Fate and Crossroads: Six

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His throat suddenly went dry at the sight of her, all he could do was pull out a chair for her to sit on.

“Yah, stop staring at Hwangbo Unni!”, Gain said. Hyunjoong blinked and was suddenly self conscious he directed his eyes to the barbecue grill only to find Gain yanking Jokwon's arm. Jokwon was staring at Hwangbo all the while. “You have a wife now!”, she added after hitting her husband's arm.

Hwangbo sat there laughing at Jokwon and Gain's cuteness and childish display.

“Well, it's all your fault!”, Jokwon told his wife in a serious tone.

Gain's eyes widened, “Me? What did I do?”

“You dressed her up and did her make up”, Jokwon answered, “But of course, I only have eyes for you Yeobo”, he quickly added afraid to be hit again.

“Okay, I forgive you”, Gain muttered, trying to hide a shy smile after hearing Jokwon's words.

Hwangbo sat quietly suddenly self conscious of the stares from other man in the garden.

Hyunjoong stood awkwardly near the crackling fire, stealing glances at Hwangbo. It especially did not help that Gain and Jokwon were being their cute, loveydovey selves again. He could not help but wonder the last time he and Hwangbo were that comfortable with each other. He was just glad that there were no cameramen nor other people aside from the four of them. Somehow, he found himself thanking God for modern technology and digital cameras, otherwise he would look stupid trying to mask his true feelings again and the PD would be shouting 'CUT' after every scene.

“What's for dinner?”, Hwangbo asked hoping to break the awkwardness rising in the air.

“Barbecue..”, Hyunjoong answered timidly

“And Ssangchu...”, Jokwon answered imitating how Hyunjoong pronounced it on their 1st dinner together.

"She was not asking you, stupid”, Gain hit Jokwon's arm again.

Hwangbo laughed at how Jokwon mimicked Hyunjoong. Her ex-Shillang loosened up a bit when he heard her laughing knowing that she still thought of those as good times.

As they ate their dinner, an assistant called Gain and Jokwon for their black room interview.

“Thank you, by the way, for sending me to the clinic yesterday.”, Hwangbo said almost in a whisper, her eyes fixed on her plate.

“It's what anybody would have done”, he said staring blankly at the darkness surrounding them. “It's what I will always do for you”, he wanted to say.

There was that awkward silence again.

“Are you still hurt?”, he asked her, “Still having headaches?”

She smiled brightly then shook her head, “I'm fine now. Perhaps, I was just overworked or fatigued”, she calmly said.

“Excuse me”, two of the crew approached the garden. “We have to change the batteries of the cameras. This will only take a few minutes, maybe 15 to 20 minutes at the most”

The crew gathered the cameras placed in several key areas in the garden and went back inside.

Hwangbo stood up and started walking towards the sliding doors when she felt Hyunjoong grab her right hand.

“What happened to us, Hyejung?”, he asked in a throaty voice.

Hwangbo turned around to face him. She did not even try to remove her hand from his grip. A sarcastic smile was pasted on her face. “Nothing”, she spat out bitterly. “Nothing happened. Us never happened. There was no US”, she added trying to control the volume of her voice.

He held her hand even tighter. “I'm sorry”, he lowered his head. “I do not even know where and when to begin.”. He put his cheek against the palm of her soft hands.

“There's no need to be sorry”, she said hardening her heart.

"Yes, there is", he said his voice starting to crack, "Because I lost you, and it was all my fault."

Hwangbo finally found the courage to push his hand away. "Let me go.", she sternly said. "There's no need to be sorry. There's no need to explain. It is no one's fault. You did not leave me wondering what happened and asking myself questions. I was not the one left behind. Let's just leave it at that."

She went back to her seat when she noticed Gain and Jokwon approaching. Hwangbo pretended to continue eating hoping no one will notice the hurt in her eyes.

"We have a surprise for you, Unni!", Gain yelled excitedly.

"I am so exited!!! This is a first, right? No one has ever done this on the show, right?", Jokwon eagerly asked the staff member who was setting up something.

Hwangbo and Hyunjoong kept quiet and just watched everything that was happening.

Your Laughter

author's note: this was inspired by a Neruda poem that fits my fave couple oh so perfectly....


His legs have grown numb from the lack of movement and the weight that he was carrying on his lap. It was not that heavy, but when one has not moved for about an hour, pins and needles begin to develop, and the discomfort starts to kick in. Still, he does not complain. Instead, he rests his back on the rattan beach chair and stares at the wide blue stretch of the Pacific Ocean. It was one of those rare chances to be alone and just enjoy the momentary silence he does not get to experience when he is at work back in Korea or in Japan or in China or wherever. It is the price he has to pay for choosing this so-called profession. Lately, things have been turbulent for him, his career and the company who manages him, but being here now, makes him thankful. Perhaps, the scandal--his scandal, has done him some good, like the well deserved vacation he has been pining on.

It was a long ride from Incheon Airport to this place, but seeing the white sands and blue sea and the peace and quiet, it was worth it. How Hyejung discovered this place was a mystery she vowed never to reveal, and Hyunjoong was just perfectly happy to be here. And being here with her and not being recognized by anyone was like winning the lottery. If Hyejung was not too sleepy, she would have gloated the very minute they waited for the ferry to take them to the island, and Hyunjoong would have sulked for the rest of the day and maybe all week long.

Hyejung started to wake up and stirred a bit. She lifted her head from the pillow on Hyunjoong's lap, and rubbed her eyes. It was definitely a pleasant sight for Hyunjoong to see his lady love in that state. She was definitely a beauty when she wore make up and when she's all glammed up, but she is more than gorgeous now that she's all natural. She does not need make up anyway to become beautiful, which was something he really loved about her.

“What time is it?”, she asked Hyunjoong in between yawns stretching her limbs in front of him.

“Maybe, it's around 4 or 5 in the afternoon...”, he answered, stretching his aching legs.

“Omo, it's that late? I've slept for 2 hours, you should have woken me up”, Hyejung muttered.

“But you were sleeping like an angel, honey, minus your snoring and when you started talking in your sleep”, Hyunjoong laughed.

Hyejung's cheeks started to become red, “I so do not snore and I definitely do not talk in my sleep”, she tried to hide her embarrassment and punched Hyunjoong's arm lightly.

“You know, it's a good thing we are the only ones here right now, otherwise people would be wondering if you were some crazy Korean woman talking and laughing in your sleep like that”, Hyunjoong teased her. He loved doing that. He always find her amazingly cute when she is embarrassed by his teasings. He laughed when she started to pout.

Hyejung stuck her tongue out at Hyunjoong, then joined his outburst. That was one thing he found amazing about her, it was easy to make her laugh. He loved that very sound. Her laughter was like a resonating sound that soothes his tired nerves, one that could change moods or pacify an intense warring atmosphere.

When finally their childlike laughter died down, Hyejung adjusted the straps of her skimpy swim wear. Hyunjoong smirks at her. He never liked her outfit choices. Sure, she had a body of a Sports Illustrated model, but he was the conservative type when it comes to women's clothes. She notices his smirk, but ignores him.

“I'm going inside the hut to get some snacks, want some?”, she stood up and shook the sand away from her legs.

“Yeah, and while you're at it, please get some towel or robe or one of my shirts to cover yourself”, now, it was his turn to pout.

Hyejung smiled, “Omo, may I remind you that we are at the beach Ahjussi, and if you have not noticed yet, we are the only guests here...”

Hyunjoong furrowed his brows. Hyejung stooped low enough to brush her lips on his forehead. She knew his rules should be followed.

“Fine Ahjussi! I'll give in because that's how much I love you”, then gave him a wide grin, “I'll just wear the cover-up Choongjae gave me, you know, the one with the wholes in the wrong places...”, she continued teasing him. She could not contain her laughter as she walked over to the hut they rented.

There it was again, her laughter. It seemed to have some magic powers. When he hears her laughter, it seems like all his worries dissipate and he forgets the problems he has to deal with when their rendezvous ends.

“You have a charming wife”, an old Korean man suddenly appears from behind and sits beside him.

“She is not my wife---yet..”, he answers after giving the man a slight bow.

“She's a rare crystal you know. If I were you, I would do something now and never let her go”, he looks at Hyunjoong then stared at the wide sea.

Hyunjoong remembered something he has been carrying around for the past months. He reaches into his pocket and touched the cool metal and let his fingers slide through the round form. He smiles and remembers the time when he indirectly talked about marrying her. Hyejung laughed nervously, looked into his eyes and gave her the usual obvious reasons. At that time, he thought she was not ready for the thing called marriage yet.

“I do not think she's ready yet.”, he simply answered.

“The age difference? The fans? Your careers? But the real question is, are you ready to live without her, young man?”, the old man asked, “You know, my wife is 10 years older than me. I kept on hesitating to ask her seriously because of that fact, but when I finally gathered the strength to ask her, I knew it was something I should have done a long long time ago because I knew I could not live without her nor love anyone else as much as I love her. The only thing that really matters is if your love for each other is real.”

Hyunjoong fell silent as if contemplating on his words.

“What is it with age anyway?”, the old man continued, “You can drive at 16, go to war at 18,
you can drink at 21, and retire at 65. So, how old do you have to be before your love is real?"

He smiled at the old man's wisdom.

“I know she's very precious to you, son. I can see that from the way you look at her. I also know how much she loves you, and how much you make her happy. I can hear that from her laughter.”, he added.

This time Hyejung was in full view from where Hyunjoong sat. She was carrying a toddler in her arms while 2 more followed her as they approached. She happily played with the kids and her laughter was ringing in the small peaceful island.

