Helllllowwwww! Anybody here?!! I hope there are still some of you left..

This isn’t a fan fiction, it’s more like a public service announcement.

There’s been a thick cloud hanging over my head recently and I have been carrying some amount of weight. I thought I should be fair to everyone. It’s difficult to explain, so I’ll try to put this as simply and as straight forward as I can.

I know I promised many of you some fics and even accepted requests, but I guess the best way to put it is that I was in over my head. Truth is, work is like my personal vampire sucking the life out of me. The workload has definitely changed after transferring departments. I used to write during office hours because I am weird like that and ideas pop up even when I am in the middle of peeing, and I had all the time in the world. But now, I barely have to time to take pee breaks or go to the cafeteria to eat. I so wanted to write to release stress, but when I go home, sit in front of my laptop, it’s either I space, zone or blank out. And, my mood has been suckier than ever. Nothing ever inspires me anymore. When I get these little bubbles of ideas and actually start writing, words friggin’ leave me.

I have actually decided on this a few days after posting the fic below, I will not be writing any fan fictions until God knows when. I am really sorry to those I promised fics to, but real life summons and this time, it is for real (I cannot give any other excuses).

There are about five pending fics I have left unfinished, two of them are 75% through, unfortunately, I do not know where they are headed to, and the other three only have two paragraphs in each of them—one describing a snowy day, the other describing a street, and the last one just gibberish (I’m not even sure what the plots are), so they are most likely to be scrapped.

I still remain a faithful Joongboer even if I ship other ships (YunBo, BriBo, JinBo, KyuBo(??), BoNae(LOL) and Khuntoria) and tend to love it when people rock this ship. So, don’t worry Ashley, I am not jumping to MinJoong…at all!!

It’s just that I don’t know if this blog will be updated with fics and I wanted to be fair to those who come here everyday only to be disappointed by the lack of updates, thus the announcement. I am trying my best to finish the current ones I am working on, but it’s difficult when you don’t know where you’re headed and you barely have time to do something you lovelovelovelove so much.

I am not sure if Miss Blog Owner is keeping this blog for long once the updates become less than frequent if not never.

Don’t worry the_BRUHA will still be active on Twitter and Tumblr (so I am most likely to keep myself alive*wink*), ranting away about work, my series of unfortunate events called life and whatever it is that displeases or makes me happy. Also, I might change my name on those social networking sites, as suggested by Miss Blog Owner , to the _GRINCH. Okay, bad joke..

Ssory… I will try my best to come back every now and then though, so don’t be surprised if I just pop out of my shell and Don’t lose me.

Thank you to those who came, who read and those who left such heart warming comments. Believe me, those kind words are sources of inspiration for me and very much appreciated. You've all been very nice and understanding even when I started posting fics in PB which was a year ago (Oh my, it's been a year already.. Happy Anniversary to me!! One year of writing JoongBo fanfictions...)

So it’s Good Bye for now or maybe for awhile or forever… Haha..

Take care my Lovelies!!!

*takes a bow* *graceful exit*

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This was done on a whim (the last minutes of my shift and then my ride home to be exact), so expect absurdities and peculiar plots.. Haha!!

This is for the trolls trying to disrupt the peace of JBers and causing chaos in the JBers' lair, and for those underestimating and talking down on Hwangbo (I guess you're eating dirt now that you saw her latest StarHwabo pics, huh??!)

Anyway, I had no definite plot nor idea when I started this, so I just went with the flow and inspiration (the pic below).

Hope you enjoy this nevertheless.

Please do leave comments--and i don't mean the Haters and Bashers..

Thanks Cookietook and Janna for the pic.

By the way, this was posted RAW and UNEDITED, so expect lotsa errors



You snapped back to reality as the male reporter called out your name. The flashing of the cameras always seem to put you in a temporary trance--automatically smiling dreamily for the press people and the fans.

"Yes?", you answered the man in blue jacket.

"We noticed you've been working really hard lately-doing Playful Kiss, modeling, traveling a lot, commercials, guestings.", the man spoke into the microphone, "A man has to have reasons for doing all these. You must probably be very rich now. Why Hyunjoongssi, why work so hard?"

You smiled and kept silent for a moment. You are more relaxed in this kind of setting-a press conference with lesser number of reporters whom you are familiar with which is done in a smaller, more low key location.

They were celebrating your fifth month in Keyeast and the management thinks it’s time to reach out to the media who have participated in making you the Hallyu star that you are now.

"Are you trying to match the success of your boss, Bae Yongjoon?", one of the reporters asked.

You cracked up at the follow up question, "Anio.. I could never match Hyungnim's success. He is a legend in the industry."

"Then why, Hyunjoongssi? Are you trying to buy another one of those expensive cars? Another Cayenne perhaps?", a woman reporter asked.

