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This fic is long overdue. This was supposed to be a birthday fic, but things and certain circumstances (*ahem* wanting to get married at 36 *ahem*) just happened.

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She quietly observed as the silhouette of a man fumbled in front of her parents’ bedroom. The lights inside the house had been switched off, only the faint moonlight illuminated the small, but pleasant and cozy home of the HwangBo’s.

The family’s youngest and only daughter woke up upon hearing the rustling noises from the corridor. She had always been a light sleeper and the faintest noise from what seemed to be chinaware clanging did not escape her sensitive ears.

Although she could not see the man’s face, she knew from his stocky build and the way his shoulders squared that that man was her father.

Hyejung quietly watched through her slightly opened bedroom door, wondering what he was doing.

Her Appa seemed to be balancing a tray in his hands. Before entering the bedroom, he lit a candle which was on top of a small slice of cake.

Of course. It was her mother’s thirtieth birthday.

As the door creaked open, he started singing.

“Saeng-il Chukhahamnida… Saeng-il Chukhahamnida…”

His gruff, booming voice filled the corridor and slowly faded as he entered the room.

Hyejung could see her mother rubbing the sleep off her eyes, her sleepy face transforming into a beautiful smile.

Her mother put her hands together in delight, and looked at her father with so much love and happiness in her eyes.

Her Omma had a certain glow, something that was not caused by the brilliant moonlight nor the yellow light from the candle. It was a glow only love can cause or bring.

“Happy Birthday, Mrs. HwangBo!”, her Appa said after his song, then put the cake on his wife’s lap., “Make a wish..”

She smiled, closed her eyes and blew the candle. She sighed as she rested her head on Hyejung’s Appa’s shoulder, “You know Yeobo, I already got everything I wished for on my previous birthdays. Although, we are not rich and only have enough, I am happy because I have been so blessed—two lovely and healthy children, a cozy and comfortable home, and a husband I love and loves me back.. How could I be selfish and ask for more?”

“I love you Yeobo..”, Hyejung’s Appa quietly declared.

Hyejung looked on, enjoying the sight of her parents. Admiring her Appa’s love for his family, for her Omma.

She closed her eyes that night and kneel in prayer by her bedside.

“Dear God, When I reach thirty years old, please send me a man who will love me and make me happy just like you sent my Appa to my Omma. God, like Omma, I do not wish to be rich. Having enough would be fine, but I hope I would be blessed enough to find a man like my Appa who loves his family, who works hard for his family, who loves his wife and makes her the happiest woman on earth. Amen.”


Hyejung was awaken by the creaking sound of her bedroom door. The silhouette of a stocky, now balding man entered balancing a tray with a small round cake in his hands.

His Appa cleared his throat, smiled widely and started singing, “Saeng-il Chukhahamnida… Saeng-il Chukhahamnida… Saeng-il Chukha Princess Hyejung… Saeng-il Chukhahamnida…”

“Happy 30th Birthday, my princess..”, he said then kissed his daughter on the cheek.

Hyejung’s face gleamed, grateful for the love his Appa has for her, “Thank you, Appa..”

“Make a wish and blow your candle.” He said after putting the cake on her daughter’s lap.

Just as Hyejung closed her eyes, her father quickly stood up, “Wait, wait. I forgot something..”

He made his way out of the bedroom. Hyejung looked at him, confused.

He came back with a huge bouquet in his arms. Her Appa handed them to her and picked out a piece of paper from his back pocket.

“Here..”, he said.

Hyejung opened the letter and smiled as she looked at the familiar strokes.

Her heart started jumping up and down as she read the letter.

Jungie, the things that I am about to say to you might be a little embarrassing. Honestly, I always thought I did not have the right to love you. Even when I first met you, I did not have the confidence. All I did was worry about this and that. But as time passed, I must have gotten used to our precious time together. Please always be by my side looking at me and trusting me. I love you. *

'He did not forget after all.', she thought.

Her tears were about to fall when her father interrupted her thoughts, “That kid came here at exactly midnight, but you were sleeping, so he did not want to wake you up. He sat outside with me. He wanted to wait until you woke up, but he had to work. Hyejungah, I think you just made a man out of that kid..”

“He loves you, I can see that..”, her Appa added.

“You think so, Appa?”, she asked.

Mr. HwangBo gave her a reassuring smile and nodded, “He does, my princess. He does..”

Hyejung smiled at her father, “Appa, I do not need to make a wish.. All my prayers have been answered. How could I be selfish and ask for more..”

Her Appa laughed, “You sound just like your mother.. Well, you still need to blow your candle..”

She smiled and did as she was told.

Her Appa patted her head and made his way out. He suddenly looked back at her, “By the way, the kid.. errr.. Kim Hyunjoong just asked for your hand in marriage. I said I will have to think about it..”


The sound of chinaware clanging woke her up again. The faint light from a single candle illuminated two smiling faces by her side of the bed.

The man started singing and the little boy followed after his father’s cue.