“Ah, yes. Her laughter.”, Hyunjoong said,

“It's like a remedy to every ache and pain, an antidote to life's poisons”, the old man added.

“I think, it's the one thing I could not live without--her laughter”, Hyunjoong mindlessly mentions.

“Hmmm, I thought so, too. Here” the man gives Hyunjoong a piece of paper.

Hyunjoong quietly read the words written on the paper.

The old man gets up from where he sat when he saw Hyejung and the kids, “Kids, stop bothering our guests”, he called out.

“Oh, they're not bothering me, sir.”, Hyejung bowed at the old man after putting down the little girl she was carrying. “Are they your grandkids?”, she asked.

“Yes, we're also here for a vacation”, the chubby little boy answered for his grandfather.

“Yes, this is grandma's favorite island in all of Asia.”, the other child added.

Hyejung smiled.

“We shouldn't be bothering you, kids”, the old man said with a wink and left together with his grandkids.

When they were faraway already, Hyejung started teasing him, “Hyunjoong-ah, you're not afraid of elders anymore?”.

“I still am. He just said some things that were true and right. It got me thinking.”, he said in a serious tone.

“Ah, really? What were you talking about?”, she timidly asked.

“About him, and me, and his wife, and you”, there was a long pause, “and your laughter..”

“Was I too loud again?”, she panicked. The place was too nice and ideal, she was worried they would get evicted for being too noisy.

Hyunjoong laughed. “It's not that.”

He opened the piece of paper again and handed it to her, “Here, this explains everything... this is how he feels...this is how I feel------for you”

Take bread away from me, if you wish, take air away, but do not take from me your laughter.

Do not take away the rose, the lance flower that you pluck, the water that suddenly
bursts forth in joy, the sudden wave of silver born in you.

My struggle is harsh and I come back with eyes tired at times from having seen
the unchanging earth,but when your laughter enters it rises to the sky seeking me
and it opens for me all the doors of life.

My love, in the darkest hour your laughter opens, and if suddenly you see my blood staining the stones of the street,laugh, because your laughter will be for my hands
like a fresh sword.

Next to the sea in the autumn, your laughter must raise its foamy cascade,
and in the spring, love, I want your laughter like the flower I was waiting for,
the blue flower, the rose of my echoing country.

Laugh at the night, at the day, at the moon, laugh at the twisted
streets of the island, laugh at this clumsy boy who loves you, but when I open
my eyes and close them, when my steps go, when my steps return, deny me bread, air,
light, spring, but never your laughter for I would die.

Hyejung stared at the paper, teary eyed.

“And the ahjussi and I think, we should get married now”, Hyunjoong reached inside his pocket and placed the princess cut diamond white gold ring on top of the crumpled piece of paper that was still on Hyejung's trembling hands.

Hyunjoong moved in front of her, and went down on one knee. He was struggling to remember something, then he spoke “My struggle is harsh and I come back with eyes tired at times from having seen the unchanging earth, but when your laughter enters it rises to the sky seeking me and it opens for me all the doors of life.”, he gave her a shy smile.

“Your laughter gives me life, and I would do everything to always make you smile and happy so I can hear your laughter. Please Hwangbo Hyejung, let me live a happy life with you. Marry me and always let me hear your laughter.”

Hyejung's tears welled on her cheeks, but she could not stop the laughter that was bubbling up inside her and how this man can make her the happiest woman on earth. She started to laugh, and took the ring carefully placing it on her finger. She held him in a tight embrace and whispered to his ears the words that he had been waiting for, “Yes Kim Hyunjoong, I will marry you and share every waking moment and laughter with you.”

Hwangboism: love.her.love.her.love.her

she's awesome, need i say more?

credits to: smileysmell, youtube

credits to:sangchu09, youtube

credits to:sangchu09, youtube

credits to:sangchu09, youtube

Loner by CNBlue

this is so not a fanfic, but i just had to post this because this song just feels good to the ears, and shinwoo (jung yonghwa) is sooooo uberly yummy and sexy when he sings.

Fate and Crossroads: Five

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She knew well enough that she was not the typical Korean female with complexion almost as white as snow, but when Hwangbo faced the full length mirror that day she could not recognize the woman staring right back at her. Sure she had the same cat like eyes, the same long bridge nose, the same full lips, but that woman was covered in bandages and bruised spots all in the wrong places. Her right cheeks were sore. A cut sat just above her upper lip. Her neck was put in place by a brace.. Her left hand was covered in bandages and so was her right foot. There were a few visible scratches on her left arm, and an open wound on her right knee. She scoffed at her appearance.

In the past few months, she somehow found herself in the most awkward situations, doing some things she never thought she would. And now, once again, she found herself in a ridiculous predicament. If Junjin and Andy were not in the army, they would have knocked some sense into her.

Her eyes twinkled in some twisted delight as she looked at her pitiful appearance. Her lips twitched in a smile, 'Who in hell beat you up, Hyejung?', she asked herself. She noticed two heads popping in at the rooms door jam.

"Are you two guilty enough?", she asked then laughed. Somehow, she found it funny how she got herself in those situations.

"Unni.....", Gain entered the room after being nudged by her pretend husband.

"Noona.....", Jokwon followed after his wife.

"Are you guys feeling guilty already?", she asked again.

Gain stood there pouting like she was about to cry, and Jokwon could not look into her eyes.

"Sorry...", Jokwon muttered.

"We're really sorry, Unni. We really did not think it would end this way.", Gain bowed her head as if repenting.

Hwangbo's laughter filled the room.. "You guys...... I was just kidding. If you did not push me off the mountain, then there's nothing to be sorry about...or did you???"

Jokwon could not bring himself to smile at Hwangbo's joke. 'They are really good friends with that evil witch named, Seo Inyoung', he thought.

“But still Unni...", Gain explained, "If we did not trick you into coming here, the accident would not have happened."

Hwangbo started limping her way out the door.

"Help her..." Gain glared at Jokwon

"Let's get out of here. The room's too stuffy...", Hwangbo announced.

Jokwon excused himself after Hwangbo settled into the nice comfy couch.

Gain opened the sliding glass doors to the patio, and found Hyunjoong diligently working on the barbecue grill. She turned to watch her Unni's reaction. Hwangbo stared blankly at the man working outside. It seemed to Gain that her Unni was lost in the moment.

“So, he's still here?”, Hwangbo spoke under her breath thinking Gain did not hear her.

“He never left your side, Unni”, Gain answered, “Kwonnie and I said we'll be taking care of you at the clinic, but he insisted.”

Hwangbo shifted her gaze to the carpeted floor.

“He's quite scary when he is determined to do something, Unni.... How did you put up with him?” Gain added.

Hwangbo's lips twitched to a small smile, but did not answer. 'Age and patience, I guess', she thought.

Just then the Production Director, entered the room with some of the writers and crew.

“Oh good, you're awake now Hwangbossi!”, he happily announced.

“You make it sound like I slept for a long time”, Hwangbo quipped at the director.

“We were so worried about you..”, one of the writers said, “But we already informed your manager for you, and we assured them you'll be properly taken care of and will not be overworked.”

“We thought you broke a bone or something”, another one of the staff added

“Well, it's a good thing Hyunjoong was there... He carried you all the way to the clinic and stayed there all night last night”, the writer said again

Hwangbo was surprised. She did not know what to say nor feel at that very moment. Somehow, she learned never to expect too much from Hyunjoong, or else she'll get her heart broken again.

“So, are we going to start filming soon?”, Hwangbo asked hoping to divert the topic.

“Oh, yes. We are here to discuss the changes. Since it was captured on film how Hyunjoong rushed to try to save you, we'll change the concept. Instead of a reunion at Mount Halla , set up by Gain and Jokwon. We'll have to settle with the villa, so that you will not have to move around so much. It will start with a barbecue party, like what you had on your honeymoon and right before you parted, remember?“, the PD explained.

Hwangbo was dumbstruck for the 3rd time today. Of course she remembered, how could she forget their 1st and last nights at the island. She weakly nodded.

Further discussions were made amongst the crew, but she could not concentrate on anything now. She was too worried about the outcome of all these. Her thoughts were filled with only one person, the one who always made her heart skip a beat just with his mere presence. And he was here, in the same villa, in the same island with her playing a game she swore she'd never play again.

The rest of the afternoon was spent filming individual scenes. Gain was with her all through out the filming preparing her for the so-called dinner with Jokwon and Hyunjoong. It turned out that Gain was a make up expert. She was able to hide all her black and blue spots, and managed to hide the cut on her upper lip. She slipped in to a floral summer dress prepared by the crew from a famous designer's spring/summer collection. Gain pulled the strings carefully as Hwangbo stared at her reflection. The dress was beautiful. It was made of silk and the emerald shade made her skin glow. The halter top emphasized her sexy shoulders and well toned arms. The dress was floor length and hid her bandaged foot.

“Here, Noona”, Gain gently pushed a fully bloomed white orchid on the bun of hair that sat gracefully on top of Hwangbo's head. Gain smiled in satisfaction, thinking, 'I did good....'

The two ladies walked hand in hand like sisters who have known she other for a long time. Hwangbo was anxious to see Hyunjoong and his reaction. Gain was anxious to show everyone her so-called creation.

The two men were busy preparing dinner when the ladies came. Jokwon heard some noises, so he turned and around. He smiled when he saw Gain approaching in her short summer dress. She beamed brightly at him as she got nearer and signaled to look at Hwangbo. Jokwon's jaw dropped when he saw his Noona. She is not the same woman she was earlier. He knew she was always beautiful, but she glowed even more now that Gain managed to hide her purple and blue spots. He turned to Gain again and smiled even wider, “Yeobo, you did good!”, he said a little too loudly that his remark caught Hyunjoong's attention.

