2/3 The Power of Two…or Three

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Anyway, here's 2/3.. VERY RAW AND UNEDITED... and senseless..

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The world seemed to have blacked out. There was nothing you can see, it was all dim and dark. You were desperate to swim out from the eluding darkness, like a fish trying to make its way back into the tank. You tried to open your eyes, hoping to see some light.

There wasn’t much you can remember except that you were running and doing some high kicks followed by a pain so sharp you winced. It was not something you experienced before. The world became blurry. All you remember hearing last was a scream from one of the stuntmen, “Blood!! Hwangbossi is bleeding!! She’s bleeding..”. At that moment, you thought, “How can I be bleeding?”

Soon, red and blue lights pierced through the heavy mist. People were running around, even Choi Hongwon, who always seemed calm and collected, was panic stricken. But how can he be not, when you, his only talent and most precious friend, was lying on the cold cemented street somewhere in Seoul, almost passed out with blood gushing and flowing down your legs. Even with eyes half closed, you swear you could see tears coming out from his worried eyes, “Don’t cry, Oppa”, you wanted to say, but no words came out of your mouth as another wave of pain came piercing through your stomach.
The words that the doctor said did not seem to sink in until you were in your room, sitting on the bed, facing the bright warm sunshine flowing freely through the big glass windows.

“You were lucky”, he said, “You almost lost her… or him”

“If you are not careful in the future, you just might lose the baby.”, he added.

But what he meant, you did not understand, until you touched your stomach. It seemed surreal and utterly stupid, but for a moment or two, you were able to make a connection with your unborn child—the baby you almost lost a few hours earlier.

It only registered now, and it made you fearful and sad. You could’ve lost her. You could’ve had a miscarriage.

You touched your stomach again, stroking it gently.

“It’s just you and me, buddy, so you gotta hang in there for mommy..”, you whispered with tears about to roll down your cheeks.

Your phone vibrated, it was a message from Hongwon.

You smiled, then called him, “Oppa, it’s not your fault, but thank you---for everything.”

You could not see it, but you knew he was smiling, relieved that you were fine, happy that his future niece or nephew is safe.

“She’s inside… Please go in..”, you heard him say to perhaps a guest. Perhaps it was Euni or Shimty.

After straightening yourself up and running your fingers through your hair, you touched your belly again. “We’re gonna be okay.. We’re gonna be fine.. I’m here for you, baby. You and Mommy are gonna be fine. There’s two of us now..”

“No..”, Hyunjoong spoke from the doorway. He walked towards you, letting the door close by itself. He raised his hand then wiped the tears rolling down your cheeks, “You’re wrong. There are three of us now, Hyejung.”

He gently pulled you into his warm embrace. You stayed in his protective arms for a long time.

Hyunjoong untangled his arms around you and made you sit back on the hospital bed. He reached out to touch your belly.

“You’re gonna be okay.. You’re gonna fine..”, he said, talking to his unborn child. He took your hand and placed it on top of your belly, “Mommy and Daddy are here for you, baby.”

He looked lovingly into your eyes, as if making a promise. “I will be here for you and Mommy..”, he said, then smiled.

“We’ll be fine..”, he said, reassuring you then patted your tummy gently, “There are three of us now.”


1/3 COOL

Yikes! I’m back. Haha.. Is anybody still here? Well, I hope so. Otherwise, I’d be very sadface and sulky if y’all left me.

This is a 3 part fic, not necessarily co-related, but I’d like to think they are. So, if you don’t see any connections, uhm, let’s just say and pretend that there is.

Based on my twitter ‘chatters’, I’ve noticed ‘crazy fangirls’(pointing fingers at Naomz, Bebe and Azra) are fighting over Yunho the past few days. If he can’t be Hwangbo Unnie’s, U Know he belongs to me… LOL..

So here, a semi-YunBo—JoongBo—YunBru(??!!!!) fic..

Hope y’all like it and get the gist.. Been listening to Gwen Stefani’s Cool recently and this is another product of Wild Fancy Party imaginings…

I’m done with 2/3, but not 3/3. All I need is to edit 2/3 and we’re good to go/post. So, expect updates within the next few days/weeks.

You picked up the trail of your midnight blue gown and gathered all sorts of courage you have left. It would be really immature of you if you looked away and pretended you did not see him.
He was after all the most handsome man on that dance floor. Plus, he obviously saw you and the boy was kind enough to acknowledge you despite the bad ending.

“Annyeonghaseyo..”, you greeted him after taking a few steps.

“I thought you said we’d drop the formalities, Noona..”, the tense, heavy rain cloud between the two of you was replaced by pure sunshine when his face lit up. It was a pretty sight to behold—his eyes sinking in and completely disappearing when he smiled.

You huffed. Of course, it was your suggestion to drop formalities—you should not have been shocked. He, after all, graciously accepted your decision when you wanted to end things with him. He was a bright and open minded kid, and it was a shame that you used him as a rebound. He has been hopelessly in love with you since Choongjae introduced you to each other. You don’t know whether it was because your heart was broken by another kid at that time or was it his persistence that you decided to finally accept his love.

He smirked, “You look beautiful—as always, Noona.”

You blushed. You knew he was not trying to win you over, his compliments were always sincere. That’s who he is.

“Why, thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself..”, you joked, he was and will always be a stunner.

“How have you been doing, soon to be Mrs. Kim?”, he asked in a whisper.

“Yaaah..”, your eyes almost popped out of their sockets. You swore you weren’t wearing any rings that night and you don’t remember making any announcements unless you soon to be better half went bragging again.

“Don’t panic.. If you don’t remember, let me remind you again, I am very good in keeping secrets..”, he joked, making it evident what a good sport he was.

You felt relieved and at the same time happy that despite the sad separation, you still remain friends, you still remain ‘cool’.

It amused you to see that he was not fussing up all over you like he used to, instead his eyes were fixed elsewhere. You tried to follow his gaze. You were not sure if it was the dark-skinned girl in pale yellow dress that took almost all his attention. You looked at him again—his eyebrows furrowed. A worried look on his face. The girl smiled sheepishly back at him, trying to keep her balance as she walked towards you.

“Darn shoes..”, she muttered under her breath and smiled shyly at you.
The man across you took her arm to support her as she tried to stand upright after losing her balance again.

“Sorry, did I cut in your conversation? I didn’t mean to be rude..”, the girl, obviously younger than you and with her accent and constant stammering, you knew she was not from Korea, apologized.

“Mian.. I should not have asked you to wear those shoes. I should have listened to you.. Mian..”, he said apologetically, wrapping his arms around the other lady’s waist to support her as she chuckled.

“You owe me!”, she just said, “Wait, you haven’t introduced me to your friend.. Although there’s really no need for introductions ‘cause I am a big fan..”

“You’re more beautiful in person than what my friends said..”, she told you.

You watched as he laughed heartily over his girlfriend’s fangirling. Watching him looking lovingly at her made you sigh. It’s good to see him now with someone else. It’s good to see him now fussing and taking care of someone else. It’s such a miracle that you and him remain good friends. After all that you and him have been through, you knew you’re ‘cool’.

You were happy for him because you knew he was happy for you. You used to think it was impossible, but time always kills the pain. You’ve both changed, but somehow, you were still the same. You guys were cool and that was enough.

“I saw you with Yunho earlier…” Hyunjoong said, cutting in your thoughts.

You nodded with a smile on your face. “Yeah..”, you sighed.

“So?”, he asked, waiting for you to say your piece. This time, he seemed patient, not a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“So, we remain to be good friends.. Besides, he seems very happy and in love with his new girl. He completely ignored me in front of her..”, you snorted.

Hyunjoong rolled his eyes, “He ignored you? Good..”

“I told him I proposed and you accepted… You should start wearing your ring..”, he continued to mumble while maneuvering the steering wheel.


Helllllowwwww! Anybody here?!! I hope there are still some of you left..

This isn’t a fan fiction, it’s more like a public service announcement.

There’s been a thick cloud hanging over my head recently and I have been carrying some amount of weight. I thought I should be fair to everyone. It’s difficult to explain, so I’ll try to put this as simply and as straight forward as I can.

I know I promised many of you some fics and even accepted requests, but I guess the best way to put it is that I was in over my head. Truth is, work is like my personal vampire sucking the life out of me. The workload has definitely changed after transferring departments. I used to write during office hours because I am weird like that and ideas pop up even when I am in the middle of peeing, and I had all the time in the world. But now, I barely have to time to take pee breaks or go to the cafeteria to eat. I so wanted to write to release stress, but when I go home, sit in front of my laptop, it’s either I space, zone or blank out. And, my mood has been suckier than ever. Nothing ever inspires me anymore. When I get these little bubbles of ideas and actually start writing, words friggin’ leave me.