“Saeng-il Chukhahamnida… Saeng-il Chukhahamnida… Saeng-il Chukha Hyejungah.. Omma… Saeng-il Chukhahamnida…”

“Happy 36th Birthday, Mrs. Kim!!”, the man greeted her.

“Blow your candle, Omma!!”, the little boy, a carbon copy of his father, urged her on.

Hyejung nodded and closed her eyes, ‘I have everything I wished for..’, she looked at Hyunjoong, then at their son, ‘And more.. So, how can I be selfish and ask for more??!’, she happily thought.

She closed her eyes again and silently prayed.

‘Thank you for everything..’, she quietly whispered and blew her candle.
It sucked, right??! :-(

*Mature lyrics (??!) -- I could not recall for the life of me, but I am pretty sure this was what Hyunjoong said after singing Falling Slowly under the Peach tree, his special event for HwangBo..

Two Can Play That Game

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Hwangbo lets the bitter liquid slide down her throat, feeling the heat it emulates on the long tunnel until it stings and burns her soul a bit. She somehow thought she needed it, for courage and the stomach to face him.

The rustling of the keys and squeaking of the door was her signal. It was time. He was home or at least that’s what it was for a couple of months or so. She stood up from the blood red couch and put the wine glass on top of the clear glass table.

She feels her spirit quiver in fear, but it was too late to turn back now.

Hyunjoong entered the door looking like a zombie—his hair disheveled, his face pale and there were dark circles under his eyes.

She walks over to him like a good wife does when her husband comes home from work and settles inside his embrace when he opened his arms to hug her.

Hwangbo feels the hairs on the back of her neck stand. It used to be an exciting new feeling when he hugged her like that, but now, all she felt was anger, spite, deep loathing. Her tears were about to slide down her cheeks, but she held her breath and held them in.

‘For the sake of my pride’, she thought.

She wiggled her way out of his embrace when she thought her lungs were about to give up, sputtering the first excuse she could think of.

“Have you eaten?”, she asked and turned towards the kitchen.

“I prepared dinner, but it has gone cold”, she continued, “Let me heat it up for you. Just rest there for awhile.”

The silence made it possible for her to relax, but when she realized he was watching her intently as she moved behind the counters, her muscles started to tense up a bit.

‘So, what did you do today?’, she wanted so badly to ask him in a tone full of sarcasm and mockery, but she did not, knowing his answer was going to be a candy-coated lie.

Hyunjoong cleared his throat and spoke first, “We were busy filming today..”

“Hyungjun came over at the location..”, you wince in pain when you heard him recite his lie.

“He was busy with his radio program and some shows in Japan and Taiwan..”, he continued

You did not want to hear anymore of his lie, but you stayed quiet and pretended to listen.

The truth was Hyungjun came over that afternoon to return several things he borrowed from Hyunjoong. He stayed for about an hour to chat and have tea with his favorite Noona. Hwangbo wanted him to stay for dinner, but he declined the offer saying he had to catch be at the radio station for some meeting. He even left a note on top of the stuff he returned, thanking his Hyung and apologizing for not returning it in person since they have not seen each other for a month or so.

The ting of the microwave stopped Hyunjoong from spouting more of his lies.

After spooning in more rice into his mouth, he began talking again, this time about Jaejoong.

“Jaejoong-ah, he invited me to drink with him earlier. I guess he’s having some relationship problems with the Japanese model he’s dating”, he said.

This time Hwangbo had to turn away. She could not believe how easy it was for him to say those lies to her face. She breathed in and out, trying hard to relax and not to lose grip.

“Sincha?”, she asked, “But I read somewhere that he was really happy with the model..”

Jaejoong was indeed really happy with his model friend, very happy that he called earlier that evening to tell his friend and announce that he was proposing to her and was flying off to Japan that evening. His voice message was still stored on their phone.

“He was just having some problems, that’s why he invited me for a couple of drinks..”, he added to his pile of lies.

Hwangbo stood up, enraged. But she knew better than to get mad. She had to get even.

After washing the dishes and putting everything away, she immediately took a quick bath and made a few phone calls.

It took an hour for Hyunjoong to finally notice that his wife had gone missing after clearing the table. She was no longer in the kitchen and was definitely done taking a shower.

He found her sitting in front of her vanity, applying some make-up. He watched her put on the reddest of lipstick, something he has never seen her wear before.

“Are you going out?”, he asked her.

She smiled and confidently answered, “Aniya!! How can a married woman go out and party at this time of the night? What will the people say?”

She adjusted the thin straps of her gray dress, “Can you zip me up?”

Although he did not like how short the dress was and how deep the neckline plunged, he helped her zip up anyway.

He watched her curiously as she wandered inside the adjacent bedroom looking for her pumps.

“The PD of Storm called me up, he said we have to film some scenes again for the episode and the Producer wanted some changes.”, she explained, surprised at how easily the lie slipped through her tongue.

Hwangbo kissed her husband on the cheek, doing that made her want to puke, but she had to get her act together.

“Don’t wait up for me. I might not be able to come home until tomorrow afternoon.”, she said before closing the door.

