Doodles: One Kiss Away

Hmmm, it's Ssangchu's Anniversary, right?? (First aired on May 11, 2008) Can't believe it's been 3 years and they still have super loyal followers.. ^_______^

Another Doodle that I stumbled upon. Tried to finish it with a bang--FAIL!


"I'm gonna kiss you now..", she said nervously, as she rubbed her palms on the side for her pink mini dress.

He took a glance at her, a wry smile forming on his lips.

The room grew silent as three pairs of eyes (cameraman, lights man and another assistant) anxiously waited for his next move, but as always he was his mischievous, competitive self again. Besides, it was a test, he was testing her. He knew well enough that she was as competitive as he was and that she was going do it anyway, what he wanted to see was her reaction, how nervous she was going to get, how fast her heart will beat, how loud the thumping would be. But at that very moment, he did not know if it was her heart pounding ever so loudly, or was it his.

She moved forward.. ‘She’s gonna do it..’, he thought, swallowing the lump on his throat.

She carefully lifted her hands and tucked the loose strands of his hair behind his ear. ‘She is really going to do it’, he said to himself.

And he waited, it seemed like an eternity before she leaned closer to him.

He could feel her warmth breath now—tickling his nape, caressing his jaw.

Her balmy hands now touching his cheek.

She leaned closer, a little closer now.

‘She is going to kiss me..’, he thought, “She is really going to kiss me…’

But she seemed to jerk away, like she was not going to do it, like she was going to back out.

He panicked, thoughts ran through his head. He wanted her to kiss him. He wanted it so badly like it was the one thing that would save him from the fires of hell.

He panicked and thought, if she isn’t going to do it, he will.

And before she realized what he was doing, he pressed his cheek towards her, towards her puckered lips.

The kiss—weird, unromantic, awkward, because that was how they are--awkward.

She kissed him, she kissed his cheek—their first kiss..

He smiled, he gloated, he was full of pride.

He never really expected it, he never really thought that heaven was just one kiss away…

Doodles: Swept Away

It's been a really long time.. So long that I have forgotten how to do this (post an entry).. I am growing old and weary.. LOL..

Anyway, it's just one of those days when I dig through stuff and find unfinished fics. This is one of my doodles from a long time ago.. It's a part of a longer fic that I could no longer finish because oh well, I don't know how to do this anymore..

Hope people still come here to read..


He drummed his fingers on the coffee table. Impatience consuming his very being. But then there’s nervousness and excitement, too. It was making him crazy and eager. He wondered if his EQ was being affected by this thing he put himself in (because he did feel like a child put under a marshmallow test).

And it wasn't helping that he was confined in the waiting room and forced to wait with a bunch of crew and a cameraman (who has his handy camera focusing solely on his awfully nervous and jittery face).

"Buin!", he called out so unexpectedly one of the staff almost tripped.

"Buin, come out!!", he said again, perhaps forgetting where he was and that he was being filmed. Because all he needed was for her to come out, all he needed was to see her. And this that he is doing right now is torture.

He was pretty lived a pretty busy and hectic life, but Tuesdays was something different to him. There's a different rush, a different sort of feeling that washes all over him.

"Shillang, I'm coming out now!", a voice from the other room announced—this was his answer, the one he has been waiting for for 18 minutes and 42 seconds (which to him felt like three Tuesdays of not seeing each other).

And just like in the movies, the white sliding doors opened in the most dramatic kind of way.

And, there she stood, like a Goddess that she is.. The Divinity that she has always been..

And just like in the movies, he sat there, barely breathing, in a wonderful daze.

And just like in the movies, when the Prince sees his Princess, the Prince was swept away without a warning.

The beauty before him, wearing the wedding dress that he handpicked, was no Princess, but a Queen.

He looked at her without blinking. Like night when the morning begins the day, he was swept away.