I have actually decided on this a few days after posting the fic below, I will not be writing any fan fictions until God knows when. I am really sorry to those I promised fics to, but real life summons and this time, it is for real (I cannot give any other excuses).

There are about five pending fics I have left unfinished, two of them are 75% through, unfortunately, I do not know where they are headed to, and the other three only have two paragraphs in each of them—one describing a snowy day, the other describing a street, and the last one just gibberish (I’m not even sure what the plots are), so they are most likely to be scrapped.

I still remain a faithful Joongboer even if I ship other ships (YunBo, BriBo, JinBo, KyuBo(??), BoNae(LOL) and Khuntoria) and tend to love it when people rock this ship. So, don’t worry Ashley, I am not jumping to MinJoong…at all!!

It’s just that I don’t know if this blog will be updated with fics and I wanted to be fair to those who come here everyday only to be disappointed by the lack of updates, thus the announcement. I am trying my best to finish the current ones I am working on, but it’s difficult when you don’t know where you’re headed and you barely have time to do something you lovelovelovelove so much.

I am not sure if Miss Blog Owner is keeping this blog for long once the updates become less than frequent if not never.

Don’t worry the_BRUHA will still be active on Twitter and Tumblr (so I am most likely to keep myself alive*wink*), ranting away about work, my series of unfortunate events called life and whatever it is that displeases or makes me happy. Also, I might change my name on those social networking sites, as suggested by Miss Blog Owner , to the _GRINCH. Okay, bad joke..

Ssory… I will try my best to come back every now and then though, so don’t be surprised if I just pop out of my shell and Don’t lose me.

Thank you to those who came, who read and those who left such heart warming comments. Believe me, those kind words are sources of inspiration for me and very much appreciated. You've all been very nice and understanding even when I started posting fics in PB which was a year ago (Oh my, it's been a year already.. Happy Anniversary to me!! One year of writing JoongBo fanfictions...)

So it’s Good Bye for now or maybe for awhile or forever… Haha..

Take care my Lovelies!!!

*takes a bow* *graceful exit*

Untitled 110810

This was done on a whim (the last minutes of my shift and then my ride home to be exact), so expect absurdities and peculiar plots.. Haha!!

This is for the trolls trying to disrupt the peace of JBers and causing chaos in the JBers' lair, and for those underestimating and talking down on Hwangbo (I guess you're eating dirt now that you saw her latest StarHwabo pics, huh??!)

Anyway, I had no definite plot nor idea when I started this, so I just went with the flow and inspiration (the pic below).

Hope you enjoy this nevertheless.

Please do leave comments--and i don't mean the Haters and Bashers..

Thanks Cookietook and Janna for the pic.

By the way, this was posted RAW and UNEDITED, so expect lotsa errors



You snapped back to reality as the male reporter called out your name. The flashing of the cameras always seem to put you in a temporary trance--automatically smiling dreamily for the press people and the fans.

"Yes?", you answered the man in blue jacket.

"We noticed you've been working really hard lately-doing Playful Kiss, modeling, traveling a lot, commercials, guestings.", the man spoke into the microphone, "A man has to have reasons for doing all these. You must probably be very rich now. Why Hyunjoongssi, why work so hard?"

You smiled and kept silent for a moment. You are more relaxed in this kind of setting-a press conference with lesser number of reporters whom you are familiar with which is done in a smaller, more low key location.

They were celebrating your fifth month in Keyeast and the management thinks it’s time to reach out to the media who have participated in making you the Hallyu star that you are now.

"Are you trying to match the success of your boss, Bae Yongjoon?", one of the reporters asked.

You cracked up at the follow up question, "Anio.. I could never match Hyungnim's success. He is a legend in the industry."

"Then why, Hyunjoongssi? Are you trying to buy another one of those expensive cars? Another Cayenne perhaps?", a woman reporter asked.

You smiled, "Anio.. I have yet to replace the motorcycle I crashed, but there might be another reason"

"So, why then? What are your future plans? What will you be doing with the money you earned?", the reporter in blue jacket asked again.

"Perhaps Mr. Kim is saving for his future family?", another one added.

"Are you already planning for a family, Mr. Kim?", one of them interjected.

You fell silent. You have been asked the same question so many times, but having talked about it with someone special recently got you thinking.

You smiled as memories came rushing in, "Hmm, perhaps.. Having a family would be nice..", you answered.

"How do you picture your future family Hyunjoongssi? Like your house? How many kids?", one of them asked.

"Well..", you answered.

You recall that lazy day when you and her had nothing to do, no work to keep you busy and eat up all your time.

It was a rainy Sunday morning. You cooked her ramen for breakfast because it was the only food left in your cupboard. She was sprawled on your couch as you slaved in front of the stove. It was something you loved doing-spoiling her like a princess to make up for the times you could not be with her.

The white leather couch was contrasting the mint green night shirt she was wearing, and you thought, ‘What a beautiful scene to behold’.

She flipped through channels and started to grumble that there was nothing good to watch. You carried the hot pot over and set it down in front of her. Her glum expression turned into a happy smile as she got up.

You almost died of happiness seeing her giggle like a child. Your past girlfriends have never been this happy when you cooked them something as simple as ramen. She laughed and smiled and giggled at almost everything you do and say, and that makes her unique. She was easy to please and she appreciated you for who you are without asking you to change anything. Yes, she bargained with you a lot, but she always met you half way.

As you let a bowl of ramen cool down for her, she watched the television intently then let out a big sigh.

She smiled dreamily at you as she shared one of her dreams as a child—a side of her she doesn’t show everyday. And you sit there, feeling mighty proud that she is comfortable enough with you to show you her cute side.

It was a simple dream, something that she could have, something that you could easily give. And because it made her happy, it was something you want to give her, something you want to experience with her.

You happily smiled at the press people, "My future family house? I don't dream of big houses, I want a simple duplex with white walls, big, tall windows with big green lawns where we could barbecue on Sunday after church and put up plastic swimming pools for the kids during summer. It would have white picket fences and a blue dog house beside a tree that we would plant.", you said echoing her words to the press, then added, "The house would have a purple roof.."

"Purple roof?", a reporter reacted.

"You know I travel a lot, so when I look down from the airplane and see the purple roof, I wouldn't feel so sad or homesick.. And remember the reason why I am doing what I am doing.", you explained. Of course, that's solely your idea. She isn't as 4D as you, well, not yet at least.

"Looks like you've had it all figured out. So, what about kids? How many do you plan to have?", a reporter asked.

You snorted, "I want a whole football team, but she only wants two, the eldest would be a boy and the youngest one a girl--like the family she grew up with.."

Your answer shocked the small crowd causing a loud buzz and warning glares from your manager.

"She? Who would that 'she' be? Perhaps it's Lee Hyorissi? She's been your ideal woman since you debuted, right?", one spoke into the microphone.

You shook your head with a smile, "Hyori Noona is a very close friend of mine. And like you said, she will always be my ideal woman, someone I admire, but that's all there is to it."

"Ahh, perhaps, it's Go Hyesun?", another one asked.

"Geum Jandi will always be for Go Junpyo, not Yoon Jihoo..", you wittily answered.

"Ahh, Jung Sominssi? There's a loud buzz after some fans watched your ‘behind the scenes’ released through YouTube..", the man in blue coat asked.

"I have grown really fond of her. Sominssi is really cute and fun to work with, like the cast of Playful Kiss. She is a very sweet girl, and she..she is like the sister I have never had.", you told them honestly.

The reporters grew even more curious.

"The one I have in mind is someone I want to protect from those who speak negatively of her. She is a kind soul whose beauty shines even more because she has a pure heart. She makes me happiest and respects and loves me not because of my status as an idol, but because I am me and she sees right through the titles or things people brand me.”

“She's my angel and the star that guides me through the darkest times of my life. She has also proven to be my number 1 fan who has supported me and honored my decisions. People close to us say she’s lucky, but when you really see her and know all the things she has done to and for me, you would realize I am very blessed. Come to think of it, I am very lucky to have her.", you said, a glint of pride in your eyes.

The female reporters gushed as they listened to your speech.

"Omo!", the reporter in blue exclaimed, "You are talking about Hwangbossi, right? Your Buin in We Got Married?"

You smiled naughtily at them, "Hmm.. Let's see.. Yeah, I might be talking about her.. Or maybe it's just a wild fantasy.. Let's just wait until 2012, shall we??"

With that, you stood up, gave them a low bow, and exit gracefully leaving the reporters stunned and quiet.