Hyunjoong turned to see what Jokwon was talking about, and there she was, Hwangbo Hyejung. He swallowed the lump on his throat. Somehow and up until now, she always managed to take his breath away. His heart was beating wildly as his lips twitched into a smile.

“You like it, Hyung?”, Jokwon playfully asked.

'Of course', Hyunjoong thought, but suddenly no words would come out from his mouth. She always seemed to leave him in awe and smiling like a hyena.

Fate and Crossroads: Four

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author's note: this one's quite short and boring....sorry



They found her lying on a flat surface, unconscious. Hyunjoong tried calling out her name, but she did not move. He grabbed her in his protective arms, swept a few strands of loose hair away from her face. The idol panicked as he saw her bruised face and some blood from the corner of her lips. He immediately carried her and ran down hoping to find a clinic or some first aid kit.

Hwangbo woke up feeling queasy. She was aching everywhere. She looked down and saw her left foot covered in bandages, the same with her left hand. She opened her eyes wider as she noticed some movement at the heavy doors. At first, she could not recognize the man who came in. He was wearing muddy clothes and there were some blood stains on his light blue windbreaker. But his eyes were the same ones that constantly appeared in her dreams.

"How are you feeling?", he whispered when he saw her looking at him.

It was Kim Hyunjoong. "Where am I?", she asked him trying to get up.

"In Halla clinic, you slipped and lost consciousness, don't you remember?" he asked helping her get up.

Hwangbo remembered trying to avoid a pothole on the cemented path, loosing her balance, but she could not remember falling down. She tried moving her head when a piercing pain suddenly attacked her temples. She winced in pain grabbing hold of the nearest thing which happened to be Hyunjoong's hand. She squeezed it hard hoping to alleviate the pain which went away slowly. Hyunjoong started fuzzing over her then massaged her temples gently. When she started feeling okay, she realized she was wrapped in Hyunjoong's embrace. It felt safe and comfortable, but she had to break away from it.

"Are you okay now?", he looked at her intently.

"Yes, just a headache", she answered avoiding his eyes again.

Some time had passed and Hyunjoong never left Hwangbo's side. He never wanted to leave her again, and she had not wanted to be away from him from the start, she just could not say it out.

Gain and Jokwon burst in the room looking all worried and panicky..

"Noona!!!", Jokwon said a little too loud. He did not notice anyone else in the room. Gain stopped to bow when she saw Hyunjoong before proceeding to her Unni's bedside.

"Noona, are you alright?", Jokwon asked in the same worried tone when he heard from Seulong that his Noona had an accident during a Nodaji taping.

"You really scared me for real, Unni", Gain said squeezing Hwangbo's right hand.. "I'm sorry Unni. I really am. We really are."

Hwangbo cracked a smile at the two idols fuzzing over her, she would have laughed at the sight of these two, but she busted her lip, too. "Yah!! You even got Inyoung on your side now, huh?!", she said slapping Jokwon's arm lightly.

The PD suddenly burst inside the small room, “We have good news. You can now rest at the villa.”

Hwangbo let out a sigh. She hated hospitals or small rooms like these, it was too depressing for her.

Fate and Crossroads: Three

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author's note: i started this chapter thinking, they should pick up where they left off. and to the audience, mt. halla was where they left off. so here, a scene at mt. halla



Hwangbo was catching her breath feeling really old. She worked all night last night and barely caught the first flight to the island. She only slept 30 minutes for the last 72 hours, and the last meal she had was 8 hours ago. She was surprised to see a WGM van at the airport to pick her up. The assistant PD explained to her that they will shoot on top of Mount Halla . Hwangbo was confused, but she figured she'll get an explanation from her Dongsaengs later. The crew and the director asked her to rest or eat at least, but she did not want to have people wait for her. She was sweating and taking rather deep breaths. Sweat trickled down her forehead and moisture started to form on top of her nose. Finally, she reached the top just in time for her call time. Letting out a big sigh, she scanned the area for traces of people and familiar faces. There were a few she recognized from the old crew, but none of the celebrities were there. She immediately dug though her bag for her phone. There are at least 6 voice messages.

1st message: Manager

You'll be filming with Kim Hyunjoong for We Got Married today and the next two days there in Jeju. You and Mr. Kim will be Gain and Jokwon's guests. Gain and Jokwon chose the both of you among all the other previous couples.. I'm sorry for the late update, the President thought you would not take this project if your opinion was asked. He also mentioned that this will help since the promotion for R2song has ended. I'm really sorry Hyejung

2nd message: Manager

Have you arrived yet? Inform me once you're on top of Halla.

3rd message: President

Hyejungsshi, I was the one who made this decision when the WGM PDs offered. Do not be cross at your manager.

4th message: Gain

Unni, I am really sorry to have tricked you at the We Got Married Dinner. We knew you would never agree to this. I was hoping to spend this vacation with people we knew. Please do this for us just this once, Unni!

5th message: Jokwon

Noona, it's Kwonnie. Ga-in and I are really sorry. We'll explain everything when we see each other tonight or tomorrow. Sorry, Noona.

6th message: Seo Inyoung

You have to tell me everything that happened and will happen. Go for it Unni!!

Hwangbo sighed and then closed her flip phone. From the very start she knew there was something fishy going on when she was invited, most especially when her devious friend, Inyoung, was involved, but she agreed and hopped on the 1st flight to the island anyway. She shook her head, thinking how naïve she could be sometimes.

Just then, out from the misty clouds, a familiar form appeared. Kim Hyunjoong.

As Hyunjoong was walking, someone was frantically scrambling for her phone while trying to catch her breath, Hwangbo Hyejung.

"Buin", Hyunjoong whispered, a smile started to form on his lips. He was already expecting her, especially when the DSP President really took the time from his busy schedule to call him after the We Got Married Dinner about Gain and Jokwon's invitation. He even listed a few advantages of the TV appearance. When he started stating the advantages one by one. Hyunjoong knew he had no choice, but to go to Jeju Island .

Unconsciously, Hwangbo was staring blankly at the person a few feet from her.

It was awkward just like before. It was even registered on TV. Hwangbo was not talking much, too conscious of the words that might come out of her mouth. Hyunjoong could not seem to think of an approach. The PD decided to leave them alone for awhile. It started to drizzle anyway, so they could not film outside.

The pair found themselves alone in a makeshift tent that the crew set up as Hwangbo's dressing room after the PD explained what he wanted to film that day and then left.

There was only intense silence inside. It's been many months since they last saw each other, and they could not believe they were back to where they left off.

Hyunjoong's heart was thumping while he sat there. It was the exact same reaction he had when the DSP President and SS501 manager made the announcement. His mind went blank then a stream of thoughts filled his mind. His heart suddenly felt like it was being torn open revealing how much it missed that one person. When he saw her fumbling for her phone earlier, he wanted to grab her, kiss her, tell her he missed her. But part of him wanted to run away. He remembered how they could have been, how they should have been. He remembered how sparks flared even after they made their dramatic exit from the show, how happy she made him feel, but things sometimes fall out just like that, without a reason, sometimes, without an explanation nor a word. And it was his fault, in the middle of the courtship, he felt cold feet. He was unsure, and he left just like that. It was not even about the age gap, the fans, their companies, not even their family and friends. He just became unsure. They have avoided each other since then.

Hwangbo sat there. Exhausted. Worried. Trying her best to control her temper. She started remembering what he has done to her. For a few months after the show, they were something, something more than just friends. They dated. They waited for each other until taping was over. They went out with common friends. They sent each other the sweetest nonsensical text messages. They talked on the phone until dawn. Heck, they even kissed. But one thing kept on hitting Hwangbo in the head, hoping she'd wake up, they never said they loved each other, even if they felt it deep down inside. She could not help but blame herself for expecting and hurting when all those they did together suddenly stopped. It did not help that their friends were always asking about the other and reminding her how they were perfect for each other. She busied her hands with something to do to avoid remembering whatever it was they had.

"Are you hungry?", Hyunjoong asked still unable to look at her.

Hwangbo shook her head without lifting it, then went on to reading something.

"How have you been---------", he tried to initiate the conversation but got confused as to how to address her, "Noona?"

"Hmmm, exhausted but still fine.... have to work", she mumbled after giving him a mindless smile.

He was ready to give up on small talk when someone from the production team came inside the tent, "I'm sorry Hwangbo, Hyunjoong, but it looks like we cannot proceed with the filming. It's getting late and the rain has not stopped. The PD said it's best to just go down.", the assistant caught his breath, "Please pack up now"

They were left alone again. Without saying a word, Hwangbo stood up, gathered pieces of her belongings, arranged them in her bag, and left the tent without even looking back afraid that if she meets his eyes she would be in a daze as she was before and start falling again.

Hyunjoong stood there watching her retreating back feeling guilty. From the way she acted, he thought she was angry at him and she had every right to be angry.

The path going down the mountain had been slippery. It took much more energy trying to control herself from slipping, but Hwangbo was tired and her legs were about to give up on her. "Just a few more steps", she kept reminding herself.

A few more hours into the trail, Hwangbo suddenly felt faint, but being the non-diva that she was, she had to fight it. "Mind over matter", she chanted silently trying to ignore the fact that she has been sleepless, has not eaten nor drank water, and was beyond tired. Hwangbo tried to avoid a large puddle of water, but her world spun out of control and blacked out within a matter of seconds.