You smiled, "Anio.. I have yet to replace the motorcycle I crashed, but there might be another reason"

"So, why then? What are your future plans? What will you be doing with the money you earned?", the reporter in blue jacket asked again.

"Perhaps Mr. Kim is saving for his future family?", another one added.

"Are you already planning for a family, Mr. Kim?", one of them interjected.

You fell silent. You have been asked the same question so many times, but having talked about it with someone special recently got you thinking.

You smiled as memories came rushing in, "Hmm, perhaps.. Having a family would be nice..", you answered.

"How do you picture your future family Hyunjoongssi? Like your house? How many kids?", one of them asked.

"Well..", you answered.

You recall that lazy day when you and her had nothing to do, no work to keep you busy and eat up all your time.

It was a rainy Sunday morning. You cooked her ramen for breakfast because it was the only food left in your cupboard. She was sprawled on your couch as you slaved in front of the stove. It was something you loved doing-spoiling her like a princess to make up for the times you could not be with her.

The white leather couch was contrasting the mint green night shirt she was wearing, and you thought, ‘What a beautiful scene to behold’.

She flipped through channels and started to grumble that there was nothing good to watch. You carried the hot pot over and set it down in front of her. Her glum expression turned into a happy smile as she got up.

You almost died of happiness seeing her giggle like a child. Your past girlfriends have never been this happy when you cooked them something as simple as ramen. She laughed and smiled and giggled at almost everything you do and say, and that makes her unique. She was easy to please and she appreciated you for who you are without asking you to change anything. Yes, she bargained with you a lot, but she always met you half way.

As you let a bowl of ramen cool down for her, she watched the television intently then let out a big sigh.

She smiled dreamily at you as she shared one of her dreams as a child—a side of her she doesn’t show everyday. And you sit there, feeling mighty proud that she is comfortable enough with you to show you her cute side.

It was a simple dream, something that she could have, something that you could easily give. And because it made her happy, it was something you want to give her, something you want to experience with her.

You happily smiled at the press people, "My future family house? I don't dream of big houses, I want a simple duplex with white walls, big, tall windows with big green lawns where we could barbecue on Sunday after church and put up plastic swimming pools for the kids during summer. It would have white picket fences and a blue dog house beside a tree that we would plant.", you said echoing her words to the press, then added, "The house would have a purple roof.."

"Purple roof?", a reporter reacted.

"You know I travel a lot, so when I look down from the airplane and see the purple roof, I wouldn't feel so sad or homesick.. And remember the reason why I am doing what I am doing.", you explained. Of course, that's solely your idea. She isn't as 4D as you, well, not yet at least.

"Looks like you've had it all figured out. So, what about kids? How many do you plan to have?", a reporter asked.

You snorted, "I want a whole football team, but she only wants two, the eldest would be a boy and the youngest one a girl--like the family she grew up with.."

Your answer shocked the small crowd causing a loud buzz and warning glares from your manager.

"She? Who would that 'she' be? Perhaps it's Lee Hyorissi? She's been your ideal woman since you debuted, right?", one spoke into the microphone.

You shook your head with a smile, "Hyori Noona is a very close friend of mine. And like you said, she will always be my ideal woman, someone I admire, but that's all there is to it."

"Ahh, perhaps, it's Go Hyesun?", another one asked.

"Geum Jandi will always be for Go Junpyo, not Yoon Jihoo..", you wittily answered.

"Ahh, Jung Sominssi? There's a loud buzz after some fans watched your ‘behind the scenes’ released through YouTube..", the man in blue coat asked.

"I have grown really fond of her. Sominssi is really cute and fun to work with, like the cast of Playful Kiss. She is a very sweet girl, and she..she is like the sister I have never had.", you told them honestly.

The reporters grew even more curious.

"The one I have in mind is someone I want to protect from those who speak negatively of her. She is a kind soul whose beauty shines even more because she has a pure heart. She makes me happiest and respects and loves me not because of my status as an idol, but because I am me and she sees right through the titles or things people brand me.”

“She's my angel and the star that guides me through the darkest times of my life. She has also proven to be my number 1 fan who has supported me and honored my decisions. People close to us say she’s lucky, but when you really see her and know all the things she has done to and for me, you would realize I am very blessed. Come to think of it, I am very lucky to have her.", you said, a glint of pride in your eyes.

The female reporters gushed as they listened to your speech.

"Omo!", the reporter in blue exclaimed, "You are talking about Hwangbossi, right? Your Buin in We Got Married?"

You smiled naughtily at them, "Hmm.. Let's see.. Yeah, I might be talking about her.. Or maybe it's just a wild fantasy.. Let's just wait until 2012, shall we??"

With that, you stood up, gave them a low bow, and exit gracefully leaving the reporters stunned and quiet.