It started out as a dare. My sister, her bff and I were on a group chat one day, and we were talking about how dependent I was and how I would not survive in a non-English speaking country. So I said, try me. They gave me a list of countries including Germany, Venezuela, Russia, Brazil, and threw in some African countries. I started complaining because I only had a limited budget, so my sister came up with Seoul, South Korea thinking, Ginnie, her bff, was still working in Busan, so there's no way I can ask help from her. But Ginnie PMed me, telling me not to worry 'coz she'll take care of me if the dare pushes through 'coz she now works in Seoul.

So there I was 25 days later, en route to Seoul with two backpacks and no English-Korean dictionary in hand. I only know two Korean phrases then--Annyeonghaseyo and Saranghamnida. I had no interest in the culture and only watch dubbed Korean movies and dramas if I had no other choice.

Ginnie picked me up at the airport just in time. I already felt nauseas because I was starting to panic thinking I was lost. She laughed so hard when she saw my cold nervous sweat. She took me to her workplace first. She's a set/stage designer and works for a prominent TV station in Korea. For now, she was assigned to a new TV program. I felt giddy and excited. I mean, who wouldn't?! I was pretty sure I'd be seeing stars I only see in Korean soaps and films. I asked her if I would see Lee Dong Wok, but she said he was serving the military. So, I asked if I would see Jun Pyo, she said not likely as the show deals with idol groups and the hosts were artists who were once part of idol groups. But she added in something that got me confused, she said, I might see someone from F4 there. I tried bugging her for details, but she just smiled at me and said, 'When you see him and if the 'sneaky bastard' decides to go there, you'll know..'

The curiosity faded away and was forgotten quickly as I saw the lovely people. I knew 'new girl group' because my Korean addict friend showed me a video clip of them, and my sister was completely head over heels in love with 'baby', so yeah, I knew him and his infamous group which was either on hiatus or has completely disbanded.

I was really in awe and thrilled to meet 'gorgeous unnie'. Like what I overheard from Ginnie and my sister as they talked about Korean celebs Ginnie met at work, 'gorgeous unnie' was very friendly and so non-diva like. She always had the least of things on her rider and she was always courteous to the staff even when she was so tired. She shook my hand firmly, which for me was a sign of the kind of person she was. Seeing her backstage made me realize why my sister was such a fangirl.

They soon started filming, but I got bored since I did not understand a thing they said, I excused myself and told Ginnie that I was gonna wait for her in the make-up room where we left my bags.

I settled on the couch, wrapped myself with a comforter and immediately, I felt drowsy. I was walking in Lalaland when I heard the squeaking of the door. Somebody entered the room. With eyes half closed, I can only tell that the person who came in was a man. He was tall and slim. I can't really tell if he's muscular but he had a good structure. He only wore a white shirt and tattered jeans. He had a black cap on, so I couldn't see his face. I was curious, but I was way too tired and sleepy.

I woke up to the squeaking of the door again. I really thought Korean guy in white shirt was about to leave, but then 'gorgeous unnie' came in. I don't think she noticed that I was there as I was bundled up in a comforter.

She walked slowly as if she was looking for something. She smiled widely when she saw the guy. 'She was looking for him? Is this 'sneaky bastard' Ginnie was referring to?, I asked myself. I saw the guy reach out his hand and when 'gorgeous unnie' held out her hand, he gently pulled her towards him and held her in a tight embrace. If I was right, the hug lasted for about 5 minutes.

I then concluded that he was really 'sneaky bastard'.

'Sneaky bastard' towered over 'gorgeous unnie'. They looked like the perfect couple. He kissed the top of her head before 'gorgeous unnie' broke free from his embrace. She took his cap off, so his face became visible from where I lay. He was really familiar, and for a good three minutes, I couldn't figure out his name for the life of me.

If only I understood what they were saying. He gently pushed a lock of stray hair away from her face then bent over to kiss her on the cheek then her full lips. I thought I melted when he did that. It was very sweet of him.

Then it dawned upon me who this guy was, he was the infamous 'statue actor' (please forgive me I'm not a fan). He wasn't stiff and statue-like when I saw him in that hit drama. Everything was so natural, and he looked pretty darn happy with her. I think he's smitten!!

After one more hug, 'gorgeous unnie' left, then sneaky bastard left. I was pretty much in awe. Obviously, they were in love, sorry, very much in love.

I told Ginnie what I saw on our drive home. Of course, I had to keep mum while I was there. She just laughed at me and said, if my sister saw that, she would've flipped with purple happiness. I told her, I didn't understand.

That night Ginnie and I watched a 'show'. Everything became clear how 'sneaky bastard' and 'gorgeous unnie' started. Ginnie said, their relationship was kept a secret, everybody acted like they saw nothing out of respect for 'gorgeous unnie'. Besides, there are those fans who think they own 'sneaky bastard' or those who think their idol is their boyfriend. I think everyone saw how much she suffered during their reality show, that's why her friends in the industry were very protective of her.

Ginnie said 'sneaky bastard', too was very protective. He used to keep it a secret, but there was a rumor that he didn't want to live like that. It was said that he almost quit show business just to be with her, but 'gorgeous unnie' said she was fine and she shouldn't be a hindrance to him doing what he loved to do.

What a beautiful love story these two have. I am mighty proud of them.

I wish I could give you guys more details or the names, but I too want to protect her, she deserves to love as she chooses and deserves only the best which I think is 'sneaky bastard'.

Okay, I was whining to a friend about how I have never written a fan account and how badly I wanted to write one!! So, like the brilliant awesome friend she is, she suggested that I make up one.

The dare thing was real though, my friend dared me to go on vacay alone in a non-English speaking country, but due to the budget limit, we decided to cancel it.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed it. It was really like POOF!, there came the idea, so I had to hurry and write it all!!

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My GIRL's BACK!!!!

Yep, Hwangbo's back with a new song!!! It's called 'Still Beautiful'.

And check out the MV!! I was like, whoa! what a beautiful woman even with smeared eyeliner.

vid from moleqestella in youtube

Catwalks and Heartbreaks

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Hyungjun takes his final bow after strutting the catwalk wearing the collections of a budding designer. He walked through the busy hallways, stopping to greet people on the way. He finally reached the chair with his name written on the back, sighing deeply as he slumped down. It wasn't his first time on a fashion show but for this show, he was extremely nervous. Everything he did now was like his first time. But a smile graced his mighty features when he saw the person approaching through the vanity mirror.
Hyunjoong decided it would be best to approach the Maknae of the once affluent Korean boy group when the thick sea of people backstage disappear. He knew the Maknae all too well-Hyungjun wasn't one to leave the backstage right away, he always lingered for a bit to breathe it all in.

When finally the crowd died down a bit, he decided it was time to make his move.

A petite woman walked in front of him holding a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers in her arms. She was always a kind creature who only thought of making other people happy. She loved taking care of other people that sometimes she forgets she needs someone to take care of her, too. She walked happily in her black stilletos making the once busy corridor her personal runway. HJ loved how her hips swayed in a very sensual way as she walked. Her black hair followed a certain rhythm as she turned to greet the people who called her name. And that voice that ringed and echoed through the hallways was no doubt hers and hers alone.

Hwangbo Hyejung was a walking poetry.

The Maknae turned excitedly as he saw one of his favorite Noonas approaching with a bouquet in hand. Although Hyungjun was a tall, chiselled man, he was still childish in many ways.

"Noona!!", he called out loudly, "You came, you really came!!!"

Hyungjun quickly got out of his chair, grinning like a fool and walking towards Hwangbo with his arms stretched out.

"So.. What do you think?", he asked Hwangbo as he flexed his muscles.

"You're a man now, young master!!", Hwangbo teased him as she handed him the bouquet.

"Chukahe", she added, patting his shoulder.

Hyungjun stood proudly with a wide smile, loving his Noona's compliments.

From where he stood, Hyunjoong smiled secretly. It was most fun for him to watch their interaction. Not one bit of Hwangbo and Hyungjun's relationship has changed.

He could still remember the third time he brought her to their dorm when they were still a group. It seemed like these two have known each other for years. They laughed and bickered a lot about the smallest of things. They were playful. He recalled how happy he felt that Youngsaeng, Jungmin, Kyujong and Hyungjun easily felt comfortable with his girlfriend. Heck, they almost instantly fell in love with her the moment she volunteered to feed them Ramen in Japan even if it only was for the TV show.

But his stomach was in knots as he watched Hyungjun wrap Hwangbo’s small frame with his muscular arms and held her in a tight embrace. It seemed like his blood pressure skyrocketed when Hyungjun lifted Hwangbo off the ground to complete the bear hug.

