2/3 The Power of Two…or Three

I tend to break lots of promises, do I? Perhaps that should be one of my New Year's resolutions.

Anyway, here's 2/3.. VERY RAW AND UNEDITED... and senseless..

Somebody (you know who you are) said, it was not connected to 'COOL' at all, *rolls eyes*, she's absolutely right.. No connection at all.. I'll try to make 3/3 better and connected to 2/3..

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The world seemed to have blacked out. There was nothing you can see, it was all dim and dark. You were desperate to swim out from the eluding darkness, like a fish trying to make its way back into the tank. You tried to open your eyes, hoping to see some light.

There wasn’t much you can remember except that you were running and doing some high kicks followed by a pain so sharp you winced. It was not something you experienced before. The world became blurry. All you remember hearing last was a scream from one of the stuntmen, “Blood!! Hwangbossi is bleeding!! She’s bleeding..”. At that moment, you thought, “How can I be bleeding?”

Soon, red and blue lights pierced through the heavy mist. People were running around, even Choi Hongwon, who always seemed calm and collected, was panic stricken. But how can he be not, when you, his only talent and most precious friend, was lying on the cold cemented street somewhere in Seoul, almost passed out with blood gushing and flowing down your legs. Even with eyes half closed, you swear you could see tears coming out from his worried eyes, “Don’t cry, Oppa”, you wanted to say, but no words came out of your mouth as another wave of pain came piercing through your stomach.
The words that the doctor said did not seem to sink in until you were in your room, sitting on the bed, facing the bright warm sunshine flowing freely through the big glass windows.

“You were lucky”, he said, “You almost lost her… or him”

“If you are not careful in the future, you just might lose the baby.”, he added.

But what he meant, you did not understand, until you touched your stomach. It seemed surreal and utterly stupid, but for a moment or two, you were able to make a connection with your unborn child—the baby you almost lost a few hours earlier.

It only registered now, and it made you fearful and sad. You could’ve lost her. You could’ve had a miscarriage.

You touched your stomach again, stroking it gently.

“It’s just you and me, buddy, so you gotta hang in there for mommy..”, you whispered with tears about to roll down your cheeks.

Your phone vibrated, it was a message from Hongwon.

You smiled, then called him, “Oppa, it’s not your fault, but thank you---for everything.”

You could not see it, but you knew he was smiling, relieved that you were fine, happy that his future niece or nephew is safe.

“She’s inside… Please go in..”, you heard him say to perhaps a guest. Perhaps it was Euni or Shimty.

After straightening yourself up and running your fingers through your hair, you touched your belly again. “We’re gonna be okay.. We’re gonna be fine.. I’m here for you, baby. You and Mommy are gonna be fine. There’s two of us now..”

“No..”, Hyunjoong spoke from the doorway. He walked towards you, letting the door close by itself. He raised his hand then wiped the tears rolling down your cheeks, “You’re wrong. There are three of us now, Hyejung.”

He gently pulled you into his warm embrace. You stayed in his protective arms for a long time.

Hyunjoong untangled his arms around you and made you sit back on the hospital bed. He reached out to touch your belly.

“You’re gonna be okay.. You’re gonna fine..”, he said, talking to his unborn child. He took your hand and placed it on top of your belly, “Mommy and Daddy are here for you, baby.”

He looked lovingly into your eyes, as if making a promise. “I will be here for you and Mommy..”, he said, then smiled.

“We’ll be fine..”, he said, reassuring you then patted your tummy gently, “There are three of us now.”


1/3 COOL

Yikes! I’m back. Haha.. Is anybody still here? Well, I hope so. Otherwise, I’d be very sadface and sulky if y’all left me.

This is a 3 part fic, not necessarily co-related, but I’d like to think they are. So, if you don’t see any connections, uhm, let’s just say and pretend that there is.

Based on my twitter ‘chatters’, I’ve noticed ‘crazy fangirls’(pointing fingers at Naomz, Bebe and Azra) are fighting over Yunho the past few days. If he can’t be Hwangbo Unnie’s, U Know he belongs to me… LOL..

