Untitled Yet Again

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(As told by someone... Let the WFP imaginations enter..)

Today, I realized something.

Even idols as popular as Kim Hyun Joong have bad days.

'Bad' is an understatement.

He came in late and looking like a dishevelled lettuce-his hair was uncombed, his clothes seemed like they were unironed. He looked like a man who just woke up, got in his car and went to work.

From afar, you can't even tell if he is the Kim Hyun Joong.

You know when you go party the previous night and had too much to drink but need to go to work early the next day, that's exactly how he looked like when I saw him walking towards the practice room. It's surprising that he didn't wreak of alcohol. And no, he didn't go clubbing; no, he didn't drink; no, he definitely is not drunk.

I had to pick up all my courage as I went through his schedule with him. He looked like he was gonna snare at me or bite my head off. He looked grumpy and lost.

When the recording for his new song started, he was so out of touch. We had to go on break 5 times. I am not complaining here, but it just seems weird. He was out of tune, and again, out of tune is an understatement. He kept forgetting the lyrics until we had to pack up and go to dance practice.

'What's wrong with him?', I kept asking the manager. Hyung just shrugged, sighed and shook his head. He was as confused as I and the rest of the staff.

Dance practice was no different. He fell thrice, he stepped on the female dancer's toes 4 times and forgot the dance routine err, 7, 8, 9 times?

The man's up to something (or maybe down with something). And I just felt like I needed to talk to him.

I handed him his water bottle as he sat on the corner, perspiring and catching his breath. 'Been a rough day, huh?!', I asked. He looked up at me and just nodded.

'Dude, what's wrong? You're acting a bit strange?', I pressed on.

'Nothing..', he answered.

'You sure? Just the other day, you hit the right notes to that new song perfectly. You memorized the dance routines even better than the choreographer. You were giving suggestions to the band, you were high 5ing with the dancers, teasing the ladies, giving out bottled waters to the staff, but now you look like you're ready to give up. Is it dysmennorhea? Menopause?' I quipped, his expression was dark, serious, I had to make a joke.

He smirked then gave me a sad smile. He was staring into space again. 'I don't know, dude', he started talking. 'I'm not sure what I am doing anymore. I have lots of money now and I have everything I want and more. But when it comes to the things I need, I always have to compromise. I just woke up alone today and started to question the reasons why I am working so hard for. Dude, why am I doing all these?', he asked, then stood up and went back to practicing his dance routines.

Hyun Joong's phone vibrated in my pocket as I waited for him to finish his shower and take him home for the night. I smiled as I saw who it was from. His reminder, his reason, his great big push to work hard, do his best and become a better person.

He was in the back seat of his van when I handed him his schedule and his phone. 'You have a message, by the way.'

'And oh, Mr. Kim, you have nothing on your plate tomorrow.', I reminded him.

He looked at his phone and read his message.

And, just like in the movies, a smile slowly lit up his gloomy features. It was like a single ray of summer sunshine piercing through the heavy rain clouds. It was magnificent. And even a more awesome miracle to behold.

I revved up the engine then asked with a naughty smile, 'Where should I take you, Sir?'

Hyun Joong looked at me and let out a hearty laugh. 'Her place, Sir. And thanks!'

Today, I realized idols become confused and start forgetting their reasons for doing what they do. But then, all they need is a little reminder.