He froze on that very spot and felt nauseas. 'What is this?!', he asked himself.

Hyunjoong thought he heard someone call his name, so he looked up.

Hyungjun finally noticed his Hyung lurking a few feet from where they stood.

"Hyunjoong Hyung", the Maknae called out, as he gently put his Noona down. "What a lovely surprise..", he continued.

Hyungjun motioned for his Hyung to come closer, oblivious of how uncomfortable Hwangbo might be.

Hyunjoong had no choice. He walked slowly, conscious of the growing tension between him and his former girlfriend.

Things did not end pleasantly between them. The misunderstandings and hullabaloo of being top stars in the industry did not help at all. Their schedules did not allow them to patch up the damage that was slowly eating them up alive and swallowing their relationship in whole.

It ended quickly, but oh so painfully. As he took steps towards where Hyungjun and Hwangbo stood, the memories of how they ended their relationship played inside his head. He could still see hwangbo’s face that gloomy morning. Her eyeliner smeared all over her face, and the tears continued to flow unendlessly. He could still hear her muffled sobs. They argued so badly that morning, they need not come up with a decision, it just came naturally. It was hasty and stupid and immature, but he brought it up anyway.

And so, it ended in the most horrifying and devastating way with her walking out of the room leaving all her belongings behind, walking out of his life forever.

"Oh, chukahe maknae!", Hyunjoong greeted his former member, "You did well!"

Taking a deep breath, Hwangbo turned to face him. A phony, forced smile pasted on her face. She tipped her head forward, acknowledging his presence. She looked everywhere but never into his eyes, not even once.

"I was the best there, wasn't I, Hyung?!", the Maknae joked after sensing the obvious tension between his Hyung and Noona. He always wanted them together, at the rate their relationship was going. Hyungjun really thought he'd see those two in front of an altar, exchanging rings and promises, but he thought wrong. He tried to bring them back together, so did Kyujong, but they failed. They hurt each other's pride, not to mention just how truly stubborn they both were.

There was awkward silence as all three of them stood there. And somehow, Hyungjun felt like he had to say something before it gets more awkward.

"Noona brought me flowers. Isn't she beautiful, Hyung?", he blurted out, then feeling stupid afterwards.

Hyunjoong stared at Hwangbo--her hair was tied in a messy ponytail, her make-up light, she was as always glowing like a goddess divine.

'Yes she is indeed..', he thought to himself.

"Stop staring at her, Hyung..", Hyungjun leaned forward and whispered to Hyunjoong, "And please, close your mouth, your drool is all over the floor..."

Hyunjoong blinked then realized how intently he was staring at her.

"How have you been, Bu--, Hwa--, Hyejung Noona?", he finally had the guts to ask her.

Hwangbo tried to look up, but she just could not dare look him in the eyes. Six months have passed but the pain was still there.

Before Hwangbo could find the words to answer his question, someone called out her name causing her to turn around.

"Hyejungssi!!", the voice called again.

"I'm here..", she answered.

The man walked confidently towards Hwangbo then snaked his arms around her waist and held on to her tightly. He kissed her on the cheek then her mouth as if no one else was there. When he was done, he finally acknowledged the other people's presence.

"You did well, Hyungjun! Congrats!", Bae Yongjoon told Hyungjun, who was frozen not only because there was a superstar in front of him but because of what he just witnessed.

"Hyunjoongssi, it's been a long time since we saw each other. How's work coming along? Still a pretty busy guy, huh?", Yongjoon asked Hyunjoong, who was as shocked as his Maknae.

"This guy is bringing in the dough for Keyeast..", he proudly told Hwangbo, completely unaware of the tension and frigid atmosphere.

Of course, he was unaware of what transpired between his talent and his now girlfriend because the relationship was kept a secret, revealed only to Hwangbo and Hyunjoong’s closest friends.

Hwangbo smiled faintly then nodded.

Hyunjoong felt like his heart was about to explode with jealousy and anger. His boss and the only love of his life were in front of him, holding each other’s hand. The pang of regret dripped like blood in his veins. It was the meanest surprise he had ever gotten in his life.

He looked at the perfect couple, his boss and the ex-girlfriend that he still loves so much. Then what ifs, if only's, should haves, could haves and would haves hit Hyunjoong like a bullet train. Right then and there, he felt like he was beaten to a pulp. His face became pale and lifeless. Now, he was only left with his what ifs.
Hwangbo swallowed the lump forming on her throat. She tried to look at Hyunjoong’s face, but ended up looking elsewhere. She couldn't do it. She could not dare herself to look at him again. Although what they had ended six months ago and she should have moved on by now, the pain was still fresh. All her fears started popping like mushroom now that he was here and her new boyfriend was standing right beside her.

She knew this day would come but not this soon. She had not expected the same kind of pain and hurt to affect her so much and make her so uncomfortable now that she is face to face the man she once loved so deeply.

She did not realize this then but now she knows that her love for Kim Hyunjoong is so much greater compared to what she has now for Bae Yongjoon and perhaps any other man she will love in the future.

As she stood there, holding another man's hand facing her one great love, she held her tears in. She couldn't move nor breathe.

'I can't cry!!', she kept repeating to herself, 'I won't cry..'

She held on to Yongjoon’s arm tighter as if using it for support. She knew she had to escape and the man beside her was her only way out.

"Well young lads, I and my lovely lady here have to go now. I have to feed her and keep her happy and satisfied.", Yongjoon said, then reached out his hand for a handshake with Hyungjun.

"It was nice meeting you!", he said to Hyungjun, then turned to Hyunjoong, "I'll see you around in the office. We need to discuss a new project..", he told him.

Hyunjoong nodded and watched as Hwangbo and Yongjoon link arms, turned, then walked away.

Hwangbo was finally able to breathe.

Hwangbo caught a glimpse of Hyunjoong’s face. There was a sad look evident on his face. Something only she could see. But she had to stay strong and move on.

She walked away from him for the second time, but this time she promised herself never to look back. She kept walking further away from him until she knew he was no longer in view. When she turned around, Hyunjoong was no longer there. She had to move on and forget about her Shillang.

A tear was threatening to spill out from her eyes as the elevator door closed, but she quickly whisked it away in one motion.

'Big girls don't cry', she reminded herself. 'I will not cry anymore...'

Bed Scene

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So everybody in my twitter circle was talking about Episode 15, which I am just excited to watch. Yes, I feel giddy just thinking about what embarrassing and hilarious (or just plain dumb) antics Hani has prepared for us.. The 100% pure believers are ranting like mad over the bed scene!! LOL!! Which I thought was seriously awkward, but who knows right, it'd be very smexy when the whole epi comes out!!!

This was inspired by Kathy after reading her tweets.. It's just a drama.. Just like fics are fictional (No, I'm not hinting at anyone.. ehem, anti/hater..).. Anyway, it was seriously fun reading all your tweets about the bed scene.. I on the other hand am purely evil because... Okay, I'm shutting up now..

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He sat on his office space looking annoyed and disappointed as he scanned through what seemed to be a 20-page script.

Hwangbo laughed secretly as she arranged her personal things inside her new Louis Vuitton luggage, which was originally his, but since what was his was also hers, then the new luggage from France was hers to use.

He let out another sigh of frustration, crumpling the first page, then smoothing it out again. It seemed like anytime now, steam would come out from his nose and ears.

“This isn’t gonna work!”, he mumbled in a low voice, but Hwangbo could still hear him even if she was further away from him. She started to chuckle uncontrollably at the sight of him getting all worked up over a script.

His eyebrows raised when he heard her laughter. Although she was in the bedroom right across his office space, he could hear and see her clearly through the widely opened door.

Hwangbo quickly turned around to avoid his eyes. She did not want to add to his frustrations nor his rising anger.

She was so busy trying to hide her laughter, she did not notice him entering the bedroom until the sound of him plopping on the queen sized bed surprised her.

“Yah, Hyunjoongah!! You scared me!”, Hwangbo said with one hand over her chest, “What are you doing here? Go back! I thought you were going to study your lines..”

“Wae?? I like it here! It’s much more comfortable!”, he answered pulling the comforter up to his chest, pretending to read the script.

“When are you coming back from Macau anyway?”, he asked, changing the topic.

“Hmm.. Shimty Oppa said Manager Oppa and I might have to stay there for a few days, maybe five or more—depending on the photo shoot..”, Hwangbo answered, looking excited and giddy about her trip.

“That long??? It’s gonna be your first time there without me, are you gonna be okay there? By yourself?”, he said, more worried about how long she’ll be gone.