So here, a semi-YunBo—JoongBo—YunBru(??!!!!) fic..

Hope y’all like it and get the gist.. Been listening to Gwen Stefani’s Cool recently and this is another product of Wild Fancy Party imaginings…

I’m done with 2/3, but not 3/3. All I need is to edit 2/3 and we’re good to go/post. So, expect updates within the next few days/weeks.

You picked up the trail of your midnight blue gown and gathered all sorts of courage you have left. It would be really immature of you if you looked away and pretended you did not see him.
He was after all the most handsome man on that dance floor. Plus, he obviously saw you and the boy was kind enough to acknowledge you despite the bad ending.

“Annyeonghaseyo..”, you greeted him after taking a few steps.

“I thought you said we’d drop the formalities, Noona..”, the tense, heavy rain cloud between the two of you was replaced by pure sunshine when his face lit up. It was a pretty sight to behold—his eyes sinking in and completely disappearing when he smiled.

You huffed. Of course, it was your suggestion to drop formalities—you should not have been shocked. He, after all, graciously accepted your decision when you wanted to end things with him. He was a bright and open minded kid, and it was a shame that you used him as a rebound. He has been hopelessly in love with you since Choongjae introduced you to each other. You don’t know whether it was because your heart was broken by another kid at that time or was it his persistence that you decided to finally accept his love.

He smirked, “You look beautiful—as always, Noona.”

You blushed. You knew he was not trying to win you over, his compliments were always sincere. That’s who he is.

“Why, thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself..”, you joked, he was and will always be a stunner.

“How have you been doing, soon to be Mrs. Kim?”, he asked in a whisper.

“Yaaah..”, your eyes almost popped out of their sockets. You swore you weren’t wearing any rings that night and you don’t remember making any announcements unless you soon to be better half went bragging again.

“Don’t panic.. If you don’t remember, let me remind you again, I am very good in keeping secrets..”, he joked, making it evident what a good sport he was.

You felt relieved and at the same time happy that despite the sad separation, you still remain friends, you still remain ‘cool’.

It amused you to see that he was not fussing up all over you like he used to, instead his eyes were fixed elsewhere. You tried to follow his gaze. You were not sure if it was the dark-skinned girl in pale yellow dress that took almost all his attention. You looked at him again—his eyebrows furrowed. A worried look on his face. The girl smiled sheepishly back at him, trying to keep her balance as she walked towards you.

“Darn shoes..”, she muttered under her breath and smiled shyly at you.
The man across you took her arm to support her as she tried to stand upright after losing her balance again.

“Sorry, did I cut in your conversation? I didn’t mean to be rude..”, the girl, obviously younger than you and with her accent and constant stammering, you knew she was not from Korea, apologized.

“Mian.. I should not have asked you to wear those shoes. I should have listened to you.. Mian..”, he said apologetically, wrapping his arms around the other lady’s waist to support her as she chuckled.

“You owe me!”, she just said, “Wait, you haven’t introduced me to your friend.. Although there’s really no need for introductions ‘cause I am a big fan..”

“You’re more beautiful in person than what my friends said..”, she told you.

You watched as he laughed heartily over his girlfriend’s fangirling. Watching him looking lovingly at her made you sigh. It’s good to see him now with someone else. It’s good to see him now fussing and taking care of someone else. It’s such a miracle that you and him remain good friends. After all that you and him have been through, you knew you’re ‘cool’.

You were happy for him because you knew he was happy for you. You used to think it was impossible, but time always kills the pain. You’ve both changed, but somehow, you were still the same. You guys were cool and that was enough.

“I saw you with Yunho earlier…” Hyunjoong said, cutting in your thoughts.

You nodded with a smile on your face. “Yeah..”, you sighed.

“So?”, he asked, waiting for you to say your piece. This time, he seemed patient, not a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“So, we remain to be good friends.. Besides, he seems very happy and in love with his new girl. He completely ignored me in front of her..”, you snorted.

Hyunjoong rolled his eyes, “He ignored you? Good..”

“I told him I proposed and you accepted… You should start wearing your ring..”, he continued to mumble while maneuvering the steering wheel.