Hyunjoong stood by the large windows in the dark living room, wondering why a Rolls-Royce Phantom was parked on their driveway.

He saw a slim feminine figure approach the tall man clad in an expensive looking suite. The man took her hand and led her inside the luxury car.

He watched as the Phantom sped away, then it deemed upon him that it was his wife who rode inside the car with some man.

The silence was disturbed by the loud ringing of a cell phone. It was not his, but he picked it up anyway.

“Hyejung-ah, don’t do it.. Even if your husband is cheating on you, you do not have to stoop so low. Just don’t do it Hyejung-ah..”, the voice on the other line was about to say something else, but Hyunjoong ended the call.

His heart raced, his palms were sweaty. A bead of sweat trickled on his forehead, his guilt was sending shivers through his spine.

“She knows..”, he thought, his brain was panic-stricken, “My wife knows..”

His wife, Hwangbo, knows of his infidelity, and now, she was out to get her revenge.

He could not believe it. Hyunjoong looked around, he needed some sort of confirmation.

He noticed the flickering light of their home phone, he pushed the play button of the answering machine. In a matter of seconds, Jaejoong’s gruff voice filled the room.

Hyunjoong’s fear was realized.

On a stool beside the phone were piles of clothes, a note was placed on top. It was the note from Hyungjun.

That was it. A surge of guilt raced through his veins.

He closed his eyes, imagining the pain he could have caused his wife. All the struggle and trials they went through to fight for their relationship will go to waste. The silent declarations of love, their happy moments together, their plans of starting a family together, the dreams they dreamed together are all going down the drain, and it was all because of him, his lies, and his infidelity.

Hwangbo opened her eyes. The arms draped around her did not feel familiar, it was uncomfortable even. She looked at the other man’s jawline, his face, his brows—they were entirely different from the face she was used to.

For a moment, she realized what she was doing was wrong, that there was a better way to handle this. But the anger and deep loathing she felt for him was more powerful. The hate brewing up in the pit of her stomach was reaching the boiling point. To her, he was filthy and lesser than the pus that infects the mucus, that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum*.

The other man held her tightly. And, she knew she was no better than Hyunjoong for doing this. But she has gone too far, and she definitely can’t go back now.

She sighed. She was no longer mad at him, besides what good will hating do. It’s not the time to get mad, it’s time to get even**.
* from My Best Friend's Wedding
**from First Wive's Club


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Hyunjoong grunts as he pulls his pants up and buttons his fly. It was 3AM, and he just made it back home from another long taping session.

He snorts as four pairs of animal eyes watch him dress up. If all four of their pets combined could talk, they would probably be mocking him without end.

“What are you guys looking at?”, he whispers under his breath, trying to be as careful as possible not to wake up the evil temptress who easily fell asleep after insisting that he go back down to his car to get her presents and buy fresh vegetables and one huge, live lobster for lunch with her Moohan friends, or else he could not sleep in their bed.

He forces himself out of the door and shrugs. He never should have opened his mouth, he never should have boasted that he knew where to get those lobsters, and he never should have mentioned the presents and random things he bought for her and stocked in his card.

He should have known better. After all, they have living together for almost a year now and have been dating nearly two years.

He looked back at the closed apartment door and wonders, “Where did that innocent angel run off to??”

He never would have asked her to do those aegyos if he knew she will be using those against him in the future.

Just last week, he was forced to sleep on the floor while her two cats, her dog and his dog slept comfortably in their warm bed because she said the floor was too cold for them to sleep on. The other month, he was forced to stay in a hotel for two days because she had her period and did not want to see his face. The month before that she convinced him to sing an action folk song in a gathering she organized with her friends. And just last February, he handed out flowers and chocolates to single women donning a Winnie the Pooh costume just because she wanted to make them happy.

And all these things he had to do because he loved her and because he wanted to keep her insanely happy, just as insanely happy as he gets when he sees her smile or laugh.

It was nearly morning when he finally brought in every last piece of item she demanded from him. He struggled to maintain his balance as he opened the door.

The rich, lovely aroma of brewed coffee greeted him as he entered the kitchen. There she was clad in her lavender apron over her white nighties, waiting behind the kitchen counter. In front of her were his favorite dishes, all skillfully prepared.

“Good morning, Shillang”, she purred.

As if in a trance, Hyunjoong came over after dropping everything on the coffee table. She smiled when she saw him approaching and leaned over to kiss him full on the lips.

All the pain he went through earlier to fulfill her whims and desires went poof! as the kiss intensified.

Hwangbo was a manipulator, a devious, smart one, and Hyunjoong lets her manipulate him because the love he receives from her is so worth everything else.

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I know Hwangbo Unnie probably has everything she needs, but for her birthday we (my evil sole sisters--bee, pam, mar--and I) put our heads together and came up with a little something for the woman we have a girl crush on. It was difficult trying to coordinate because we are from different islands, but I am proud to say, WE WERE ABLE TO DO IT!!! *pats the evil sole sisters on the back*

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HwangBo is ... (IV)

a STAR...