Hwangbo was concentrating on packing, but she answered honestly and innocently, “It’s actually not the first time…”

Hyunjoong put down the script, shocked, “What?”

When Hwangbo chose not to answer, he let out another sigh, “Ahhhh, whatever…”, he mumbled, pulling the comforter over his head.
Hyunjoong was acting like a grumpy Ahjussi inside his room in a posh Jeju hotel. He just came from Japan, has not received a call nor text from his girlfriend in Macau for three days now, he was grilled and pressure cooked by the Director of his low-rating drama, and most of all he was tired, not to mention the script.

His manager was worried as he watched him pace the huge hotel room, scanning every square foot of the wide living room.

“This isn’t gonna work, Hyung!”, he sputtered over and over again as he glanced through the crumpled and battered script.

His manager nervously picked up his phone and started typing, ‘Where are you? He is turning into a fire-breathing dragon again, but this time, it seems like he will begin eating anything he sees! Please!! SOS!!’, and hit the send button.

The phone vibrated in his hand, then sighed after reading the message.

“Hyunjoongah, excuse me for awhile. I have to go get something for tomorrow’s filming..”, his manager excused himself.

Hyunjoong did not even answer him, instead he just continued pacing back and forth.

He nearly jumped at the sound of a raspy voice calling behind him, “Yah, Grumpy!!”

Hyunjoong felt like his soul ran out from his body.

“Yaaa, what are you doing here?”, he asked after composing himself.

Of course, he was happy to see Hwangbo, the girlfriend he has not heard from for three days, but he had to play it cool and act like he was not overwhelmed with happiness upon seeing her.

“I miss my Shillang of course.. What other reasons do I have to actually come here?”, Hwangbo answered, acting cute as she pulled him closed, wrapping her arms tightly around him, feeling his warmth.

Hyunjoong fought the urge not to hug her back, but it was a very difficult battle to win. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head where a bun was put in place.

“Besides I heard you were giving your Manager a hard time..”, she said, trying her best not to laugh knowing that the bed scene for his drama was bothering him like hell.

Hyunjoong sighed, he always seems to lose his power when she is around. She always seemed to break through the walls he built around himself.

“I’m just having a hard time with the bed scene for the next episode.. And, it’s supposed to be the highlight.”, he answered, honestly this time.

Hwangbo could not help but laugh.

“Oh Shillang!”, she said, resting her cheek on his well toned chest, listening to his heart beat, “You’re gonna do well. You are after all, Kim Hyunjoong..”

“I wish it were that easy, Buin..”, he said almost giving up hope.

“I have an idea..”, Hwangbo giggled as she took his hands and led him to the bedroom. She laughed as she pushed Hyunjoong to the bed.

Hyunjoong watched her, completely oblivious and confused at what she was doing.

She started undoing the buttons of her trench coat, revealing a black, satin lingerie.

“What are you doing?”, Hyunjoong asked nervously.

“Helping you practice..”, she smiled naughtily as she walked towards him.

“Kiss me, Hyunjoong..”, she purred as she sat on his lap.

But Hyunjoong was completely frozen, unable to move.

“Fine, I’ll kiss you then..”, she whispered when he continued not to budge.

She kissed him slowly, playfully, tracing the contour of his jawline with small butterfly kisses until she reached his waiting mouth. Hyunjoong started to respond and kiss her back.

He swung her to the bed and soon enough, he was on top of her, kissing her mouth with equal fervor and passion.

Hwangbo suddenly halted and pushed him away gently, “Ah.. That… Wait a minute..”

Hyunjoong grew confused, but he soon realized what she was trying to do.

“What is it?”, he asked in a low, lustful voice.

Hwangbo struggled to free herself from Hyunjoong’s embrace, “That.. I need to prepare..”

He stared at his Buin’s gorgeous face, “Huh? Prepare for what?”

“That.. the stuff a woman needs to prepare for..”, Hwangbo whispered cutely, turning pink in embarrassment.

Hyunjoong smile naughtily, enjoying the sight of Hwangbo’s cheeks as it turned pink, “Forget it. I cannot wait any longer…”

Hyunjoong adjusted his position on top of Hwangbo.

Right then and there, she was instantly aware of his growing need. She did not speak anymore. Instead, she pulls him closer for a succulent kiss and to urge him to continue whatever it was he was doing.

Hours passed quickly in Jejudo.

It was nearly morning.

“Hyejungah..”, he whispered as they lay in bed, sated and happy.

“Hyunjoongah..”, she answered him.

“I’m curious…”, he started, then asked, “Last night, how did you know Hani’s lines?”

Hwangbo let out a throaty laugh, “Do you really think I would let them ask you to do a bed scene without running the details by me first?”

Better Than You

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Hyunjoong grunted as the white Sedan in front of his Cayenne slowly and carefully turned right, taking almost all the time in the world. As soon as he had the chance to overtake, he immediately grabbed the opportunity.

He was anxious and in a hurry. The call he received earlier made him wake up from his sleepy reverie, put on his pants, grab the lime green polo from last night, pick up a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses and his General Idea cap, slip on the first pair of slippers he could find and run out of the door.

He had been swerving, overtaking, beating red lights ever since he got out of his apartment’s parking lot. A few seconds ago, he even had to steal an Ahjumma’s parking space. He was not normally rude, and he always followed road rules and courtesy, but today was an exception.

“Mian..”, he mouthed, then gave the fuming Ahjumma a 90 degree bow. She was watching him fiercely, like she was about to attack her prey.

Hyunjoong was pretty much aware of the expletives she might be throwing at him, but he really could not care less, like how he did not care that his hair was dishevelled, that the dark circles under his eyes were growing 1 millimeter wider each second, that his polo was not buttoned properly. He did not care about his image being an idol today. In fact, he forgot he was one. All he cared about was seeing her.

He remembered his Hyung’s trembling voice over the phone.

“Sorry to wake you so early Hyunjoongie. I just don’t know who else to call.”, Brian started.

It was 5:17AM when he received his call. Hyunjoong answered sleepily without even looking at the caller ID. He barely had two hours of sleep in the past two days, and it was his only time off from the Playful Kiss set.

“I normally call Euni or Junjin or Andy when things like these happen. And also, I did not want her parents to worry. You were on her speed dial, so I thought it’d be best to call you…”, Brian continued. Hyunjoong was startled. He quickly glanced over the screen. It said ‘Blackbelter’. His heart pounded faster as thoughts swarmed his weary head.

“Hyung, did something happen?”, Hyunjoong managed to ask.

“It’s Hyejung-ah, she’s very sick right now. I think she caught the flu, but she still worked and had not had sleep yet. She’s being stubborn again and refused to go the doctor..”, Brian explained, “She was coughing and shivering at the set, so I insisted to take her to the hospital, but we ended up fighting inside my car, so I took her to her apartment instead.”

“Can you come over immediately, Hyunjoong?”, Brian asked.

Hyunjoong breathed heavily as he climbed up the stairs, taking two steps at a time.

Sweat started to trickle down his forehead as he lifted his arm to ring the doorbell. He rolled his eyes and thought that she should have given him the keys to her apartment, but as usual, she stands firm and insists on doing things her way.

As expected, Brian opened the door. Relief was painted all over his then worried face when he saw his Hoobae.

“Thank God, you’re here..”, he exclaimed, “I gotta run back to Storm’s set to finish some things.”

Hyunjoong nodded as he watched his Hyung scurry and went out of the apartment.

“She’s inside, and she refused to take any medications..”, he told Hyunjoong before leaving.

The idol walked through the familiar hallway. Nothing much has changed except that the cats and dogs weren’t the first once to greet him and it has become a bit messy knowing that Hyejung is a neat freak. Both of them have gotten busier as more projects poured in, so they have been getting lesser time for themselves and to be with each other.

Hyunjoong knocked on the first door to the right, but he did not get an answer. He decided to open the door slowly so as not to disturb the person inside.

He looked around and finally saw her shivering on her bed, all wrapped up in two thick comforters. She was asleep, but her face was tired, pale and thin. Her once full lips were dry, and there were heavy, dark circles under her eyes.

She started coughing. Hyunjoong remembered the first time he saw her sick and coughing inside their apartment back in their WGM days. The sense of urgency to take care of her at that time was exactly what he felt today. He wanted to run to the nearest drug store and buy all sorts of medications and vitamins, but at the same time he never wanted to leave her side.

He peeled off one of the thick comforters from her, and she did not even notice. Then, he slowly rolled the other one down, revealing her fully clothed body.

She cringed a little, then shuddered even more.

“Cold”, she whispered, then started to cough again.