Hyunjoong was just a few steps behind her trying not to be a nuisance to Hwangbo, "Perhaps, it would make her less angry", but he wondered why she was in such a hurry to get down. He saw her swerve a bit, but she kept walking anyway. Just as she was trying to avoid a large crack filled with water, he saw her sway a bit and eventually loose her balance. He tried to reach for her, but he suddenly felt too far behind. Her frail body fell a few flights, leaving her with wet and muddy clothes. Hyunjoong along with the crew behind her ran like crazy to catch Hwangbo, but they were too late..

Fate and Crossroads: Two

previous chapter/s: One

author's note: SEO INYOUNG--i love her....and Crown J, too...



Jokwon panicked, "Where is Gain when I need her?". Gain has not come back from the Ladies' room.

"Spill...", Inyoung raised her eyebrows. Her tone was commanding, not asking anymore. She was always known to be protective of herself, most especially her friends, and Hwangbo was one of her closest.

"I...We....uhm...", Jokwon smiled nervously at her. He looked around for Gain who emerged from a crowd of people and made her way to their table. "Gain is here!!", he announced.

Inyoung was now seated beside Jokwon still waiting for the explanation.

"You see, Unni, we were given a task by the PD. We were asked to choose a past WGM couple to join us for a short vacation. We wanted to ask someone whom we are comfortable with, so we were narrowing down our choices between you and Crown J Oppa or Hwangbo Unni and Hyunjoong", Gain explained to WGM's witch.

The expression on Inyoung's face turned from a quizzical look to a knowing smile-the kind that appears when she was about to do something naughty or bad or maybe even sadistic.

"Hey, what you doin' baby girl?", Crown J came out of the blue and joined the three huddled heads

"Oh, Oppa!!!", Inyoung greeted her ex-pretend husband. "Take a seat, please.", then she diverted her attention to the couple, " So? What are you planning to do? Who are you going to choose?"

Jokwon and Gain looked at each other.

"So?", Inyoung impatiently asked.

Jokwon worriedly stared at Crown J who looked confused. Inyoung immediately got Jokwon's hint, "Don't worry. The Ant is an ally..."

Crown J looked more confused than ever as Jokwon and Gain laughed until their stomachs ached.

"Okay, we thought we'd invite Hwangbo Unni and Hyunjoong....", Gain confessed.

Inyoung raised her eyebrows, then fixed her gaze at Hwangbo who was across the room, then looked at Gain and Jokwon who were now in panic mode..

Gain's heart suddenly thumped, fervently hoping she did not offend the so-called witch by not choosing her and Crown J.

Inyoung smiled again as if she knew something, "You know about her and fresh boy, too, right? That's why you're nervous?"

Jokwon nodded.

"Well, although inviting me and Oppa would have been a promotion for my single, please invite Unni and fresh boy", she added, crossing her arms on her chest. "I'll even help you to get her to agree, and Crown J Oppa will make fresh boy agree"

Crown J looked even more puzzled when Inyoung volunteered him, but he knew better and kept silent.

As if on cue, someone was calling Inyoung from the other side of the room.

"Inyoung-ah!!!", the raspy voice called out.

Inyoung smiled brightly knowing who owned that voice, "Oh, Unni!!!! I've missed you!!!! Come here and join me and my new little friends"

After saying their hellos and greetings, Crown J stood up and offered his seat to Hwangbo and excused himself to go to the washroom.

"Oppa, I need to talk to you about something... I'll find you later, okay?", Inyoung called out to Crown J and gave him a shrewd wink.

He just knew that his evil ex-pretend wife was plotting on something, his antennas can feel it, "Ayt...", he called out and left.

"Unni, I have a favor to ask you.", Inyoung started working. "Gain invited me to Jeju Island next weekend. She needs help on a task for the show, but I cannot make it on that day, please help her, Unni"

Hwangbo thought it was awkward that someone actually still seeks for Inyoung’s help, but she fell for Inyoung's trap anyway. The witch knew Hwangbo's weakness-she was just too helpful by nature. She agreed immediately without asking for details.

Inyoung worked her magic to get Crown J to help them out.

The fresh boy better known as Kim Hyunjoong arrived really late. He came straight from Japan .

"Oh, look who it is, Oppa... It's fresh boy!" Inyoung said when Hyunjoong passed by the table.

Hyunjoong looked at the group, but saw no signs of Hwangbo.

"The one you're looking for already left for a guesting", Inyoung blatantly told him, referring to Hwangbo.

The night deepened with more food, drinks, laughter, conversations and some dancing.

With Crown J's convincing powers and Jokwon's acting skills, they got the innocent Hyunjoong to agree to go to Jeju, too.

After thanking the witch and the ant a hundred million times, the present WGM couple went to inform their PD about their decision, thus both the management agencies of Hyunjoong and Hwangbo were informed.

Another Little Piece Of My Heart

author's note: just because JANIS JOPLIN is the ultimate ROCKSTAR!!! YI YI!!!

it seems i always end up writing sadder and more heart wrenching fics. i don't know...despite the spazzes at soompi and other joongbo/ssangchu sites, i am just not up to writing happy fics...something's wrong with me, i think i need a retreat (say, what??!!!)

so here, my take on Janis Joplin's Piece Of My Heart.


The room has stayed still for a couple of hours now as two bodies lay motionless and still. The once pulsating rhythm of two hearts performing an age old dance has died down, as silence and calm breathing enveloped the darkened room.

You pushed yourself off the mattress as quietly as you could. Kicking the crumpled white linens that covered your body, and sat at the edge of your bed letting your feet feel the cold marble floor. You silently rubbed your eyes taking the powerful effect of sleep in the process. And, stared blankly at the neon green sign of the digital clock which was the only thing illuminating your room. 2:56AM, it shouted right back at you.

'It's bound to happen anytime soon', you bitterly thought.

You pushed your body entirely off the bed, and walked naked towards the open door of your bathroom. You quickly turned on the lights after closing the door. You stared at your reflection as the lights flickered. It was the same face, the same body from last night. You splashed some cold water on your face and realized that the pain that will hit you later is purely evident in your eyes.

Your eyes cannot seem to hide your true feelings and betrays you each time. It was an art that you have not mastered at all in all your 30 years on earth. It was something acting classes and college courses could never teach you.

You stared at your reflection a bit longer letting the water drop carelessly on the bathroom floor, and let out a big sigh. A mixture of frustration and anxiety, and some bits of pain came surging into your limp yet beating heart.

'It was time to go back', you thought.

Once again, you led yourself blindly towards the bed. As your feet touched that expensive Persian carpet you bought for yourself for Christmas two years ago, you stepped on a piece of cloth nimbly sitting on the layers of wool. 'Something made of cotton', you noted mentally. Instinctively, you picked it up. Right then and there, you drown. You drown yourself in the very scent that he left. It was his white dress shirt. The one that was discarded in one pull and was sent off flying somewhere when last night's heat and passion jumped started.

You let your nose touch the fabric and inhale his sweet manliness. It was the kind of intoxication and nostalgia you find yourself always going back to. Although, your brain has cautioned you that it was the sweetest brand of poison, you go ahead and let yourself indulge.

You carefully slipped into the shirt and let it hug your nakedness. The dawn had been unbelievably cold outside, but inside his white dress shirt, there was a feeling of warmth. A tingly sensation of comfort, of familiarity, of him, of Kim Hyunjoong.

The owner of the shirt lay on your bed, looking innocent as he sleeps. He looked peaceful and sated as he always does at this hour, so much different from the hungry and lustful face he wore earlier on. It was that innocent look that never fails to tug the strings of your heart. The rise and fall of his breathing was like a song that only you knew the lyrics to.

You snap out of your trance. You carefully took off the shirt, and placed it on top of the Kenneth Cobonpue love seat beside the bed. You slowly snuck in between the white linen sheets letting your back face the other person. You stared at the neon green sign, 3:15AM.

'Wake up', you silently urged him, for you knew it was time. It was time for him to get up from your bed and leave you, like he always does. It has become a routine. He used to knock on your door late at night. You used to to talk or make him some late dinner, but you always end up doing that one thing. You shiver in disgust at the thought that you always end up allowing him to use you to fulfill his desires, but you have no other choice. It was the only way you knew to make him stay beside you even for just a few hours. A few months ago, you gave him your security code hoping he'd get the hint that you were not only there to give in to his wishes, you were there to love him, and stay by his side no matter what. But he was too young, too dense to realize that. Still, you shrug it off because you are blindly in love with your manchild and you treasured every moment you could spend with him.

The sudden sound of the alarm of his cellular phone filled the quiet room, and you feel the bed shake a little. Hyunjoong was beginning to wake up. You shut your eyes, and pretend to sleep. It was your own version of poker face, a brave face you put on when you feel he is about to leave because you do not want him to see the pain in your eyes when exits your room at the crack of dawn to become the idol Kim Hyunjoong again. You could not afford to lose the last piece of pride left in you, and so you pretend to be the brave woman that others see you as.

Like a million times before, he pushes himself off your bed thinking you are still asleep. Goes to the bathroom to splash some water on his pretty face, picks up his clothes from the floor, and dresses up getting ready to leave.

Judging from the his footsteps, he was seconds away from leaving the room then exiting your apartment. But, he paused. He was in front of you.

'What are you doing?', you wanted to scream.

Still, he lingered on. He stooped low and let his long icy fingers stroke your disheveled hair, then your cheeks and jaw. You could feel your insides melting at his touch.

You could have opened your eyes and flung your arms around his neck, but you were afraid that you might not be able to let him go.