HwangBo is... (III)


Magazine Cover (from LvK2010)

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In all his 25 years here on earth, he never knew greeting someone a simple, Hello could be so damn awkward, especially since the other person barely responded. She looked at him straight in the eyes, a mug expression overshadowed whatever emotion she hid deep inside her being.

The weight of her stare could have caused Atlas to shrug.

He dropped the hand that waved awkwardly at her to his side, feeling stupid and clumsy.

As the white walls of the room closed in on the both of the, he desperately felt the need to escape. The atmosphere between them was intense even when nothing was said, but a mere, Hello.

He stole glances at her. She seemed to be glowing today. Her rich, warm complexion and the pink tinge on her cheeks were enough to lure him back to the abyss he thought he was trapped in.

His arms fell languidly to his sides, the sudden urge to hug her was making him lose the fourth world war he blatantly caused.

He broke up with her, and with that he broke her heart when she least expected, when all the while she thought they were happy.

He could have done better, but he went on with the typical break up line, ‘It’s not you, it’s me..”, and it pissed her off so much and tore her into tiny fragments.

Now, he was wading in the familiar sea, he never should have left in the first place.

Winning back her heart, her trust, all of her was his only option and biggest challenge.

But even before he could open his mouth to ask her how she was doing, the loud ringing of her cellphone stopped his attempt.

“Yoboseyo…”, she answered, her eyes dancing and twinkling in delight.

Seeing her react that way hurt him. He used to be the only single being who had that effect on her. Now, someone else made her eyes dance and twinkle. Someone else made her blush profusely. And, that someone was not him.

“I’m coming. Wait a second!”, she excitedly turned around. The hem of her long summer dress flowed as she moved, brushing the leg of his pants lightly. She exited the small room without looking back at him, not even once.

His gaze followed her direction. He hears her amused giggles and happy clapping when she sees the person she was supposed to meet.

He peeks through the half opened door. His heart cracks ever so slowly, letting him experience the pain she might have felt the day he ended their relationship.

His heart slipped through his very hands and was sent shattering into a million pieces on the floor as he watched another man holding her tightly by the waist, kissing her tenderly on her tinted cheeks.

She rested her head on the other man’s shoulders and gave out a loud sigh, hugging back the other man.

He closed his eyes, bathing only in the purest of pain.

And as if his punishment was not enough, he hears her clearing her throat and speaking.

“Thank you, Brian-ssi. Thank you for always being there, waiting patiently by my side. Thank you for loving me so much… Let’s give it a try..”, she said, “Let’s give this a try…”

He stood there hoping he could forget. He stood there hoping to kill his memory. Perhaps without them, the pain would dissipate, disappear in thin air.

Motherhood (by Pam)

Note: This was written by my Evil (and Perviest) Little Sole Sister, Pammy.. (Look Bee, she's joined our bandwagon!!!) It's her first ever fic!!!

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You cherish the time of the day when the dawn is breaking, it is when the dark sky looses the stars and just like how painters liven up a shabby canvas, you relish the beauty of how the purple hue streaks the lightening sky.

This is the time you allot for yourself. This is when you ponder on the things you’ve done, the things you’re doing and the things you ought to do. You’ve lived the good life, albeit not everything went easy for you, you learned from the booboos and mishaps thrown your way. You had your share of whatever drama life has to offer, you’ve played the heroin, the supporting role, heck you’re even the villain sometimes. In you years here on earth you laughed your laughter, you cried your tears, you fought your battles, you shared your blessings and you lived your life the way you know how. You smiled as you remember how you made it through the labyrinth that life presented you with. Yes, you said to yourself, there are a lot to be thankful for and just when you thought you couldn’t ask for more, your mobile phone atop your bedside drawer let out a faint cry. You quickly got hold of it and checked who’s on the other line. “shillang” flashed on the screen. You’re brow furrowed in worry as you think of reasons on why your husband would call at this unholy hour.

“shillang?” you said.

“omma!” a tiny voice squeaked, and you bolted right out of bed in panic.

‘Jyehin-ah!” you shot right back. “what’s wrong baby? Did something happen? Are you hurt? Can’t you sleep? Are you hungry? Where’s daddy?” the questions keep on firing out of your mouth, you can’t help it, when it comes to her your imagination just gets out of hand.

It’s been 5 years since you had her. Five beautiful, amazing years. Years you wouldn’t trade for anything else. You remembered clearly how difficult your pregnancy was. You remembered each sleepless nights and frightful mornings you had while carrying her inside you. Most of all, you remember clearly the fear, as intense as how fear can affect a person, of losing her. You did everything you could; you followed what the doctors were telling you, and if you were made to choose between your life and hers, you would gladly pick hers. It continues to amaze you how you could love someone you haven’t seen at all. How you’re willing to move heaven and earth just so she can live. You understood now what motherhood really is.

“ omma” you can hear your daughter whimpering, as if trying hard not to cry. Hearing your baby’s tears is something you dreaded. Something you wish you wouldn’t even hear much more see.