It took great effort for Hyunjoong not to be all over her and take her into his arms as he watched her almost coughing her lungs out. He took a seat in bed beside her and gently patted her back, hoping that would ease all the pain she was feeling.

On his way to her apartment, he was cursing her for not taking care of her body and her health, for being a workaholic, for saying she was fine when in fact, she wasn’t. He swore to himself he was going to reprimand her for all those reasons, for making him worry and for not telling him that she was sick, but all those pent up anger disappeared the very second he saw her weak face—an unfamiliar scene for him.

She started to cough again, making her whole body tremble. When the coughing subsided, Hyejung opened her catlike, puffy eyes.

“Are you okay?”, he asked, “Do you need anything?”

She could not believe who was in front of her.

“Hyunjoongah..”, she whispered, trying to avoid his eyes.

“Are you okay, Buin?”, he asked again, “Are you feeling pain? Discomfort? Anything I can do to make you feel better?”, he asked, touching her pale cheeks.

“I’m fine..”, she answered, trying to convince him by trying to sit up, “I’m really fi…”, but her world suddenly spun before her very eyes. She started coughing again, this time harder and more violent than before.

“Apayo…”, she unconsciously said as she staggered to one side, nearly falling off the bed.

But two strong arms scooped her up and were wrapped around her small strength-less figure protectively. It felt warm and safe to be inside Hyunjoong’s secure embrace—like all the worries and pains will soon go away. Hyejung wanted to be trapped inside his embrace forever. She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. It felt amazing.

Hyunjoong pulled away from their embrace and cupped her face between her palms. He watched her intently as if observing if there are traces of pain.

“Kwenchanayo?”, he asked her then pulled her closer to plant a kiss on her feverish forehead. Without waiting for an answer, he took her inside his loving embrace again.

“I’m here now. I’ll take care of you..”, he whispered into her ear.

A small smile formed on Hyejung’s parched lips. Her flu and fever has not gone down, but having him hold her like that eased her pain a bit. Just when she needs two arms to hold her tight, his tender love and kisses can make it right. He can chase the darkness in her world and make her days full of light. It is a fact, that there is none better and no one can do it better than Kim Hyunjoong.

My Hyung's Wedding...

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The late afternoon sun shone mightily over the Eastern skies—his last hurrah before the moon takes her reign.

Beads of sweat started to form on Kyujong’s forehead as he quietly shielded the sun using his hand. A lean, tall figure walked idly on the vast terrace is isolating himself from the rest of the crowd. Kyujong was almost certain the figure came out from the heavy wooden doors. He observed from a distance, not minding Yougnsaeng’s chitchats and Jungmin’s boisterous laughter. He was trying to focus on the person from across the wide place.

The other person seemed lost, and although it wasn’t very clear, there was sadness and grief stamped all over his face. His shoulders slumped as he took a seat, holding a glass of untouched champagne between his hands. Unlike everyone else in that private resort somewhere in SouthEast Asia, he seemed gravely depressed. He was a contradiction of everyone else’s festive and happy spirits.

Kyujong noticed a hand squeezing his arm. He looked at the woman beside him—his girlfriend. Yoobin, too, had been observing the gloomy person on the other side of the terrace.

She leaned closer to him and whispered, “I think you need to talk to him…”, her voice filled with worry.

Kyujong nodded then excused himself from his posse and made his way through the crowd.

He cleared his throat and sat down beside Hyungjun.

“Where have you been, Maknae? Everybody has been looking for you….”, Kyujong started, but he did not get a reply.

He cleared his throat again, another attempt, this time straight to the point, “So, Hyungjunah, were you able to do what you came here to do?”

Hyungjun stared blankly at the wine glass, then bobbed his head, “Mmmmm…”, he mumbled.

Although Kyujong knew what Hyungjun’s answer would be, he pretended not to know.

“So, you broke them up?”, Kyujong asked, “You got Noona to agree not to marry Hyung?”

This time, Hyungjun held on to the glass tightly as if determined not to break it while Kyu anxiously waited for his response and preparing what to say next.

“Ani..”, Hyungjun said softly, the pain he must be feeling causing him to choke.

“Ani..”, he said again, his eyes staring straight at the dark blue sea that stretched far and wide.

“I did my mission. I came here to do what I was supposed to do..”, he sighed.

“Which is?”, Kyujong asked.

“I went inside to wish them both a happy life together, full of love and blessings..”, Hyungjun closed his eyes, preventing the tears from falling.

“Noona seems very happy with Hyung. And Hyung, he obviously loves her very much..”, the Maknae explained, “How am I supposed to ruin that kind of love?”

Kyujong stared at Hyungjun, relieved.
“I now pronounce you, man and wife. The Shillang may now kiss his Buin..”, the priest announced.

Hyungjun cringed. Hearing the priest say those lines was like pouring vinegar on his already broken heart.

He sat silently still as everyone got up to greet the newly weds as if gathering his strength and courage.

When everyone left to attend the reception, the Maknae stood up and walked through the green path.
“And now, let’s hear from one of Hyejungssi’s favorite Young Masters—Hyungjunah!”, the emcee said.

It was Kyujong’s turn to cringe, squeezing Yoobin’s hand, as his heart skipped a beat.

Hyungjun stood up and took the microphone. He stared into space for awhile.

“Today, I had a dream.”, he smirked as he looked at Hyunjoong.

“I dreamt someone got in the way of true love..”, this time he stared at his Noona who was looking back at him intently.

“But looking at Hyung and Noona, I realized they are each other’s soul mate, each other’s sweetheart, each other’s dream come true from now on until the end of time…”

“Hyung has given his heart and soul to Noona, and Noona has accepted that fully.”

“Luckily, it was just a dream, a nightmare in fact.”, he looked at his shoe and sighed. He raised his wine glass, “Let’s toast our glasses to true love. As Shakespeare said, Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds. When life gets hard and things change true love remains the same. Here’s to Noona and Hyung’s genuine and true love, a love that will remain the same.. Always and Forever..”

Kyujong beamed with pride and joy as everyone raised their glasses.

Hyungjun sighed as he watched his Noona smiling happily at his Hyung, then let out a huge sigh. He did what he came here to do.

Kyujong stood up beside him and tapped his shoulder, “I’m proud of you, dude. You’ll find the one for you.”

new show=happy fans


Hello everyone!! As many of you know, Hwangbo and SS501's maknae (and one of our favorite Young Masters), Kim Hyungjun, will be together in a show called Midnight Idol.

Let's show support by trending (in Twitter) #HB_HJB_M_IDOL on September 29, 2010 10:00-12:00PM Korea Time.


I don't know about you, but I am extremely excited to see these two on a show together.. It'll be a RIOT!!!

Beauty and the Beast

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Hyunjoong opened his eyes, trying to adjust to the new light given off by the morning sun.

He was never the type to wake up all bright, shiny and happy so early in the morning, but he felt a sense of urgency to open his eyes early today, perhaps fearful that there might be a moment he would miss.

He adjusted to his side and noticed his woman seated on the bed with her bare back facing him.

He quietly observed and listened to her calm, relaxed breathing. It was like glorious music to his ears—listening to her inhaling the fresh air and exhaling it almost noiselessly.

As a man, he had been showered with so many blessings in his life—too many that he could not count them using his fingers and his toes combined.

And if he had to choose one blessing as his favorite, it would have to be the very day he woke up and felt something pounding in his chest. He realized he had a heart capable of beating, capable of liking, capable of loving someone he once thought he could never have.

He watched as the golden rays of the sun hit Hwangbo’s bare skin. The once caramel tone turned into an exquisite shade of bronze. He smiled as his Goddess gleamed, like some heavenly apparition. She was a beauty, and he felt stupid for not having seen that from the very start.

There were many times he felt like hitting himself with a sledge hammer. Thinking about his stupidity and utter madness made him feel like a hideous, monstrous beast.

Hyunjoong sighed recalling the many times he must have hurt her.

He used to just watch her on TV with her girl group. And with that dot on her forehead, he was almost convinced she was a foreigner.

The first time he actually met her was on a variety show. She seemed to know everyone-guests, hosts and staff there. She was playful and friendly. Idols, like him, talked about her and talked to her like she was their friend for a long time. Many other idols confessed their admiration for her, including his friend Micky and DBSK leader, Yunho.

When asked about her one time on the show, he mocked her and joked about her skin being darker than that of a typical Korean. He even used that as an attack in one of the show’s segments.

When the show ended, it took some time before they met and were together again. He remembered his shock and surprise when he saw her driving the red top down car. At first, he thought being paired with an older, does-not-act-cute, hoarse-voiced woman was a cruel, evil joke played by We Got Married’s staff and crew. He loudly complained about not being paired to a cute, girly idol.

