The Finish Line

And here's 'Happy'..


The smell of fresh linen filled your senses as you stretch your limbs and arms.

You rubbed the sleep from your eyes using the back of your hand as you try to remember where you were. You pressed the duvet cover closer to your body, feeling the warmth and softness of the white fluffy cotton. You sank your half asleep head deeper into the pillow then stretched your arms and legs as if playing in the snow, making angels.

Everything was as you wanted it to be on a cold snowy morning.

A soft, warm queen-sized bed..

Heavy draperies hanging on the curtain rod blocking the daylight, yet allowing the sun's rays to peak inside your little euphoria.

There was no music, just birds chirping from an old sycamore tree that you guess should be right outside your window and the gentle humming of the AC.

It would have been perfect if only your mind was not so blurry from sleep. You force yourself to wake up, but your eyes drooped heavily.

Last night must have been loaded with alcohol because you seemed to have forgotten what took place.

You touched your head, but you didn't feel any sign of dizziness nor pain, there was no hangover at all.

'No, no alcohol was involved..', you thought.

You stretched again. Maybe you had too much fun last night or you were so tired, you told your sleepy self.

With eyes closed, you let your hands roam. Your hands reached what seemed to be a piece of paper.

You slowly eased yourself up, opened the piece of yellow paper and started to read.

'Have you stretched your arms and legs already?', you smiled at the familiar penmanship. 'I bet you sank your head in one of the pillows and made snow angels again, are you really awake now?'

Your smile grew wider, and then you remembered where you were and what took place yesterday.

'You must have panicked when you thought you could not remember. Maybe I should have started this letter with 'thank you for last night's booty call', and watch you storm out of the room.'

You laughed.

'I watched you sleep last night.. I watched you sleep so soundly. You looked so peaceful, like you felt safe and secure with my arms wrapped around you tight. I was watching you breathe and smile in your sleep. I watched as you pressed your cheek on my chest and leaned closer to me, and it felt so good. It felt good to have you so close to me, it felt good be able to wrap my arms around your tiny waist without having to worry about the rest of the world because now, you are mine and I am yours. Perhaps, I never told you, so I am telling you now. There aren't really any words to describe it, but being with you, here and now, I feel safe. I feel loved. I feel like this is where I should be, that I am where I should be, I am where I truly belong. I belong here! Here is my rightful place. After years and years of trying to find my place under the sun, I found my spot. And it's here, right beside the person I trust and respect and love more than myself, right beside you, Mrs. Kim Hyun Joong. Ahhh, did you know how proud I was when the minister said that, Mr. and Mrs. Kim Hyun Joong.’

‘Last night people told me, finally we've reached the finish line. It made me think.. It made me think of the battles we will have to endure, the dreams we will build, the laughter and the tears we will share, the love we will make, the happiness and the stormy nights, the ups, the downs. It made me think of the mornings I will wake up and find you beside me. So, I asked myself, yesterday, when we made it official, when we told the world we will spend the rest of our lives together, was it the finish line?’

'Here’s my reply: No, it wasn't. It was just a warm up run for the many other marathons we will run, and this time, we will run and cross every one of them together.’

‘There are no finish lines for us, only pit stops. And we will go through each one of them and enjoy every single one of them, together. Let's not promise each other that, my Buin, let's just do it. Let's just make our love grow so big, so huge, so great.’

“Mushy..”, you muttered, but you smiled, holding the piece of paper near your heart then set it aside.

You wrapped the duvet cover around your body, and started getting out of bed.. You walked towards the door and sighed at the sight of the topless man trying his best to cook you breakfast.

You came right behind him and hugged him.

“There are no finish lines in our marathon, but here I am with my special prize.”, you whispered as you pressed a soft, tender kiss on a spot on his back..

So, it'll take some time before I could post the third one--which was an ugly dream of mine. It's really not so pleasant, and it broke my heart and bothered (and disturbed) my Easter Sunday.

Do let me know if you want it posted. I don't know how to create a poll, so just let me know through the comments box (because I am running out of creative ideas...


Edit: No need for the poll. I shall post it because someone said if I don't share my dreams(or nightmares), it might come true.. Waaaaahhh!!


setteann said...

Om! I'm one of the anon lurkers here in your blog. x.x I've been reading fics and updates using my phone so I couldn't comment most of the time.

I'm a huge Joongbo fan and it's just recently that I was able to re-watch their WGM. I miss them! TT

I love all your fics :) and I'm planning to write one as well!

wulan said...

bruha, thx for the new fic. so wishing this come true soon

Anonymous said...

Nads ang galing mo talaga.. luv it ang sweet...wag mong tangaling para mas madaming magenjoy magbasa :)

dont think that writing stories is bad for your health....healthy nga eh kasi exercise for the brain :P...kaya dapat ehemmm may regular exercise ang brain wink wink

THANKS NADS sa easter gift namin :)

Ate Sue

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that I had a sucky day at work. Thank you kc this fic made me soooo HAPPY.



fudgeorange said...

Dear, you write well. :) Hope you'll be inspired to write more happy stories. Thank you for sharing!

My vote -- hope you'll post happy fics this 2012! happy-happy, happy-mushy, happy-weird, happy-funny, happy-crazy, happy-silly, happy-giddy, problematic-happy, feel-good-happy, happy-smexy, serious-happy, sad-happy, angry-happy, destiny-happy. ^^

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

From a heart breaking ff to this sweet one, i must say you're a good writer. Pls continue writing awesome ff for us, i enjoyed reading your works and thank you for sharing them with us.

Meetian here.

LvKprogram said...

"GONE" you made me depress and "The Finishing Line" gave me happy pill LOL
I LOVE IT! Salamat!❤

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all stories!! Ready fanfics always remind me how much I love and miss Joongbo!


emmalloyd said...

nyahaha! a happy ending this time!!! yihee!

love it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for writing again.....i decided to comment on this although i have read all three of them...this is the happy ending that i want to receive news of...i wish that you will continue to write and believe me, people still comes and visit your blog (including me!)

Anonymous said...

Omo!Omo! This is so great Bru...
I'm glad you back to write again


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I read this last.. reading 2 depressing joongbo fics is enough for one night. awww the letter is mushy, but i find myself smiling from ear to ear.. :D Write more ate bru!