“what is it baby?” you tried to sound composed, to let her feel your strength, to make her feel protected.

“You’re not home yet. Will you be here for my recital? I need you here Omma. Appa can’t do my ballerina bun as good as you do and I don’t know where my tiara is and im scared dancing in front of many people…omma…” she chanted.

You smiled as you imagined your daughter pacing to and fro beside your bed at home. Holding her Cabbage Patch doll on one hand and her appa’s phone on the other.

“hush sweetheart. Omma will be there soon. I wouldn’t miss your recital for the world. You know that honey. Everything will be alright, you’ll dance as lovely as the fairies and everyone will be happy to clap their hands even before you take a bow. You’ll be great baby.”

“ You think so omma?” Jyehin pressed on.

“of course. Omma is super duper sure that you’ll be the best ballerina ever!” you assured her. And yes you really think she’ll be the best in whatever she does. She’s your daughter after all.

“hmmmmm OK. I’ll wait for you here omma! Hurry back!”

“I will sweetie…omma loves you…” you answered. The love in your voice as clear as crystal.

“and I love you more..” a raspy voice come from the end of the line. A voice you would recognize anywhere, the voice that lulled you to sleep countless of times and the same voice that awakens you from every sweet slumber you had. The voice you couldn’t imagine not hearing until the end of forever. The voice of the man who is your definition of love.

“shillang..” you breathed, a smile in your heart as you call him

“ I’m ssory for waking you up buin, I know you’re tired and all, but jyehin insisted I call you. She’s been awake since dawn and wouldn’t sleep anymore. When she woke up and noticed your not here yet she cried and wouldn’t stop until I told her we’ll call you.” Hyunjoong hastily explained. He knows how you work. He knows how important rest is to you and he knows even more.

“ It’s Ok shillang. I’m awake anyway. I was just worried when I heard Jyehin’s voice. I’ll be home soon.”

“ see you in a while buin. Be safe. I love you.”

“see you shillang, I love you.” And with that you hang up and busied yourself to catch the first flight to Seoul.


This is my failed attempt to write a poem.

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You sit there,

Quietly contemplating, silently thinking..

You watch as your shadow hovers over the sleeping figure.

You heave a sigh,

And, exhale all your inhibitions,

All your monsters,

All your demons,

All your doubts.

For a minute or second, you were ready to go,

Ready to leave,

Ready to escape,

But there was an unfamiliar vision,

It was something vehemently denied by your soul,

Shun out by your barely beating heart,

Made an outcast by your exhausted brain.

It was an emotion,

Stronger than gravity’s pull,

More potent than the strongest drugs and pain killers

More powerful than the hurricanes and storms that hit your side of the world

It was something you were unsure of

And excited about at the same time.

It was love,

So adamantly denied,

So deeply suppressed.

It was love,

That goes beyond the lines of friendship,

More than the affection that a brother feels for his precious sister.

It was love,

And you were quite convinced that it’s more than admiration,

That it’s more than a schoolboy crush.

So, you linger on her bedside for a few more seconds.

And you watch as the object of your affection lie peacefully in slumber.

You linger a few moments longer,

And, you contemplate if escaping is the only option you have.

You realize that it isn’t.

You realize that you have the option to stay—with her, beside her.

You take a deep breath, close your eyes

And, you make one final choice.


Hi Ladies!! Here's Belin214's 2nd fan account plus picture of famous dude.. Help me and Belin214 figure out his identity..Hehe

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Hey my second fan account: Not nearly as cool but still it involved HB...

First off I just wanted to clarify a couple things with you guys.. "Famous dude" was not HJ or Ricky Kim and " Famous dude" was very obviously just a friend to both HB and Umjeewon, so he should not be linked with either of them romantically. The only pic that I have of the poor guy his face was covered up so it was no help.. I've been looking on Compassion website to see if he's a member, the Compassion MV to see if he made an appearance and even attempted to go through the people HB follows in twitter to see if he's one of them.. ( I got tired after the 15th person).. My CSI skills are a little lacking I'm ssorry...All I know is after I saw HB I scanned the perimeters for HJ and when I saw no HJ that was it I immediately refocused on HB.. Sad to say I didn't focus on anyone else.. I even forgot to get Umjeewon's picture and I feel horrible that I only took HB pics.. I was pretty flustered...but I did tweet Umjeewon after to apologize for it and thanked her for being so nice and she did tweet back.. Seems like she remembered the boyfriend more than me but oh well....

I promise you I'm trying to rack my brain to figure out the identity of " famous dude" for everyone interested but just take satisfaction in knowing that HB was not on a romantic rendezvous of any sort in Waikiki.. I am hoping she used Waikiki as a cover-up and detoured to Bali on the way home to Korea.. Cause the picture that she tweeted of herself stating it was Waikiki in the bikini was so not Waikiki ( I been there for the last 8 years and laid out on Waikiki Beach tons of times so I would know, that was not Waikiki)... could be some stretch of beach in Oahu but for sure not the Waikiki stretch but then again it could have been some stretch of beach in Bali.....Hmmm one can never be sure can we?