But it knocked some sense into him when during one of his hissy fits, the ever nice and respectful, Kyujong gathered his courage to speak up. He remembered his member’s words so well. Kyujong said, “Stop complaining, Hyung! Do you really think you are the only one whose made uncomfortable with your pairing? Have you ever thought putting up with you and your harsh comments about her is easy for Noona? Stop being an ass!!”

It touched Hyunjoong gravely that despite his comments in the past, she was as always nice and patient with him.

What turned everything around was her ability to take care of him and her genuine sincerity towards the ruthless, cruel Hyunjoong.

In no time, she gained his respect.

In no time, his admiration for her grew.

In no time, he woke up everyday eager to be with his pretend wife.

In no time, she made him realize he had a heart.

In no time, he discovered that the reason why he suddenly felt so alive was Hwangbo.

And soon, he realized he was falling for her ever so slowly.

During the time they spent together, he felt like he was slowly unraveling a beautiful treasure and at the same time, he was slowly shedding off his hideous, monstrous mask.

He quietly observed as she watched the morning sun slowly creeping up through the morning sky. Silently admiring how she seems to appreciate the minute things in life.

He began to wonder, ‘How in the world was it possible for this beauty to have fallen in love with a beast? How was it possible for this beauty to have transformed this beast to human with a heart?’

Hyejung quietly turned around to find Hyunjoong quietly staring at her. An easy smile broke on her lips. She touched his cheek with one hand, as the other held the blanket that covered the rest of her body.

“Good morning!”, she said tenderly.

Hyunjoong just continued to stare at her, silently praising and thanking the Gods for such a beautiful blessing. He caught her wrist and pulled her gently towards him.

“It’s not just a good morning, Hyejungssi. It’s a great morning”, he whispered before claiming her lips for a slow, succulent kiss.

Hwangbo exhaled when they ended their kiss and smiled shyly. She rested her head on his chest.

“I love you, Hyunjoong..”, she declared.

He smiled and stroked her long black hair.

“Can you hear my heartbeat?”, he asked her.

She pressed her ear on his chest and nodded.

“Every beat, every thud should tell you how much I love you..”, he said, “And just for the record, I think I am more head over heels in love with you, Beautiful…”

In the stillness of the new morning comes the promise of love and a happy ever after inside the Kim’s humble home.


It’s a tale as old as time..

A song as old as rhyme..

For this Beauty and her Beast-no more..

Just The Way You Are

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The idol takes a deep breath as he sits in front of his girlfriend who refuses to budge from her seat inside the shop until she finds the perfect shade of lipstick.

She probably already has a dozen in front of her and basket-full waiting on the next table.

Yunho rolls his eyes as she picks one up, puts it down and grabs another one. He quietly observes as she dabs a hot pink—almost fuschia shade lipstick on her full lips.

A smile twitched Yunho’s lips. He knew she was going to ask if it looks okay and when he gives her the same honest answer, she’ll wrinkle her nose, pout her lips and roll her eyes—perhaps the cutest expression he has ever seen in his entire life.

“What about this one?”, she asked with a serious expression and a gruff voice.

Yunho smiled. She won’t like his answer and he’ll probably get a bruise on his arm, but seeing her expression would be worth it.

“Very cute..”, he answered, trying to duck to avoid the fist that was about to hit his left arm.

He knew for a fact that Hwangbo—no matter how many times she denies it—is one cute creature. She hated the word and perhaps loathes the one who invented it. She says she was not cute and does not know how to be one. But what she does not know is that she is cute without even exerting a single effort.

She mumbles something incomprehensible as she wipes off the strong color on her lips and tries on another shade—this time fiery red.

Yunho could not help but laugh at her, “We’re not going to a club…”

Hwangbo’s aura turned into a gloomy shade of violet as she heard his suppressed chuckles. Her tears were about flow, but she tried her best not to let them fall.

“Arraso..”, she said stiffly wiping off the make up with the back of her hands.

Yunho sensed the tension and managed to stop laughing. He knew how nervous she had been about today. He also knew she had been preparing everything and wanted it all to run perfectly.

He quietly walks over to her, picking up a raspberry Chapstick on the way. Hwangbo quickly turns away. She was sulking, but she did not want anyone to see it, especially not her boyfriend.

Yunho easily turned the stool she was sitting on and smiled when he saw her gorgeous face. His heartbeat sped up as strands of her dark brown hair fell perfectly on her face and as she batted her eyelashes before looking up at him.

He cleared his throat before speaking.

“Hyejungah..”, he said, carefully running his index finger down to her long bridge nose then bending down to kiss the tip of her aristocratic nose.

“You don’t need to try so hard. You already won my sister’s heart the day I brought her to an Xman taping. You got my Appa swooning over when he saw you in We Got Married. Heck, he even gave me a lecture about not participating in shows like that. My Grandma loves you even in your Chakra days. And my Omma—Omma’s been asking me to bring you over when I told her of my intentions to court you and that was after our Loveletter episode together.”

Hwangbo’s cheeks turned red. She was glowing, radiant, beautiful as she blushed like a schoolgirl.

“So stop worrying so much about looking perfect when you meet them..” he continued, taking the cap off the lip gloss and carefully dabbed some on her lips. “My sister, my Grandmother, my parents—heck, even the ahjumma living next door loves you already.”

He collected her in his arms and squeezed her small frame into a tight embrace.

It felt like the sweet moment could last forever when a voice suddenly interrupted them.

“Oppa!!”, the girly voice called out.

Yunho quickly turned around to find his sister on the shop’s doorway with her hands on her hips.

“I don’t mean to interrupt”, she said with a smirk, “But you should not be too selfish. You’ve probably spent a lot of time being lovey-dovey.”

The teenager stomps her feet, walks towards Hwangbo and then grabs her hand. Her expression suddenly changed when she faced her Unnie. The frown was quickly replaced with a big smile.

“Let’s go Unnie. We’ve been waiting since this morning.”, she said, nearly dragging Hwangbo because of her excitement.

Yunho chuckled as he watched two of his best girls walking hand in hand.
“We’re here”, Yunho’s sister happily called out as soon as she opened the gates.

His Appa’s bright smile was the first to greet them, “Welcome to our humble home, Hyejungssi..”

He was followed by Yunho’s Grandmother, who gave Hwangbo a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek like the fan that she truly was.

Then, Mrs. Jung came out from the front door, her eyes were fierce and her expression glum.

Hwangbo nervously looked back at Yunho, who just gave her a wink.

“Here she is, Omma!!”, Yunho’s sister said, giving Hwangbo a slight push.

Like a lioness when seeing her trainer, Yunho’s Omma’s expression quickly changed. It was like Hwangbo was able to tame her with Hwangbo’s mere presence. The glum expression on Mrs. Jung’s face quickly turned to a happy smile. She wrapped her arms around Hwangbo, securing her in a tight embrace and said loud enough for everyone to hear, “My future daughter-in-law…”

Everyone laughed except for the nervous couple.

They all went inside, but Hwangbo walked slowly, waiting for Yunho to catch up with her.

When they were walking side by side, she quickly reached for his hand.

Yunho turned to her and their eyes met. Her eyes gleamed under the afternoon sun.

She flashed him a happy and sincere smile, “Your family is very warm and nice… Komawo….”, she whispered.

He watched as her eyes danced happily.

“I told you so.. They love you just the way you are..”, he told her, “I love you just the way you are..”

Yunho wondered why she even had to fret about getting the perfect lipstick and getting all made up for the occasion.

Because honestly, when he sees her even in her bare face, there’s not a thing that he would change, Hwangbo is amazing, just the way she is.


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She watched as the dawn slowly breaks through the lace-adorned windows. As the streaks of yellow light penetrates through the dark blue velvet skies, creating golden rays, it promises a new day.

Hyejung runs her fingers on the arm wrapped around her waist. Her back comfortably resting against the warm, muscular chest.

There’s no other place she’d rather be, no other person she’d rather be with. Somehow, despite the odds, despite the barriers and obstacles, when she’s with him, when their fingers intertwine, when their lips meet, when their bodies touch, everything seems all right.

She and the sleeping figure beside her are perfect for each other. But in this world that we live in, nothing is ever perfect. It’s not that perfection does not exist, it’s just that perfection is not achievable, never achievable.

As the light of the new day fills the four corners of the room, worries and fears start to rise inside Hyejung’s head. The screeching sound of reality gets louder in her ears.

It’s morning and it’s time to go back to reality. A reality that wreaks havoc between her brain and heart.