His fingers could not seem to part from your burning cheeks. Your nerves have gone haywire. The smell of uncertainty was pungent and venomous. He was uncertain about leaving you again. And, you were uncertain of his feelings for you.

So you remain in bed, you continue to pretend to be in deep slumber.

He started to back away.

'Go on', you silently encouraged him.

Hyunjoong starts to open the door, looks at you one last time before he leaves

'Go on, boy. Take another little piece of my heart', you wanted to tell him, 'Go on and break another piece of me.'

You open your eyes watching his back slowly disappearing from the hallway.

You let out a sarcastic smirk, 'There goes another piece of my heart, another heartbreak.'

You stared at the ceiling feeling the pain being washed away by the pure and first few rays of the morning sun. You ask yourself the same question you have asked yourself for the hundredth time, 'Why does it hurt so much to act tough, to put on a brave face whenever he leaves me?'

Days will go by, but you always seem to forget the pain he brings when he comes stumbling in your bedroom late at night. And it seems, you always end up saying, 'Hey babe, have another piece of my heart.'

An End To A Secret Affair

author's note: Finally, I’ve gotten this off my cloudy brain. It was based on a scene of a film I saw last weekend, perhaps the only scene or part I watched intently because I was busy shoving giant marshmallows in my mouth (see, never present food or drinks when I watch a film, I end up not being able to concentrate, so I can only grasp a few things or not understanding anything at all—talk about short attention span, ADHD much?). Thus, this was the only scene stuck in my head. Anyway, when I saw this all I could think about was Ssangchu, Joongbo, Ssangchu, Joongbo… I totally zoned out when the title was flashed, so I have no clue whatsoever about the title. All I know it that it was based on a novel, and who the author is, you might ask, again, I do not know. So all the credit for the deep conversations, must go to the scriptwriters and the author, and if you cannot understand, you can blame them, too… hahaha… Btw, some words, phrases, sentences may be exactly the same as that in the movie. sorry, i just thought it'd really fit my little story...

I twisted it up a bit, so it’s not really like the original story.

I do not know if this will work, I am kinda unsure about the flow of the story myself since I had no one to review it for me. Hopefully, it makes sense.


Hyunjoong woke up to the sound of hushed whispers from the room adjacent to where he was. He could tell without opening his eyes that he was not in his room nor was he in his own home. The citrus scent was the same familiar scent he woke up to almost every morning for the past few years.

It was still dawn and the rest of the city had been sleeping soundly like he did. It’s been a long time since he slept. Though it was short, it had that invigorating effect on him. It seemed that the pressure, stress and problems he was veered with in the past few weeks he was clueless about her whereabouts had gone away, like magic.

He had panicked just a few moments ago, thinking everything that happened last night was just a dream meant to tease him and cut the last straw of his sanity. He always felt and knew this, he was lost without her, and that alone was an understatement to how lost he was when he realized that she had gone far away after he came back to Seoul. So far away, that not even her manager knew, and her closest friends could not be bribed to spill any information. Thoughts ran though his head, like a herd of wildebeest during hunting season at the Serengeti.

But hearing her hushed whispers from the other room was like Debussy in his ears—cool, relaxing, real. He watched as her silhouette paced ever so softly. He did not need to see every inch of her to know that it was really Hwangbo Hyejung. He could tell from her silhouette that those hips, those well toned arms, the wavy mane, the alluring S-line belonged to his Noona.

Hwangbo opened the door to find Hyunjoong sitting up in bed only covered by the satin material of her blanket waist down. She met his smoky gaze with a tiny smile.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you?”, she asked as she climbed back to bed.

Hyunjoong shook his head watching her. She was like a jungle cat purring her way back to the mattress.

“Go back to sleep”, she pushed him gently.

Hyunjoong lay on the bed again as Hwangbo set her head on his chest.

“I’ll wake you up tomorrow, and cook your favorite breakfast”, she whispered after trailing a series of butterfly kisses on his bare chest with her luscious lips.

When Hyunjoong woke up again, it was already mid morning.

He sat on the breakfast table near the patio, watching as Hwangbo busied herself preparing his breakfast at the kitchen.

“Eat”, she set a tray in front and winked at him.

Hyunjoong took a small piece of toast and shoved it in his mouth.

“We need to talk. Let’s get it over with, shall we?”, Hwangbo started.

She took the chair in front of him and sat down, “You’ve come back. How could I have thought you were just like all the others? Why didn’t I realize that you are the one? The only one? The love that comes along once?”

She stared lovingly at him, “Now, let’s be practical. Are you willing to leave all the arrangements to me? A letter is probably the best way.”

They had been planning to escape from the real world. She looked giddy and excited about this escapade.

“Short, but straight to the point.” She added referring to the letter.

But Hyunjoong started to feel uneasy about their plan, second thoughts started formulating in his brain, “You should get your things before we leave---------“, she stopped mid sentence and wailed at him, “Will you please stop pulling the skin on your toe? That’s how you get an ingrown toenail!”

Hyunjoong stopped what he was doing, and looked up at Hwangbo like a child caught cheating.

“Don’t you have anything to contribute to this discussion? Geez, you’re like a 12 year old.”, she said looking rather unhappy at Hyunjoong’s lack of interest.

He stared at the floor in the most childish kind of way, “Maybe, I’ll likely to stay that way for the rest of my life.”

“What do you mean?”, she said eyeing him.

“It’s true, isn’t it? To you, I would always be like a 12 year old.”, he answered without thinking.

“Most people would be pleased to have the secret to eternal youth. It’s part of your charms, stupid. I do not know why you are complaining to me about it.”, she smiled at Hyunjoong.

“I am complaining to you about it because if I am like a 12 year old, it’s your fault.”, he answered not able to look at her at all.

“My fault?”, Hwangbo was shocked at his sudden outburst.

He was startled at his Noona’s raised voice, “I am sorry, Noona”, he quickly muttered.

But it was too late. Hwangbo’s temper spiked at Hyunjoong’s sudden childish display, “I can do without you…So, what do you mean it’s my fault?”

“I’m sorry. I should not have said that.”, was his only answer.

Hwangbo scoffed when a sudden realization hit her hard, “You think you can drift back and forth between your wife and me? Is that what you had in mind?”

‘Of course, Hyunjoong had been unsure and had a sudden change of heart because of his wife’, she thought bitterly.

About a month ago, he was married to a family friend’s daughter as set up by his mother. It had been hard on him to marry someone he did not love, and it was even harder for Hwangbo to accept that she would not be the woman to stay by his side. From the very start and even when rumors about them started to spread like wild fire, they knew no one would accept them. There were many variables, countless reasons. Thus, they never talked about a future together. They just accepted it for what it was, late night sex (and sometimes early morning or mid afternoons or every chance they had) plus intimate talks plus a little emotional hang ups equals a secret affair.

Somehow, at the back of her head, she knew that the secret affair they have been having for more than two years now was to remain a secret and an affair that was bound to end. And she knew so well that she was bound to get her poor heart broken because she fell inlove.

Hyunjoong still immature in so many ways, did not realize that there was only one for him, and that was his Noona, Hwangbo Hyejung.

The day before he was married Hwangbo wished him well and proceeded to taking a long hiatus knowing that she might not let him go if she was present at the church. And so, she hid away from everything and everyone who knew her and everyone she knew, she was after all very good at hiding. Hyunjoong upon knowing her sudden disappearance was worried and seriously contemplating on leaving his new wife behind in search for his beloved Noona.

Hwangbo’s anger was flaring, “Well, if that’s it, you’ll have to learn to look a lot less guilty than that unless she’s stupider than I take her for. Your wife is not going to put up with you forever, you know. The truth is bound to come out somehow. The poison is bound to take effect.”

Hyunjoong stood up in haste, knocking the chair over, “Stop it, Noona. I cannot allow you to ruin my idea of you.”

“What?”, Hwangbo raised her voice as a sudden onslaught of emotions overpowered her.

Hyunjoong was equally as furious and frustrated at how this conversation was going. He could not stop himself, “Talking like that, you sound like my mother.”

That made Hwangbo shut her mouth and draw back.

“Before I got married, you said to me, be kind to her, try not to make her suffer.”, Hyunjoong was calm now. “That’s what you are like, you are a good person. Even last night, you said you hoped you had not done something cruel.”

He kneeled beside her and caressed her cheek, “You are above all that. Noona. That’s why I have always loved you.”

“Why did you come back?”, she asked with a stern expression, “I was only starting to forget you…”

Hyunjoong stood up shocked at her words, “Well, I was not!!” he said a little too loudly, “I came because I could not do without you. You have no idea what my life was like these past few weeks. Now, I know what it’s like to suffer because of a woman. When I found out you were back, I was so relieved. I thought I could go home and everything would be alright, but I could only think about you. But then last night, I came back here-----”

“You came back here and you found someone else, an old woman...”, Hwangbo finished his words.

Hyunjoong’s tears started streaming down his cheeks. She, indeed, was different from the Noona he knew.

“Yes, you found someone else, an old woman. Do not cry…. Why are you crying?”, she spoke tenderly now, wiping his tears. “I am so grateful to you. Because you were really in love with me and you really think I am a good person.”

She started to stroke his messy hair in the way he always liked, and continued to talk to him in the most gentle way hoping he’d understand her words and what she was about to do.

“I’ve been truly a good person, I have made a man out of you. I was thinking of nothing but your pleasure and my happiness. I would not have kept you to myself. Years of easy living does make you very vulnerable. I never did talk to you about the future, so forgive me.”