So on to my second encounter of HB.. After spazzing at the hotel, we changed and decided to go back out on the strip just to watch the street performers.. It was so funny because now I recalled telling one of my tweet buddies earlier in the day that I saw Elmo perform the night before but did not see a Pooh, I said maybe HB would come down to the strip to watch the performers...So as the honey and I were strolling down the street him making fun of me because I ran into my idol, he kept on saying "I can't believe that was HB...How many people can run into someone by chance like that on vacation?" in which I whole heartily agreed, I was practically giddy with happiness.... Anyways he stated " Wouldn't it be weird if we ran into them again".. In which I stated," I'm just happy that I ran into her, I don't think we will see her again"...I guess chance happenings do happen more than once....

Like before standing at the crosswalk waiting for the light to change my man looks over and says, " Look it's them again.".. I was like whatever but when I looked over there was "famous dude" standing outside of the A/X store looking totally bored... He was just standing outside waiting for the two ladies.. Then Umjeewon comes out and stands and talks to him for a couple minutes in which HB comes out with her shopping bags.( I saw in her hand a A/X bag, Bebe bag, and of course her ABC bag.) So after the fact again but I so should have gone into the store to see if what she bought was for a chic or for a dude....Anyways we looked over and kinda waved and bowed our heads a little and they waved back, they were now standing slightly behind us waiting for crosswalk also.. They were going left and we were going planning to go left also but I told my man lets go straight because I don't want them to think I am stalking them..Left was heading to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and the huge Cartier store. I'm a big believer in respecting one's privacy and not going overboard. I think that even celebrities are entitled to have some privacy, so I really didn't want to follow them but my brain was screaming for me to follow them to see if she was heading into the Cartier store or not...urghh..lol.. Okay so anyways.. not nearly as exciting as the first but I promise fan account 3 is a little but more exciting.. Well it was for me atleast...

BTW I have attached the only picture of the "famous dude" I was able to get but unfortunately his face was blocked off, maybe someone else with eagle eyes can tell who it is by his calf muscles or his jaw line or something...


hwangbo is... (II)

a good friend....


Note: This was done on a whim and typed very quickly, so forgive me for the errors. And also, I could not decide if this is Joongbo or Yunbo (because apparently, the second ship is still actively sailing as I watch Xman and Loveletter again--hahahaha!!!), but for sure, THIS IS A HWANGBO FIC!!!

Comments and suggestions are still and as always VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!

It was one of those rare nights where you and your muse were actually able to go out and have a nice, sumptuous dinner in a restaurant without having fans hound, film or take pictures of you, then end up in those tabloids.

It’s been months since you and her were able to do anything like this. You have been busy and so was she.

You eye her talking to an old couple waiting for a table at the reception area. Her eyes glittered as the old woman complimented her dark blue dress that hugged her beautiful form nicely. You took pride on how beautiful she was and will always be despite her age.

The waiter smiled as he handed you your take out, “Thank you and I hope your wife enjoys the take out, Sir.”

You smiled back at him.

‘I’m pretty sure she will..’, you thought.

You walk up to her and hand her the brown paper bag.

“Ooooh, Komawo…”, she clapped her hands happily as she took it.

It was a beautiful night. The stars were out, and there wasn’t a single cloud in the dark blue velvet night sky. The night wind was cool and relaxing. The traffic was light and colourful firefly-like lights made the city look like wonderland.

It seemed like nothing could possibly go wrong that night.

You smiled as she turned on the car radio and adjusted your iPod. The soothing R’n’B rhythm filled the Cayenne as you released the hand brake.

It was going to be one of those smooth sailing drives you enjoyed with her so much.

As both of you cruised the quiet neighborhood, she started singing. Although she sang the wrong English lyrics, you praised her. It was you who always sang for her, so each time she hummed a tune, you listened carefully and just enjoyed.

But she suddenly stopped and squeezed your arm while holding her breath. Her eyes fixed on something she saw on the street. There was terror and fear in her eyes, but it was soon replaced with pain and pity.

“Stop the car!!”, she said, “Stop the car!!”

You looked at her, baffled, but you stop the car anyway.

She fixed her gaze on the take-out you ordered for her, then she looked at you.

“Mianhe, Yeobo..”, she whispered, tears about to spill from her eyes.

“Mianhe..”, with that she jumped out of the car and walked out.

You watched her through the rear view mirror.

She was approaching a young teenager on the street. The adolescent was carrying a baby in her right arm and holding a crying toddler on her left hand. They were sitting beside a garbage bin, obviously searching for food. She patted the toddler’s head and said some words you could not make out. She handed over the brown take-out bag to the teenager who looked exhausted and about to tear up. She then took off her leather coat and wrapped it around the young ladies’ shoulders, and walked back towards the car.

You could not help but smile as you watch her rubbing her arms for some heat while walking on the cold, empty sidewalk.

You were then reminded of one of the many reasons why you were so in love with her.