She ran her small fingers through his arm once more, enjoying the tingly sensation when their skin touched. One last time, she lets herself enjoy the warmth of their nakedness together.

Each time she was with him was like living in a fantasy, a dream. But dreams and fantasies end. Oftentimes, for them, it ends as the new fall morning paints new vivid colors over the horizon.

“It’s almost September..”, she unconsciously whispers. The other person stirs, detaching his arm from her waist and turned to the other side.

‘He must have heard me..’, she thought, ‘The words playing inside my head must have slipped through my lips.’

She took a deep breath and filled her lungs with air, hoping the oxygen entering her body would give her some courage to do what she has to do.

She cleared her throat before asking.

“Are you awake?”, she asked and immediately closed her eyes as if she’s afraid some sort of ghost will pop out.

Somehow, she wished he was still asleep, but the still, silent air inside the cold frigid room was answer enough. She could hear his breathing. It was not as relaxed as it was a while ago. He was awake, but he was trying to dodge the sudden confrontation.

“Hyunjoong, are you awake?”, she asked again just to make sure, but all the response she got was an gurgling sound that came from his throat.

“Did you hear what I said?”, she asked, this time her voice was no longer sweet. Now, it seemed strained, tense, trembling.

“I said, it’s almost September…”, she said again.

September—it was that time of the year when he relentlessly breaks her heart only to return at the peak of winter.

For two years now, he breaks her heart on September, and like a poor lost lamb shivering from the harsh winter weather, he comes back. And, no matter how many times her head battles with her heart, she accepts him with more than just open arms because she has fallen so deeply, maddeningly in love with Hyunjoong and she would take every risk and every pain just to have him hold her in his arms once more.

But Hyejung woke up with too much pain today knowing that it’s almost September and that he was going to leave her again.

She waited for him to respond, to give her some lame reason or perhaps the usual ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ type of reasons, but he lay in bed silently.

And she had no desire to probe for more, for she has made up her mind already.

A few more minutes passed, and her effort to clear the air between them fell on deaf ears.

As the pure, brilliant sunshine filled the entire room, Hyejung opens her eyes and lifts herself off the bed. She climbed down carefully so as not to wake the sleeping Hyunjoong and quietly put on her clothes before finally stepping out of the room.

She gathered as much strength not to look back and held her breath as she walked through the corridor. If she draws in one single breath, her tears might spill and that would be more tragic for her because she knows she just might turn around and beg him to stay.

Hyejung hopped on the first elevator available and was finally able to breathe again.

She has done it. She was finally the first one to leave. For two years, she was always the one left behind, but this time she wasn’t about to let her heart and soul get stomped on.

Hyunjoong opened his eyes to the sound of the clicking doorknob. The chambermaid quickly turned around upon seeing the man only covered by the think satin cloth sprawled in bed.

“Omo! I’m sorry, Sir. I thought you already checked out..”, she explained, a sheen of nervous sweat on her forehead.

“How’s that possible when I haven’t even paid for the room yet?!”, he snapped at the middle aged woman, scanning the room for traces of Hyejung, wishing she would not come out while the chambermaid was there, so as not to cause any scandal and at the same time wishing she hadn’t left him yet. There were so many things he still needed and wanted to say to her.

“Sir, the room has already been paid for by a lady. She left in a hurry and even paid in cash.”, the middle-aged woman said.

Her words rang on Hyunjoong’s ears because it could only mean one thing—that he was too late. He knew he should have asked her to stay last night. Now, the smell of regret left bitter tastes on his dry mouth.

“Give me 30 minutes. I’ll just take a shower, then leave.”, he forcefully said, and the maid left quietly.

Hyunjoong immediately scrammed for his phone and dialled her number, but the Blackberry Torch he gave her vibrated on the vanity. He left her and this time, she might mean goodbye.

He finally stepped out of the hotel, shielding his eyes from the vicious mid-morning sun.

He sighed heavily as his thoughts swarmed his brain, ‘It’s September and she was the one to leave this time. But when winter comes, will she comeback to me as I did many times before?’

An Almost Fairytale

It’s been awfully (almost creepily) quiet here, ei?? And it’s been a long time since I actually posted a fanfic (which btw, is supposedly the sole and only purpose of this blog, but it didn’t end up that way)..

So, I do not know if it’s any good. I haven’t written in so long, it feels like I don’t know how to anymore (not like I’m good at this..LOL). And this isn’t supposed to be Joongbo, because I honestly don’t know if it works for them, but I owe several people(Athena5914, Cookietook, LvK2010, etc.) a not so sad Joongbo fic.

Also, this fic is quite confusing—I wanted it to have a Greek Mythology theme, but I failed and got lost along the way, so I kept switching until I ended up with this.. Hur hur hur..

I’d appreciate it, if you guys leave comments.. *puppy dog eyes…*

As soon as her feet touched the earth’s brown soil and regained her composure after hours and hours of being airborne, Estella immediately hid her wings, making it invisible to human eyes.

She adjusted her pearl white tunic and dusted off her golden sandals. She started making her way out of the clearing and went through the thick virgin forest.

As soon as she stepped inside the boundaries of her father’s vast kingdom, a child’s voice caught her attention. He was a page in her father’s palace and was close enough to being her sibling.

He was out of breath and sputtering gibberish when he finally found her.

“Breathe first, lad.”, she told him, but he was in a hurry.

“You’re father, the king is fuming mad. He has been looking everywhere for you, Princess..”, he managed to say clearly.

Estella was alarmed. She promised her father that she was not going anywhere today. There have been threats to overpower the old king, especially since other rulers of nearby kingdoms are threatened by the knowledge that Estella’s father is a Demi God and has powers beyond compare. And, their kingdom was peace loving, all the more reason to hate them since they are obviously favored by the Gods for this reason.

“ESTELLA!!!”, her father’s voice boomed through the hallways and corridors as soon as she stepped into the courtyard.

“Good morning, Appa…”, she sweetly whispered.

“Good morning??”, he furiously asked. “I told you not to wander around in the forest, much less fly over to other lands.. Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

Estella casually stepped to her father’s side, “Appa, didn’t you teach me to always be kind and generous and selfless? The nomads needed my help. One of the Elder’s daughter gave birth, so I flew over and helped them..”

The King sat in his thrown still as red as a ripe tomato.

“Besides Appa, you taught me to fight well. Our enemies would not stand a chance. With my skill, sometimes, I wonder why I’m not the one leading your army instead of Oppa..”, she added with a smirk and a trace of arrogance on her face.

“Hejin-ah!!!”, he called his wife’s, the Queen’s, name.


“Appa..”, Estella tried to protest, but it was too late, her father already made up his mind.

Estella had been sulking in one of the corners of her room, holding a battle axe firmly. She cried her eyes out over her father’s announcement.

She knew those were not empty threats. She knew his mind was set in marrying her off.

“Estella…”, a gentler male voice called out.

As soon as he elder brother sat beside her, she started tearing up again and released the axe that she’ll fervently miss once she is married.

“Stop crying. It’ll be alright..”, he tried to coax her.

“Maybe it’s not so bad afterall..”, he said, “Your suitors, from what I’ve heard, are quite fine and have impressive backgrounds.”

Estella shook her head, “Shiroh!!”

“Well, I like Junjin for you, my princess. He’s your best friend, right? I heard from Omma that he’s one of the many in the list.”

Estella stayed quiet, still sobbing.

“Or Brian, from the next kingdom, he’s quite romantic and handsome, too.”

“Or Dongwan, the actor and the playwright”

“There’s also that young courageous Prince, Yunho..”

“Or the balladeer, Kyungrok..”

“And, the rich and famous, Bi..”

“Or Marco, the great warrior..”

“And there’s Hyunjoong, he has quite a four dimensional personality, maybe you’d match him well..”

Estella started sobbing again, the tears seemed to flow unendlessly as her elder brother took her in his arms.

“There, there..”, he stroked her long black silky hair, trying to pacify her.

She shut her eyes and tightened her embrace around her brother. Her father’s voice echoing in her ears.

“Oppa, I want to marry the man I love..”, she said between sobs.

“I want to marry the one I love..”, she said again.

This time her breathing was shallow and beads of sweat trickled down her forehead.

“To marry the one I love..”, her own voice echoed inside her brain. “Marry the one I love…”

Suddenly, a voice called her name.. Her real name..


She flickered her eyes open and stared at the handsome face beside her.

“I think you’re having a bad dream, Buin..”, he said.

Her heart calmed down. She was indeed having a bad dream.

She stared at the handsome face once more, then at his hand where a golden band gleamed under the moonlight.

It was a dream, a bad dream because she was in fact happily married to the man she loves and loves her in return.