute he was.

“Here, here. Eat up!” Hyunjoong said affectionately adding another piece of meat into his plate.

Both of them watched as Munhee ate. Hwangbo stood up and gathered the empty plates on the table when Munhee took a sip of his juice and announced that he was full.

“Okay. You guys play while I wash the dishes”, she continued to gather the glasses.

“No, I'll do it”, Hyunjoong butted in, but Hwangbo would not let go of the empty glasses.

“It's alright”, she smiled, “I am the wife after all”, then winked at him.

Hyunjoong watched as she headed back to the kitchen. She was always natural and good at everything she did. And somehow, she was a natural at motherhood and a rather good wife. His heart thumped as her wink flashed inside his head. He was happy and he was starting to rekindle those feelings he had for her again.

'It's all Jaejoong's fault', he muttered under his breath. He let his eyes wander to where Munhee sat then to the kitchen sink where Hwangbo was washing the dishes, he then smiled wryly thinking maybe his friend's suggestion was not so bad after all.

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Mistake Number Three

author's note: happy easter everyone!!!!

erm, i feel guilty for not continuing Playing House, i just have not constructed and gathered my thoughts on how to continue that one yet. but i promise, i will TRY my best to finish that..

THIS IS FOR CHYME31 & AZURA147: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRETTY LADIES!! (well, belated for chyme31--better late than never...) i wrote another yunbo fic, but it's not done, i hope this one would do...
Hwangbo lies motionlessly still on her side. She dared not to open her eyes for she knew she could not take the heavy scent of regret she might smell once she realizes where she had spent the night in, and most of all with whom she spent it with. She tried to calm her breathing and get a feel of the room. It was unfamiliar, but not the kind that gives her the chills nor did she sense fear rising in her stomach. It was the kind of unfamiliarity she likes, like the rush of a sudden adventure. It was in fact vibrant and refreshing. There was also that comfortable warmth enveloping her. It was not like the warmth brought by the thickest comforters on a chilly day, it was more like a soothing lukewarm liquid that easily glides on the throat passing off warmth on every inch of the soul down to the heart. That comfortable warmth she noticed was from the other person she shared this bed with. His skin was soft, and the arm that snaked around her bare flat belly was stronger than she remembered. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing as he exhaled.

Hwangbo lies motionlessly still on her side unable to form a coherent thought, still weighing the odds if she decides not to get up from that bed and leave.

Hyunjoong mindlessly tightens his grip around the other person's waist rubbing his palm on a smooth silky patch of her skin. He dared not to open his eyes for he did not want to be overwhelmed by regret knowing he has broken his management's rules and in the process breaking his own rules. It was a struggle to keep his breathing normal as his fears started to rise. But, there was a magical power in the warmth being emitted by the other person in bed with him that erases all doubts and fears. He could feel his heart starting to beat in that slow and steady rhythm as her chest rose and fell with every breath she took.

Hyunjoong mindlessly tightens his grip around the other person's waist trying to rack his brain to formulate a decision that could either break or make him.

It started the night before at Crown J's birthday party and album launch. He was known for his extravagant and lavish parties. Almost all his friends and former colleagues were there to celebrate with him. That was where Crown J unintentionally reunited the infamous Ssangchu couple.

The dance floor was packed and everyone was sweaty and slightly intoxicated. It wouldn't be a Fly Boy party without dropping cool beats and passing around expensive alcoholic concoction.

Hwangbo found herself trapped between intoxicated Oppas on the dance floor trying to make her dance and sway to their drunken rhythm, and so she started to dance her way out of the circle. Soon enough, she was pushed to another circle of youngsters more drunk than those Oppas. She was supposed to just enjoy a night of dancing after Seo Inyoung's nagging about going to the party, but it looks as though people were not cooperating with her. She rolled her eyes when she realized the bar was the only place that was not fully packed.

She did not plan to get drunk that night until Hyunjoong chose to sit on the stool beside her. Hell, she needed some sort of push or courage to be able to just sit there and converse with him without having her heart burst out of her chest.

