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Hello everyone! I'm back.. Well, not back as in really back. Just came in here to drop by and post.. I just want to give my heartfelt THANKIES to everyone who dropped by, read and commented. Means a lot to me, really!! I cannot mention everyone as I did before yet because I'm still caught up in my whirlwind of madness, but I promise to comeback and edit..

This one was typed up fast because someone's birthday is coming up pretty soon and she wrote me a fic on my birthday as well. I'm returning the favor and only she has the power to make me type up and whip up a fic real quick (and because a wicked troll tried to rain on her parade (amidst the SS501 reunion earlier), so I am trying to cheer her up)..

Yeah, yeah, it's for you Bebe.. So stop whining and making kuleeeet!! I no longer do this, you know! So, I hope it does not suck.. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bebe.. May all your dreams and wishes come true! God bless you always!

He quietly took his turn and stepped on the podium. The cameras start to flash. He adjusts the lapels of his suit and as if a switch inside him was turned on, he twitched his lips upward to a half smile, raised his right hand a bit and started waving, smiling for the reporters, photographers, even some fans who were present.

“Turn here..”


“Here, Hyun Joong!”

They all chimed together, but he was not exactly listening to them. He has a unique ability to tune out, perhaps block all those photographers. Instead, he takes that opportunity to look around, observe what was going on.

It was a quieter event, he went to this time. There weren’t as many photographers nor reporters. And just a very few fans (and thank God, they were not his fans—an idol could use some peace and quiet, and perhaps something ‘normal’ in his life every now and then). Of course, it’s a wedding he was attending after all.

He scanned the venue. He knew most of the attendees and guests. Most of them his Sunbaes in the business.  Actors, actresses and comedians. He shrugs a little.

‘It’s going to be a long day..’, he murmurs inside his head. Although he has done two dramas now, he was still uncomfortable with actors and actresses, and maybe a little embarrassed because of the many bad reviews he has had with his acting abilities.

He continues scanning the crowd and finally, his expression becomes a little less stiff. He finally saw some people he spent some time with. ‘They were people he met from his previous marriage’, he recalls when he was taught on how he should regard Song Euni and Baek Boram. They were talking to the groom, Jung Jun Ha. Hyun Joong could not hear their hysterical laughter, but the guests sure did notice.

A few more clicks and he was off the hook.

He stepped out of the podium. Hyun Joong could not help but look at the group, still animatedly talking. This time the groom-to-be was no longer with them. Their laughter was spiraling around the room—infectious, happy, loud.

Song Euni suddenly felt self conscious. She looked around and noticed people looking at them, “Yah, keep your voices down. Everyone’s staring at us..”, she said.

Baek Boram’s face immediately turned as red as a tomato and quietly backed out, standing behind someone Hyun Joong did not see earlier.

She was wearing a navy blue silk halter dress that flowed carelessly around her knees. Her legs looked long and slender in her black pumps. Her hair was tied up in a loose pony tail as some tendrils lovingly touched her glowing face. She barely wears make up on but her cheeks seemed like they were tinted.

She looked like a glowing angel pretending to be human. She was (and this is an understatement) gorgeous, Hyun Joong noted, but then again she has always been gorgeous even when she fell asleep in his couch while waiting for him to arrive. She was his glowing angel pretending to be human.

He finally caught his Hye Jung’s eyes. She blinked, feeling embarrassed for their behavior.

From afar, it would look like nothing, but if one looks closer, one could see the sparks and hear the soft flapping of butterfly wings.

Hye Jung’s face flushed some more. He loved that after all these years he still had that effect on her.

Yes, it has been three years. They have been a couple for three years. Although, Hyun Joong would have wanted to shout to the world how much love he has for his woman, he had to respect her boundaries and do everything on her terms. Everything from no endorsements, collaborations, public appearance, mentions about each other were thought up by her. He had to admit though, it lasted this long partly because of their set up and mostly because they both wanted it to work out so badly.

Hyun Joong rolled his eyes at her. She pouted her lips then they twist up to a cute smile. This was her secret smile. The one she uses when she tries to make him feel better, the one she uses when she tries to tell him she loves him, the one she uses when she feels happy just by being in his arms. The smile she smiles only for him.

Hyun Joong finds himself smiling as he turns and walks away. He quietly fishes his iPhone from his pocket and types up a text message.

On the other end of the room, Hye Jung feels her purse vibrate. She quietly reads her message and flushes crimson, “Don’t use that smile on me, Woman! You know what it does to me. ;-) I can’t wait to have you all to myself. I’ll see you at home, my Love.”


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Hndi ito fanfic noh!!? Andun ka tlaga sa venue dba?? nkita mo lhat ng ito at knukwento mo lng SKFndg,d;xngklzdncvmzdcv

Nakakamatay sa kilig ung titigan nila. I found myself closing mye eys ang giggling like crazy.

Thank you!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU I LOVE EEEEEEEEETTT Basahin ko nga ule~mukha kong tanga dito shyet tpos ung text message pa nya kyayayayayayaaaaaaaaaaaa


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Bru, loved it!!! *giddy* bravo! hihihihihi! This fanfic FTW!!! Happy Birthday to Bebe! :) Keep up the good work!

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Sweet! You still got it!


You always have it!

Thank you Bruuuu! I wish their life is this simple and sweet.

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a new ff! wow, so sweet :))love love it!. hope you would write more.

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Happy Joongbo fic -- I love it!!


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u r such fantastic writer...completely left me smiling ear to ear .... (my roomate thinks im crazy) .... but only we joongboers know what it is like, right? ;)