She had a heart of gold, and that is JUST one of the many reasons why IT IS ALWAYS HER AND IT HAS TO BE HER UNTIL FOREVER.

HwangBo is...

credits to Ate Pink and Photobucket for the pics


Hello everyone!!! Here's a fan account from the uberly lucky chic who met Hwangbo in Hawaii..I really enjoyed reading it and it got me really excited. My heart was thumping, it was as if I was there with her when she met Hwangbo Unnie.. Hehehe.. Thanks Belin214 for sharing this and the pic with us. I AM STILL JEALOUS!!!
So my fangirling journey with Hwangbo started with much coaxing from my sister who has watched WGM when it originally aired. My last K drama was was 2 years back, I didn't want to be sucked back into that circle of waking up late looking for subbed version of each new episode.. I refused to be sucked into the madness but somehow one bored November day in 2009 I decided to be sucked in and literally I haven't stopped.. I love them both because of WGM and wish them great success individually but I am a die hard Joongboer at heart.. but for some reason I think I am a little bias as my love for HwangBo is a itty bitty more than my love for Hyun Joong.. I literally get pissed off when I think of him and his kissing scenes in ISWAK..not for me but for Hwangbo but Brian can be all over her and to me I deem it as "It's just part of the job"..I know I'm soo bias.....

Anyways in reading through Hwangbo Soompi I knew she was planning a trip to Hawaii, I happened to have booked my trip way back and was hoping that we would happen to be going at the same time...I tweeted with a couple buddies on how I really hope I would run into her but never in my wildest imagination did I think I really would. The first day she arrived she tweeted that she was staying at the Ko Olina resort in Oahu... I love HB and respect her much so I really didn't want to disturb her privacy if she was indeed there for a vacation. I tweeted back n forth with a couple of girls about her whereabouts and whether I should just pass by the resort.. I even said I should go and tweet her " HB I'm downstairs in the lobby can you please come see me"....So in my mind I really didn't think I would run into her.. For those who have been to Wakiki it's laden with tons of tourists and most of them are of Asian culture...Korean, Japanese, Filipinos, and Viets.. so to say everyone kind of blends in is a total understatement....

All day I was being funny and told my boyfriend that I must keep my eagle eyes open for Hwangbo because she was in Oahu.. He totally does not understand my Hwangbo/Joongbo obsession...So as I was heading back to my hotel after strolling the shops along Waikiki after 4 hours at the beach... I was standing at the crosswalk waiting for it the signal to change when I heard this laugh.I thought to myself " I'm so screwed I'm hearing things but I know that laugh" ( I only watched WGM everyday for 7-8 months straight). my head turned towards the laugh and low in behold it was a chic crouching with her back to me and I could catch a glimpse of her tattoo.. I knew it was our girl.. I grabbed my boyfriend's hand and looked him straight in the eye and said "OMG that's Hwangbo".. He looked at me like I was losing it.. I told him "I swear that's her can you plesasssee get a picture of her discreetly for me".. So he hesitantly walks into the store and kinda walks around her and comes back out

"Are you sure that's her? How can you be sure? Nobody else thinks it's her, and you said she is a celebrity, no entourage???""" At this point I was practically silently screaming at him " It's her I swear look at her back it has her tattoo on it with her name, please just snap a picture for me please".. At this point she was seriously looking and reading the back labels of sun block trying to decide which one she wanted.....He proceeded back into the store and came back out 5 seconds later...." her tattoo does not say Hwangbo, you got the wrong chic".. I looked at him and said "It's cause you are looking at the Hye Jung part of her tattoo it's her dang it!!!!".....So there he goes mumbling to me that I owed him big time, and I think I heard crazy somewhere in there too.. Hwangbo was there with two people one I recognized as Um Jeewon and the other a male I have seen before but my mind went blank and I couldn't get his name in my head for the life of me... I mean I was totally dying cause I just saw HWANGBOOOO.....

My man not knowing anything about HwangBo or Kdrama's thought the celebrity dude was her bodyguard.. So I see him tap the guy whose standing a little behind HB on the shoulder and say " Is that Hwangbo".. The dude has this shocked expression and says back " How did you know??""...So my man proceeds to say "" OH My gosh I can't believe it's Hwangbo my girlfriends loves her, and continues to lay it on pretty thick about my love for Hwangbo"..he then continues to say " I watched her on soap operas with my girlfriend" in which famous dude said " Sitcoms"... The dude was very very nice.. In the meanwhile Hb is now looking at some sunglasses on the rack and holding a 2.99 pink floatie that she is planning to purchase, she proceeds to register.. and I panic.. My man is just standing there chitchatting with famous dude while HB is about to pay for her stuff and I leave into the crowd.. then I hear him ask famous dude " Do you think she will let me take a picture of her?" in which she turned around and said "Sure"... When I heard that I died of happiness.. She lets him take a picture of her at the register, I was like yeah....but then I heard loudly "Hon, come here, come here look who I ran into"".. I almost literally peed my pants and wanted to die of embarrassment... I just wanted a pic of HB, not totally disturb her shopping.... So a little embarrassed I walk towards my man and famous dude...I asked him "Are you guys here for vacation or for work??" He says" vacation and I can't believe you recognize her".. He then says " let's wait till she finishes paying and she will take a picture with you".. I was like ughh what picture with me?? I was looking a hot mess and he says picture with my Idol? I was not smelling too fresh and had sand all over the back of my legs.....then famous dude says " Lets go outside and wait for her and we can take picture outside, it will be better"... I walk in a daze outside and her comes HB..shopping bags in hand smiling at me... She was so beautiful even more so than on TV...