“I love you as if you were going to die on the same day. I carried you in my heart for such a long time. I forgot you were going to carry your own burdens—a young wife, perhaps even a child. And so you are going to suffer and you are going to miss me. You are going to find wisdom and tolerance not to cause suffering to others.”

“The thing is, now, you have had a taste of youth. It’s never satisfying, but you will always want to go back for more.”

“You must go.”, she whispered holding back the tears welling at her own eyes.

“I love you”, Hwangbo confessed for the last yet most painful time, “but it’s too late.”

“Go!”, she weakly said, “get dressed and go away now.”

Hwangbo reached over to kiss his cheeks softly. Their final kiss.

Hyunjoong left her apartment feeling as if he was capsized and presented with a catastrophe. He fixed the hood of his black jacket, and covered his head after wiping the stray tears that flowed from his eyes with the back of his hand.

It will take awhile before they realize that they have both been unjustly punished. Hwangbo for having been born so many years before him, and Hyunjoong for being unable to grasp that Hwangbo Hyejung is the only person he will love.

Winning Noona's Heart


author's note: i love uknow yunho of dbsk so much, need i say more? and his ideal woman is my fave korean celebrity, hwangbo hyejung... and he does charity work like my hwangbo unni... sigh! i like him for her...they look cute together, too--->referring to xman and loveletter days....and seeing him pay so much attention to hwangbo (singing 'let me' with dj koo) on stage, makes me love him even more!!!


~~“So why are you here again?, she asks when she saw him outside the gates of Compassion's headquarters. He smiled mischievously when he saw her flustered look.

“I'm here to see you, Noona”, he winked at her. She sighed as that 'I give up' look spread all over her face.

~~He stood beside her when announcements were made and tasks or assignments were given out.

“So, why are you here?”, she asked in a hushed tone, her cat-like eyes blinking at him.

'Very childlike and cute', he thought, but not enough to persuade him to say his purpose and mission.

He pretends to be busy listening to the instructions, “Shhhh... I told you. I am here to see you. Now, pay attention to In Pyo hyung”, he told her.

She seemed embarrassed and diverted her attention to the person speaking in front.

~~He tailed behind her as everyone lined up to get the individual supplies and got on the bus. She turned around and looked intently at him. She was done with the cute catlike blinking eyes, now, she was fierce looking, like she was about to beat him up if he does not confess. But he knew better, he smiled at her.

“You need anything from me, Noona?”, he asked with a wider grin.

“So, tell me again why you are here?”, she blurted out crossing her arms across her chest.

“Oh, it's your turn, Noona. You're holding up the line.”, she quickly diverted her attention.

She turned around to check. It was indeed her turn, and Shin Ae-ra was waiting there in the harsh, cold weather. Her cheeks turned a slight shade of red again, as
she left to approach the table.

As soon as he got his supplies, he caught up with her. “I told you, I'm here to see you.....”, he said then walked on.

She just stood there letting her eyes follow him.

~~She was the last one to board the bus. As she scanned for an empty seat, he waved his hands at her, “Here Noona!”, he said a little too loudly catching other volunteers’ attention causing some laughter and giggles.

Her cheeks turned red again. He watched her approaching. She had to take that seat since the bus was full anyway. He smiled at her innocently as he notice she was beginning to lose her temper.

The two of them just sat there quietly as the bus rolled to a peaceful part of the province. There was not much to see except for plains and plains of rice fields that seemed to extend until China or some place. She removed her headphones from her ears, and yawned in a very un-celebrity like way. This was one of the many reasons why he was so smitten to her. It amuses him that sometimes she forgets her status in the society, she forgets that she is a celebrity and acts normally like any other person. He tried to hide his giggles since he knew those death glares of hers can slice a hundred million cantaloupes. She raised an eyebrow at him, “So are you gonna tell me why you are here?”, she asked again.

He gave her his most innocent and cute grin again, “I told you, I am here to see you”

She just scoffed.

~~He happily hopped out of the bus, stretching his numb limbs. He was not able to move much since she hogged all the empty space and slept like a log. Nevertheless, he was delighted to have lent his shoulders to Sleeping Beauty herself.
He smiled cheerfully at her as she made her way down. He stretched out his arm to assist her and she reluctantly took it. She held on to him tightly, “So, seriously Yunho, why.are,you.here?” she asked in a serious tone.

“Noona, I.am.here.to.see.you”, he answered pulling away from her iron grip.
In Pyo and Ae-ra gathered all the celebrity volunteers around for another set of announcements.

“Before, we start this charity mission, we would like to thank everyone for coming here. We know you're all very busy, and so we appreciate the sacrifices and efforts that everyone has made to make Compassion successful. “, In Pyo began

“And, we would like to especially thank our very own Hyejung for making all these possible. Thank you Hyejung for your generous donations”, Ae-ra announced as everyone gave her a round of applause.

Hyejung stood there blankly staring at Ae-ra, completely lost.

She followed Ae-ra inside the makeshift tent.

“Unni, what donations?”, she asked the lovely woman.

Ae-ra's only response was a smile, “You’ll find out soon enough”, she muttered under her breath.

“Aish”, Hyejung grumbled. She knew well enough that she was not going to get any answers from her, especially not from In pyo.

She exited the tent still grumbling some gibberish. A few celebrities gathered talking about something.

“So he did it for Hyejung!”, one girl exclaimed, “Awwww….”

Hyejung quietly sneaked behind them, listening in to their conversations.

“Yes he did!”, a man answered.

“He does his own share of Charity work, too”, another one chimed in.

Her jaw dropped when she heard it, ‘So, that’s why he came here…So, this is the big surprise”, Hyejung thought.

The crowd kept on talking.

“I am not sure about this, but I heard before that he was one of Hyejung’s constant admirers”

“Yes, he is…. Hyejung is really lucky to have Yunho. If that were me, I would immediately look past the age difference and his status. He’s really good for her, and our Hyejung deserves to be happy.”

Hyejung sighed when she heard this. She continued walking away from the crowd when she heard children’s laughter and followed the voices.

It was a beautiful sight to behold, something that left her in awe and amazement.

Yunho was sitting by a campfire at the beach surrounded by toddlers. All of them absorbedly listening to him and hiding giggles as he acted out a story that obviously won the local kids’ hearts.

Her heart felt warm despite the cold winter. At that moment, she knew her heart found someone to love. After all, she has said time and again that she wants a man who will be able to work and do voluntary service together, will prevent her from doing things that are not good and do the right things together, and a man who respects God.

“He’s great, isn’t he?”, In Pyo said from behind.

Hyejung looked at the man who stood beside her and shyly nodded.

“He did all these for you, Hyejung. I did not want to tell you this because he did not want you to know, but he donated a lot of money under your name and came here to be with you, too. He knew and understood your passion to help others. He’s very much like you.”, he continued.

“And he very much LIKES YOU…”, In Pyo added.

Hyejung focused on Yunho who waved at them. Her heart suddenly fluttered when she saw his face, his smile.

“I hope you give him a chance, Hyejung….” In Pyo told her and left.

…….. ………………. ………………………….. ……………………………………………..

“Youngjae, that’s too much!!”, Yunhee screamed watching her little brother pour some porridge into an overflowing bowl.

Youngjae glared at his sister. His hands even inside thick gloves were shaking and his chubby cheeks were turning red from the bitter cold. “It’s so cold here Noona. Why do we have to do this at the beach on winter?”, he asked.

“Because Youngjae, this is where Omma realized that she loved Appa”, his elder sister answered and gazed dreamily at the sea, then continued serving porridge to the people who stood in line.

“Omma should have realized that she loved Appa during summer…”, he muttered.
Hyejung and Yunho laughed after hearing their son’s words.

“Omma, let’s find a place with heater next year”, Youngjae added

“Aish, Omma, he says that every year when we come here for our Winter Charity Mission”, Yunhee sighed and rolled her eyes.

Nightcrawler’s Fluke

author's note: inspired by Marcy Playground's Sex and Candy


2010's glow has gotten everyone excited, but for Hyunjoong, he was just happy to have had some time off. He was after all in Macau for some prior engagements for New Year's eve. The bed was overly inviting when he arrived at the hotel that evening, but he was not ready to close his tired eyes as insomnia started kicking in.

It was a dark and chilly night. What he was doing outside and why he was strolling the streets late at night, he, too, did not know. Perhaps what he needed was alcohol to stimulate sleep. Perhaps he needed to stroll around until his feet give in for over exhaustion. Perhaps he was destined to be a night crawler forever in his life. The first two reasons he could accept, but the last one was too creepy.

He turned to an alley where almost all famous nightclubs were situated and randomly entered a bar without looking at the sign, only to find out it was packed with people. He made his way through the crowd without being noticed and went straight to the empty table at the farthest corner.

He watched as the so-called normal people danced to the blaring music and drown themselves with the beer and wine the bar had to offer. He continued to observe with his drink in hand when someone's back caught his attention.

Her back was exposed in that silky black ensemble people called a dress. She moved from table to table, passing tequila shots to guests. The people at the tables she visited seemed awe struck, some happily smiled at her, some asked to take pictures and some men flirted with her which she politely dismissed. The men were obviously frustrated, but her mere presence made them giddy nonetheless.

He looked intently at her. He took notice of her short dress, thinking he would never make his girlfriend wear such a thing.. It exposed too much of her back plus it was too short that if she picked up something on the floor, everything else will be in perfect view.

“But dammit, her hips would make any man give in.”, he told himself.