Hyunjoong was tired, dead tired, but he had always liked his Crown J Hyung. He was nice to him and took care of him during their WGM days. So, he found himself swimming through the huge crowd.

"Hyung", he called out as Crown J passed by.

"Yaaah, you came. Thanks, Dude!!", the celebrant answered then did that handshake thing with Hyunjoong.

"She's here somewhere, Hyunjoong.." the older man whispered teasing and informing Hyunjoong all at the same time.

Hyunjoong knew exactly who his Hyung was talking about. There was only one person he seemed to be always looking for. Hwangbo Hyejung. His Buin.

He tried to search for her everywhere that night, but she was nowhere to be found. He even thought Crown J was just messing with his head. Perhaps, he was infected by Seo Inyoung's sardonic sense of humor. Just as he was ready to sit it out and grab a much needed drink, he found her. She sat at the bar chatting happily with the bartender. He gathered all his strength to walk up to the bar and sit beside her.

The conversation was modest as they both tried to hide the excitement, overwhelming happiness and striking fear all cooking down at the pit of their stomachs. It began with the usual Hi-Hello-How-are-you conversations, but they started talking more not minding the time or circumstances.

Somehow, both of them could not get drunk despite the number of bottles of beer they had consumed, so they ended up pretending to be drunk just to hide the shyness.

"Let's dance", Hwangbo's words slurred a bit, almost annoyed at herself for the sudden act of courage. Hyunjoong eagerly nodded.

'It's alright. He thinks I am drunk', she told herself.

Hyunjoong grabbed her by the waist and started grinding to the fast beat, 'It's okay... She thinks I am drunk', he thought.

Hwangbo was shocked at his sudden bold move, but she was a bit glad. She knew he could never do such thing unless he was drunk.

One thing led to another. Both ended up in the same hotel room, in the same bed, under the same blanket.

Now, Hwangbo started blinking her eyes. The sun has not risen yet, there was enough time for her to escape into the darkness quietly, but her body did not want to get up and she knew her heart would break if she left as if nothing happened, because her heart was sure there was something more than just the wild passionate coupling.

Hyunjoong's arms felt heavy, as if it were locked around her waist. He could have easily took his arms around the sleeping figure and continue pretending he was asleep, but if she leaves, his heart would never beat normally again and he would continue to wonder and wander around asking questions and continue to regret as he did during their farewell.

Hwangbo stirred a bit as if saying she was awake now and ready to leave if he took his arms around her waist. Her heart raced as she waited for his response.

Hyunjoong started to worry when she moved. He knew she was awake and ready to live once he unlocks his grasp. He had to decide now.

And so, he did.

Hwangbo waited for him to take his arms. It was a merciless torture for her.

Hyunjoong moved a bit, but instead of letting her go, he tightened his grip and pulled her closer. So much closer that his bare chest was touching the soft skin of her exposed back and his nose was buried under locks of her sweet smelling hair. He could not let her go, not this time, not anymore.

Hwangbo tensed up. She was surprised with his sudden motion. She was emotionally prepared to leave already, but obviously, Hyunjoong would not let her go. Truth is, both of them could not let go of each other. She knew she had to respond. Hwangbo leaned on him, letting her back rest on his chest. She was not going anywhere anytime soon. Her lips curved into a small smile. She was happy.

As she leaned on him, Hyunjoong let out a deep sigh of relief. He buried his head deeper until his lips found the back of her neck. He gave her a small peck as if thanking her for deciding to stay despite the odds they will be facing later on.

It was a mistake, and they both know that, but they linger on and let sleep take over because they want to stay in each others arms maybe just for today, maybe until forever.

There are mistakes in life they find themselves yearning to commit again.

And for this pair, mistake number one is joining We Got Married, number two is falling madly, deeply in love with each other. And this thing that they just did and decided to do is in fact mistake number three.

But just like mistake numbers one and two, they knew they'd do all three mistakes all over again.