She says" Hi" and walks over to stand in between me and my man.. Famous dude has my man's iphone in hand ready to snap picture when Hb says " wait, wait, sunglasses".. so she hands her shopping bags to Umjeewon and digs in it for her sunglasses.. Then she puts it on and says " I'm ready" I told her " Im sorry we are bothering you on vacation".. and she just pats my shoulder and looks at me like it's okay... She poses for first one with her arms around us..famous dude clicks and then she says " wait one more" and changes poses where she flashes the peace sign.. total afterthought but I should have totally did the TOTHEWORLD sign but I was still in a daze.. After pictures were taken she gives me a hug and I say " enjoy the rest of your vacation, and she says " You too""...

She really was everything I thought she was and soo much more.. I went back to hotel to spazz with my sister and sister in law and went back out on the strip again that night in which I ran into her another 4 times.. I will have to give a fan account on that later.. Needless to say I did not take any more pictures because I did not want her think I was stalking her.. According to my man who is an official fan of HB now, It was totally meant to be.. Who gets to run into their favorite star 5 times in Waikiki????

Picture Of You

by PinkandPurple

pic from photobucket

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An Open Acknowldgement


credits to THE GWAPA

I do not normally idolize stars and celebrities. I think the last time I swooned over a ‘Star’ was way back 1990’s when Leornardo Dicaprio was every Juliet’s Romeo, every Rose’s Jack.

I watched A LOT of movies, soap operas and series. I hated some of them, and adored and enjoyed the others. But none of the stars really stood out. It was until I discovered We Got Married after looking up Yoon Jihoo’s videos in Youtube for my Auntie that I got so curious and interested on a female non-English speaking celebrity.

I pitied her at first and thought how cruel the Directors were to pair her up with a younger super idol.

‘They made her look like a Cougar for Chrissake!!’, was my initial reaction. I must admit though that for quite awhile, I so hated Kim Hyunjoong A LOT!! But despite my spite for the young idol, I watched the show because there was one character that got me curious.

She was unlike the typical Korean women I have seen on TV dramas. She had darker complexion, although not as dark as mine, but she was, is still beautiful, gorgeous even. I may be biased when I say this, but people—women who wear their skin color well and still look beautiful despite the general social idea that ‘White is Beautiful’ or ‘One has to be fair skinned to be beautiful’ are those who are truly attractive, glamorous, alluring.

Aside from her obvious physical beauty, the thing that got me girl crushing is her simplicity as a person, her non-celebrity-like aura. It is pretty rare for stars or celebrities or show business personalities to have that air around them, but one look at Hwangbo Hyejung, you know that she is different.

As the show (WGM) progressed, she was always down to earth, easy going and nonchalant. Although it was obvious that she had her fair share of insecurities, like the rest of the ‘normal’ people on earth, she somehow rose above all those by being true to herself.

I think it’s an undeniable fact that she really is someone admirable and worthy of praise. So, it’s a no brainer that she is well-loved among the people she works with and appreciated by the younger idols (this fact I really love and end up giggling when I think about it..).

And I think it’s pretty obvious that I put her on a pedestal. Nyahahaha! Can’t help it. I am a Hwangbo fangirl.
Note: This is the first part of my Hwangbo Month celebration and supposed to be longer, but I was just informed that I have to join some training in the office, so it was cut short.


AN EXCUSE: I feel bad and guilty for not posting anything, work (and sleep ^^,) has been too demanding lately.. I have no fics to share because my brain's fried, am half dead already and due for extinction at work.


Anyway, it's almost Hwangbo Unnie's birthday and as a Hwangbo fan, I wanted to celebrate it, so I thought I should declare August as Hwangbo Month, well for my blog at least.

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Anytime soon, I will be posting random things about her (pictures, videos, messages, fanfictions, stuff I admire about her, spazzes, or whatever, as long as it's about her).


All you pretty ladies and handsome gents (if there are any...??) are also welcome to share your stuff related to or about Hwangbo Hyejung. If there are stuff you wish to share, email me at super.bruha@yahoo.com or leave some love in the comments box.

*credits to Photobucket for all gifs

P.S. I forgot to include, BASHING OTHER ARTISTS IS A BIG NO-NO, especially those whom Joongboers feel are threats to Ssangchu or competition to Hwangbo !!!! (i.e. Lee Hyori)

P.P.S. You can also tweet me, nadene_bruha, for messages or stuff you wish to share!! ^^,