He watched as she walked to another table, her hips swayed and she was not even doing it on purpose. He trailed his vision from her round booty to her back where a tattoo was half exposed. It was partly covered by some tendrils and locks of her black wavy hair. Hyunjoong was not particularly delighted to see women with tattoo, but there was something about hers that made him curious, especially when it felt all too familiar to him.

He was now lost between his thoughts contemplating on whatever he did with his life, the people he lost on the way, a love he had foregone, and drowning his 5th glass of vodka.

He did not notice someone sneaking up behind him. He was rendered speechless when she set down a table napkin and two shot glasses on his table.
“Koobar wishes you a happy 2010. Tequila shots are on the house”, she said in her low raspy voice and flashed him her sultry, sexy smile then gave him a wink after filling up the shot glasses with tequila..

His jaw almost dropped at this surprise and at the realization that in front of him was the love he had forgone, also known as his ex fake wife, techtonic queen, the compassion angel, General Hwangbo herself.

“Lick, shoot, suck, Hyunjoong! Let's do this together”, she told him after preparing the lemons and salt.

“Yeah...Ready?”, he asked still unable to recover from his shock. He started the countdown and watched as her tongue touched her hand to lick the salt, drank the liquor in one go, and sucked on the lemon. There was something sensual about the way she did things although she was very brash and manly at times. He caught himself daydreaming about her, but snapped out of it right away and swallowed the bitter liquor.

"So, why are you here?”, he asked curious why she was passing around drinks.

“Ah, I'm paying back a friend.” she answered. She and the DJ-owner of the bar had been very good friends since her debut in the music scene. “This one’s on me!”, she announced as she refilled the shot glasses. “Cheers!!”

She was still recovering from the sour lemon when a tall male approached her and put her hands around her shoulders, “Ah, there you are my Hyejung!”, he said, “Your community service work is up, thanks for helping out a friend in need.”

“Mmmm, happy new year, Oppa”, she turned over to him and gave him a hug. Something inside Hyunjoong sparked up, like a firecracker was suddenly lit. He did not like that scene, her hugging another man, but he stayed quiet anyway, after all what was he in her life, just a Dongsaeng, an ex fake husband who could not even keep his fake promises.

“Oh, I see you brought an idol friend”, DJ Koo finally noticed his presence, “this is great my Hyejung, having idols come here would be added promotion for my new branch. You should come and work for me as my apprentice”, he openly joked with Hyejung.

Hyunjoong bowed his head to acknowledge the older man.

“She's great, isn't she?”, the DJ unexpectedly asked the younger man.
The idol was obviously caught off guard.

“Oppa??!”, Hyejung tried to protest at the question being directed to Hyunjoong.

“Yes, she is”, he answered anyway.

“See?”, DJ Koo pointed out. “So, you're off! Enjoy the rest of the night. Cocktails for my favorite We Got Married couple are on the house.”

Hyejung let out a smirk as she watched her friend leave, “Don't mind him, he's drunk. Come--”, she said pulling Hyunjoong by the arm. “Let's dance”

She started dancing as soon as she reached the dance floor. He was feeling intoxicated not from the hard liquor he swallowed one after another, but from the sight of her swaying her hips and the smile on her face saying how much she was enjoying her time. When she flailed her arms around his shoulders and moved to the fast beats urging him to dance, too, he knew he would never let go of this Dance floor Goddess, not tonight, not ever.

A few more minutes on the dance floor, a few more cocktails sliding smoothly on their throats, then they decided to share a taxi and head on to each of their homes or hotels. The cab was parked in front of the Renaissance waiting for Hyunjoong to step out. He slowly opened the door, thinking if he should invite her for more drinks. His head was debating with his nerves, his instincts, his heart, his morals. He knew he could not let this chance just pass by. She fell on his plate just like that, it would be stupid of him to just let her go not knowing when or how they were going to meet again or if they were ever going to meet again. “Want to go up for a drink?”, he finally blurted out after those awkward, unnerving seconds hoping he did not sound like a pervert planning a plot of some sort.

He was ready to be dismissed when she nodded her response.

They made it past the front desk unnoticed and immediately boarded the elevator.
They just stood there without talking, both obviously nervous, but trying really hard to suppress the feeling until the bell signalled that they have reached his floor.

Hyunjoong opened the door for her, and she gracefully stepped in the room muttering some words of admiration for the grand suite. He was pleased that she liked it. He watched as she removed her stilettos, then proceeded to tying her hair in a bun on top of her lovely head. She took a few more steps and slowly peeled off her thick overcoat once again exposing her bare back, thin waist and graceful legs.

Hyunjoong just stood there, grasping for air, staring at the woman in front of him, “She should not have done that”, he nervously thought. His thoughts had gone wild, they were the only ones in this posh hotel suite and he was a young hot blooded male. He did not dare follow her, who knows what he would have done. Instead, he walked to the mini bar and poured some rum and coke on two sparkling glasses.

“Oh, wow. You're such a big shot now”, she commented after following him and resting her back on the cool wooden panel just right beside the bar.
Hyunjoong handed her the drink, “Is Rum and Coke alright?”, he asked avoiding her cat-like eyes.

“Yeah, thanks!”, she set the glass down on the counter.

Before she realized it, they were face to face. He was so near that she could almost hear his deep sharp nervous breath. He leaned in towards her, and eventually entrapping her. Now, she was between Hyunjoong's right arm and the bar. Her heart started thumping hard. She was more excited than nervous as she anticipated his next move. He leaned closer, even closer until the tip of their noses touched.

He paused there, “Can I kiss you, Hyejung?”, he whispered. She could smell his soft warm breath.

Even before she was able to give her answer, he leaned closer making their lips touch. He brushed her lips with the softest, gentlest kisses. When her mouth opened slightly and a soft moan of pleasure came out from her throat, he pressed on from those gentle kisses to needing then wanting.

His soft, stringy hands started caressing her well toned sensitised arms. Hyejung let out a tiny whimper when Hyunjoong’s hand reached her nape. He quickly broke the kiss thinking he was hurting her or she was trying to protest. He rested his forehead on hers, letting out a big sigh.

“I’m----“, he started to say. He felt apologetic thinking he had offended her by kissing her. But before Hyunjoong could continue what he was saying, Hyejung took a step closing the gap and sealed his lips with hers.

The kiss they shared the second time around was more passionate like saying things they have been meaning to tell each other. They could go on and on for hours, but Hyejung had to step away. She was out of breath for heavensake.

She hid her face on Hyunjoong’s broad chest, still gasping for air. A smile was beginning to form on his face. It was all worth it. All his efforts and trying hold back was starting to pay off slowly. His nose was filled with her soft womanly smell, and he knew he will be attuned to such smell. He held her in a tight embrace not wanting to let go anymore. He could no longer lie to himself.
He could no longer lie about his feelings for her. He would never lie to her. He tenderly planted a kiss on top of her head.

“I want you.”, he confessed. “ I want to have you…all of you….”

Hyejung stepped back and fumbled for the thin straps of her little black dress. With a little tug, the piece of cloth like a puddle on the floor just by her feet. Hyunjoong stood there immobile, unable to speak, hell, he was even holding his breath. It was not something a lucky idol like him gets to see everyday.

“Geesh, they were all right” he thought, “she has a smokin’ hot body.”

Hyejung looked intensely at Hyunjoong whose eyes were scanning every corner of her body, “Come here”, she said pulling him closer.

She had expected him to kiss her roughly, but instead, he wrapped her up in a tight embrace. He then trailed butterfly kisses from her forehead down to the tip of her nose. His lips lingered a moment longer on her soft inviting mouth, biting and nibbling lightly, enjoying the feel of her provocative tongue. He began to trace her jawline with more kisses. And when his lips reached the base of her neck and touched her nape, she shivered.

“I want you, too Hyunjoong”, she whispered trying not to choke as she shivered in delight to what his mouth was doing, “I want you to have me, I want you to have all of me…..”

______________________the end____________________________________

What happens next? Well, I leave it to my fellow joongboers’ kinky imaginings.

Fate and Crossroads: One

author's note: trying my luck in writing a long shot.

thoughts?: wouldn't it be nice if jokwon and gain invited our joongbo for a WGM vacation to rekindle their, uhm, whatever they had on the show??? i thought that would be interesting...i hope i give the idea some justice....

help!!!!! help me figure out a title. ah basta, this fic will not be called We Got Married Reunion or We Got Married Revisited...NO NO NO!!!!

012910 edit: found a title already after 8 hours of pure boredom.... made some changes, too...


April 15, 2010, Dinner for past and present WGM Couples

Jokwon looked nervously at his pretend wife clad in shimmery fabric and an elaborate head piece.

"Don't look at me like that, Kwonnie... I am as nervous as you, but we have to make a decision now.", Gain replied holding pieces of black papers in her hands.

"Can't we just go with Uee and Jaejung Hyung?", he asked her in a hushed tone, smoothing his black tuxedo as other people entered the small ballroom.

"Urgh, how many times do I have to say this, NO!!! They just left the show for heavensake. Besides, their names are not even here.", Gain looked irritated, "It's either them or them", she handed Jokwon two pieces of papers, narrowing down his choices.

"But, I cannot do that to Noona.", he protested

"So are you going to choose Inyoung Unni and Crown J Oppa then?", Gain was beginning to worry. She was afraid of Seo Inyoung.

"No...No...", he immediately answered. "Inyoung Noona was too much for Crown J Hyung to handle, even for Hyungdon Hyung. I'm afraid of her. I mean seriously afraid of her"

"That leaves us with no choice then. Besides, I have always liked Unni even during her Chakra days. She was nice to us in Infinity Girls, too, and you spent a lot of time with her in Nodaji. You guys are pretty close", Gain tried to coax her so-called husband.

Jokwon stared at the carpeted floor, just then a familiar laughter rang in his ears. He immediately looked up and saw Hwangbo. The owner of the voice looked nervous and fidgeted when she made her way inside the ballroom and greeted some staff along the way.

As usual, she wore nothing lavish but nothing to be underestimated, too. The velvety purple dress with thin gold straps made her look nothing short of a Goddess, and when she turned around, you can tell that she was definitely bringing sexy back with her bare back dress. She was joined by Marco who looked dashing in his tuxedo. She took her friend's arm and clung on to him hoping to divert the people's attention away from them.

Jokwon's face brightened when he saw his Noona. She definitely had that effect on people. Her happy tangerine aura seemed to be infectious. Somehow, he felt less worried at the sight of her..

"She's here....", Gain announced nervously. She clenched her hands in a tight fist, "What's your decision Jokwon?"

Jokwon did not answer. He was still staring at Hwangbo.. He knew she pretended to be unaffected by this We Got Married Summer Dinner, and the person beside her knew that, too. Marco whispered something to Hwangbo, making her stop for a while. She then looked up at the towering man, gave a smirk and punched his arm forgetting the huge ring her stylist made her wear. She winced in pain, as Marco tried to massage her punching hand. "I'm sorry", Marco mouthed.

"She seems fine now, doesn't she?" Jokwon asked Gain quietly.

Gain looked at Hwangbo, "She seems fine now, I mean-no more hurt or pained look..."

Both Jokwon and Gain sat nervously. They did not want to do what they are about to do to Hwangbo, especially, but they had no choice.

"It's either Hwangbo Noona or Inyoung Noona...", Jokwon chanted in a whispered tone.

"Huh? Me or Hwangbo? What's up?", a sharp voice came from behind, "What's up Kwonnie? What's this between me and Unni?"

Vicious Fate 02

author's note: the 2nd instalment. and so it has a sad ending. because not all stories have happy endings.

and wouldn't it be weird to have a happy ending with a title like that....wakekekeke


You were startled when you realized you were not alone with the children on that beach. You were even more startled when you heard that name. You caught a glance of the woman approaching someone under the beach umbrella. She was like a mirror image of you only shorter by a few centimeters, she seemed like a softer version of you in her white summer dress that fell just an inch below her knee, and her voice seemed delicate when she spoke. You continued to play with the children moving further from their spot, hoping to get away unnoticed, but your thoughts never left that man under the umbrella. Kim Hyunjoong. His name has not been mentioned in your world for a long time now.

You started to fasten your pace away from the beach front when you saw two familiar figures moving towards the shore. They were going to look for you and call out your name for sure.

“Let's play hide and seek”, you quickly proposed to the three kids now making a sand castle. “The girls will hide and Sungmin will seek. Go.”

You hid behind a wall, not caring if the little boy sees you right away, as long as you are hidden from Hyunjoong, the woman and the two other guys.

You scoffed at how cruel fate can be sometimes. Memories of the past started pouring into your very being. He was perhaps the only man you'll ever love so strongly and deeply, but there were things that had to end. And though you died that day he walked away, you could not blame him. You had to make a choice for you, for him. How savage it is that your paths crossed again after more than a year, after you broke his heart,   after you broke your own heart.

“Noooooona!!!! We've been looking everywhere for you!!”, Junsu said a little too loudly mistaking the woman in white dress as you. The woman turned around to face Junsu.

Yunho stopped in his tracks, “That's not Noona, you fool!”, he said slapping Junsu's arm.

You panicked when you saw Hyunjoong turn to face the other two guys.

“Omo, omo! I'm sorry----yah! Hyunjoong?”, Junsu was surprised, “Is it really Kim Hyunjoong?”, he asked Yunho.

“Yah!!! Where have you been all this time? Even Jaejoong said you were too busy he could not get in touch with you...”, Yunho said then gave Hyunjoong a pat.

“Yeah, I was busy... Is Jaejoong with you?”, he asked hoping to change the topic about his long absence.

“No, no... We are here for vacation with our kids---haha!! That felt awkward...Our kids, we sound like Noona now”, Junsu was amused with his answer while Yunho laughed with him.

Hyunjoong and the other woman looked confused. She obviously recognized the TVXQ Idols, but she did not know they had kids.

“Kids? Noona?”, she asked Junsu.

“Oh, Oh... Yeah, we have kids now. And, by the way, I'm really sorry, I thought you were-----uhm, Hwangbo Noona”, Junsu hesitated as he watched Hyunjoong's expression as if he knew something.

“Hwangbo? Hwangbo Hyejung? From Chakra?”, she asked in shock. “Really, I look like her?”

Yunho nodded, he had to admit to himself, the lady in front of him looked a lot like his favorite Noona.

She smiled gleefully, “I think she's really gorgeous and kind hearted. Oh wow, I'm flattered.”

Hyunjoong looked at his girlfriend in surprise. His eyes widened when she mentioned kind hearted, but his expression eventually changed. It was like there was a sudden rain shower as he looked at Sunah.

Even when you were hidden behind a wall, you instantly knew he was reminded of you.

“Does she look like Sunbae?”, he quickly retorted and snapped back.

“By the way, have you guys seen her? She was just here playing with three kids.”, Junsu asked.

Hyunjoong looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of you again. You could not see his eyes though. It was heavily veiled under his dark glasses.

Just then, Sungmin, along with the two little girls found where you were hiding.

“Omma!!!!!”, the little girl in blue dress cried out.

“Auntie!! We found you!!!”, the other two excitedly chanted.

You were startled, but you knew you had no choice since Hyunjoong and the rest must have seen and heard the children.

“Yah!! You two helped Sungmin out. That's no fair!!!”, you cried watching as the kids laughed and dragged you away from the wall.

“Noona!!!”, Junsu happily yelled out to her, “Look who the cat brought in”, he said placing an arm around Hyunjoong.

Yunho jogged towards where you stood with the kids, “I'm sorry Noona, I did not know he was here and Junsu is clueless”, he said in a hushed tone then picked up Eunhee, his adopted daughter and Hana, the child you adopted.

You gave him a smile as if saying it was okay.

Hyunjoong stood there like a sculpture. His expression seemed unfazed by your presence, something he mastered for one year and almost two months now.

You bowed slightly when you were a few feet from them. “Hello”, it was the only greeting you could think of as your heart began to thump in a wild pace.

“Hello, it's been a long time”, he answered in a stern voice.

All you could do was nod.

“This is my girlfriend, Go Sunah.”, he blatantly introduced her. “Sunah, this is Hwangbo Sunbae, and the other two you've met, Junsu and Yunho”

It did not shock you anymore that she was his girlfriend. Instead, you felt guilty after all that's been said and done, besides, you were the one who made a choice and let go.

You smiled and shook hands with her. Hana approached you and clung on to your hip.

“And this is Noona's daughter, Hana. That's Yunho's daughter, Eunhee. And this is my handsome son, Sungmin, he's gonna be a Super Junior someday!”, Junsu proudly said.

They all laughed at Junsu's quirky announcement.

“Mrs. Park is waiting for you inside, you better go now and wash up before we have dinner”, Yunho told the kids setting his own Eunhee down. “They are our adopted kids from the Compassion group”, he clarified when the kids were inside the hotel.

“Are you staying for good, Hyunjoong?”, Junsu asked.

“I am not sure yet...” he answered looking at you intently.

“He's always running away...”, Sunah joked, tapping Hyunjoong's arm lightly.

“Yeah, he always does”, Yunho quipped sarcastically, staring at Hyunjoong. He knew about your past and your falling out, and thought it was cowardly of Hyunjoong to keep running away like that making work an excuse, especially now that Yuho met his current girlfriend and saw the physical similarities of Sunah and you.

“Yeah, I am, aren't I? But when something keeps pushing you out, at some point, you just have to give up and move away”, Hyunjoong answered. His tone obviously serious.

You knew it was intended to mock you, and it hurt you more than he thought it did. You could not blame him though. His answer was a clear confession that he has not forgotten nor has he forgiven you. Your silence was an admission that you were guilty of hurting him and pushing him over the edge.

“We better go now, Hyunjoong”, Sunah broke the consuming silence. “My brother would flip if there are no people inside for his rehearsal wedding dinner”

Hyunjoong just nodded and walked away with Sunah.

“Should we go in now, Noona?”, Yunho asked you.

“You guys go ahead. I forgot my flip flops by the wall.” you excused yourself.

You watched Hyunjoong's retreating back remembering that day you made a decision, that day you hurt him, that day you broke your own heart, that day you said you loved him a little too late.

The evening summer winds started to blow hard.  The waves were strong making a fierce screeching sound, like the howls of a lost soul.  Hwangbo stood stationary to the very spot where Hyunjoong left her. Her tears fell as she clutched the ring he gave back near her aching weakened heart.

She struggled to keep her balance as the winds blew harder.

Hwangbo screamed the words that she has never told him before, "Kim Hyunjoong, SARANGHAE............ Saranghae..........Saranghae................."

But she knew it was too late, he's gone. Her words came too late. She could only wish that the summer winds would carry her message to Hyunjoong.


You clutched the ring by your heart as you did before. It never left your pocket after that day. It was your only reminder of him and what could have been if you were not too stubborn to admit your love for him. He's still filled with anger, and you could only wish the woman who looks a lot like you would treat him better than you did and tell him everyday that he is loved.

As you whisper to the winds your wish for his love to aways be happy, you die a little inside knowing that you'll never love anyone again.